MTL - Ninja World: Insect Princess From Konoha

C.874 What an arrogant UchihaSep 13, 2023

Under the endless dark void, there is a flat and barren land that extends infinitely into the distance.

On the ground, vermilion torii gates rose rapidly one after another, spreading continuously. On the vermilion pillars, there were complex incantations engraved, which shimmered slightly, like inlaid glass fragments. Butterflies glowed blue. The wings fluttered gently in the air.

In the sky, the kaleidoscope of colorful flowers spreads quietly, rotating and flowing like mechanical gears connected to each other. It is as breathtaking and dazzling as a mirror, and it is like countless pairs of cold eyes, overlooking the earth. .

Quan Nai stretched out her hand and touched the blue light butterfly flying in front of her eyes. Like a phantom, her fingers penetrated the butterfly's body.

His eyes told him that the butterfly was there.

But the physical touch told him that there was nothing there.

In the child's eyes, the kaleidoscope was spinning so fast that it was almost smoking, but there was no flaw in it.

This is...

"Illusion?" Quan Nai asked in a solemn voice.

"No!" Tobirama denied, "It's not an illusion!"

There is no abnormality in my own chakra being disturbed at all, it's more like...

"Flying Thunder God!" Tobirama said: "We were transferred away, and..."

Tobirama glanced around and said in a deep and unbelievable voice: "The marks of the Flying Thunder God are everywhere!"

Hashirama and Madara looked at each other solemnly, then looked at Jiri.

In the blink of an eye, he was caught off guard and pulled into this strange space, which showed that the enemy was far more terrifying than imagined.

The four of them looked at Zhili as if they were facing a formidable enemy.

Blue lightning jumped in Zhili's hand, forming a blade of lightning. Then the lightning danced and jumped like a silver snake, crackling on the ground. The whole person was lifted up by the lightning, and slowly floated up into the air. , moved to the center of the battlefield, fell slowly, tapped the ground with his toes, and floated off the ground, blue lightning flashed.

Slowly swinging the knife with his right hand and holding it flat at his side, Zhili looked at the four people without saying a word.

The invisible terrifying aura filled the entire space, and it was so heavy that it made people's hearts tremble.

"Madara, this junior of yours..." Hashirama swallowed a mouthful of saliva and said, "It's so scary."

"She is a madman." Madara said, "Be careful, Hashirama, her fighting style is quite crazy."

If the reincarnation eye was still there, Madara wouldn't be very afraid, but now he doesn't even have a pair of kaleidoscopes.

Now, Madara looked at Juri, just a little embarrassed.

"Are you ready?" Zhili reminded softly and politely.

The eyes of the four people shrank simultaneously, and they were all focused, and their attention was raised to the highest level.



Hashirama and Madara clapped their hands together, and the sage mode was activated instantly, flooding their whole bodies.

Izuna and Tobirama took a step slower, and the natural energy was guided into their bodies.

At this moment, Zhili raised his left hand in front of him, and his hand disappeared into a phantom.

The regular one-hand seal has become a combat habit in Zhili.

Immortal Technique.Thunder Escape


Starting with a full-screen ground-washing attack, bright white light suddenly erupted, centering on Zhili, and instantly swept all around.

With Hashirama's powerful escape technique, rows of wooden stakes quickly penetrated the ground and rose up, blocking the four people.

Under the scorching white light, the wood escape burst into flames.

At this time, Tobirama's water escape was activated, and the rotating water wall surrounded the four people. The white mist evaporated under the high temperature. In just an instant, the four people were dripping with sweat and kept wading down their cheeks.

The white light continued to erupt and stopped after ten seconds.

Behind the wall of burning charred black wood, rising white mist filled the air, and four figures jumped out.

A joint offensive was launched, and the huge roaring wooden dragon rushed straight into Zhili from mid-air. After that, a huge sea of ​​​​fire followed closely. The torii gates along the way were like non-existent phantoms, passing through the wooden dragon one by one. With the sea of ​​fire.

Zhili changed the seals with one hand, leaned forward slightly, and opened his mouth.

A little fire lit up on the mouth.

Immortal magic, fire escape, fire shooting and singing

The thin line of fire shot out, instantly penetrated the wooden dragon, formed a line in the air, and went straight to the pillar behind the sea of ​​fire.

In an instant, Hashirama's heart pounded, and he tilted his head violently. A line of fire penetrated the tail of the wooden dragon and burst out of the wood, blooming in front of his eyes. The sharp line of fire cut open his cheek. Under the burning sting, his ears scorched and fell off.

The line of fire disappeared, the wood dragon exploded violently, the cells in the tree wall carbonized, lost their activity, and fell in the air as stiff as a dead snake.

Zhili's left hand seal.

The space rippled like transparent water, and the gushing sea of ​​fire crashed into it and instantly disappeared under the ripples of the space without a trace.

