MTL - Ninja World: Insect Princess From Konoha

C.866 Peak ushers in false supportSep 13, 2023

The blinded memory returned. Lan

Scenes from the past echoed in the heart, appearing in front of everyone's eyes, and they gradually understood everything.

The cries and wails of collapse sounded simultaneously throughout the city and even the entire ninja world.


Everyone discovered the cruel truth.

Can't accept the cruel reality.


His hands were shaking violently. Ye Cang opened his eyes wide and looked at his hands. Lan

Yes, I should hate everything.

He hates Konoha and hates her for destroying his home.

Why would I ignore something so important.

Because her feelings were being played and manipulated wantonly by others.

It is the worm, the worm in the body, that controls one's thoughts.

Can not accept! Can not accept!

Can not accept!


"Insect Girl!

! "Lan

I broke down and yelled, yelled, and cried, with tears streaming down my face.

What have I done these years? ?

The memory returned to his childhood, the scene in the ruins, among the sea of ​​helpless people, the horrible and abominable woman wearing a mask standing in front of him, forcefully forcing himself to eat the carefully prepared candy.

The children behind them had confused expressions and accepted the gift of fate without knowing anything.

I don’t know that any gift has already been marked with a price secretly.

From this moment on, I will not be myself.

I became Konoha's loyal lackey. Lan



! "

Laughing crazily, Ye Cang rushed to the street with weapons.

The moment the technique was broken, the entire ninja world was in chaos.

In a house, the couple looked at each other. After a while, the wife got up, picked up the short knife in the kitchen, and pointed it at her husband.

My husband was born in Konoha and is a retired ninja.

His wife was born in Cloud Hidden Village in the Land of Thunder and was a ninja during World War II. Lan

"You know, I was killed by the ninjas of Konoha. Compared to the ninjas of Konoha, the one I hate most is always Bughime. I'm sorry, my dear."

"I know." He stood up and drew his weapon.

It's one thing to do something secretly, but it's another thing to be known about it.

"We must ask Chong Ji for an explanation!"

some people shouted.

"She must pay the price for fooling us!"

Roaring and yelling filled the sky. Lan

Mei Ji can keep giving them things to satisfy their appetite, but she can't take anything away from them.

It's the same for everyone.

This is human nature.

Now, they really felt it. Unknowingly, Chong Ji took away the most important thing in their lives.

As a human being, independent thoughts.

When this was discovered.

People's anger was directed at Mei Ji. Lan

"Did you see it! Miki! Everyone's voice!" Tsunade looked at Miki and said, "The situation has reversed. Your arrogance is your downfall."

Miki scoffed and looked at Tsunade.

"How naive."

The insect swarm reacted, and the specially-made biological treatment insect swarm entered the battlefield to fight against the Tsunade-type filamentous virus. The entire microscopic world of the ninja world was reduced to a pot of porridge.

From the beginning, it was as if cancer cells were blooming and spreading from all directions within the insect colony, and now they are temporarily under control.

"Tsunade, not everyone is willing to listen to those great principles of love and hope."

"The reality is that everyone has their own position. When faced with different positions, people will just sneer." Lan

There was an eerie silence throughout Konoha.

"You killed my whole family, and you still expect me to understand you. That's ridiculous."

"If being reasonable is the way to go, then what's the use of having the police force to maintain law and order."

"So something special needs to be implemented."

"The brain is a very easy tool to play with. A simple pheromone can induce it, calm people's mood, suppress the flames of hatred, and guide the direction of emotions."

"Otherwise, how do you think Konoha relies on its rapid and stable fusion?"

The adaptation is not nonsense, the drama is not nonsense, in order to prevent the collapse of personality, disorder of memory and becoming a cripple. Meiji just made some subtle guidance and modifications based on the existing memory, and was result-oriented. Lan

"Let me tell you, without this convenient method, what normal fusion should be like."

Meiji's voice sounded indifferently.

Throughout the city, throughout the entire ninja world, it spread infinitely, reaching every place where there were people, echoing under the dark sky and in everyone's ears.

Everyone raised their heads and looked at the dark sky.

"People cannot understand each other, and there needs to be an absolute safety barrier between hearts."

"No one wants to be enslaved and controlled by others and trample on their dignity."

