MTL - Ninja World: Insect Princess From Konoha - C.852 Come and save meSep 13, 2023

MTL - Ninja World: Insect Princess From Konoha

C.852 Come and save meSep 13, 2023

Chapter 852 Come and save me

The Ten-Tails has absorbed eight tailed beasts.

The only difference was the Kyuubi.

Over the years, Miki has harvested the Nine-Tails' wool from Tsunade's body, using part of it as research material and feeding part to the Ten-Tails.

However, the effect is not good.

The Ten-Tails still looks like that, it seems like it's missing something crucial.

This key thing is inside Kyuubi's body.

Currently, there are two Kyuubi, one in Tsunade's body and the other in Mito's body. When Mito died of natural old age, he was sealed alone and was taken care of by Tsunade.

When Miki took over Konoha, she naturally took over the Kyuubi.

In the cave where the Ten-Tails was, standing on the head of the heretic demon, Miki opened her eyes.

The lavender samsara eyes shine in the darkness.

Beside her, a pair of white eyes and a pair of clover-patterned eyes looked at Mei Ji at the same time.

"let's start."

Mei Ji said softly.

Hitomi and Jiri raised their hands to form seals.

The Nine Seals of the Phantom Dragon.

The illusory dragon-shaped chakra poked out from the Ten-Tails' body, looking for the target. In front of him was a large sealed jar, which he swallowed in one gulp.

Very smoothly, the Nine-Tails' chakra was continuously drawn out and entered the Ten-Tails' body.

According to this extraction progress, it can be completed in just half a day without being disturbed.

There are only three results.

First, the key components needed for the Ten-Tails are within the body of this Nine-Tails.

Second, the key components needed for the Ten-Tails are in the body of the other Nine-Tails.

Third, the key components required for the Ten-Tails are divided into two parts and exist in two Nine-Tails bodies at the same time.

turn out.

After the extraction work was over, Miki looked down at the Ten-Tails at her feet.

Activated, but not fully activated.

Part of it has been completed, but part of it is still missing.

It belongs to the third situation, in other words, the nine tails in Tsunade's body need to be used.

It is known that extracting a tailed beast will lead to the death of a Jinchūriki.

But Tsunade was different.

"With Tsunade's ability to revive monsters, even extracting the Nine-Tails is no big deal." Jiri said softly.

"Yes." Mei Ji nodded affirmatively.

Some people are born to break rules.

And the Kyuubi is not an extremely important thing to Tsunade today.

"Do you want to take action?" Zhili asked.

Meiji didn't answer.

"Do you really want to take action?" Hitomi said hesitantly, "Forget it."

We've already reached this point

"Ten-Tails, I'm determined." Meiji said.

Now, it is a priority to complete the genes of its own insect swarm and carry out further evolution.

Meiji had no reason to let go of the piece of fat that reached her mouth.

The little Ten-Tails in my hand still lacks a lot and is not fully mature.

"In other words, the Ten-Tails is with me." Jiri said quietly, "Who do you choose?"

Meiji turned to look at Zhili.

"I choose the Ten-Tails."

"Really." Jiri backed down and said, "Then I'll choose the Ten-Tails."

Hitomi breathed a sigh of relief.

Great, no infighting.

He smiled to lighten the atmosphere.

"Then, the second class has reached a consensus, I will also choose the Ten-Tails."

That's the thing, extracting the Kyuubi will not pose a fatal danger to Tsunade.

However, before that, some preparations need to be made in advance to prevent Tsunade from counterattacking.

first of all.

"Zhili." Mei Ji gave the order.

"Ha!" Zhili responded, his pretty face turned cold and he entered the task state.

"Watch the Ten-Tails!"



"Ha!" Hitomi responded.

"I allow you to use all your strength to prevent any unexpected accidents." Meiji said, "It's up to you to bring Tsunade over."

"Understood." Tong replied in a deep voice. In his white eyes, a deep darkness gathered into his pupils. They seemed to be still, but in fact they were slowly rotating like the dark sun.


"The mission begins!"

As soon as Hitomi stepped on his footsteps, he disappeared in a flash of lightning, and an empty sonic boom echoed in the cave.

Zhili sat down quietly cross-legged, closed his eyes and rested his mind.

