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Because it was all a wooden structure, the fire took advantage of the wind, and the area suddenly became larger, and there was a sudden burst of chickens and dogs nearby.

After burning for a while, a chuunin passed by and used a water escape to put out the fire.

In this short period of time, the door of the izakaya had been burned black, and the front door was completely burned down.

Although there were no casualties, the izakaya will definitely be closed for a few days.

The drunk man suddenly woke up after smashing the bottle, not knowing what had happened to him.

But something happened, so I had to take advantage of the chaos and sneak away.

The owner of the izakaya yelled angrily.

"Damn police force, I usually see them wandering around when nothing happens. Now when something happens, I can't find them. I'm going to file a complaint against him!"

The door of the izakaya was burned down, and the boss couldn't do business, so he quickly ran to the Konoha Guard Building.

There were still many people passing by in the direction of the dormitory, but they all came out quickly and looked a little strange.

The queue soon reached the izakaya owner's turn. He pushed the door open and saw Hinata, the fourth elder of Uchiha, sitting leisurely on his seat.

"Elder Yangping! I want to complain!"

Uchiha Yanghei took out the complaint form and put it in front of him: "What do you want to complain about?"

The owner of the izakaya said: "I want to complain that when security problems occur in my place, there are no members of the police to take care of it."

"Oh, where are you from? What's the name of the store?"

"I'm at Qingshui Izakaya on Konoha 3rd Street."

"Let me take a look." Yang Ping took a stack of complaint forms and flipped through them.

"found it."

Hinata took out a complaint form.

"The security team you have there is the Ninth Guard Team, and the leaders are Uchiha Haruki, Oura, and Rikuto. They have been suspended, so you don't have a security team to manage security there for the time being."

"What!? Why have you been suspended?" The izakaya owner was dumbfounded. Why was there still an Uchiha suspended?

"I have to ask you this. A week ago, someone caused trouble in your izakaya. You beat the rioter, and the Ninth Guard arrested you all. You complained to them about violent law enforcement. Have you forgotten?"

The owner of the izakaya suddenly remembered that there was an incident where he asked several guys to beat up the troublemaker, but the Uchiha Guards came and stopped him directly.

He felt angry, so he complained to those Uchiha people.

"Well, I think they are actually pretty good. Can I withdraw the report?"

The fourth elder, Yang Ping, waved his hand: "How can that be done? Our deputy clan leader has issued new clan rules."

"All Uchiha tribesmen need to live in harmony with the villagers. Since we Uchiha tribesmen have made mistakes, it is appropriate to suspend our duties and reflect."

The owner of the izakaya had a bitter taste in his mouth. When someone made trouble in the past, Uchiha would come so quickly, so why was he so mean?

"Then, when will the new security team be transferred?"

Elder Yangping comforted him: "You don't have to worry about this at all. We will allocate manpower as soon as possible to complete the deployment of the guard team."

After coming out of the Konoha Guards, the izakaya owner always felt that something was wrong.

Usually he feels refreshed after making a complaint. Today, when he went to the dormitory, he felt as if he had been punched in cotton. And there are needles hidden in the cotton.

The owner of the izakaya left depressed.

The fourth elder, Elder Yang Ping, felt refreshed after dealing with complaints for a day. He already vaguely understood the intention of the deputy clan leader in doing so.

When he usually handles these complaints, he is often so angry that he loses half his life in a day's work.

Today is different, I feel comfortable everywhere. Those people complained angrily and left in despair.

The fourth elder couldn't help laughing.

What the **** is the Uchiha doing?

Obito wore a mask and appeared in the Uchiha clan's territory.

He watched what happened last night from beginning to end, but he didn't understand what the meaning of Fugaku's actions was.

Just for the Sharingan of an ordinary clansman?

Finally, he got his Sharingan back and suspended so many people from his police department.

Is it to show favor to the Third Hokage?

Did Fugaku turn to the dove side?

However, there are usually so many people in the clan.

You need to be more careful next time you come.

Let Kirigakure come over and take a look at the situation.

Seeing that no useful information could be found, the space distorted and Obito left.


Ao has been ridiculed since he was scared off by Uchiha Shisui last time.

Now the great elder has ordered Ao to explore Konoha again, and if there is a chance, he can capture the Nine-Tailed Jinchuuriki!

Now most of Konoha's Uchiha Guards Uchiha have been replaced.

Shisui was attacked by the village elder Danzo and lost his Sharingan.

Although Danzo later withdrew his Sharingan, Shisui and the village should have completely broken off.

The news about what happened in Konoha reached Kirigakure in a very short period of time.

You must know that Kirigakure and Konoha span several villages and are still alone on the sea. The journey is extremely long.

The people of Kirigakure are accustomed to such timely news, because this generation of great elders rose to the position because of their outstanding intelligence.

People in Kirigakure believe that the Great Elder controls a secret force that specializes in exploring the ninja world, so the Great Elder has a high prestige.

Qing received the order from the great elder and thought this was a good opportunity. He ordered all the team members and set off quickly.

