MTL - Ninja World: Insect Princess From Konoha - C.862 ImmortalSep 13, 2023


Under the ultra-high-speed regeneration, the wound healed quickly. For Tsunade, this level of injury was not even a broken skin.

However, it is not very harmful and extremely insulting.


It's obviously the same technology, but the difference is such that it's impossible to fight back.

Tsunade's eyes shrank, Miki's figure flashed in front of her eyes, and she punched hard in mid-air.

Blocking Tsunade's heavy punch with one hand, the force penetrates the muscles and reaches the deep bones. It is absorbed and decomposed by the vibration of the muscles. It is so fine that it is absorbed by the cells. It is transmitted and dispersed layer by layer. The backhand is five-fingered. , grabbed Tsunade's wrist tightly, and when he got close, his other elbow pressed against Tsunade's heart like lightning.

Like a heavy hammer.

No, the heavy hammer is just a toy to Tsunade.

Ticking is enough.

The strength went straight to the heart, and the rapidly beating heart burst instantly under the heavy pressure. With the chest sunken, Tsunade spat out a mouthful of blood. All the strength in her body was withdrawn and faded in an instant, and a large number of aortas exploded inch by inch in her body.


Rolling her eyes, Tsunade lost consciousness.

tonic resting state

Rolling up a snake and turning it over can make it motionless. This is called snake stabilization.

Likewise, turning a shark over can trigger a cataleptic state, rendering it incapacitated and comatose.

This suppresses 80% of the blood circulation throughout the body, resulting in insufficient blood supply to the brain, which is almost like seeing stars after squatting for a long time.

Super-speed self-healing is still going on, but it takes time to repair the injury. Even a short second can be fatal.

"You are already dead..."

A violent and orderly dance attack suddenly broke out.

Hands, feet, fists, and legs turned into the most deadly weapons at this moment, and physical skills that had been tempered to the point of being flawless were displayed.

The sound of violent beatings resounded, and the fists and feet turned into afterimages, covering Tsunade's whole body. The extreme speed brought the ultimate explosive power. The flesh exploded under the bombardment, and blood sprayed.

Secret Techniques of Insects. Dance of Cicada. Food

The rapidly dancing fists and feet broke through the air, and the ground roared and the sharp vibration sound waves overflowed, just like the chirping of cicadas in summer.

The cicadas are chirping and people are ruined.

Under such crazy and precise blows, Tsunade's body was forced to freeze in mid-air under the shock, and she retreated all the way. On top of it, Meiji in front of her was moving forward like a shadow due to the cicada hugging the tree, and the blood vessels and muscles in her body were regenerating at super high speeds. It healed itself, then shattered under the bombardment in the blink of an eye. The entire body was twisted, vibrated and deformed under the blow.

Already hundreds of hits?

In other words, tens of thousands of hits?

It is completely innumerable with human eyesight.

Blood splashed all over Mei Ji's body and dripped down her clothes and mask, like an evil ghost.

From a bystander's perspective, one can only see that this was an overwhelming ravage.

Tsunade was like a torn rag doll in a child's hands, covered in wounds.

Until the last blow, one foot raised high like a battle ax fell down and hit Tsunade's deformed head. The plasma and brain matter burst into pieces. Under the heavy blow, the person fell like a cannonball and fell heavily to the ground. , along with the muffled sound and the shaking of the earth, the woods collapsed in radial rings as the earth waves surged.

Suspended in the air, blood dripped from his fists.

Miki slowly descended, an inch off the ground, and looked at Tsunade in front of her.

A pool of flesh and blood hanging on the ground twisted and squirmed and healed quickly, barely gathering into a human shape.

After giving priority to repairing part of her brain, Tsunade's consciousness returned and received signals from the outside world.

"Learning is a continuous training process."

“Even if the computing power is the same, different algorithms will cause huge differences in performance.”

"What do you think my swarm network has been doing for so many years?"

"Input and output of data, processing operations, huge data processing tasks, in people's daily lives, every interaction with the swarm network is training and optimizing my computing power."

"You still have a lot to learn, and it's far from enough for class, Tsunade."

Mei Ji fell down, stepped on the ground, and stepped forward slowly, while suddenly accelerating, her figure briefly disappeared from the field of vision, and then appeared in front of Tsunade, aiming at Tsunade's head, and kicked off.

Simple and crude football kicking.

But it's very powerful.

The nerves were repaired and connected, and she reluctantly raised her hand. Tsunade blocked the blow and hit the side of her face hard with the back of her hand.

take off.

It moved sideways off the ground, smashing through the trees, like a heavy cannon, quickly breaking through the forest and flying towards the city.

Sure enough, this level does not pose a threat to Mei Ji.


Baihao Immortal Mode, open.

As the Seal of Hundreds unfolded, dark red mantras and immortal patterns penetrated Tsunade's body. Within her body, small chakra lines connected with the nerve network and penetrated acupuncture points to form new body organs.

The virtual chakra brain is activated as the deputy brain, connected to the biological brain in parallel, taking over authority, and processing and running.

The performance upgrade of ultra-high-speed regeneration has greatly increased the speed. Almost in the blink of an eye, the flesh and blood of damaged limbs can be regenerated.

Mei Ji paused slightly.

It’s not like there’s no progress at all.

The chakra transmission network replaces the nerves throughout the body, and at the same time, it is faster and avoids the defect of nerve signal interruption.

Metaphorically speaking, it is the difference between optical fiber and copper wire.

Needless to say, it's faster.

Although the chakra transmission signal will also break, it is too easy to repair and connect.

This is the prototype of the body of the Otsutsuki clan.

A half-biological, half-energy life form.

It is the ultimate medical ninjutsu that only the most advanced medical ninja who is proficient in the human body structure, has rich surgical experience, and has extreme chakra precision control skills can be qualified to perform it.

With the computing power of a single brain of an ordinary person, it is enough to calculate and maintain the specialization of a small piece of skin.

Insect fairy mode, on.

Chakra wiring is densely distributed throughout the body, replacing the transmission of nerves, the speed increases rapidly, and the momentum changes, becoming even more depressing.

Tsunade rolled over and landed on the ground, then crouched on the street in the city.

Meiji slowly walked out of the forest and strolled into the city. She stood at the entrance of the stone street and looked at Tsunade from a distance.

For a moment, the two of them clapped their hands together.

"Fire Escape!"

"Fire Escape!"

The temperature of the air rises rapidly, it twists anxiously, and violent fire breaks out.

"Ultra-high-density phosphorus fire technique!"

"Ultra-high-density phosphorus fire technique!"

The poisonous white smoke swept across the air like clouds, accompanied by the ominous blue light of the fire. The flames flowed like water, like huge waves rising up and scattering in all directions. The huge waves stood hundreds of meters high along the way. Flapping and swallowing everything as it advances.

Buildings, flowerbeds, street lamps, and roads all opened their eyes in fear, and the people watching on the side melted and disappeared in the waves of fire.

The two waves of fire collided head-on, each rolling backwards, and the loud slap of the collision resounded throughout the city.


! "

Then a figure rushed out of the sea of ​​​​fire!

When it jumped high and violently, under the moon, the ferocious wolf-toothed club danced wildly and cracked down!

“Thunder gossip!

! "

The hand deformed, and the red barrier unfolded on the left forearm to form a disk. On the other hand, with a shrill scream, the rotating spear quickly took shape. There was a roar behind him, the flames pushed out, and the jet nozzle was deployed.

Mei Ji raised her shield in front of her.