MTL - Ninja World: Insect Princess From Konoha - C.856 eternal goddessSep 13, 2023

MTL - Ninja World: Insect Princess From Konoha

C.856 eternal goddessSep 13, 2023

Chapter 856 The Eternal Goddess

What happened recently has become known to everyone through various news channels.

Chongji fell.

Imprisoned by the Fourth Generation.

As if it had wings, it quickly spread to the entire ninja world.

But on the surface, Konoha remains the same, peaceful, but the children who don't understand yet think so.

Some people are happy that they have been beaten by Chong Ji to some extent, and they always feel like they are spitting out a bad breath from the bottom of their hearts.

Some people were impatient and took action on their own.

One part expressed loyalty to the Yondaime, one part remained silent, and the other part decided to take action.

The former Rain Country is now the Rain Province of Konoha, the City of Rain.

As the nominal leader of the local ninja force, Yahiko has not participated in the management of the Rain Province, and the Akatsuki organization is close to disbanding.

As a serving Jonin of Konoha, Yahiko is engaged in an ordinary job and leads a peaceful daily life.

Yes, he is married.

The target is, Xiaonan.

Holding a little girl of about three or four years old in her hand, with a paper flower on her hair, Xiao Nan was speechless as she looked at her husband who was packing up to salute and getting ready to go.

If you want to stop it, you can't say anything.

She is such a woman. When her beloved makes a decision, she will become a bridge and firmly support her lover's actions.

As if aware of Xiaonan's thoughts, Yahiko said in a deep voice while packing his bags.

"The teacher cannot fall."

"Absolutely not."

"Today's happy life is all based on the cooperation between teachers and the fourth generation."

"And the Yondaime lost control."

"Overthrown the teacher, gathered all the power, and formed a de facto dictatorship."

"This is a dangerous sign."

Turning his head, Yahiko looked at Xiaonan and said seriously: "Do you understand?"

"Yeah." Xiaonan nodded.

"This world needs teachers." Yahiko saluted and said, "I'm leaving. You stay at home. If I don't come back, take your children and leave to rebuild the Akatsuki organization."

"Is there any chance of winning?" Xiaonan asked.

"This is not a matter of odds of winning or losing," Yahiko said. "The key is to do it. Take action. If you do nothing, there will be no hope."

"The teacher said that man can conquer nature."

Yahiko bowed and left, alone. His daughter behind him cried loudly and did not look back.

Konan stared at Yahiko's back, speechless and choked.

"Something happened in Konoha."

"This might be an opportunity."

The mice hiding in the dark sizzled, and in the darkness, eyes full of ambition looked at each other.

The living space has been compressed to the point where there is almost no space. Living a life of hiding here and there all day long is both tiring and boring, and there is no progress in the career.

"She has today too." Danzo couldn't help but sneer when he said coldly.

That guy Tsunade is indeed a disciple of Hiruzen, he is ruthless and a piece of shit.

"Do you think we can bring Insect Princess over to overthrow Konoha?" Uchiha Mask said whimsically: "Anyway, Konoha also abandoned her."

It seems that it is quite like that, the bird is gone, the rabbit is hidden, and the dog is cooked.

Out of fear, Tsunade dealt with Chongji because of her great skills.

"Things shouldn't be that simple." Hei Jue can't believe that the insect girl will fall now. Mainly because he can't believe that Tsunade has this ability. He has witnessed how terrifying the insect girl is. He has seen it with his own eyes and read it over and over. There is no second one in the entire ninja world, but this is indeed the case, it is quite Muggle.

Now Hei Jue is very urgent, urgent, urgent.

The situation in the ninja world that was finally created is gone. It is simply a fantasy to save my mother from now on.

But now, there is internal strife in Konoha, and things seem to have a glimmer of hope.

Otherwise, the strong fortress will collapse from within.

It's exciting.

"In short, let's wait and see and wait for the development of the situation." Danzo said: "I can guarantee that Chongji will never be able to swallow this bad breath, and sooner or later she will have a fight with Tsunade."

Danzo also knew Miki quite well. After all, it was his personal experience. He had suffered a lot, and it could be said that he suffered greatly and hated her deeply.

If Mei Ji has a grudge, she will avenge it on the spot.

In the corner, the gorgeous woman who had never spoken said: "Interesting, life has finally become less boring." Under the high-cut slim skirt, a large section of the snow-white slender thighs was exposed, and the pointed bright purple thighs on the feet were exposed. The leather shoes were slightly shiny, and the long fishnet ribbon garters slightly tightened the skin.

"Orochimaru, what do you think?" Uchiha Mask asked.

"I'm not Orochimaru." The woman said, "Call me Snake Princess." Under the enchanting purple eyeshadow, the golden vertical pupils looked at the kaleidoscope dangerously and seductively.

When she folds her arms across her chest, her chest bulges high, the deep scar under the collar is white, and the pure gold snake-shaped earrings sway gracefully beside her bangs.

However, the few freaks present were not in the mood to appreciate this beauty.

"As for opinions," Orochimaru said, "Uchiha should be in a hurry now. We can start with Uchiha and seek certain cooperation."

"Uchiha Jiri?" Uchiha Mask murmured, "You are right."

"It's not just Uchiha." Danzo sneered: "Others may also have some ideas."

Snake Princess looked at Danzo and said: "Don't forget Uchiha Madara's precedent. Whether it's Kumogakure, Kirigakure, etc., the higher-ups may have some ideas, but the people below won't think like that. It's useless to have ideas. , Konoha has given us too much, and they are so poor that they cannot come up with equal terms. Times have changed, old guy."

"No, that woman will definitely take action." Hei Jue said, "She is just a lunatic."

"Who?" She Ji asked.

"Terumi Homura." Black Zetsu said, "She will do anything for Madara."

"One move affects the whole body." Uchiha Mask said: "Konoha has a group of explosive barrels."

"Then let's wait and see the good show first." She Ji said, "We can no longer afford to lose."

The sky, the moon, the Otsutsuki clan.

Through the observation and scanning of the giant reincarnation eye, everyone looked at Mei Ji in the movie with confused expressions on their faces.


Has the Hokage been replaced?

No notice either.

The one named Tsunade was doing well before.

What happened?

"Open the earth-moon passage and send people to investigate!"

The head of the family keenly seized the fleeting opportunity.

"We need to know what happened."

The clouds from all sides moved and gathered, and the prying eyes, with their own purposes, were focused on the center of the vortex, the capital of Konoha.

Huge trees twist and grow straight into the sky.

At the top, a giant flower bud sprouted silently, shaking slightly in the wind.

At the bottom of the tree, there is a remote and clean shrine.

The witch knelt down in front of the four ferocious statues, praying in a low voice.

With a click and a slight crack, the witch raised her head and looked at the crack on the head of the statue.

A sad smile appeared on his face.

It has been many years since their mother and daughter settled in Konoha.

Everyone is very busy and has no time to listen to their nonsense.

And it’s nonsense that curses people to death as soon as it opens its mouth.

"here we go"

His body couldn't help but tremble.

Because of great fear and palpitations.

"The battle of destruction."

In front of you, through the fog, you reach the future.

The earth was shattered.

The goddess with horns and the goddess wearing a mask fought fiercely in the sky, the earth boiled and roared, and all creatures were devastated.

His eyes were focused on the statue in front of him.

This statue is carved in the image of the goddess.

Corresponding to four people.

On the left and right are Hinata Hitomi and Uchiha Jiri.

The top one in the middle is the insect head, named Aburame Insect Princess.

The next one is a horned goddess named Tsunade Otsutsuki.

"The world-destroying divine war."