MTL - Ninja World: Insect Princess From Konoha

C.857 Fafafa (2-in-1)Sep 13, 2023

Chapter 857 Fafafa (two in one)

The research on the Ten-Tails has long been in progress. Through the comparison of the two Ten-Tails, large and small, synchronization experiments have begun.

The first is to transfer chakra to natural energy. This step is a mature technique in Meiji's hands and is the least difficult step.

As for the process of producing chakra fruits through the gathering of chakra, what is the secret and mysterious transformation process? For Meiji, it is still a black box and requires constant trial and error step by step.

This is a long process.

But whether it is one thousand years, two thousand years, or three thousand years, Meiji has the patience to wait.

The most important thing is to reduce the damage to the natural environment.

Standing at the top of the city, above the sea of ​​mist and rolling clouds, Mei Ji looked at the buds of tunnel worms in front of her.

It just needs to bloom and then bear fruit. Everything is the instinct of life. It seems very simple, right?

Meiji created a sacred tree of her own. The third false Ten-Tails on the planet was still in its most rudimentary stage. It was not perfect in all aspects and needed constant adjustments and modifications.

But if it is just a simple imitation, Mei Ji is not satisfied. What she wants to do is to transcend.

And the results don’t stop there.

After obtaining the complete Ten-Tails, Meiji obtained an important key through the genetic map.

Thousands of things are gathered together, and blood follows the snare.

Key gene expression for synthetic transformation of all chakra properties.

A little black light emerged from the fingertips, as deep as a black hole that sucked everything in.

This is a super mini jade for seeking the truth.

It can also be called the power of six paths.

What is more regrettable is that the current body is not strong enough to support this energy.

The black light on the fingertips dissipated. Starting from the fingertips, the cells collapsed and shattered, turning into little bits of fly ash. It spread to the elbow, where the collapse stopped.

Power that cannot be controlled seems to be of no use.

However, it is enough to become an opportunity for the entire insect swarm to start a large-scale evolutionary iteration.

Large tube wood insect swarm.

No, Miki doesn’t want to be named Otsutsuki. I have worked hard step by step to get to where I am today, and I don’t care about Otsutsuki’s shit.

It can be said to be a key key to the evolution from the insect swarm on the planet to the interstellar insect swarm.

A single insect swarm unit hopes to obtain a powerful body comparable to the Otsutsuki clan and sail through the universe.

Speaking of which, Mei Ji never gave her insect swarm an official name.

Always called it the Swarm.

Walking in the stars, you must have a name.

In the past, I felt that it was not enough of a swarm, but now it is barely qualified to be named.

For example, the Inca Swarm, Araki Zerg, Shagai Zerg, Zerus Zerg, etc.

Mei Ji's insect swarm is unique and beautiful, completely different from these cruel and ferocious insect swarms, so it is necessary to have a beautiful name.

The Aburame Zerg?

It sounds too clumsy and has no sense of existence at all.

With the peristalsis and super-speed regeneration of the muscles, a brand new arm grew out. She moved her fingers slightly, and Mei Ji looked at the rising sun in the distance.

In the ninja world, there is only one sun and one star in the sky.

This is called a lone star system.

In multi-star systems, double-star, three-star, and even four-star systems are not uncommon.

Lei Zhu Baroba Zerg (the name of the protagonist in the new book, not Zerg.)

To put it more directly, it is the four-star Zerg clan.

Four suns like four walnuts.

It can also be called the Sun Zerg and the Star Zerg, with Baroba as the four and Lei Zhu as the star.

Now that we have a name, we must also have a clan emblem.

Meiji stretched out her hand, chakra overflowed from her fingertips, light blue stardust flew around her fingertips, leaving traces in the air.

Two simple circles, one large and one small.

A symbol similar to the number 8.

It also looks like a beetle with its legs tucked away.

It's not much different from the Aburame clan's emblem.

This is the plane trajectory of the sun in a stable four-star system.


“Quite auspicious”

The clear and charming laughter flew lonely in the wind.

The so-called secret plan naturally means that the fewer people know about it, the better.

Jiraiya and Nagato began to execute the plan in an orderly manner, constantly discussing feasible plans.

But before that, Jiraiya had to recover from his injuries and leave the hospital.

And Minato has already started preparations and actions.

Konoha Prison is not an extremely dangerous place. The defense force is limited. What is dangerous is how to escape from Konoha. The thought of being chased by ninjas from all over the city and even the world makes your scalp uncontrollably numb.

Even the best outcome would be to take the teacher on the run.

There is no need to worry about the safety of his wife and children, the Yondaime will not do anything to Kushina.


Minato wasn't sure either.

If the Yondaime dares to attack the teacher, he may not let Kushina go, and the suffering will definitely be inevitable.

I really want to seek help from teachers Jiri and Hitomi, but considering that their current situation may not be good, they must be under strict supervision to avoid being exposed, so I have to give up.

