Chapter 722 It hurts

"Miss Ouyan must have a solution, I'll call her!"

Just as the servant wanted to call Ouyan, Li Yusha stopped her sharply, "When you run around, grandpa will freeze to death if he doesn't suffer from pain, let's see if grandpa can stand up first, and we will talk about it when we go back to the house if there is anything to do." !"

She doesn't want to lose face in front of Ouyan...

I don't want Ouyan to show off!

"I'm fine..." Song Dajiang didn't want his granddaughter to worry. He tried to stand up, but his back hurt badly.

In the study.

Song Junlin asked the girl in front of him softly, "How did you find evidence for those things before?"

Some of them were old events a few months ago, or even a few years ago. Ouyan was able to find evidence that the second uncle and the third uncle murdered her grandparents behind the scenes... It is not easy to be true.

"Actually, I just heard from the servants of my uncle's family that only a few people around me knew about the travel of my grandpa and grandma. I asked them to list the names of these people, and then pay attention to the investigation. Later, I cracked Steward Tang's cell phone and derived his and Other people's chat records, according to the timeline and contacts, follow the clues..."

"Do you know how to crack other people's mobile phones?" Song Junlin was surprised, but nodded again, "Yes, you can even destroy so many surveillance cameras, so why is it so difficult for you to have a mere mobile phone?"

Song Junlin laughed when he said this, "Yanyan, you really impress uncle time and time again, and you will have a lot to do in the future."

"Uncle has won the award."

"Last night in the operating room, how was your grandfather's mood?" Song Junlin couldn't help but ask concerned.

"Disappointed, disappointed, mixed with grief and indignation." Ou Yan summed it up in a few words, "But later I figured it out."

"It's good if you can figure it out..." Song Junlin's heart finally fell to the ground. "After he came back last night, he called you into the room. I was worried that his mood swings would be severe and cause physical discomfort..."

Ou Yan told the truth, "He was really uncomfortable, he had a headache and was upset. I gave him a few needles and then fell asleep."

"It's lucky to have you." Song Junlin looked at the girl in front of him appreciatively, "Recently too many things have weighed on your thin shoulders. This family already owes you too much, and now you have to contribute to everything."

"Uncle is serious, I am also very happy to do a little bit for this family."

"Now that the matter has come to an end, I will take you around to play after uncle has finished dealing with a few things at hand."

Ou Yan smiled and said, "No need, uncle should spend more time with aunt when he is free, Si Yechen will take me to play."

When Song Junlin heard this, he was stunned for a moment, and then laughed again, "It turns out that there is an appointment, and the uncle's long talk here will not delay the date of you two young people? Okay, then you have a good time with him today, no need Remember home, I will let someone take care of your grandfather."

"Uncle and aunt are here, so I'm not worried." Ouyan laughed, "That's nothing, I'll go first."

She didn't want Si Yechen to wait for a long time.

"Okay, have fun." Song Junlin looked at the girl in front of him gratifiedly, "Remember to bring Chen to the house when you have time, uncle also wants to know him very much, and wants to see how he treats you, your marriage nearly…"

Before Song Junlin could finish speaking, Ou Yan interrupted, "There's nothing left to say about the horoscope."

"We have a marriage contract, and that kid is chasing from Huaguo to France again. This is called a horoscope? As long as you nod, I think this will be done immediately." Song Junlin laughed again.

"Uncle can only tease me, I'll go first." Ou Yan didn't notice that when she said this, there was a shy smile on her face, and it was a little sweet when she looked carefully.

This is the first time Song Junlin saw his niece showing such an expression. The smile on his face deepened. Looking at the back of his niece leaving, he felt in his heart that the boy of the Si family is really lucky to have such an outstanding niece. companion.

After Ouyan went downstairs, she sent Si Yechen her location, but before she could pick him up, Si Yechen immediately replied, "I'll be there in twenty minutes."

Ouyan's mouth raised a smile, "No hurry, I have to check on Grandpa."

Grandpa is fine, so she can go out with confidence.

"Okay." Si Yechen replied, "Take your time."

As soon as Ouyan walked to the door of the grandfather's room, she smelled a faint smell of traumatic ointment. Just in time, a servant came out. Maybe she didn't expect Ouyan to appear suddenly, and the servant's face changed in fright.

"Ou, Miss Ouyan..."

"Grandpa was injured? Did you put on the wounded ointment?"

Hearing Ouyan's question, the servant was so frightened that he bent over at ninety degrees, "Yes, the old man fell down..."

Ou Yan hurried in after hearing this.

At this time, Che Suyun, who hadn’t finished the phone call, also rushed over. She was making a phone call in front of the French window on the third floor just now, when she saw Li Yusha dragging the old man to run, and finally dragged the old man down...

She followed Ouyan into the house in a hurry, her face heavy.

The servant knew that he couldn't hide it anymore. Although Miss Yusha urged her not to tell what happened just now, but in case, Miss Ouyan checked it out, she, the servant, did not report her knowledge, but she would be punished. punitive.

Thinking of this, the servant could only grit his teeth and ran upstairs to find Mr.

Ouyan walked forward quickly, passed through the lounge and cloakroom, and came to the master bedroom. At a glance, she saw her grandfather lying on the bed with a painful expression on her face. Li Yusha was sitting by the bed at a loss, not knowing how to take care of her...

"Grandpa, you fell down? What's going on?" Ou Yan hurried forward and found that Grandpa's clothes were still wet.

"Yanyan, you are here..." Song Dajiang couldn't move in pain, "I just accidentally fell..."

"Did you fall outside?"

Ouyan's words surprised Song Dajiang, "How do you know?"

Li Yusha on the side was a little guilty and nervous, and didn't dare to look Ouyan in the eye.

"Your clothes are all wet, it's so cold outside, what are you doing outside?" Ouyan said this, and then looked at Li Yusha, "Grandpa's clothes are all wet like this, you see, don't let anyone Change it for him?"

"He, he said it hurts, so we dare not touch him..."

I'm afraid that the bone will shift and the like, it will be more troublesome.

"It's okay, I'm just going for a walk..." Song Dajiang couldn't help but frowned again when he said this, it was really painful.

Ouyan's hand touched, "Is this the pain?"

"Yes, yes, it hurts..." Song Dajiang's expression changed due to the pain.

"let me see."

Ouyan gently lifted his clothes, this slight movement made Song Dajiang gasp in pain.

"Does it hurt here?" Ou Yan asked after touching it lightly again.

"It hurts..."

"What about this side?" Ou Yan observed Grandpa's reaction again.

"it hurts…"

(end of this chapter)