Chapter 736 Looking forward to drinking wedding wine

Si Yechen is handsome with an innate sense of nobility and distance.

When he looked at outsiders, his eyes were wild and indifferent, but when he looked at his beloved, his eyes became gentle and delicate.

Such a huge contrast fascinates Li Yusha. She likes Si Yechen's aloof and domineering, his powerful aura that dominates everyone, his tall and straight figure, and his handsome and impeccable facial features...

As long as it is everything about Si Yechen, she likes it...

In comparison, Ji Tiancheng looks so ordinary...

At this moment, Li Yusha was even a little envious of Ouyan, who could be kissed so domineeringly and passionately by Si Yechen, and liked it.

Si Yechen hadn't kissed enough when he heard Ouyan's cell phone vibrate, and his eyes were still full of deep affection.

Ou Yan saw that it was from grandma.

"Yanyan, your little uncle is so annoying, I can't stand him!" Zhuang Peilan complained to Ouyan as soon as she opened her mouth, "You come and tell him!"

Ouyan couldn't help laughing, and before she had time to comfort her grandma, she heard Song Jiuzhou's helpless voice: "Yanyan."

"Uncle." Ouyan smiled slightly, "Are you making grandma angry again?"

"She wants to see your grandfather, but I'm too busy to leave these two days..."

Before Song Jiuzhou finished speaking, he heard Zhuang Peilan scolding angrily, "When will you not be busy? Xiaozhu can just accompany me. I don't have such a long life to wait for you."

Ouyan was amused by her grandma, and a faint smile appeared on her face.

"I also want to see Dad. Let's go together after I finish my work in the past two days."

"Who wants to go with you! Yan Yan said that I'm cured and can go out independently. If you don't believe me, you can ask her." Zhuang Peilan moved her granddaughter out and said, "She also said that it's not a problem for me to fly for more than ten hours."

"It's impossible for Yan Yan to say such irresponsible words." Song Jiuzhou saw through her trick at once, "Just wait for me for a few days, okay?"

Seeing that the mother and son were still arguing, Ou Yan interrupted with a smile, "I think grandma's idea is good. With Xiaozhu accompanying her, it's safe to take the family plane and fly directly to the airport of uncle's house."

"Your grandmother's body...I'm still a little worried."

"I have seen my grandmother's recovery data in the past few days, and going out is not a problem."

"Did you hear that! Yan Yan said it's not a problem!" Zhuang Peilan shouted hastily, "Xiao Zhu, go and help me pack my luggage! Yan Yan said it's okay to go!"

The tone of voice is unconcealable joy and joy.

Seeing that she had made up her mind to go, Song Jiuzhou had no choice but to tell Ouyan, "Just like this, you have to take care of two people at the same time."

If these two old people have any headaches, they will only work hard for her niece...

At most, others can help me with water and medicine...

Song Jiuzhou was afraid that Yanyan would be like before, this side would be busy with acupuncture, and that side would be busy with surgery...

"It's okay, you can let grandma come. When they are in a good mood, their bodies will recover faster."

Song Jiuzhou laughed after hearing what she said, "Okay, uncle listens to you, your eldest uncle hasn't bullied you these two days, right?"

Ouyan smiled and said, "Both uncle and aunt are very kind to me, but you, little uncle, when will you find me an aunt?"

"Even you came to urge the marriage..." Song Jiuzhou laughed, "If you have the time to care about the major events in your uncle's life, you might as well care about the people around you."

"You mean Si Yechen?" Ou Yan raised her eyes to look at the boy in front of her.

Si Yechen was doting and curious, and approached her with his handsome face, and heard the words coming from her mobile phone.

"That kid from the Si family is really nice, uncle is looking forward to drinking your wedding wine."

Si Yechen's eyes softened, and he looked at the girl in front of him. Her eyelashes were long, and her bright eyes were filled with a smile.

"Si Yechen and I are also looking forward to drinking uncle's wedding wine." Ouyan didn't give him a chance to speak, "Okay, let's not talk, hang up."

"Hey...this child..." Song Jiuzhou couldn't help laughing, and looked at the excited mother again. Her old man was already packing tomorrow's luggage. It could be seen that she hadn't been this happy for a long time.

"Grandma is coming tomorrow?" After hanging up the phone, Si Yechen asked the girl in front of him softly.

"Well, I guess it will arrive at noon tomorrow." Ou Yan put away her phone, "It's getting late, you go back first."

"Are you going to drive me away?" Si Yechen was reluctant to let go. Grandma will come tomorrow, so I probably won't be able to get an appointment with her, and I don't know when the next meeting will be...

"Maybe grandma wants to see you tomorrow, we see you again." Ou Yan seemed to know what he was thinking, and comforted her.

"Then what does grandma like? I can prepare a gift in advance, and if there is a chance, I can give it to her in person." Si Yechen said this, and added, "And grandpa, uncle, aunt..."

"Are you trying to please everyone at once?"

"I want them to feel at ease to hand over their precious granddaughter and niece to me...Of course they have to behave better." When Si Yechen looked at Ouyan, there was a soft light in his eyes.

Li Yusha returned to the room, and through the gap in the curtain, she saw Si Yechen was still hugging Ouyan reluctantly, her hands didn't leave Ouyan's body for a second...

It looks like she likes her so much...

Li Yusha's heart is not feeling well, and she doesn't know what trick Ouyan used to firmly hold Si Yechen's heart.

It would be great if Ouyan Ken said...

At this time, Si Yechen took Ouyan's hand and walked towards the main building, apparently to send Ouyan back.

Walking, Ouyan raised her eyes and saw the plum blossoms on the branch. She didn't know what to say, but Si Yechen actually squatted down, let Ouyan sit on his shoulders, and reached out to pick the flowers on it...

Li Yusha was stunned. What is Si Yechen's identity? He is so lofty and condescending to allow a girl to ride on his shoulders...

Ouyan picked a twig of plum blossoms, several flowers bloomed on it, she whispered, "Put me down."

"Pick more if they look good." Si Yechen pampered her, "If you like it, we can plant some in our future home."

Ou Yan asked with a smile, "Are you referring to Moon Lake Bay or Yunding Villa?"

"I can plant whatever you ask me to plant. If you like Moon Lake Bay, you can plant it in Moon Lake Bay. If you like Yunding Villa, you can plant it in Yunding Villa." Si Yechen supported her to continue walking.

"What if you don't like it?"

"Then we can choose another house, as long as it is what you like."

Ou Yan laughed, "Put me down first."

"not comfortable?"

"I'm coming down."

Si Yechen squatted down, "Slow down."

After Ouyan got off him, he held his hand and walked forward again.

Their figures gradually disappeared from Li Yusha's sight. Li Yusha didn't expect that after only half a year, their relationship became so close...

She was so jealous, if it wasn't for Ouyan, maybe Si Yechen would like her...

She's even sure she can impress him...

(end of this chapter)