MTL - Ninja World: Insect Princess From Konoha - C.852 precious giftSep 13, 2023

MTL - Ninja World: Insect Princess From Konoha

C.852 precious giftSep 13, 2023

Tsunade didn't know where the road ahead was, so she just walked numbly, and kept walking, towards the unknown front.

The iron ropes on his body were rattling, and the seal was still there. He was covered in rags and wrapped in a simple rag cloak, wandering like an exile.

Tsunade was thinking wildly and thinking.

The Sage of Six Paths had many things he wanted to say to Tsunade, but he couldn't seem to say a word.

After thinking for a long time, he finally spoke.


Tsunade ignored his interest, turning a deaf ear and ignoring Six Paths.

This is a bad guy. The chaos and all kinds of tragedies in the ninja world were all caused by him.

No, the only thing worthy of gratitude is that, driven by the hatred of his lover's death, he liberated mankind from Kaguya's reign of terror at the expense of the broken earth and countless casualties.

"I know you are wary of me and suspicious of me."

"This is good."

Said the Immortal of Six Paths.

"I don't have anything to say."

"There's nothing I can do."

"At this point, the next path is entirely up to you to decide."

"And it's time for me to say goodbye to you, human being."

"You know, I am an alien named Otsutsuki Clan."

"But my love for human beings may not be that simple. I only love a few people and overthrow my own mother."

"I returned humanity's homeland to humanity. This is my decision."

"What will happen to my descendant, Tsunade Otsutsuki, your fate is up to you."

"And I will leave you a final gift, which can be regarded as the blessing of the elders."

"Farewell, then."

Disappeared, the existence of the will of the Sage of Six Paths, leaving only a ball of pure chakra.

It contains memories, insights, history and knowledge.

Not just the simple power of six paths given before.

This is real death.

Now, I am really alone.

Stopping, Tsunade looked up at the sky.

Without touching the so-called gift, Tsunade raised her feet and continued to move forward, wandering on the land, passing through towns and cities, sometimes stopping to gaze at the laughter and laughter in the distance, a scene of tranquility and harmony.

Tsunade just watched, silently staring, as the sun rose and the moon set, on a lonely pilgrimage, looking at the world in the distance.

Walking and watching.

"The ninja world is so big..."

Gazing longingly at the rising sun at the end of the mountains, or watching the rolling waves at the beach, sometimes I sigh.

Tsunade didn't want to fight anymore, she didn't want to fight Miki anymore.

Everyone lives well.

That's just the way it is.

Meiji created a gentle world.

A gentle world for most people.

Why is there any need to fight again and break this peace?

"Got you."

Tsunade turned back and looked at the familiar young man.

It seems to be called Yahiko.

Former leader of the Akatsuki organization in Rain Country.

A disciple taught by Mei Ji.

Dressed in a black robe and red clouds, with a bamboo hat on his head, the waves were blowing, and under the slightly bright sky, the dawn light pierced the clouds and cast one after another on the rolling waves.

"I have something I want to show you." Yahiko said, stepping forward and carefully taking out a book from his arms.

Tsunade stood up, took it and opened it.

It is a handwritten book, the handwriting is so familiar that it is no longer familiar.

"Ideological guidelines?"

Reading softly the text on the book, which was filled with Yahiko's personal annotations, Tsunade looked at Yahiko.

"I have been learning this all my life." Yahiko said: "I have no doubt about it. My teacher is the greatest and most selfless person in the ninja world. She is perfect like a saint."

"But she deceived me, betrayed me, and betrayed everyone."

"Creating a false world that goes against it, cloaked in a gentle disguise."

"She turned everyone into her livestock, her slaves, addicted to the pleasure of the pacifier."

"This is the enemy I have to defeat in my life."

“Imperial Hegemonism.”

"Presumably, you also discovered this and tried to control her." Yahiko looked at Tsunade with burning eyes.

Tsunade nodded slightly.

Is that so? It seems to be the case.

I just felt that Mei Ji was a little too much, and I wanted her to restrain herself, but she was taken care of by Mei Ji.

"When the fragile balance between light and darkness was broken, she became the absolute dictator of the world, and no one could stop her from making any decisions in the future."

"There are good and bad decisions, and not every one of them will be successful."

"And the worst-case scenario may exceed the limits of our imagination and cognition, do you understand?"

Tsunade nodded, her brain started spinning.

"The teacher once said an interesting thing, today you dare to eat grass, tomorrow you dare to eat cows, you dare to eat people the day after tomorrow, and in the end, you dare to eat anything. There is no bottom line for people, it is broken step by step, so checks and balances are needed , needs to be managed, needs to be controlled.”

"The teacher himself cannot be outside the system."

"In the past, you were the anchor to limit the teacher's behavior."

"But now, the teacher has lifted all restrictions, like a wild horse running wild."

"No one can know her thoughts, no one can judge her next step, and no one can stop her."

"Even teachers can't always be right."

"very dangerous."

"For all of us."

"Teachers are the biggest danger."

"It is undeniable that the teacher is very gentle, but sometimes, gentleness can also be a sharp knife that kills people."

"When the knife falls, if you cry anymore, it will be too late to do anything."

"Nip danger in the bud, prevent, discover and treat. This is what the teacher taught me."

"So, my conclusion is that in this ninja world, humans do not need a superior god."

"Human beings must take charge of their own destiny!"

"Humanity must not become a member of the swarm!"

Tsunade looked into the young man's eyes.

"Your Highness..."


Yahiko said.

"Comrade Tsunade, our people need your strength. On behalf of the Akatsuki organization, I now invite you to officially join us."

The sun rises at the end of the sea and sky, and the golden sunshine shines on the heaven and earth.

"I can..." Tsunade looked down at the book in her hand, rubbing the familiar handwriting, and said, "Read more about this book."

"Of course." Yahiko took out the scroll, unlocked the seal, and one book after another fell out with a clatter. A smile as bright as the sun appeared on his face, and he said: "I have many more here, all of them are teachers. A precious gift to me.”

There is also memory, insight, history and knowledge here.

In other words, a kind of truth.

Tsunade opened the book and read it carefully.

An intuition told Tsunade.

The answer you want is inside.

So close.

Tsunade watched silently, her eyes getting brighter and brighter, as if bright stars were shining in her eyes.

Guiding the confusing road ahead.