Chapter 837 Too bullying

"Psychological suggestion?"

This is really interesting stuff.

Looking at Shisui who looked like a normal person, Miki said.

“But in reality, injuries don’t go away on their own.”

Looking at Zhili, he asked.

"You didn't teach him medical ninjutsu?"

"It's too late." Zhili said, "There has to be time for him to show it, right?"

"What a shame," Hitomi said.

In the field, fourteen people walked through the ruins-like corridor and came to where Zhisui was, and surrounded him.

"Boy, your physical fitness is quite good. You can actually catch my full-strength kick."

It seems that this level is not enough to capture him.

To err on the side of caution, you should go all out.

"Strong breeding armor, activate."

"Authorization confirmation, start."

On the twelve white-eyed ninjas, a large amount of biological tissue emerged from the body surface, surging like fluid to cover the whole body, forming and hardening, and the whole body was covered with a layer of smooth streamlined black armor, like twelve human-shaped beetles, blue Chakra flames flickered like torches.

Shisui was no stranger to exoskeleton armor.

When Shinobi was serving in the military, he also had operational training, and he knew how powerful this thing was, and how it could exponentially increase the combat effectiveness of a ninja.

What is in front of me is an armor model that I have never seen before.

Some specially made large biological armors are even more destructive than Susanoo.

Especially when it comes to staying power.

The battery life is disappointingly strong.

Thanks to the chakra long-range wireless transmission network, Shisui knew that with the support of exoskeleton armor, the most important thing for these guys was chakra.

Speaking of which, Shisui didn't understand.

In today's peaceful world, Shinobu is still desperately developing military force. What exactly does he want to do?

Who is the enemy?

"You are still making these toys." Zhili asked: "What are they for?"

"Well," Mei Ji said: "Under the calm starry sky, dangers are everywhere. Naturally, the stronger the better, whether it is pioneering and expanding territory, or guarding against potential alien threats, it is a necessary matter."

Zhili nodded in understanding and looked towards the field.

If this kid can't even place these toys, tell him, and don't say that I taught him.

In the field, Zhisui looked solemnly at the people surrounding him.

For a while, no one launched an attack.

In Shisui's eyes, the whole world slowed down, and the flying dust slowly seemed to freeze in the air. The kaleidoscope rotated rapidly, capturing fighters and fleeting flaws.

At the same time, everyone saw the same scene, with the support of the neural thinking acceleration provided by the exoskeleton armor.

Time seemed to freeze slowly, and every second seemed as long as millions of seconds.

In the seemingly peaceful confrontation scene, dangers are everywhere.

Both sides are looking for a brief moment of killing with one blow.

And this moment will come soon.

The first one to act was Shisui.

As the Qi moves, the whole body is affected.

Everyone captured this scene.

Shisui's wrist moved slightly, and the kunai slipped silently into his palm.

This action is.

Regular kunai starting test?

Too ordinary.

But don’t think about it!

The twelve Hinata raised their arms in unison, and the chakra light clusters flickered in the jets on their palms.

Chakra bombardment system.

The principle is the same as the Hyuga Clan's Soft Fist Technique: Air Breaking Strike, which is a concentrated jet of chakra.

The victory lies in the small range of movement, fast firing, continuous firing, and strong power.

Thanks to the convenient weapon system, ninjas can focus more on other practices to quickly improve their combat quality and save a lot of time.

The kaleidoscope captured this scene clearly.

With the same movement of raising his hand, Shisui flipped his wrist. Before his hand was raised, kunai flew out under the delicate control of **** and chakra.


In the seemingly frozen high-speed world, everyone slowly raised their hands.

Before he could blink, the kunai shot out with a hint of lightning.

The direction is.


Where are you aiming, brother.

When Shisui made a dodge, he hooked his fingers slightly, the kunai refracted and changed direction, and the electricity shot to a person's face.

Changed direction.

What kind of kunai throw is this?

Juriliyu Thunder Control Shuriken Technique.

However, it's not a big problem.

The electric kunai hit the armor covering the upper door and bounced around in the air.

Everyone opened fire, and the chakra light bullets were activated, roaring and arriving in front of Shisui.

The light bullets landed on the ruins, and Shisui's figure had disappeared.


Under the 360-degree blind-angle Byakugan vision, he saw Kubuchi flying in the air, and Shisui's figure flashed out.

Flying Thunder God?

In the air, Zhisui slashed down with a fierce knife, gritting his teeth and exerting all his strength.

He knew very well how hard this armor was.

On the blade, red flames flowed, dyeing the blade red.

Zhili Flowing Fire Escape Sword Technique.Scorching Plow

With a pop, the blade of the knife was embedded and then stuck. The barbecue area was sizzling with smoke, exuding the aroma of barbecue.

It's really hard.

Without continuous attacks, it is difficult to break the defense.

"It's useless!" The ninja stretched out his hand and grabbed Shisui.

Shisui took out one hand at the same time and faced the other person's extended hand.

"Death!" Chakra lit up in the palm of his hand.

Palms touching.


In an instant, the figure of the ninja disappeared under Shisui.

Seeing this, everyone was shocked.

Where have people gone?

Shisui rolled over and landed on the ground, his hands scorched black.


He looked at everyone with fearful eyes.

"Didn't you say that Flying Thunder God is not included?" Mei Ji asked.

"Yes." Zhili said: "It's not the Flying Thunder God, it's my improved technique."

"Good guy." Mei Ji said, "Then it just so happens that I can show you something interesting."

On the street outside the building, as the explosion occurred, nearby residents came to watch the excitement.

The ninja who was transferred by Shisui looked at the building and whispered.

"Activate the tactical ninjutsu library, prepare the Flying Thunder God, coordinates, Ghoul Headquarters Building, 20th floor above ground, work area C, locate teammate number 1823, one meter away, countdown to three seconds, Flying Thunder God is activated."

"Start the Flying Thunder God, prepare, count down to three, two, one, launch."

The ninja figure disappeared and returned to the battlefield. When he landed in the air, he turned over and landed. He looked at Shisui, gritted his teeth and said, "Goodbye again."

Shisui opened his mouth slightly as he looked at the ninja who was sent away by him and came back in the blink of an eye.

"Maybe you don't know yet," a ninja said: "The authority of the ninjutsu library is hierarchical. There are some forbidden techniques that most ninjas are not authorized to use."

so what.

"I admire your ability to use this level of forbidden jutsu without the assistance of a tactical ninjutsu device."


"Those things you know, we can also do."

Even without learning.

Shisui was silent.

What kind of monster am I fighting?

When looking at these ninjas, they seemed to form a huge figure behind them.

The female posture, wearing that familiar mask, overlooking the entire Konoha under the night.

Vaguely, it seemed as if he could see the tip of the iceberg of that person's strength.



Shisui whispered, getting into a fighting stance again, without giving up in his eyes.

"It's terrible." Zhili said, "It's so bullying."

"What's wrong? Are you feeling distressed?" Meiji asked.

"That's not true." Zhili said, "This kid is looking for a beating on his own."

"However, it can actually keep up with the combat performance of exoskeleton armor, which is still a bit inferior." Mei Ji praised: "It really has two brushes."

Normally, the results should be one-sided.

"His Kaleidoscope." Zhili said: "It's a bit interesting, but it's not very powerful. It doesn't have the overwhelming pupil technique to attack difficult situations and the battery life is weak. Facing these multiple armored enemies, it's a bit confusing. I still fight three."

Zhili insisted.

But, is this the point?

Meiji smiled and said, "I have to recalculate."

There are indeed two brushes.

Ten is a bit conservative.