MTL - Ninja World: Insect Princess From Konoha - C.822 I'm not clean anymoreSep 13, 2023

MTL - Ninja World: Insect Princess From Konoha

C.822 I'm not clean anymoreSep 13, 2023

Chapter 822 I’m not clean anymore

"Hello, please come with us and cooperate with the investigation."

In a hospital in Konoha, a young man with the title of senior physician in Konoha looked at the investigator in front of him in surprise. Cold sweat broke out from his forehead for the first time.

"Are you, the Guard?"


The police don't wear masks mysteriously.

"I'm sorry, we are" the ninja said, "the Hokage is directly under the ANBU."

His pupils shrank sharply, and the young man said: "I know, how can I cooperate with you? The legendary ANBU" stood up as if unintentionally, then turned over and jumped out of the window to escape. Professional fighting ninja is bad.

"catch him!"

But they are ANBU, and among the ranks of fighting ninjas, they are the elite of the elite.

I didn't try to form any ninjutsu because I didn't have permission to use any ninjutsu except medical ninjutsu.

The brief battle ended in an instant, and the young doctor was pushed to the ground, struggling continuously.

"Let me go! Bastard! Let me go!"

"Be honest! Bastard!"

The rare commotion in broad daylight attracted many employees and patients of the hospital to watch, and everyone was talking non-stop.

"What happened?"

"What did Doctor Xiaoliang do?"

Many people don't know why.

"What else could it be?" said a male doctor wearing gold-rimmed glasses: "Konoha has regulations. Based on the public medical service system, registered doctors are not allowed to privately set up for-profit diagnosis and treatment."

"Even if you collect money, there is no need to arrest him."

Yes, the penalties for violations of this level are not serious.

The male doctor sneered and said nothing, watching his old classmate being taken away by the ninjas.

In the ANBU interrogation room, the ninja said: "I'll tell you the truth when I get here. You don't want us to use any special means."

"I just made some samples to sell." The young man looked ashen.

"Sample?" Ninja said, "It seems that he still doesn't want to give up."

Based on the healing and regeneration technique developed by Tsunade, Konoha has a well-stocked blood bank for use in medical surgeries. In order to avoid medical accidents caused by contamination of the blood bank, there are strict regulations on management.

Non-relevant staff are not allowed to abuse ninjutsu and cultivate hematopoiesis privately.

Not to mention selling it.

It's even more prohibited.

"You're a wholesaler, and you still give me samples. I really can't cry until I see the coffin."

Then the doctor burst into tears.

"court death."

The Anbu, which had been idle for several years, became lively at this moment. The interrogation rooms that were connected to each other started to erupt with cries.

In this battle, more than one person was arrested.

Tsunade went crazy and Konoha was shaken.

A steady stream of people were arrested, belonging to various systems in Konoha.

They seem to be unrelated, but in fact they are connected. Pulling out the radish brings out the mud, pulling out one, bringing out another entangled one, and more and more are pulled out. Although they make different mistakes, they have the same consequences.

The scale is astonishing.

Tsunade would not take any dereliction of duty lightly. For a moment, people throughout Konoha were in panic.

Even several famous high-ranking officials were dismissed one after another.

There were even people with Senju origins, and Tsunade showed no mercy.

The ninjas watched the whole action without making any move.

And Tsunade struck hard, rectifying Konoha, and was so busy that the sky was dark and the earth was dark.

After only a few years of stable life, the old habits of people's hearts started to show up, and they acted like monsters in various ways.

Sure enough, as Mei Ji said before, only strong control can put an end to this kind of behavior and the bad nature of people from the source.

Tsunade was convinced of this.

One year has passed, Konoha's fifty-sixth year, and the year-long crackdown has come to an end. The whole incident has gradually calmed down, and Konoha has returned to its former peace.

The original reason seemed to have been forgotten by Tsunade.

In the study, Mei Ji closed the book.

"Then, that's it."

"If you feel that you are very free, I still have a lot of things that I can do for you."

"If you are too inquisitive."

"It's going to be distressing."

This latest novel written by Jiraiya is quite interesting.

Mei Ji looked at the title of the book and smiled.

"The Legend of Tsunade Hime's Perseverance"

Most of them are Jiraiya's imaginary content, but there are also some real content.

The scenes of being beaten are described in an extremely realistic way, making people immersed in the situation and feel the sincere sense of oppression.