Chapter 10 Recognition

Danzo's root organization is stirring up trouble in the streets today.

Or create conflicts and chaos, but there is still no Uchiha from the security team to deal with it.

Those merchants who suffered losses went to the police building to lodge complaints.

But in the end, the Uchiha clan seemed unmoved.

The unified wording is that these people were suspended after complaints, and there are no redundant manpower.

As for the Uchiha clan's own shop, there was no chance of causing trouble.

Because several Uchiha police teams were milling around, turning a blind eye to the various conflicts that occurred on other streets facing the street.

Many merchants even complained directly to Sandai.

Sandai looked at the thick complaint sheet in front of him.

He pinched his eyebrows: "So, Uchiha suspended 80% of his team in one day?"

The ANBU below replied: "Yes, this morning Uchiha dealt with the personnel who had been complained before, and all of them were suspended for self-reflection. Now there is a shortage of police personnel, and various security incidents occur frequently in the streets outside. There is no one at all. Tube."

What the **** is Natsuki doing, or rather, what the **** is Fugaku doing?

The third generation couldn't figure out what Uchiha was doing now, and this kind of small security matter didn't seem like revenge on Konoha at all.

After all, if things get serious, someone from ANBU will stop it.

Moreover, Natsuki had already said hello in advance, contacted the Hinata family, and asked members of the Hinata family to take over.

Sandai picked up his pipe and took a puff: "How was the conversation between the Hinata family and Natsuki?"

"Uchiha Natsuki handed over all the security routes and daily patrol routes to the Hinata family, and he did not hide any secrets."

"It's just that the Hinata family needs to fully deploy their manpower and familiarize themselves with the route, which will take a week."

The Uchiha clan has always been in charge of the deployment and patrol routes of the police force, and it does take time for the Hyuga family to mobilize manpower.

The third generation smoked his pipe: "Then the ANBU will send people to keep an eye on it this week. If something gets serious, you can take action directly. When the Hyuga family takes over, you can withdraw."


Uchiha clan land, training ground.

Since the Fourth Elder suspended most of the members of the police force, they have all been restrained in their own clan territory.

Most members of the police force came to the training ground to practice spontaneously when they had nothing to do.

"Hey! Yang Shu!" Uchiha Yang Shu, who was practicing shuriken, stopped, but it was his team members Oura and Rikuto.

"What's wrong?" These two team members have worked with him for a long time and have a good personal relationship. They are considered friends.

Oura smiled and said: "You didn't go out and you didn't know that Qingshui Izakaya was burned down today?"

Yang Shu raised his eyebrows: "That izakaya on Third Street?"

"Yes, he got into trouble with a drunkard again today. The drunkard refused to accept the beating and came back to burn down his front door. He has been unable to open his business these days." Lu Ren was a little gloating.

"No one stopped him?" Yang Shu asked curiously.

Oura shook his head: "Where is there anyone? From the 1st street to the 7th street next to us, all our Uchiha people have been suspended."

"Then they won't complain?"

Lu Ren laughed and said, "Sure, why don't you complain? But it's useless to complain. We don't have anyone in the police force now."

"Usually, those shopping mall bosses are very happy. They either accuse us of lax enforcement of the law or complain about our violent enforcement of the law. Today, our Uchiha stopped serving us and came here eagerly again. We are really cheap."

"I heard that the fourth elder was very happy today. He was humming songs while walking."

Yang Shu also laughed when he heard this: "We Uchiha usually suffer so much anger, we deserve those people."

Oura asked: "The fourth elder suspended us and didn't say we had any tasks. Yangshu, do you know what the deputy chief wants us to do?"

Yang Shu shook his head: "I don't know very well, but the deputy chief said that we worked hard in the police force and gave us a week's leave. There will be a mission for us in a week."

Night falls.

Uchiha Natsuki has been practicing at the clan's training ground. He has just obtained the Mangekyō Sharingan, which has given him a qualitative leap in ability.

Whether it is insight, illusion, or physical skills, they have made great progress.

But apart from activating Susanoo, his Mangekyo did not awaken the pupil skills.

This made Xia Mu very confused, but Xia Mu was not in a hurry, since it was not needed now anyway.

Xia Mu can clearly feel it, and his eye power is far better than the others.

While practicing, I also checked in the power template to see who in the clan had business talent.

However, most of the Uchiha ninjas are only good at fighting, and there are very few who have business and management talents.

There is a young boy named Kai Ming Uchiha who is very bright. Although he did not open his magatama until he was seventeen years old, his other talents are very interesting: business, scientific research, and logistics.

Moreover, Qiming is Xia Mu's former teammate. This kid is still very versatile, which I haven't noticed before and needs to be cultivated.

In addition to Uchiha ninjas, ordinary villagers of the Uchiha clan are also included in the power template.

Most of these ordinary villagers are doing small businesses in Konoha Village. Some have some talent.

Xia Mu remembered these people one by one, completing the last piece of the puzzle of his plan.

Next to Natsuki were Uchihas practicing in groups of twos and threes.

He could more or less hear everything going on outside.