MTL - Ninja World: Insect Princess From Konoha

C.830 Being led into a ditch againSep 13, 2023

Chapter 830: Being led into a ditch again

"It's not a funny thing." Zhisui said: "It needs to be more serious, understand?"

Itachi said, "Do you have any more requests?"

"It needs to be exciting." Shisui said.

Then this is no longer serious.

Itachi made a dirty joke.

Anyway, it’s nothing to talk about.

But Shisui looked at Itachi in surprise, as if it was the first time they met.

My younger brother has grown up and is no longer pure.

A place like the garrison is not as closed as the circle of Shinobu, and you come into contact with many different kinds of people, so it is normal for things to change.

But as long as you don't talk about blind dates, you'll be fine.

He picked up the wine glass melancholy, took a sip, and let out a long sigh as the clear bitter wine entered his throat.

The two brothers exchanged glasses, and the time went late into the night without realizing it. There were not many customers left in the store, and it became a little deserted.

Shisui was still a little unwilling to pick up the peanuts with the chopsticks in his hand.

"Itachi, who is in charge of the clan's records?"

"What exactly do you want to check?" Itachi asked instead of answering directly.

After a moment of silence, Shisui whispered: "Some darkness hidden under the surface calm of the city."

"There is no need to check, there is no record in the clan." Itachi said: "Those things in the clan always only record the good side and never mention the bad side."


Shisui sighed.

It's so hard for me.

"However, darkness is not inaccessible." Itachi said: "The ANBU directly under the Hokage should have relevant records."

"I know." Zhisui said, "But the composition of ANBU is very complex, and His Highness does not trust them."

Realizing that he had spilled the beans, Shisui felt annoyed and closed his mouth under the influence of alcohol.

"Things seem a bit serious." Itachi may have realized something and lowered his voice subconsciously.

"As long as you know, don't talk nonsense."

"I'm not a child anymore." Itachi said: "The police force has been cooperating with the Anbu for a long time. It is not only professional training of reserve personnel, but also mutual transfer of personnel. Intelligence is also shared to a certain extent, and prisoners are transferred over a long period of time. Waiting for various cooperation matters.”

Why can't I find anything?

Because His Highness is investigating himself.

As the investigation deepened, Shisui gradually realized this kind of thing.

Lady Bughime has completely removed herself from the system. On the surface, she is an ordinary retired ninja, but she is everywhere and affects the entire system at all times.

Essentially, using ANBU to investigate is me investigating myself.

And it’s not just the Anbu system. Looking at it, the Shinobi Order, the Society Order, the Guard, and even the Political Shadow Pavilion directly under His Highness, many of them were once subordinates of Lady Insect, etc., Konoha’s series of All the government agencies and departments have Lady Chongji’s shadow behind them.

When he realized this, Shisui realized the dilemma His Highness was in.

"That's it!" Zhisui's eyes lit up and he said, "Also, is there anything you find strange?"

"This?" Itachi pondered the memory, and after a long time, he said, "Speaking of it, there are some strange things."

Shisui looked at Itachi and listened.

"You know, those elite ninjas from the former Sunagakure were very good poison-making masters."

"Yes." Young ninjas in today's era have no experience of fighting against the five major villages, and they have learned a lot of common sense from textbooks.

Shisui's generation caught up with the last ninja war, but was not old enough and was not allowed to go to the battlefield.

Although some of them participated in low-risk tasks of garrison and security management as Shinobu's reserve regiment, Shisui was not one of them.

"If you haven't seen it with your own eyes, you can't imagine how terrifying it is." Itachi said, "Those poisons made by the former Sunagakure."

"So," Shisui urged.

"They made a kind of mental hallucination poison. Because they were surrendered by Konoha, some ninjas were not satisfied with the status quo and were powerless. They could only indulge in false hallucinations and obtain temporary spiritual pleasure. As the scale expanded, , this drug began to flow into the market and was used by some people to make profits."

“It is a very dangerous banned drug due to its addictive nature and the great harm it causes to the body and mind.”

"Therefore, it has always been within the scope of severe crackdowns by the police force, and a detachment dedicated to handling related matters has even been established."

"No matter how concealed it is, it can always be discovered by those guys in a very short period of time."

"As a result, his performance was excellent, he was soft on bonuses, and his colleagues were envious. He was also nicknamed a cruel dog-nose."

"In this peaceful moment, we are the only ninja team in the country that has been dealing with desperadoes for a long time and has rich combat experience. If it didn't only do this kind of thing, it would be more like ANBU than ANBU."

"So, what's strange?" Zhisui asked.

"Isn't it strange?" Itachi said, "Their intelligence network is superior to ours. Many times, they only notify us to clean up the scene after they have already taken action."

Shisui trembled, as if he had caught something.

Lord Chong Ji must have a commonly used team in her hands.

But where they are hiding is a question that must be clarified.

Itachi continued: "Although he is nominally in the team, the team does not have direct jurisdiction, nor is it connected to the team's intelligence system. It has its own intelligence channels, and even has the authority to directly kill targets. Sometimes it is notified We are often the ones collecting corpses. Sometimes I wonder what kind of dangerous criminals they killed, how many they killed and how many they arrested. Did they just arrest some drug dealers? We don’t know, because we have no right to ask.”


Shisui's face flushed with excitement, and he reached out fiercely to grab Itachi's hand.

"Great! Itachi!"

Itachi was startled, looked at Shisui who reacted so violently, and said, "Brother Zhisui, you drank too much."

"Itachi, help me!"

Shisui stared at Itachi and said solemnly.

"No problem, brother."

However, the brothers are still settling the scores.

"How much do you pay for wages?" Itachi asked realistically.

It's not too young. If you want to plan for the future and give Quan a home, you have to spend money.

Itachi has been sensible since he was a child.

"It hurts feelings to talk about money." Shisui said: "This vote is not about money, it is about the glory of Uchiha. As the young clan leader, you have to take responsibility."

It's noisy.

Itachi raised an eyebrow.

My responsibility is to stay senior in the garrison, constantly defeat all competitors, and reach the position of captain.

This is a serious matter concerning the honor of the Uchiha clan.

This seems to be a discredit to his qualifications.

However, it is really exciting, much more exciting than security patrol.

This is a serious ninja.

It feels like the blood is burning.

Maybe it's the alcohol?

"I really lost to you." Under the influence of alcohol, Itachi said, "What exactly do you want me to do?"

"You are like this"

The next day, when he woke up from bed, rubbing his aching forehead, Itachi was lost in thought.

I vaguely recall what happened last night

The snap sound was particularly pleasant.

What sounds good is a good slap.

There were fingerprints on his face, and Itachi gritted his teeth.

"What are you doing! The mission is obviously to catch him and take him home for a blind date!"

It was originally intended to be outmaneuvered.

But while we were chatting, we were stuck in the ditch again by the water stop.


Itachi was used to it too.