MTL - Ninja World: Insect Princess From Konoha

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Meiji hates a life bound by the world.

A life bound by family ties, friendship, lovers, and responsibilities.

The so-called curse of bondage.

I want to live just for myself.

But as a human being, you cannot be so selfish.

Therefore, Meiji’s life is a life of fulfilling her promise.

The agreements made with everyone will be fulfilled one by one.

The promise I made to my mother was that I would not die.

The agreement I made with my grandfather is that I will lead my clan to survive.

The promise I made with Mito is that I will become Yami and support Tsunade's growth.

The agreement with Zhili and the agreement with Tong is that they will be together forever and will not leave them behind.

There is also a promise with Tsunade.

A fluffy and cute moth rested on Mei Ji's fingertips, gently fluttering its wings.

This is Mei Ji's first insect swarm volume in the true sense.

A special species of insect cultivated by the ancient Aburame clan, a specialized moth capable of producing chakra-conducting biosteel.

The characteristic is that it is delicious.

The taste is tender, sweet and juicy.

In comparison, the human taste is a little bit different, probably due to a psychological illusion. The texture of ninja meat is actually difficult to digest, and each has its own unpalatable characteristics.

When I was in Iwagakure Village, the Iwagakure over there tasted more woody and pebbled, and I cried and screamed a lot.

As for Kumogakure, they generally have more protein and muscles, are very chewy, have little oil, water and fat, and are very hard. The third generation Raikage is the hardest one.

Kirigakure is generally a bit dry, with no meat, and has a fishy smell of the sea in its bones.

Meiji doesn’t like to eat fish very much, mainly because there are too many thorns, although she likes fishing.

As for Sunagakure, those puppet masters have a strong smell of medicinal powder, especially spices, but ordinary Sunagakure, the kind that doesn't take a bath for a whole year due to the urgent shortage of water resources, not only smells heavy, but also dirty. It was amazing, there was a thick layer of sweat and dirt, wrapped under the tight desert sun protection clothes, mixed with the smell of spices, it was really amazing.

As for Konoha, the characteristic is that it has no characteristics and has a variety of flavors.

Different from giving people the impression that they are good at fire escape, Uchiha is a bit cold, Senju is more yang-y, Hinata's bones are a bit difficult to chew, Inuzuka's carries the most germs, smells the most, and is complicated, Akimichi is too fat, and Nara's odor is too complex. Bitter medicinal taste, the cleanest one is Aburame, which is really tasteless, while the upper water is a bit sweet, like honey. Meiji likes their taste very much, it is clear and refreshing like sweet spring water.

Adhering to the fine tradition of being diligent and frugal in running the house and saving food, Mei Ji does not hate this.

Anyway, they are some proteins that need to be decomposed and put into the grain cycle. If you just find a place to bury them, they will be decomposed by bacteria, but it will be too slow.

People eat pigs, and pigs eat feed. It is not as good as people eating feed directly, without middlemen making the difference.

As a recyclable resource, it is inevitable to look like a breeding farm.

"Go ahead."

He gently raised his hand, and the moth on his fingertips fluttered away.

Mei Ji hates so-called fetters, hates a life bound by the world, hates people.

If there is a next life, Mei Ji doesn't want to be a human again.

It doesn't matter if it's a dog, a pig, a sea bather or a paramecium, even if it's a single cell, it's all good.

Ignorant and carefree, I live a short but free life without any worries.

And Mei Ji’s life is an agreed life.


Meiji's ability is to control the fate and will of an individual's life, and to perfectly control it from the bottom of the gene.

Like a kaleidoscope, the ability to portray the soul.

Mei Ji longs to control her life.

Meiji realized this.

"It's really amazing..."

He has become the person he hates the most.

Controlling Tsunade's life.

Holding her cheek with one hand, Mei Ji stared blankly at the clouds rolling in and out of the window of the Hokage's office.


If you can't finish it today, do it tomorrow. If you can't finish it tomorrow, do it the day after tomorrow.

It’s only a day or two away, so what’s the rush?

