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Chapter 756 Forgive you after eating

When Li Yusha said this, she suddenly said happily, "Tiancheng, it's so good to have you... Having you makes me feel that I have not been completely abandoned by this world, even if I am not the flesh and blood of the Li family, and cannot have so much as before. I'm so happy, I can't even have a noble status, but as long as you are by my side, you will still treat me like a princess, and my happiness has not diminished, so I really think it's great to have you as a boyfriend!"

When Ji Tiancheng heard the girl say "boyfriend", his previous depression and sadness disappeared, replaced by emotion and guilt.

What moved me was that I finally heard the girl's heartfelt words.

Guilt is that from last night until now, he has been doubting the girl's feelings for him, so that his mood is so low that just now...

But now, he is very excited, very happy.

"Sasha, it's all my fault. I didn't care about you in time today, and I didn't even notice that you were wronged." Ji Tiancheng said guiltily, "From now on, I will treat you twice as well, and you won't let me settle accounts with Ouyan , I will remember this matter first, if she provokes me in the future, then I will definitely settle the old and new scores together, and I will never let your grievances today be in vain."

"Tiancheng, you're so kind~" Li Yusha's voice revealed sweet happiness, "If you stand in front of me right now, I'm afraid I can't help but want to kiss you..."

Ji Tiancheng's breathing became heavy when he was provoked by her.

When did his little princess become so provocative...

Seeing that he had believed it, Li Yusha said shyly, "I hate it, don't talk about it, I'll hang up first..."

Before Ji Tiancheng could speak, he heard a busy tone coming from the phone.

His gaze softened, and the corners of his mouth curled into a happy arc. The vice president beside him widened his eyes in disbelief. His boss Ji finally smiled? Still smiling so happily, so satisfied...

Who is the person on the other end...

Can actually turn Mr. Ji's mood from cloudy to sunny? ?

Ji Tiancheng opened WeChat and sent a message to the girl, "Did the doctor give you any medicine? You still need a month to recover... It's too long, I'll call you a doctor again to see if you can recover sooner?"

"Okay." Li Yusha quickly replied to him, and even sent a kissing emoji.

Now, Ji Tiancheng didn't delay for half a second, and immediately contacted the doctor.

The reason why Li Yusha agreed to him was to give him a chance to see her injuries on her hands and even her back, and to let him know how serious her injuries were through the doctor's mouth...

The more he feels distressed, the deeper his hatred for Ouyan...

When the time comes, the more you can use him as a gun...

At night.

Song Dajiang acted coquettishly with Ouyan, "Yanyan, the fried chicken we ate that night was delicious. I can't stop thinking about it until now. Let's eat fried chicken for supper? How about some skewers?"

Ouyan smiled and said, "Your body hasn't fully recovered yet, so your diet should be light..."

"Just eat a little bit!"

Under Song Dajiang's soft and hard paw, Ou Yan finally agreed, "Don't overdose."

"Don't worry, don't overdo it! Just a few!"

After getting the consent of his granddaughter, Song Dajiang immediately gave orders. Not long after, the chef brought two large barbecue grills with hundreds of skewers on them...

Ou Yan:…

"Didn't it mean that your old man just ate a few skewers to satisfy his mouth craving?"

Song Dajiang couldn't stop eating, "I mean a few of each flavor, hehehe..."

At this time, Li Yusha came to the garden at the invitation of her servants, she limped on purpose, Song Dajiang saw her walking posture, and couldn't help asking, "Sasha, what's the matter with your feet? How do you walk with a limp?"

"I..." Li Yusha gave Ouyan a fake look of fear, and then said obediently, "It's okay, I'm just..."

Before she could finish her sentence, Che Suyun answered, "She just made a fuss last night and fell down by herself. If you want me to say, Sasha, you have to apologize to your sister for what you said last night. If you go too far, and you have done so many transgressive things, you still owe your sister an apology."

Tears welled up in Li Yusha's eyes, showing a pitiful and wronged look.

She was beaten like this by Ouyan, it's fine if she can't tell her grandparents, but she has to apologize to Ouyan in front of everyone? ? ?

Is aunt too partial? ?

"Yes, yes, you scolded your sister too much last night..."

Zhuang Peilan couldn't bear to listen to those words last night, "Although I know you are out of control, but after all, it came from your mouth... I still have to admit my mistake to your sister and apologize."

"I know it was my fault last night." Li Yusha said aggrievedly, "Although I was injured myself, and my palm was broken, but if you scold me, you will scold me. Sister, I'm sorry, I offer you a toast."

She was about to pick up a small glass of juice on the table, when Che Suyun handed a skewer to her, "Don't respect, what if the juice is poisoned again? Just get a skewer and eat your sister." I forgive you."

Li Yusha looked at the large skewer in Che Suyun's hand, with a thick layer of chili powder on it, and said tearfully, "Auntie, I don't know how to eat spicy food."

"It's because you don't know how to eat spicy food, and you can prove your sincerity by insisting on eating it." Che Suyun smiled softly, "Besides, this one that is not spicy is just a formality. Could it be that my aunt really Can it kill you? If you don’t believe me, let your grandma try it..."

Che Suyun deliberately smoked a non-spicy one and handed it to Zhuang Peilan. Zhuang Peilan took a bite and nodded, "It's really not spicy."

"Auntie knows that you rarely eat skewers, so she wants to take this opportunity to let you eat more." Che Suyun directly grabbed Li Yusha's hand and let her hold the skewers, "Okay, everyone eat Bar!"

Li Yusha could feel the greasy in her hand, she took a bite, it was so spicy!

She kept coughing and burst into tears, and said aggrievedly, "I, I really can't eat it, cough, it's too spicy."

"You can't stand this level of spiciness?" Che Suyun said with a smile, "Then follow your advice and drink juice."

Li Yusha nodded.

Che Suyun put a large jug of juice in front of Li Yusha. The jug was thirty centimeters high.

"This can't be spicy, can it?"

Zhuang Peilan knew that last night Li Yusha mistook Che Suyun for Ouyan and scolded them a lot. The two had a quarrel this morning. Che Suyun was a straight person, and now she wanted Sasha to apologize quickly.

So she said, "Sasha, just drink, not too much."

They are all a family, if there is any misunderstanding, it is better to solve it...

Li Yusha looked at a large pot of juice in front of her eyes. After drinking it with tears in her eyes, her stomach was almost bursting. She couldn't hold back after drinking a large pot of juice at night, and she ran to the toilet to have diarrhea...

(end of this chapter)