Meiji raised her hand, the space tore apart, and a twisted and rotating red-black cave opened in the air.

This is Otsutsuki Ishiki's space transfer ability.

Mei Ji took action and stepped in. The figure disappeared as if submerged in the water. Then, the black cavity closed.

In the blink of an eye, it was transferred to another place far away.

Moist Bone Forest.

The ever-lasting acid mist floats in the air. I haven't been to this place for more than ten years, and it's still the same as in my memory.

In the pool, the giant creature raised its figure out of the water and looked at Mei Ji in the air.

Without any nonsense, he opened his mouth and spit out the overwhelming acid of the immortal magic.

Strike first to gain the upper hand!


He just stretched out his hand, and the acid liquid all over the sky solidified in mid-air, motionless.

"Slug Immortal, long time no see." Mei Ji greeted.

"Long time no see, Mei Ji." Immortal Slug said gently and gently as always.

But the eyes of the outstretched tentacles were filled with intense fear and fear.

"It seems you know why I'm here."


The Slug Immortal moved his huge body slowly.

It was to limit Tsunade's power.

Tsunade is half as capable and needs the full support of Slug Sage.

"Are you ready to die?" Mei Ji said.

"You can give it a try." Immortal Slug said gently, "Even if you want to kill me, it's not easy for you."

"Then, that's the end of the pleasantries."

Meiji stretched out a hand, a faint light flickering on her fingertips.

Immortal Slug tensed up his nerves and prepared for the attack.


There was a sudden burst of light.


Accompanied by a cold female voice.

Sweeping the world.

The acid mist broke, the water in the pool evaporated, and the screams of slugs could be heard.

Fighting breaks out.

After a long time, the black cavity opened again in the cave, and a slender foot stepped out on a wooden clog and landed on the fingertips of the heretic demon.

On the fingertips in the distance, Zhili opened his eyes and looked at Mei Ji.

She was still dressed in pure white, so pure that no dirt could be seen. In the small glass bottles in her hands, inside, a tiny slug was crying bitterly.

"Wow! Bully bug!"

"Bad guy! Devil!"

"Tsunade will never let you go!"

Zhili took one look at this special little slug and said, "It's so noisy. Please coax her."

With a flick of his thumb, the glass bottle in his hand flew away, spinning up and down again. The slug inside was spinning dizzy, and its cry suddenly stopped.

The body size has shrunk, so the brain has shrunk, and the IQ is not enough.

It's as childish as a baby, so it's not surprising.

It is a normal phenomenon.

By flicking the glass bottle, Mei Ji coaxed the little slug fairy.

Zhili's eyelids twitched as he watched this scene.

I didn't let you coax me like this.

Looking at the slug helplessly, Zhili turned his head.

The two of them waited quietly for Hitomi's return.

Not long after, Hitomi came back with Tsunade.

Along the way, the iron chains rubbed against the rugged ground, making a silent sound that constantly echoed in the dark cave.

The flow of chakra was blocked, and locks were drilled into the body that restricted the force exerted.

Enduring the pain, Tsunade staggered forward with difficulty.

Until he stopped in front of Mei Ji, raised his head, and stared at Mei Ji high up.

This level of darkness could not obscure the sight of the four people present. Their faces, eyes, and hair tips were all clearly visible.

In the corner, the corpses of eight jinchūriki turned into white bones were scattered quietly.

Meiji stopped moving and the glass bottle fell into her hand.

After a while, the cry of slugs sounded.


"Tsunade-sama! Come and save me!"

"I am really scared!"

The pupils of the eyes were fiercely red, and the kaleidoscope was struggling to flow in the eyes, but it could not stabilize its form.


Tsunade yelled.

"Let her go!"

Jiri let out a light sigh, looked into Tsunade's eyes, and then turned to look at Miki.

"Tsunade is getting impatient."

Zhili said quietly.

"I saw it."

Mei Ji said.

He looked at Tsunade intently.

In his hand, the slug continued to cry.

Hitomi looked at Mei Ji and hesitated to speak.

It's a bit bad for the three of us to bully Tsunade alone like this.

But the boss is Mei Ji.

No matter what she does, Mei Ji is right.

Just believe this.

Hitomi bit her lip and didn't look at Tsunade behind her.