The two sides pulled away, and Natsuki stood panting on Susan's head.

Wan She already wanted to retreat.

But Orochimaru crawled out of the mouth of Yamata no Orochi and said to Wan She next to him: "Wan She, defeat him, and I will give you another thousand sacrifices."

Wan She's eyes showed greed: "Orochimaru, this is what you said."

Orochimaru glanced at Natsuki inadvertently: "Don't worry, I have lied to you before."

Wan She let out a long hiss, and his morale surged.

The severed heads of Orochimaru also regenerated one after another.

At this time, Natsuki Susano re-concentrated the weapon in his hand. He continued to input pupil power, and the weapon began to quietly become sharper.

Susan took a big step and dragged the sword forward, and Wan She slammed into it.

Orochimaru's Yamata no Orochi was half a step behind.


In an instant, Wan She's head flew out.

There was still a desire for sacrifice and disbelief of reality in his eyes.

Why did his weapon become so sharp? Obviously just now...


Wan She's head smashed into the sky and filled the sky with smoke and dust.

The blood was scattered on the ground like a goddess scattering flowers.

All the snakes on the ground are not dead yet: "Why... why... this uncle..."

Before he finished speaking, his pupils trembled and completely lost their luster.

Orochimaru here saw that Wan She was dead, and he didn't feel any regret at all.

He controlled the Yamata no Orochi and rolled up Susana.

Natsuki's Susanoo was obviously very exhausted, and his movements were much slower.

Under constant slashing, the Yamata no Orochi's head can continue to regenerate.

Finally, Susana and Yamata no Orochi collided violently and separated again.

Xia Mu wiped it on his face, leaving a **** but wiped mark.

And Orochimaru here gasped and said with a smile:

"Natsuki-kun, give up. I know all about the shortcomings of your Susanoo. How long can you use Susanoo now?"

Xia Mu took a breath: "At least killing you is definitely enough."

Orochimaru narrowed his eyes: "Really?"

The decapitated snake body next to Orochimaru began to regenerate again.

Natsuki's face looked a little ugly. Orochimaru's snake heads kept regenerating, and he seemed to have a hard time dealing with them.

The Third Hokage jumped into the arena: "Stop, Natsuki, let's talk."

Jiraiya also stood fully armed, behind the Third Hokage: "Natsuki, stop it, there are all ANBU outside."

Natsuki covered his eyes and laughed wildly: "Are you kidding me! You Konoha people are killing me one by one. The heart of Uchiha is not dead, and you want me to capture you without mercy, just in my dreams!"

Natsuki's whole body seemed to be on fire, and huge chakra exploded.


Xia Mu screamed miserably, blood dripping from his fingers.

Driven by the huge eye power, Susanoo became even bigger.

The armor on his body also became clearer.

Susanoo's sword blade glowed brightly.

A huge sense of oppression overwhelmed the entire audience.

Sandai's heart sank, things seemed to be developing in the worst direction.

Jiraiya is also preparing to activate Sage Mode.

Chapter 280 Kakashi’s separation

"Stop it! Natsuki-sama! If you still want Itachi to live."

Kakashi's voice came.

Natsuki put down the hand on his face and looked at it intently.

Kakashi appeared on the scene holding the unconscious Itachi.

A kunai was already placed on Itachi's throat.

Natsuki instantly became mute, and the chakra on his body stopped erupting: "Kakashi! Let go of Itachi!"

In front of Susan who was dozens of meters tall, Kakashi still said calmly:

"Natsuki-sama, we in Konoha just want to coexist peacefully with Uchiha."

"Please stop fighting. I believe Hokage-sama can handle this matter well."

Natsuki looked at Kakashi, who was throwing his life and blood for Konoha, with a cruel smile on his face.

The huge Susanoo slowly disappeared from the sky, and Natsuki jumped down from the sky.


Natsuki's voice was like thunder.

"Kakashi, Danzo was the mastermind behind White Fang's death. The Third Generation connived at it, but you actually worked for Konoha!?"

Kakashi was shocked, and his whole body was stunned as if he had been struck by lightning.

Natsuki snatched Itachi back from his hand with a teleportation technique.

Itachi was just unconscious, nothing happened.

Kakashi woke up instantly: "Natsuki, you lied to me!"

At this time, hearing Natsuki's words, the Third Hokage and Jiraiya both felt their hearts skip a beat.

He quickly stood next to Kakashi.

The Third Hokage said angrily: "Natsuki, what nonsense are you talking about?"

