MTL - Ninja World: Insect Princess From Konoha - C.845 Stand at attention when being beatenSep 13, 2023

MTL - Ninja World: Insect Princess From Konoha

C.845 Stand at attention when being beatenSep 13, 2023

Chapter 845 Stand at attention when being beaten

"Good evening, viewers, this is the Konoha Evening News Channel."

In the hospital ward, Shisui was lying on the bed watching the news channel projected on the genjutsu screen.

Normally, the caregiver Itachi would be sitting next to him, peeling an apple, with a demure posture, somewhat like that of a good wife and loving mother.

"I said, are you listening to me, brother?"

"Listen." Shisui said on his lips, paying attention to the content on the TV.

It has been almost a week since the big incident at the Ghoul Headquarters. Shisui has been paying attention to the clues about Konoha's dynamics. Whether it is from personal information or official news reports, they are all too calm and weird. .

It seemed like nothing had happened.

This made Shisui really unable to bear it.

Why is it like this? What’s the follow-up? What happened after that?

Regarding his own handling, the leader, the Yondaime, had very clear intentions and stayed in Konoha Hospital to hide from the limelight.

Really, Shisui was a little tearful.

The fourth generation is really so gentle and considerate.

"Teacher is very angry." Itachi said unhurriedly as he had no mission, "The consequences will be serious."


Teacher Zhili was very angry and had already threatened to break his legs.

Grandpa didn't dare to say no.

If the Yondaime could be more considerate and help him solve this little trouble, he would really want to cry.

Shisui had no intention of listening to what was being said on the news. He sat on the hospital bed with empty eyes.

It is worth mentioning that someone who was originally sick, but with Konoha's medical technology, did not have much of a problem, is now pretending to be sick.

"How dare you?" Itachi looked at it and shook his head, then lowered his voice slowly and maturely and said: "The situation in the village is very bad now, everyone is waiting and watching."

Itachi stuffed the peeled apple into his mouth.

"In order to cover for you, I was scolded by my father."

After Dang Zhili handed over the affairs of the clan to Fugaku, Fugaku had not been messing around in vain all these years.

"Are you really not aware of how terrifying this place is?"

"I am clear."

Shisui had no idea how terrifying this insect girl was, who had watched her grow up. He had only heard some rumors from adults and had a vague idea.

But after the Yondaime's detailed introduction, Shisui became clear.

"No, you don't know."

Itachi said.

"Uchiha can't wade in this muddy water."

"Until Teacher Zhili expresses his position, no one in the clan can wade into this muddy water."

"Don't say Uchiha can't go. Senju, Hinata, and even any other clan in the village are not qualified to get involved."

"Up to the first generation, the second generation, and the third generation, no one can interfere, and no one dares to interfere."

"This is a game between the two of them."

"Winning or losing between the two of them."

"Only Mito-sama is qualified to mediate the conflicts between them, but Mito-sama doesn't care."

"You have to be lucky that you were born in Uchiha and are a disciple of Master Jiri."

"Otherwise, you will really die."

"Two monsters are fighting, and you are just a slightly bigger ant on the roadside."

"Brother Shisui."

The clan members were beating him and warning him not to participate without permission.

Not even the Hokage's orders.

Therefore, Shisui didn't understand it.

"Am I not a ninja of Konoha? Am I not absolutely obedient to the Hokage?"

That's the problem.

Who is in charge of Konoha?

Fugaku talked a lot with Itachi, which made Itachi see more hidden things behind it.

"Konoha cannot live without Mushi-sama, just as Mushi-sama cannot live without the Yondaime."

"The two are already in a state of fusion without distinguishing each other."

"No matter how the two sides fight, this point will never be broken."

"Everyone is aware of this fact."

"Once this state is broken, it means the collapse of Konoha."

"The ninja world is falling apart and returning to the past."

"This is something no one will allow to happen."

"So, your worries are unnecessary."

"Ms. Insect Princess and Tsunade-sama, just like light and darkness, day and night, there will be temporary strength and weakness, but it is this light and darkness, the eternal support that protects the growth of Konoha."

"This is the situation that everyone is most happy to see."

"Checks and balances to prevent one party from becoming completely arbitrary."

"It is normal for the Yondaime to want to suppress Lady Bughime and have more say."

"The husband and wife at home still have to decide who is in charge and who is in charge."

"But when we got involved, we couldn't get along well in front of other couples."

"Don't worry about what the Yondaime told you or how serious the matter is."

"This matter is essentially a fight for the family throne."

As he spoke, Itachi peeled off a piece of apple and handed it to Shisui's mouth.

"Open your mouth."

Shisui opened his mouth, bit off the apple and chewed it, thinking about it for a long time.

Maybe, maybe, I was deceived by the Yondaime?

Who passed it on? The Yondaime is beautiful, kind-hearted, gentle, generous, straightforward and unpretentious. He is the best Yondaime in the world.

It doesn't take the blink of an eye to trick people.

Zhisui thought a lot in silence.

"The clan asked me to ask you a question." Itachi said: "You didn't say anything bad about Lady Bughime in front of the Yondaime, did you?"

Shisui recalled his mission report carefully.

"I think should not be."

Shisui wasn't sure either.

"Your career can still be saved, as long as you didn't offend the Yondaime, Mushihime-sama, Jiri-sensei, and Hitomi-sama at the same time." Itachi said: "What the teacher means is that since you have chosen a path, just go ahead and you will be the fourth generation from now on." Now that she is a disciple, she will treat you as her disciple."

His pupils shrank sharply, and Shisui asked tremblingly: "Teacher, you don't want me anymore?"

"Admit it when you are wrong, and stand up straight when you are beaten." Itachi said, "If you want to come back, then accept the punishment. Don't always hide in the hospital and pretend to be sick."

"I understand." Zhisui said, "I will return to the clan tomorrow."

The news continues.

"Explore towards the stars, advance towards the stars, our journey is in the dazzling depths of the stars."

"After years of intensive cultivation and continuous breakthroughs in technology, Konoha Tianling pursues the release of the latest results."

"The first manned spacecraft launch achieved successful results."

"That's one small step for Konoha, one giant leap for mankind."

"We have touched the starry sky, left the earth beneath our feet, and will open up a new journey."

"According to Konoha's first five-year space plan, the era of comprehensive march toward the stars has still arrived."

"We will make every effort to cultivate talents in the aerospace industry and build an extraterrestrial space station."

There was something vaguely said on the news, but Shisui didn't hear it clearly.

This leg is definitely going to be broken.

And it's not an ordinary break.

"Itachi," Zhisui said quietly, "Help me choose a better wheelchair. I probably won't have time."

"No problem, brother." Itachi nodded and said, "Put it on me."

The two brothers were silent in the ward.

The news continues.

"The Fourth Hokage, His Highness Tsunade, will conduct field work visits and inspections throughout Konoha and personally go down to the grassroots level."