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And Susanoo's attack was obviously not a dust release.

The special jounin was named Iwai, and he ordered:

"Tujiu, Dagui, take some samples and let's take them back. Let's see if we can find anything."

Tujiu and Dagui were looking for suitable samples nearby, while Yanwei was on guard nearby.

Yan Wei carefully observed his surroundings. The island was now full of dangers, and he could lose his life if he was not careful.

They arrived too late, as other forces should have already finished exploring.

There should be no enemies nearby at this time...

Such thoughts came to Yan Wei's mind, and a monster suddenly appeared on the sand to his left.

This monster consists of a light blue mask with dark lines all over its body.

Water escape, water curtain

Di Yuanyu opened his mouth and a powerful water cannon spurted out.

Yanwei was shocked and quickly used his most skilled ninjutsu.

Earth escape, Earth flow wall!

Yan Wei slapped his palm on the ground, and the soft sand suddenly hardened and rose.

Yanwei, Tusu, and Dagui were surrounded inside.

The violent water cannon hit the wall of the earth flow, making a dull sound.

Cracks immediately appeared on the earth flow wall.

Yan Wei felt a chill in his heart. Something with the water attribute was so powerful when it hit the earth flow wall.

Tusu and Dagui quickly input chakra together, and the Tuliu wall gradually thickened before they were able to defend themselves.

The three of them didn't have time to breathe a sigh of relief.

Another person emerged from their right side, and a dark blue mask also appeared on his shoulder.

Huge lightning has condensed in the mouth of the mask.

Thunder escape, pseudo-darkness!

The huge thunder light swept out instantly, almost in an instant.

The earth flow wall of Iwagakure was instantly penetrated, and the three Iwagakure fell to the ground screaming.

Yanwei was still breathing, but had lost consciousness.

At this time, countless black threads protruded from the soil, directly tying up Yanwei.

Kakuzu carefully tied Iwai twice, and with the ground under his feet, he pulled Iwai towards him.

Kakuzu checked it and found that it was indeed the heart he wanted.

A cruel smile spread across his lips.

Secret technique, heart grabbing!

The black silk thread wrapped around Yanwei's body suddenly penetrated his chest.

A still beating heart was pulled out.

Kakuzu nodded with satisfaction and instantly put his heart into his body.

Dong Dong…

The pacing sound of his heart sounded, which meant that he could use earth-type ninjutsu.

He was just checking the scene where Obito and Natsuki fought.

Seeing someone coming, he quickly took advantage of the ground to get into the beach.

It just so happened that he lacked an earth attribute heart, so Iwagakure sent it to him.

Kakuzu also felt lucky.

After careful calculation, I didn't expect that the strength of the three of them was not very good, and Kakuzu's backhand was not used.

"Pah, pah, pah..."

! !

The sound of applause startled Jiaodu.

He didn't even know someone was so close?

Kakuzu jumped to the side, and the lightning-attributed Yu on his shoulder had already swept behind him.

But there was only the sound of thunder and lightning behind him, and there was no sound of the enemy being wounded.

Kakuzu turned his head at this time.

Behind him, a man wearing a black robe with wrinkles covering half of his face was applauding expressionlessly.

"It's interesting that you are here, Kakuzu."

Obito didn't expect that he would just recover and prepare to come back to get some information.

As soon as he came out of Kamui Space, he saw Kakuzu digging out his heart.

Kakuzu still didn't know why his jutsu didn't work.

But when I saw Obito's face and eyes.

Obito's eyes exploded with power, Kakuzu rolled his eyes, and a reward order flashed in his mind.

Three hundred million…

Then he fell to the ground.

Chapter 299: The position of Hokage is passed to you

The Third Hokage had just arrived at Orochimaru's territory.

Kagura saw it immediately with Kagura's inner eye, and immediately reported it to Orochimaru.

At this time, Orochimaru had just performed surgery on Kakashi.

After hearing the news, he had no intention of going out to greet the Hokage.

Instead, he told Kakashi:

"The cloned eye of yours has just been created and is still relatively fragile."

"There is still a period of adaptation, about half a month to a month."

“Don’t overuse your eyes during this time.”

Kakashi could finally see with both eyes.

Unlike the Sharingan transplanted before, these were his own eyes without any burden.

He no longer has to cover his eyes every day.

You don't have to worry about not having enough chakra to use.

After Orochimaru's previous enlightenment and the kindness of cloning eyes.

Kakashi is now closer to Orochimaru.

And Kakashi is still thinking about the reincarnation of the dirty land.

But he also heard what Xiang Lin said just now, and knew that the Third Hokage was coming.

He can only come to Lord Orochimaru next time.

Kakashi walked out with his eyes wrapped in gauze, and bumped into the Hokage who came in.


Kakashi was stunned for a moment before saying hello, but some unknown emotions flashed in his eyes.

"Is Orochimaru in there?"

The Third Hokage couldn't care about Kakashi at this time.

After getting a positive reply from Kakashi, he walked inside.

Kakashi looked back and left.

Orochimaru was arranging the equipment. Kakashi's eye replacement surgery was just a minor operation for him.

What he cares more about is that the cloned eyeballs will eventually return to a state of the body.

Kakashi's eyes lingered for a long time, also because Orochimaru had been collecting data for a long time.

Now in another laboratory, Fugaku's cloned eyes are being cultivated.

Itachi's Sharingan is also merging with the Eternal Eye.

The last bit of data on Kakashi's side is simply not needed.

Orochimaru replaced Kakashi directly.


The third generation walked in, and there was no ANBU behind him.

Orochimaru didn't even raise his head: "Old man, what are you doing here?"

Seeing Orochimaru's unhurried look, the Sandai breathed out slowly.

"Uchiha has taken action."

After hearing this, Orochimaru raised his head: "What did Natsuki do?"

The Third Hokage told Uchiha about his money-spending behavior.

"And the Uchiha clan has bought over the Hyuga clan."

"There are already some rumors circulating in the village."

The Hyuga clan's rumors were very clever, just starting with the villagers.

Guide the villagers to tell some facts.

For example, the three generations have been in power for too long and have been reluctant to delegate power.

For example, the third generation allowed Danzo to do bad things, causing Konoha to suffer huge losses.

Danzo was arrested, but he was held on a separate floor, and finally ran away, among other things.

You know, there are ANBU under the Hokage.

If you talk nonsense, you can be arrested.

But what others are discussing are facts. You can't arrest all the villagers.

Orochimaru chuckled: "Old man, you are in trouble, this is a conspiracy by Uchiha."

Natsuki just revealed to Orochimaru that he was ready to make friends with the major ninja clans.

The specific method was not told to Orochimaru, and Orochimaru didn't care at the time.

Now after hearing the news about the Third Hokage, Orochimaru knew that Natsuki was more direct.

First, he bribed the Hyuga clan and spread factual information that was detrimental to the third generation.

Then directly throw money at each ninja clan to bribe them.

It just so happened that the Third Hokage didn't have any good ideas.

Seeing Orochimaru like this, the third generation changed his mind and said to Orochimaru:

"You just watch Uchiha win people's hearts like this? The way Uchiha looks now, he is coming with bad intentions."

Everything Uchiha did was basically a conspiracy, and the third generation could see through what Uchiha wanted to do at a glance.

But the reason why Yangmou is so powerful is because you can't target it.

You can only do it head-on.

And now the third generation obviously wants to put his treasure on Orochimaru.