There's nothing important anyway.

There are also many tool people.

Orochimaru and the others buried their heads in writing quickly.

It has been a month since Tsunade left, and the days have passed peacefully day by day. There seems to be no change, but stable changes are everywhere, and they continue to move forward firmly and steadily.

Mei Ji will never stop.

I will fly into the sky and stand shoulder to shoulder with the sun.

Mei Ji looked at the sun. The brilliance of hundreds of millions of years has been shining down from the distant starry sky, nourishing all life on earth.


It’s not like Mei Ji has never seen her before.

Happy America, gun battles every day, randomness in life, freedom in death.

Tsunade was acting out of imagination and trusting the character of others too much.

Management and control are necessary operating mechanisms.

She is wrong.

With the disintegration of the ninja employment system and the collapse of the mission system, ninja fights will no longer break out on the streets anytime and anywhere due to mission execution, and innocent passers-by will not be involved, and social security has been reversed.

Even the bandit groups that blocked roads, robbed, killed and swindled the ninja world, lost the survival soil of a chaotic society, and were completely extinct under the sweep of Konoha.

The essence of freedom is chaos, while control and management are order.

Peace means stable order.

Mei Ji thought.


There was a knock on the door.

"Come in." Mei Ji said and looked at the visitor.

It was Yahiko. After being beaten by the Konoha garrison, he resisted tenaciously and was captured alive on the spot. He was then imprisoned until now. Only recently did Miki think of letting him out.

After all, he is his lovely disciple.

As for Minato, turning a blind eye was an art form.

Meiji didn't bother him.

Yahiko had a complicated look on his face. He didn't know whether the teacher had escaped or not, and he was feeling uneasy. When he raised his eyes, he saw Miki sitting in the Hokage's seat and couldn't help but widen his eyes.


This scene seems familiar, history repeats itself.

It was just like the feeling when I found out that everything behind it was controlled by the teacher.

The whole person was confused.

where am I?

What happened?

What happened to the Yondaime?

Meiji looked at Yahiko and said, "Is there any problem?"

"No..." After shaking his head subconsciously, Yahiko asked: "Teacher, why are you here? The fourth generation..."

Mei Ji interrupted and said in a deep voice: "This is not something you should worry about. Do your duty well and don't be reckless next time."

"Ha!" Yahiko said, standing up straight.

"If you have nothing to do, just go back."


Yahiko walked out of the Hokage's office in confusion, and his mind was in confusion.

Slowly figure out a clue.

Since the person sitting in the Hokage's seat is the teacher.

Who is the person who escaped?

On the street, people were talking a lot, talking mysteriously about recent events.

"Hey, did you hear that Aburame Bughime failed to seize power and defected?"

"What a defection, it was the Yondaime who was kind and gracious enough to let her go."

"She won't come back, will she?"

"So what if she comes back? Can she defeat the Yondaime?"


No, no, no, no!

It was the teacher who succeeded in seizing power, and the one who escaped in embarrassment was the fourth generation, His Highness Tsunade.

Turning around abruptly, Yahiko looked up at the towering giant tree at the foot of the city.

Insect Princess has achieved dictatorship.

Yahiko stared for a long time.

When I was a child, the teacher’s teachings kept echoing in my ears.

"The so-called imperialism refers to the monopoly rule formed on the highly concentrated development of production and capital, which is its basic characteristic."

"Bank capital and industrial capital merge into one to form financial capital, and on this basis, a financial oligarchy is formed."

"The division of world territory is complete."

"Of course, the ninja world is different, and chakra must be included. This is the most important point."

"The ultimate personal or group force."

"Whoever has control is right."

"What can be crushed by its iron fist is not the truth."

"Under this form of domination, you and I are both slaves and meaningless individual consumables."

"Teacher, is there no hope?"

"No, there is."

"Keep this in mind, Yahiko."


"Don't imitate ninjas, hahaha. You are a human being, not a yes-man. You must learn to think for yourself."

"Say, I understand."

"I understand, teacher."

"Next, I will expand on it in detail. Listen carefully."