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Chapter 713 Add a fire

"You can be said to be the most adulterous couple in history..." Song Dajiang had just finished commenting, and when he noticed the eyes of the two, he hurriedly changed his words, "The most intelligent and tacit understanding couple, hehe..."

"It's mainly because of Yanyan's help to cooperate..." Che Suyun pulled Ouyan's hand and praised, "She even used her third aunt's words. , gave the entire group to Dad alone, and only gave them a little dividend..."

Che Suyun's earring is a miniature camera, everything that happened just now was recorded by her and sent to Song Dajiang's mobile phone.

"I sent you WeChat, you can take a look."

Hearing Che Suyun's words, even though he knew the approximate passage, Song Dajiang still didn't have the courage to click on the video. After all, these siblings are his brothers who have pained him for most of his life...

Unexpectedly, after he fell ill, these brothers wanted to murder his family...

Including him, his eldest son, eldest daughter-in-law, and this newly found granddaughter...

None of them will be spared!

"Let's not talk about these sad things first, Yan Yan, grandpa thought he was hopeless, and he was ready to separate himself from grandma, but I didn't expect... you little girl is so capable, even grandpa's complicated illness is so complicated. Can save!"

Song Dajiang looked at the granddaughter in front of him with admiration, and was full of praise, "You are so young and outstanding, so grandpa is so impressed! It is God who has eyes, let you come back to this home, and you can have a family like you. The good fortune of the Song family..."

Because they were in a caravan, the whole family was sitting on the sofa at this time. Ouyan smiled and looked at the old man in front of him, "I am also very happy to do a little bit for my grandfather's illness."

At least, it wasn't useless for her to return to this home.

"This is a meager effort. You haven't heard people say that saving a life is better than building a seven-level pagoda. This is a great kindness..."

Song Dajiang smiled and said, "Your medical skills can allow grandpa to live for many years and enjoy many years of blessings. Next, grandpa will make up for everything that was owed to you in the past!"

The smile on the corner of Ouyan's mouth deepened, "I don't have any other extravagant hopes to see my grandpa sitting in front of me alive and well. I only hope that my grandpa and grandma will be healthy, live long and live together."

"You child, no wonder Junlin is full of praise for you. Grandpa also likes you very much when he saw you today!"

It's a pity that he was in a hurry and didn't prepare a meeting ceremony...

Go back and make up for my granddaughter!

At this time, Che Suyun's cell phone rang. She saw that it was the third uncle Song Zhengde calling. Her red lips instantly rose and she turned on the speakerphone.

"Suyun, is your brother feeling better?"

Song Zhengde's false concern came from the phone, and Song Dajiang's face turned dark when he heard it, and he turned his head to the side angrily.

Che Suyun sneered, "Thanks to my second and third uncles, Dad is still in the operating room."

"What about King's Landing?" Song Zhengde took the opportunity to inquire again.

"He and Dean An are talking about his condition, Yan Yan has already entered the operating room to help, Third Uncle might as well speak up if he has something to say."

Song Zhengde smiled, he didn't expect this woman to be so smart.

"Suyun, you are a smart person, third uncle won't beat around the bush, we are all a family, and you don't want to see our family become a mess? Brother is so sick now, I really can't be stimulated anymore..."

"Then what's the third uncle's opinion?" Che Suyun asked unhurriedly.

"Third Uncle said, you are a smart person, so you naturally know what Uncle San is talking about and what he wants you to cooperate with. You also know Uncle Third, and Uncle San has no malice towards you..."

Perhaps because he was afraid of Cha Suyun's recording, Song Zhengde didn't leave anything behind for everything he said...

Che Suyun laughed, "Third uncle wants me to keep my mouth shut? But third uncle also knows that I never do business that loses money..."

When Song Zhengde heard this, he suddenly felt that there was room for negotiation, and hurriedly said, "If you have any request, just ask, as long as the third uncle can give it, I will definitely give it to you."

"What the third uncle can give, both Dad and Junlin can give me. The ordinary things you give are not attractive."

Song Zhengde's face turned ugly when he heard it, "Then what do you want?"

"There is one thing that Dad and Junlin can't give you..." Che Suyun smiled even better, "Second uncle and third uncle are at this age, and it's time for them to retire, so I won't beat around the bush with third uncle. Aunt, Third Uncle, Third Aunt, Second Cousin and Third Cousin own all the shares, and I want you to announce your withdrawal from the group, and you will not receive half of the group's dividends from now on."

"You..." Song Zhengde didn't expect her to open her mouth like a lion, and dare to make such a condition!

"Third uncle, go back and discuss it with them. Don't say that Suyun didn't give you a chance. You have an hour." When Che Suyun said this, he hung up the phone directly.

"Hello? Hello??" Song Zhengde couldn't believe what Che Suyun said. He was stunned for two seconds before he realized that he was trembling with rage. He really was a cunning fox, taking advantage of the fire!

After putting away the phone, Che Suyun looked at Ouyan with a smile, "Yanyan, do you think they will agree?"

"Isn't my aunt sure that they won't agree?"

Che Suyun laughed, "How do you say that?"

"They originally wanted everything in the hands of grandpa and uncle, which shows that they have a big appetite, and everything they have can no longer satisfy them, but you can say that they have nothing, how could they agree?"

When Ou Yan said this, she paused, and then said, "You deliberately told them that grandpa was being rescued in the operating room, and uncle was talking about grandpa's condition with Dean An. You must know Dean An, so they also If they can guess which hospital grandpa is in now, they will definitely think that this is the best chance for them to make a move because they are too busy here to recruit staff."

Not only Che Suyun, but even Song Junlin and Song Dajiang looked with admiration and approval, as if they were waiting for Ouyan to continue.

"You purposely opened the lion's mouth to provoke them, and you only gave them an hour to think, isn't it just forcing them to do something within this hour?"

"Dad, isn't your granddaughter smart?" Che Suyun looked at Song Dajiang with a smile, "Is this little head turning around fast?"

"Quick, quick..." Song Dajiang nodded with a smile, "He's a smart kid..."

From the very beginning, Che Suyun never thought of cooperating with the third uncle and the others. It was to fuel their "rebellion"...

Sure enough, after hearing Song Zhengde's words, Song Chengzhi, who was still hesitating, couldn't bear it anymore, and overturned the table in anger!

This little rascal is too ambitious, he deserves to be killed!

"Arrange manpower, follow my orders tonight!" Song Chengzhi's eyes showed a fierce light.

(end of this chapter)