Beside Jiri, Madara was running towards him, holding a knife in one hand and rushing out like lightning. He kept running around to get close to Jiri. Before anyone arrived, kunai were thrown out in succession, and they collided in the air with weird angles. He took the lead and rushed forward. Xiang Zhili.

Uchiha Shuriken Jutsu

Glancing at Madara and Kunai, Jiri's left hand seal changed.

Immortal Technique.Earth Escape.Super Heavy Rock Continent Pressure

Invisible gravity descended from the sky and enveloped the entire place.

In an instant, the kunai sat upright, and one of the kunai with the mark of the Flying Thunder God was inserted into the ground. At the same time, the four of them pressed down on the ground, and Hashirama, Tobirama, and Izuna in mid-air hit the ground heavily.

Under the heavy pressure, the four struggled to get up.

Zhili raised his sword, looked at the four people one by one, and said with an indifferent expression, "Farewell."

Slowly swinging the sword, the flashing sword blade disappeared in the space in front of him, as if submerged in water. At the same time, above the four people's heads, the space swayed like water waves, and the flashing sword blade poked out and slashed down on their heads.

The shadow of death looms.

Governing Liufei Lei Shen Swordsmanship. Multiple Time and Space Leap Slashes

Danger! Danger! Danger!

Looking at the falling sword blade, the four of them struggled against the weight of the mountain pressing on them.

At this time, Izumi suddenly raised his head, his eyes locked on Jiri, and blood flowed from the corners of his eyes.


! "

Black flames erupted and quickly swept through Zhili's body.

The heavy pressure was relieved, and in the flash of lightning, the four of them avoided the falling lightning sword to avoid having their heads split open.

While dodging, Izuna stared at Jiri who was wrapped in Amaterasu's eternal flames.

Regarding Fire Release, he was still very confident.

The next second, the sealing word suddenly appeared in the air, and then all the black fire poured into the sealing seal, revealing Zhili's unscathed figure.


But at this time, Madara, who didn't hesitate at all, had already expected this, rushed in front of Zhili, raised his sword and struck it with lightning.

Hashirama quickly ran to catch up, clapped his hands, and a series of wooden clones shot out from his body.

Zhili faced Madara directly and stretched out his left hand.

Madara's eyelids twitched.

Taking the sword with bare hands? !

There must be a limit to looking down on people! soy Mujer!

His face hardened, and he revealed a ferocious smile. He pressed down harder, and the sword flashed and struck Zhili's outstretched index finger.


The moment the blade came into contact with the skin, the entire ninja sword fell out of hand and disappeared instantly.


Madara, who was empty-handed, looked into Jiri's eyes and understood the frivolous mockery in Jiri's eyes.

Zhili Liufei Thunder God has no sword to take

White teeth!

Hashirama, who followed closely behind, looked at this scene with his eyes widened in surprise.

He never expected that Madara could fail in swordsmanship.

What was even more shocking were the two younger brothers, whose eyes were wide open.

In the lightning and flint, Madara changed his moves, but this brief pause and surprise was already a fatal flaw. Jiri's attack was faster, and he twisted his elbow and struck Madara's face with great force.

Stopping his forward momentum, he leaned back and swept from his elbow to the tip of his nose. A **** mouth opened on his face, barely dodging the blow.

Just when he was about to fight back, his mind was confused and stars suddenly appeared in his eyes.

From the space on the left side of the cheek, an elbow poked out like lightning, and struck Madara's face heavily. With the sound of bone shattering, the whole person flew sideways out of control.

The water in his brain was shaking violently and buzzing.

The spinning clover moved in the eye socket and swept towards Hashirama.

Groups of wooden figures came together in a menacing manner, and rushed towards Zhili with their fists, and Hashirama hid among them.

The seal on Zhili's left hand changes.

He raised his hand and slashed out the sword casually, and the sword disappeared into the air.

In an instant, criss-crossing lightning slashes filled the space, deeply engraved in the air. They appeared and disappeared for a brief moment. The movement of the forward wooden man seemed to be frozen for eternity. For a moment, it split into messy and falling wooden blocks.

Just a simple Flying Thunder God Slash.

Behind them, Tobirama and Izuna watched this scene, their faces turning dark.

Tobirama understood this move.

He knows how to do this move, the principle is the same as his own Flying Thunder God Slash.

Countless flying thunder gods were activated at the same time, and a sword was folded in the space, like a mirror image splitting and actually existing, crossing the space to strike accurately.

Just because I understand.

I just found it incredible.

Her accomplishments as the Flying Thunder God are far above mine.

The multi-angle combination of ninjutsu and swordsmanship, seals and barriers is integrated into one, and the technical power is so gorgeous that it is almost terrifying.

In this space and venue, she is almost invincible.

But at this time, she had not even moved a step in the face of the terrifying lineup of the four of them, despite the continuous attacks and defenses since the war began.

"What an arrogant Uchiha!"

Tobirama gritted his teeth and looked at Jiri solemnly. He looked at Jiri's cold eyes and took a deep breath.

It seems that we thought too simply.