"Do you know what royal power is?" Lan

"Royal power is the powerful control of people and hearts. In order to resist its existence, the opposite will be born."

"Mountain people."

"The sky is high and the emperor is far away. In ancient times when information transmission was limited, I could escape the control of the king by just hiding in the mountains."

"The growth of royal power requires the dissemination of information, the expansion of territory, and the centralized living of people. On the contrary, in mountainous areas, information is closed, the terrain is fragmented, and people are scattered, making it impossible to form a high degree of concentration."

"The essence of society is people. To develop the royal power, it must advance into the mountainous areas and rob people. If they don't want to accept rule, the mountainous areas can only resist."

"This has been the case since time immemorial."

"You're familiar, right? This is the daimyo and the ninja clan from the Warring States Period." Lan

"In modern times, with the development, the ninja clan found that they lived a very poor life, far less wealthy and relaxed than the daimyo next to them. The barrenness of the mountains could not support their consumption, and every resource had to be snatched from the hands of the neighboring ninja clan."

"Therefore, the advantage is focused on negotiating with the daimyo to obtain resources."

"But soon, they fell into a new attrition trap, and the result of endless disputes among the five major villages was doomed."

"With the development, the five major villages will decide the final winner, and the winner will turn its guns on the daimyo and replace them."

"But here comes the problem. If you want to continue to develop, where will the gun be aimed next?"

"The answer is a mountainous area."

"It's impossible to let those territories go." Lan

"Tsunade, you took over this matter. At the beginning, those mountain people were stubborn and stupid. They stubbornly clung to the mountains and refused to accept any changes. They drove away the peace negotiators you sent, and they were deeply troubled."

"Why, then the attitude changed significantly and I became reasonable."

"Yes, I forcibly changed their stubborn mountain people's thinking, forcing them to leave their homes and mountains, and embark on the road of integrating into the life of Konoha."

"Then, let me tell you what plan you should take if you don't use this method."

"Leave it alone and let it fend for itself?"

"No, no, no, they will only covet Konoha's wealth, become a hidden danger to surrounding security, and loot and harass the surrounding Konoha people."

Miki looked at Tsunade and said in an indifferent voice. Lan

"The solution is simple."


"Genocidal massacre!"

"Blast with cannons! Burn with fire! Crush their stubbornness and stupidity with guns!"

"Destroy their home! Let them have nowhere to go! Either disappear into the mountains forever! Or walk out of the mountains and enter Konoha! Embrace the chariot of civilization!"

"Whether it is the five major countries or the five major villages, all the rebels will be killed, leaving behind obedient women and children. Generations of brainwashing and training of future generations will make them integrate into their own ethnic groups. Without three generations of education, they can become completely native Konoha people!"

"This is the history of a country and a civilization, a history of continuous killing and annexation of nutrients around it to grow. The writings recorded in each period of history are full of mountains of corpses and seas of blood." Lan

"Peaceful integration? No harm to anyone?"

"Without me, these four captured villagers have overthrown Konoha. Will they still listen to you?"

"I'm dreaming."

Tsunade took a step back and looked at Miki.

Meiji sneered.

"Okay, listen up, idiots."

"You are fighting for freedom and dignity and resisting my rule." Lan

"It's better to embrace your current life and obey my management."

"Choose, I will hand over your destiny to you!"

There was a long silence as people looked at each other and made decisions in their hearts.


! "

After a long silence, a loud roar tore through the sky.

Then the battle broke out, and people fought for their own choices, swords facing each other, and intertwined.

"I offer our eternal loyalty to Lady Chongji! Lords! Suppress the rebellion!" Lan

The blade of the sword flashed with cold light, and the whole ninja world was already boiling as it was raised high to the sky.

"You see, Tsunade, some people don't need your arrogant help."

Ninjas and armies were fighting together on the earth.

Covering the bleeding mask with one hand, Miki looked at Tsunade.

"Let's continue the fight between us."



! "Lan

Roaring, Tsunade rushed forward.

Outside the shrine, the shrine maiden stared blankly at the scene in front of her. Countless ninjas, fighting for their respective positions, launched a brutal and brutal fight in the city. The fireworks of ninjutsu and the cold light of the swords reflected each other.

Everyone seems to be going crazy.