Xia Mu snorted coldly: "Why, don't you admit what you did?"

The third generation's eyes were slightly cold:

"Xiamu, your plan to divorce is too clumsy. White Fang has made great achievements for the village. Why should I frame him to death?"

Xia Mu laughed loudly: "White Fang's great skills shocked the master. At that time, his reputation was the same, and you couldn't control it at all."

"Danzo wants to take the position of Hokage, so the first one to get rid of is White Fang."

"You and Danzo worked together. Knowing that White Fang valued honor more than life, you criticized him for not completing the mission."

"In the end it caused him to commit suicide!"

Kakashi's pupils shrank sharply when he heard this. He knew his father's character, and what Natsuki said was probably true.

He looked at the Third Hokage in disbelief.

Hatake Sakumo's death brought too much pain to Kakashi.

Keeping Kakashi in the shadows throughout his childhood.

But Kakashi was still young at the time and didn't notice anything was wrong.

Catching Kakashi's eyes from the corner of his eye, the Third Hokage's heart sank.

Xia Mu is actually so vicious, dragging out old stories from so many years ago.

At that time, I just wanted to punish White Fang and dampen his spirit. Who would have thought that White Fang suddenly committed suicide.

The third generation could only snort angrily: "Natsuki, you are just the same age as Kakashi, how do you know the inside story? What you say has no credibility at all."

Natsuki raised his head and said, "I'm still young, but my Uchiha clan members were members of the police back then. Is there any information that we don't know?"

"Duanzo sent someone to contact the people White Fang saved back then. Later, he also came forward to accuse White Fang. This was the last straw that broke White Fang's life."

The third generation snorted coldly: "That only proves that these are all done by Danzo. What does it have to do with me?"

"By the time I intervened, public opinion had already established that White Fang's death was a complete accident."

"Haha, hahaha, what a big joke."

Natsuki laughed wildly: "You can lie to ghosts about these words. As the Hokage, you don't know that there are such rumors in the village?"

"What do your ANBU do for food!?"

"When you were monitoring me, Uchiha, you were meticulous about everything. When there was public opinion against White Fang outside, you were deaf and blind, right!?"

"When the public outcry reached the point where the whole of Konoha knew about it, you, the Third Hokage, turned a blind eye and said you didn't deliberately condone it?"

"You waited until White Fang was dead before you pretended to stop public opinion. What have you been doing!?"

"You killed White Fang just because White Fang took the position of Hokage and wouldn't listen to you at all!"

"The Third Hokage, you have been corrupted by power, that's why you have been unable to stay in the position of Hokage for so many years."

The Third Hokage took a deep breath: "I have never been greedy for power. Everything I do is for Konoha!"

The whole thing was said with great force and righteousness.

Natsuki pointed at Kakashi:

"Stupid Kakashi! Do you know why I look down on you?"

"You have all the talent but don't work hard, and you are confused every day. It is obvious that your father's death is full of strange things. If you don't investigate it yourself, the third generation will do whatever it says."

"As long as you have any brains, you can imagine that with your father's reputation and honor, how could such public opinion arise."

"Obviously the person who killed you is right next to you, but I didn't expect that you have been acting like a dog to the Third Hokage for so many years!"

"You knew that Obito was the driving force behind the Nine-Tails Rebellion, but you didn't say it. It was unkind."

"The fourth generation has been so kind to you. You are unjust if you don't take care of the fourth generation orphans."

"It's obvious that your father's death was mysterious, but you are unwilling to investigate. It's unfilial on your part."

"In the end there is only one loyal person left!"

"Serving under the hands of your father-killing enemy! You are so loyal!"

"Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha…"

Every word Natsuki said was like being hit by a heavy hammer on Kakashi. Kakashi was unable to stand still and staggered back.

He murmured: "No...impossible..."


Seeing Kakashi like this, the third generation hated Natsuki with itch:

"Kakashi! Don't be fooled by Natsuki! Nothing he says is true!"

"Natsuki! Kakashi didn't know about the Nine-Tails in the first place. It was my order not to let him take care of Naruto."

"White Fang's death was all done by Danzo without telling me."

"These are all my dereliction of duty, what does it have to do with Kakashi!"

Seeing the seriousness of the situation, the Third Hokage immediately took matters into his own hands.

Jiraiya also quickly helped:

"Kakashi, your father suddenly committed suicide, which was something no one expected. The teacher was also sad about it for a long time."

"You have to trust the teacher."

After the Third Hokage and Jiraiya took turns to persuade him, Kakashi's eyes recovered a little.