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Chapter 735 has not been maintained for half a minute

Li Yusha didn't speak, her emotions were extremely complicated.

"Salsa?" Seeing that she didn't want to answer, Ji Tiancheng simply opened the medicine box and helped her take the medicine first.

Looking at his serious distress, Li Yusha couldn't help but withdraw her foot, "You know now, I'm not the daughter of the Li family, what are you still doing here? You can go!"

"Don't move." Ji Tiancheng grabbed her foot back, and then applied the medicine.

"I'm not good enough for Master Yi Ji, don't you hear me? Let's go—"

Ji Tiancheng stopped applying the medicine, raised his gaze, and looked at the girl sitting on the hanging chair, "Repent?"

Li Yusha:? ? ?

"I didn't perform well today and let you down?"

Li Yusha looked away, for some reason, Ji Tiancheng's eyes could always easily reveal this kind of hidden and hurtful emotion. Every time he saw it, Li Yusha was a little upset.

"What I'm saying is—I'm not the daughter of the Li family, and it has nothing to do with your performance today!"

"So what?" Ji Tiancheng continued to apply medicine to her, whether it was the daughter of the Li family, this matter was not as important as this injury on her foot.

Li Yusha was a little surprised. Seeing that Ji Tiancheng's heart was full of her trivial injuries, she asked in puzzlement, "Didn't you understand? I'm not the flesh and blood of the Li family. You are wrong! My true identity must be very ordinary, I am not worthy of your Young Master Ji!"

"Whether you are worthy or not is not up to you, nor anyone else. I, Ji Tiancheng, say you are worthy, and you are." Ji Tiancheng helped her apply the medicine little by little, looked at her wound intently, and said softly , "I like you, it has nothing to do with your identity."

"But your family won't allow—"

Ji Tiancheng didn't expect her to think so far, so he raised his eyes and said softly, "For my family, I will do my ideological work well."

Li Yusha never expected that Ji Tiancheng's reaction would be so flat when he knew her real birth...

Fortunately, she thought that Ji Tiancheng would choose the daughter of the right family, and would break up with her...

At this moment, Ji Tiancheng's cell phone rang.

He lightly applied medicine to the last bruise before answering the phone.

"Ji Tiancheng, you're such an asshole, you didn't even attend grandpa's birthday party for the sake of being a genius!"

Ji Xirou's angry voice came from the phone.

Ji Tiancheng's tone was very calm, "I will apologize to him when I go back."

"What time is it now? When you come back, grandpa is asleep! Don't forget how many pairs of eyes of Ji's family are staring at you! Grandpa is more than just your grandchild! You didn't come today, just because of those people, Mom's face is black with anger!"

Ji Xirou on the other end of the phone hated iron and steel, gnashing her teeth and complaining.

"Ji Tiancheng, don't think that your wings will be strong enough to compete with them if your career improves slightly! You clearly know that they are not cheap, but you are the proudest grandson of grandpa and the proudest son of father. As a result, you disappointed both of them at the same time tonight!"

"I'll explain to them tomorrow."

"Explain what? Explain that you booked a venue and a sea of ​​flowers for a master, and you were scolded **** by others?"

"Are you there?" Ji Tiancheng was a little surprised.

"If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn't have believed it. It was a child raised by the Li family!"

The quality is simply too bad!

Ji Tiancheng frowned slightly, not wanting Li Yusha to hear this, "We'll talk about it when we go back."

Ji Xirou didn't expect her younger brother to hang up on her!

It must be that Zuojing next to him!

This matter can no longer be kept a secret, since she can't control her younger brother, only her parents have to come forward!

Can't let my younger brother make the same mistakes again and again!

Ji's family is now in troubled times, and his younger brother is the most capable person to turn the tide, and he must not lose the chain at this critical moment!

Ji Tiancheng put away his phone, raised his gentle gaze, "Are there any other injuries on your body? Are your hands injured?"

Li Yusha was suddenly moved by him. For a moment, she felt that the boy in front of her was not bad, and he was sincerely treating her well...

"No more..." Li Yusha turned her eyes away, not looking into his eyes, "If you have something to do, go back first and leave me alone."

"I'll stay with you again." Ji Tiancheng sat beside her and looked at her tenderly, "You still haven't said how you got hurt?"

"It was snowing, the road was slippery, and I accidentally fell."

Never mentioning that she caused grandpa to fall...

"Where did you fall?" Ji Tiancheng asked again with concern.


"Is it yesterday?"


Ji Tiancheng finally understood, "So you are in a bad mood and want to come out to play?"

No wonder I took the initiative to ask him out...

Because I fell in pain and was wronged, I wanted someone to accompany me.

Ji Tiancheng blamed himself, "I didn't know you were injured, but I made you walk so much today, in the lavender field, at the iron tower, and on the way to the parking lot after leaving the Seine River... If I had known, I would have carried you away .”

"Do you dare?" Li Yusha smiled warningly.

I don't know why, but knowing that Ji Tiancheng didn't despise her, she felt a little sweet in her heart.

"Take a good rest at home tomorrow." Ji Tiancheng couldn't bear her walking too much, her knees were broken just now.

But when Li Yusha heard it, she suddenly got angry again, "If you don't want to see me, just tell me what you are doing."

She wanted to walk after getting off the chairlift, but her feet hurt and she couldn't stand up all of a sudden.

Ji Tiancheng hurriedly supported her, "You misunderstood, I just don't want you to be too tired..."

"Actually, you really mind, don't you?" Li Yusha pushed him away angrily.

Ji Tiancheng was at a loss.

"If you don't want to be together, just say so, why make excuses?"

Ji Tiancheng probably understood what she meant, "I said that your birth and family background is not important to me, what matters is that you are by my side! If you don't believe me... tomorrow I will arrange a date without walking, okay?"

Li Yusha couldn't help laughing, "Who wants to date you? Besides, how can there be a date without walking?"

Seeing her smile, Ji Tiancheng relaxed his nervousness, and smiled, "Yes, there are those who don't need to walk. I will arrange the itinerary for tomorrow, and I will never let you down like today."

Seeing his sincere expression, Li Yusha laughed and felt better, "I won't tell you anymore, I'm going back to sleep."

"I'll see you off." Ji Tiancheng hugged her like a romantic princess.

Li Yusha looked at his profile, although not as good-looking as Si Yechen, but she seemed pretty good...

Fair and delicate skin, sharp jawline, clear eyes...

Did she ask too much of him before, comparing him to Si Yechen everywhere...

In fact, he is much better than his peers.

It's just that, within half a minute of thinking like this, Li Yusha saw Si Yechen leaning Ouyan on a tree to kiss him from a distance.

That domineering and hot the ideal partner in her mind.

(end of this chapter)