And relying on his own Flying Thunder God to prevent the leakage of information to the greatest extent, Minato is at least 90% sure that he can complete a series of operations such as surprise attack, rescue, and retreat before everyone has time to react.

Therefore, it is best not to know anyone and just do it alone.

As the days passed, as a person around her, Kushina was the first to discover something unusual about Minato.

"What have you been busy with lately?"

Without blinking, while feeding him, Minato said, "What's wrong with working overtime?"

"Really?" Kushina asked.

"Really." Minato said, "Ah, open your mouth."

"Then you are busy, so you don't have to take care of me on time every day." Kushina said.

"It's okay." Minato said.

With the Flying Thunder God in hand, no matter how busy he is, as long as he takes time off on time, Minato will be here in a blink of an eye. He is a master of time management and can't delay anything.

Kushina was well aware of her husband's elusiveness. Not only could he not find his personal money, but sometimes no one could find him. She said, "The doctor said my bandage will be removed today."

"Very good" Minato responded absentmindedly, his mind racing.

"I won't eat! I'm full!" Kushina suddenly lost her temper.

Minato looked at Kushina confused.

what happened again?

"You don't love me anymore!"

Minato was even more confused, how could I, how did she come to this conclusion?

"Minato, I'm scared." Kushina burst into tears and said, "Even the teacher and Bughime have fallen out. The relationship that has lasted for decades no longer exists. I'm afraid that one day you will leave me."

Putting down the bowl a little stunned, Minato looked at Kushina.

Is this a woman’s intuition?

It's really awesome.

Minato didn't know what to say.

"Why didn't you speak!?" Kushina said anxiously: "Are you guilty!?" Then she begged again: "Don't leave me, okay!?"

"Mrs. Namikaze." At this time, the doctors came to the ward, interrupted the conversation, and said, "It's time to remove the bandages."

"Okay, doctor." Minato quickly stood up and stepped aside, walking to the window.

Kushina couldn't help but let the attack continue, and quietly allowed the doctor to remove the bandage.

Minato looked out the window, and two acquaintances came into view. They were Nagato and Jiraiya. Nagato had only met them a few times because he had to deal with the police for work. He was a very capable man. He is a hot prospect in the security force system and is also the face of the contemporary young people of the Uzumaki clan, representing the entire Uzumaki clan to a certain extent.

However, the real leader of the Uzumaki clan is Mito-sama.

Jiraiya, on the other hand, had met him in private, had no business acquaintance with him, and knew that he was a friend of the teacher and had a good reputation, a well-known old pervert.

Minato narrowed his eyes slightly and locked his gaze on Jiraiya.

If this guy was injured, he was definitely beaten by a woman.

There are no more than four people in Konoha who can be beaten seriously enough to be hospitalized.

Was it the Yondaime's hand? There are rumors that the Yondaime was often seen beating Jiraiya out of the Hokage's office. What was the reason this time?

Behind him, the doctor gave a few instructions and then exited the ward.

And Kushina shouted: "Minato!"

Minato turned around and looked into Kushina's eyes.

Minato's figure was reflected in his lilac Rinne eyes.

"It looks like everything is fine." Minato smiled like a sunshine.

"Yes." Kushina nodded and said, "You are not allowed to go anywhere today, and you are not allowed to work overtime!"

"Okay." Minato nodded simply, stood up and sat next to Kushina, held Kushina's hand, and said gently: "I won't go anywhere, I promise."

"Promise me not to do anything to make the teacher angry or do anything stupid to make me worry." Kushina said looking at Minato.

"I promise you." Minato's smile remained the same as before.

Kushina felt relieved and held Minato's hand tightly.

"By the way, where is Naruto?" Kushina asked. She had been thinking wildly these days and seemed to have just remembered that she had a son.

Minato's mouth twitched.

Sorry, I forgot.

"It's okay, Naruto has grown up and can take care of himself."

In a small single-family villa, Naruto drank milk that was about to expire and cold bread, looking at the empty home with a sad face.

At first, mom and dad are not here, so you can rest assured when the excitement of playing is over.

There is emptiness now, a special emptiness.

I felt panicked.

Can't get excited.

There are anti-addiction programs for minors online, and the time you can play each week is limited, so you can only watch TV.

Just in time, it's time for the children's program.

Yi Gulu got up and watched the tokusatsu cartoon playing.

These special effects are basically real shots, very exciting and immersive.

When the broadcast reached its climax, I couldn't help but scream.

"Come on! Ninja Superman! Save Princess Xue Ji!"

There is a saying, it is good to watch, but it is laborious, shouting until the throat smokes, night falls, dry bread dipped in milk, another meal, Naruto watches the documentary Animal World.

But Naruto has always had a question.

How on earth were these things taken?

It's like an ant nest. It's so small. How did you get in?

No one can get in.

