Itachi and Shisui raised their heads, and sure enough, Natsuki turned on his kaleidoscope.

The two of them did not resist and instantly entered the painting.

After Shisui's death, the entire Uchiha clan was wiped out by Itachi. Even Itachi's childhood sweetheart, Izumi, died on the night of the genocide.

The village simply let Sasuke go his own way, occupying most of the family's property, and then Sasuke defected.

Because of Itachi's death, his whole person became dark and twisted, and he wanted to avenge Itachi, and then died in the Five Shadows Conference.

Natsuki deliberately only put it in the Five Shadows Conference, making Itachi and Shisui think that Sasuke died in the Five Shadows Conference.

Seeing Itachi killing his parents and destroying the family, in the end, in exchange for Konoha's cold-blooded ruthlessness, Sasuke died and his family was wiped out.

Shisui and Itachi both looked shocked and could not speak for a long time.

After Itachi passed through Shisui, he was already very disappointed with the top management of Konoha.

Now that he has seen scenes from the future, there is no pressure from Shisui's death.

His mentality has completely shifted towards the family side.

Only then did Shisui feel that he was so naive and ridiculous that he was so cowardly that he committed suicide.

Xia Mu watched the Eye Technique: Illusion in his attribute column slowly disappear. Sure enough, it was gone after the number of times was used up.

Natsuki said slowly: "Uchiha is our family first, and a member of Konoha secondly. Without Uchiha, what does Konoha have to do with us."

"We have always wanted to be the Hokage. We just need recognition, but strong people don't need recognition!"

"If our entire clan is wiped out, how can we still have the name of Uchiha?"

Several people chewed on Natsuki's words, yes, all Uchiha were dead, where did the glory of Uchiha come from.

In the ninja world for so many years, there have been countless powerful ninja clans, but only one clan can be wiped out.

No matter how powerful the reputation was back then, it will dissipate in the wind over time.

Chapter 7 Plan

"Itachi, I know you have been providing information to the Third Generation."

Itachi was silent for a moment: "I'm sorry."

"Your desire for peace is not wrong. It's just the wrong way."

"Itachi, there are many things that need to be dealt with in the clan. You should resign from your ANBU position immediately and return to the clan to help."

Once you enter ANBU, you can't leave just because you want to.

After all, Anbu would be exposed to many secrets. The Hokage disagreed, as Anbu's identity would not change easily.

But Itachi has his heart set on the family now, and he can always find a way.

Of course, even if Itachi doesn't leave his job, he will definitely not be trusted by the third generation.

Itachi agreed.

Fugaku was overjoyed beside him. When he was the leader of the clan, both Shisui and Itachi were distant from him.

Fugaku also asked Itachi to go undercover in the ANBU, but Unexpectedly, Itachi in turn provided information for the third generation.

Fortunately, everything is going in a good direction now.

Thanks to Natsuki.

Fugaku had already begun to think about when he had given up his role as clan leader to Natsuki.

[Ding, the force template is loaded. 】

Natsuki clicked on it and saw that the ones at the top were Uchiha Fugaku and himself.

Below are the names and avatars of various members of the Uchiha clan.

Natsuki clicked on Itachi's icon. Uchiha Itachi,

Loyalty: high, good at: fighting, lurking.

Click on the battle, and it also explains in detail the physical skills, ninjutsu, illusions, etc. Itachi is good at.

Lurking, uh... Needless to say this.

Next to it is a separate row of Mangekyō Sharingan and related eye techniques.

Natsuki clicked on Fugaku again. There is no loyalty here in Fugaku, but a level of intimacy, which is also high.

The others are pretty much the same as Itachi.

It's good now. I can know the specialties of everyone in the clan, so I can use them more conveniently in the future.

I clicked on the pages of the two elders. In terms of their expertise, the fourth elder is in internal affairs and the third elder is in management.

Xia Mu was very polite: "The next plan depends a lot on these two elders."

Both elders lowered their heads and said, "Deputy chief, you are too polite. Please feel free to give me your orders."

At this time, Xia Mu initially formed an idea in his mind.

What is needed for the development of a family, funds, and other ninja clans have their own money-making businesses.

Akimichi Yakiniku, Nara Pharmaceutical, maintenance of medical system.

Except for Uchiha's weapons, which are self-sufficient in the Cat Country, Tenten's family has almost a monopoly on all Konoha's ninja tools.

Other families also have businesses to make a living. Otherwise, just by doing tasks, they can only support themselves and forget about development.

The Uchiha clan just didn't engage in production, and the assets they acquired during the Warring States Period gradually dwindled.

The reason is because of talents. Without suitable talents, there is naturally no way to do the corresponding work.

Uchiha have been fighting madmen since ancient times, and no one studies these.

It was possible to rob it during the Warring States Period. Now that the five major countries are stable, if you try to rob it again, it will easily cause a war.

In recent years, his income has dropped a lot. Although he is richer than ordinary ninjas, it is not easy to grow stronger.

Now you can see a person's talent through your own power template.

The road after that will be easy.