In the Hokage building, she finally finished her work, and Tsunade slept soundly. A bottle of wine was lying sideways on her hand, and the wine was dripping along the edge of the table.

Glancing at Tsunade, Miki turned off the light.

"Good night, Tsunade."

In the brightly lit Hokage Building, the automatic sensor light system was turned off.

In the darkness, accompanied by a slight sweet snore, Tsunade gently opened her eyes.

"Good night, Maggie."

Tsunade slowly closed her eyes as she murmured inaudibly.

Our victory or defeat is not over yet.

The night is getting deeper

Konoha is still bustling with activity, and in the bustling market in the center, pedestrians are constantly coming and going, leading a pleasant nightlife.

In a street cafe, beautiful maids stood in rows and bowed neatly.

"Welcome back ~ Gou Xiu Jin Sama."

Orochimaru was startled and looked at the name of the store.

There is nothing wrong with this one.

Resisting the urge to turn around and leave, and pretending to be calm, Orochimaru walked into the store.

"Miss, please come this way~"

Kill you!

Orochimaru turned his head and stared at the little girl fiercely.

The maid girl blinked her eyes, a little confused.

What's wrong? Are your eyes dry?

Following the maid Ryo into the store, the first thing she heard was the familiar yet annoying exaggerated laughter. Looking along the laughter, she saw that Jiraiya was boasting about a non-existent ninja career.

Really, when I see a beautiful woman, I don’t know what my last name is.

Orochimaru strode towards Jiraiya with a sullen expression.

Almost immediately, the maids and ladies noticed the obvious murderous aura in this old, no, elder sister.

They were very discerning and didn't make any excuses. They all apologized and turned around and left.

"What? Does that uncle have a girlfriend?"

"It's just a waste of our feelings."

Orochimaru and Jiraiya looked at each other in an awkward silence, looking at each other speechlessly.

Although they are friends, there really is nothing to say.

Orochimaru broke the silence and said straight to the point: "What do you want from me? I'm very busy."

Busy working for Meiji.

Maybe it was revenge, but Mei Ji went too far than before.

But it's still bearable, just the right amount of discomfort.

Looking at Orochimaru, Jiraiya looked mysterious and asked, "Is it me?"

"On behalf of all of us," Orochimaru said, "There is no difference."

After a heated debate, Orochimaru and the others reached a unanimous conclusion.

One is the whole, and the whole is one.

I am who I am, Orochimaru.

The one who wandered outside didn't count, he had to take the blame, and was expelled from Konoha by Orochimaru and the others.

"That's right." Jiraiya said, "I won't talk nonsense. I'm looking for you this time to inquire about something."

"What's the matter? Let go." Orochimaru looked impatient.

"Don't worry," Jiraiya said, hugging Orochimaru affectionately, with a smile on his face.

Orochimaru wanted to rebel.

But Jiraiya moved very quickly, secretly writing pictures on Orochimaru's back with his hand.

This symbol is.

Aburame's clan emblem.

"You want to ask about this?" Orochimaru looked at Jiraiya with a solemn expression.

"That's right." With solemn eyes, Jiraiya nodded and said, "How about it, okay?"

"You are really looking for death." Orochimaru said coldly.

"We are close friends." Jiraiya said, "What's wrong?" He smiled and stalked.

Orochimaru remained silent and did not answer.

"Who asked you to ask?"

"Who else could it be? Myself." Jiraiya said, "What happened to the inspiration for the material?"

His hand continued to write on Orochimaru's back.


Orochimaru's pupils narrowed.

Mars hits the Earth!

It’s so exciting!

Almost immediately, an excited and perverted smile appeared uncontrollably on Orochimaru's face, and he couldn't help but subconsciously stick out his long tongue and lick his face.


Jiraiya was too close.

Wrong lick.

Jiraiya shuddered and his pupils narrowed.

It's over, I'm not clean anymore.

Being licked by the pervert Orochimaru.

"Really" Orochimaru smiled stupidly, pretending that nothing happened.

Tsunade, at this moment, she remembered that we are the first class of Sannin.

I thought I wouldn’t play with us two stinky men anymore.

It's really embarrassing.

Have you been pushed to the end of your rope?

Since you begged me for the first time.

"Okay!" Orochimaru said, "Ask!"