I stayed up late watching TV and drifted off to sleep. Unknowingly, the night got deeper.

On the projection screen, the final list of performers was played.

A list of names such as the photographer Aburame Mushihime dominates the screen amid soothing music.

It can’t be said to be purely filming, it can only be said to be editing and sorting out what Mei Ji witnessed before broadcasting it for people to see.

Insect Princess is everywhere and penetrates into every aspect of life.

Jiraiya understood this kind of thing deeply, and the success rate of the plan was less than one in ten thousand.

No, not one in a million.

The odds are higher than this when buying lottery tickets.

But if you don’t try, there is no hope.

In the izakaya late at night, Jiraiya and Nagato raised glasses.

"I wish our plan will be successful~" Jiraiya sighed with an optimistic and generous smile on his face.

Sometimes, Nagato had to admire his teacher's nerve and drink.

"Wish you a good start."

This wine is a bit bitter.

Nagato had a bitter look on his face.

too painful.

It's definitely going to be smooth sailing for both of us.

How dare I.

Deep down, Nagato didn't have much hope.


It hurts so much!

I'm giving it all!

Nagato sighed again and said: "I have been successfully transferred. I will enter the new unit tomorrow. It will be regarded as a replacement. The level is not small. I will inform you after I find out the internal situation. Set an accurate time first. It will be during the day. night."

"There's not much difference between day and night," Jiraiya said.

Logically speaking, bad things should be done at night.

But there really is no special advantage at night.

"I see."

The master and the apprentice chatted about some household matters.

And on the streets late at night, a figure was wandering around, quietly leaving hidden marks everywhere.

Sword of Tolerance

He looks very much like a blond delinquent young man who paints graffiti on the street.

Minato, who finally got away from Kushina, wiped the sweat from his forehead.

My legs are a little weak.

A drunk man seemed to see a sneaky figure in the alley.

Suddenly, the ghostly shadow seemed to fly away.

I couldn't help but rub my eyes.

When I looked closer, there was nothing in the alley.

It seems to be just an illusion.

Hiding in the blind spot of the surveillance camera, Minato breathed slowly.

The workload of the project is a bit large, and the amount of chakra consumed is quite high, so the body is really unable to withstand it.

Unknowingly, the sky was getting brighter, and Master Bo, who had been busy all night, was finally able to take a breather and enjoy a steaming breakfast on the street, and brought one for his beloved wife.

The sun rose. In a hotel building, Yahiko stood in front of the floor-to-ceiling window, holding a telescope. Yahiko, who had not closed his eyes all night, looked at the suburbs at the end of his field of vision.

Surrounded by the continuous forest sea, the lonely Konoha Prison is eerie and conspicuous.

"Things are a bit difficult to handle."

But no matter how difficult it is, we have to do it.

Night was not suitable for exploring Konoha, so during the day, Yahiko went out and mingled with the crowds on the street to investigate. He bought a funny toy mask and covered his face.

Although it doesn't have much effect, it is at least a psychological comfort.

The action moved forward slowly.

In a corner of the Uchiha clan's land, Uchiha Madara looked up at the towering giant trees in the distance, his eyes flickering.

good news.

I healed myself.

Great body.

The memory is restored.

bad news.

Our company is dead.

Too embarrassed to see anyone.

Bad memories are flooding my mind.

"Two pillars!"

Without looking back, Madara knew who was calling him.

On the wall, Hashirama climbed over the wall, fearing to be discovered by the Uchiha people, so he secretly shouted in a low voice.

"Come on, Brother Zhu will take you out to play today!"

Madara wanted to curse.

But I’m afraid I won’t win.

This body was so old that it was almost dead, and the reincarnation eye had been robbed. Jinchuma was in his prime, physically strong, and his chakra was at its peak level.

Turning his head, Madara showed a familiar smirk on his face.

"Brother! You're here! I want to eat octopus balls!"

As happy as a child.

"Buy, buy, buy! Keep your voice down and don't call your brother here!" Hashirama said with a guilty conscience: "Your brother won't let us play together."

Come quickly! Izuna! Drive this fool away!

Madara screamed louder.

"I know! Brother! Let's go play!"

Madara was forcibly taken away by Hashirama again.

The calm daily life passes quietly amidst the secret turbulence.

"Nagato, let's begin."

After Jiraiya sent out the message solemnly, he stood openly in front of the store in front of him, with a look of determination to die.

This is a time-honored hot spring bathhouse.

Ever since he was a child, Jilai has been visiting frequently.

This time, Jiraiya made the boldest decision in his life.

He wanted to enter the women's bathhouse openly.

He wants to see it openly.


Women's screams kept coming and going.

"There's something perverted!!"

"Call the police!!"

A string of nosebleeds hung on Jiraiya's mouth. He stood motionless and let the stormy bathtub hit him, his eyes widening.

No regrets in this life.