Natsuki said solemnly: "After awakening the Kaleidoscope, I have watched many clips of the future. It will not take long for the entire Konoha to be stable. In the future, countless disasters will hit Konoha."

"So we must make plans early, and the clan's emotions also need to be expressed."

"We can no longer guard this place in the police force, because as law enforcers, we are definitely not popular."

"Both relaxing and tightening will not be popular, and will also increase the dissatisfaction of our Uchiha people."

Fugaku tapped his hand: "Natsuki, just say it boldly and we will cooperate fully."

What Fugaku said was equivalent to completely delegating power to Natsuki.

The other people didn't have any objections. After all, Xia Mu was very powerful and shrewd.

Natsuki pointed to his eyes.

"The fragments of the future I see through my kaleidoscope are not just about battles. There are also many successful businesses in the future."

"We just need to select some people now, vigorously develop the economy, and slowly get rid of Konoha's control."

oh! ?

Several people here really didn't expect that it could be used like this in the future.

If there are sufficient funds, the development of the clan can be completely self-sufficient and does not need to be controlled by Konoha.

Judging from the disasters that followed Konoha Village, it was important to have economic autonomy.

Several people nodded in agreement.

Xia Mu continued: "Of course, this is a relatively long task. Fortunately, we still have some time."

"During this time, we need to give up all Uchiha's rights and make the 'Uchiha threat theory' a piece of paper."

Seeing that several people looked suspicious, Xia Mu briefly introduced the meaning of "threat theory".

Everyone looked suddenly enlightened and admired Xia Mu even more. This brain... don't say it, you really don't say it.

Natsuki waved his hand: "The current Konoha Guard is no longer good for us. Our first step is to give up the rights of the Guard."

"Fourth Elder, Danzo has suffered such a big loss. He will definitely cause trouble within the scope of the security team's duties tomorrow."

"You suspend all our Uchiha clan members who have been complained against and recall them to the family. If anyone comes to question you, just delay and delay."

The fourth elder had already expressed his admiration for Xia Mu. He patted his chest and said, "Don't worry, deputy chief, I am good at this."

"Third Elder, you have always been committed to fighting for the position of Hokage by force. What do you want to say after seeing those future clips?"

The third elder smiled bitterly and shook his head. He was indeed committed to fighting for the position of Hokage by force.

But in the future clip, we saw the fact that even if the Nine-Tails was controlled with the Sharingan, the coup still failed.

And the subsequent ninjutsu that destroyed the world (Super Shinra Tensei), I have already given up my mind.

"Since Konoha is afraid that we will gain power, then we can throw all the power away. Chief Fugaku, you must also resign as the Minister of Police at the appropriate time."

"We have offended too many people before for these powers, causing many people to completely forget the goodness of our Uchiha and take everything for granted."

"Now we're taking steps back to make progress."

"Third Elder, in the coming time, you need to gather all the dissatisfied radicals."

The third elder frowned: "Xia Mu, what do you think?"

Not everyone can bear this tone. For some Uchiha, it is simply impossible to retreat in order to advance. Therefore, the hawk Uchiha was born.

"We Uchiha need a 'rebellion' and a 'vital injury'." Natsuki smiled sinisterly.

"Otherwise, how can we eliminate the Uchiha threat theory, and no one will go out to develop."

The two elders and Fugaku looked at each other: "But these people are not so easy to persuade."

The three of them never knew that Shisui had activated the Mangekyō Sharingan and the Eye Technique Betsu Tenjin.

By now, Natsuki had directly glanced at Shisui.

Shisui understood, however, that Deputy Clan Natsuki was someone else who wanted to use him.

Then he explained his ability to other gods to the clan leader and two elders.

"Another pair of kaleidoscopes?"

Both elders were numb. The Mangekyō Sharingan, which had not been produced for many years in the past, now actually produced two pairs at once.

Fugaku's heart was filled with turmoil. Now there were three pairs of Mangekyō Sharingan in the clan.

If he didn't want to get Konoha out of the tank, he would have a great chance of winning by directly rebelling. No wonder Danzo wanted to gouge Shisui's eyes.

If Fugaku knew about his son at this time and Uchiha Itachi also turned on the kaleidoscope, I wonder if he would faint from joy.

After the two elders go down.

Natsuki asked: "Itachi, Shisui's left eye should be here with you."

Itachi responded: "Sure enough, nothing can be hidden from the deputy chief.".

He summoned the ninja crow and took out the bottle containing the Sharingan.

"Shisui, next we need to twist the Uchiha clan into one, so you have to get well as soon as possible."


Shisui deeply feels the weight of his responsibility.

Now that there was a way to save his family without conflict with the village, he had to do his best.

"Deputy Chief, I suspect that there are other people spying on us Uchiha."

Natsuki nodded: "You mean the person who is investigating the secret stone of the shrine, right?"

Itachi was stunned for a moment, but he didn't expect that the deputy chief already knew about it.

"This person will cause huge waves in the ninja world in the future, but I'm not sure about his current identity."

"He has visited the shrine's secret stone many times. I suspect that the words on the secret stone have been tampered with. Don't believe it."

Xia Mu directly took the vaccination first.