Chapter 774: This road doesn’t work

As soon as Song Qiaoying finished speaking, Li Yuanfu said hurriedly, "No, no... the child is already used to eating the food cooked by the chef. Besides, only the chef knows the nutritional mix. The child has so much work to do every day and needs nutrition. What's more, the child must want to At your age, you can enjoy peace and happiness..."

“Do you think what I cook is not delicious?” Song Qiaoying suddenly asked.

"No... no problem, even if my wife makes it mushy or fried, I still think it tastes delicious! After all, it was all made by my wife with hard work."

"You are poor!" Song Qiaoying hit him and said, "You're dead."

Li Yuanfu smiled and said, "Love makes me blind."

“Fuck you, what does love have to do with...”

The family chatted lively for a while, and then Song Qiaoying remembered that the new thing she bought was a new massage hammer.

“Yanyan, my mother is giving you a pat on the back. I heard from your aunt that you are also very busy in France…”

Although Song Qiaoying didn't know what she was busy with or what kind of danger she was facing, according to Che Suyun, she still felt sorry for her daughter and gave her a pat on the shoulder.

“Honey, I’ll give you a massage too.” Li Yuanfu also manually squeezed Song Qiaoying’s shoulders, “You must be exhausted after cooking so much food...”

Si Yechen’s eyes became gentle again when he saw the happy scene of their family.

It turns out that not all wealthy families are in pieces.

During dinner, Li Yuanfu and Song Qiaoying kept picking up food for Ouyan. They hadn't seen each other for several days, especially because Qingyan Company was being slandered. They felt sorry for the pressure and hard work their child had endured at such a young age, and they treated her with kindness and pampering. There are plus.

Li Yusha felt that she had been left out, so in order to impress her parents, she deliberately served Ouyan with food.

Si Yechen opened his mouth to come to the rescue and said, "Yan Yan has eaten too much seafood recently."

With his words, Ouyan took the shrimp Li Yusha put into her bowl and gave it directly to her mother, "Mom, you eat."

Li Yusha was unwilling to give in and gave Ouyan some beef.

“Yan Yan has been experiencing a lot of moisture recently and cannot eat fishy foods.”

As soon as Si Yechen finished speaking, Ouyan handed the beef in the bowl to his father, "Dad, you eat."

Li Yusha couldn't help but ask, "What can sister eat? I'll help her pick it up..."

"No need, you eat what you have." Ouyan didn't even look at her.

Li Yusha suddenly showed an aggrieved expression. She used serving chopsticks to pick up the food for her parents. After picking it up, she glanced at Si Yechen and said, "Brother-in-law, I will pick it up myself. Eat more."

“Uncle and aunt, you should also eat more.” Si Yechen did not respond to her words, but looked at Li Yuanfu and Song Qiaoying, “Thank you for preparing so many meals for me tonight.”

“Child, why are you so polite to us? Come to our house for dinner more often when you have time.” Li Yuanfu invited with a smile.

"That's right." Song Qiaoying also smiled and said, "Come when you have time, don't be embarrassed."

Li Yusha became even more unhappy when she saw that no one noticed her grievances.

Finally, after finishing the meal, Li Yusha saw that her servant was about to take the fruit plate to the living room, and said hurriedly, "Let me do it."

She intentionally restored her image in Si Yechen's eyes.

Without waiting for the servant to agree, she came to her parents with a fruit plate and smiled filially, "Mom and dad, please have some fruit after dinner."

“Where’s Xiaoli? Why are you the one carrying the fruit plate?” Song Qiaoying was a little surprised. “She said her stomach was a little uncomfortable, but she was fine. It’s the same for everyone, and it’s not heavy. My parents don’t have to worry about me doing my job.”

Li Yusha waited for her parents to finish eating the fruit. Just when she was about to bring the fruit plate to Si Yechen, Si Yechen stood up first and said, "Uncle and aunt, Yan Yan and I are going to take a walk outside."

Li Yuanfu said hurriedly, "Shall we eat some fruit first?"

“No, I’ll be with Yan Yan for a while and I’m leaving.”

Li Yuanfu looked at Ou Yan again, "Won't you eat Yan Yan?"


“Okay, then you two go for a walk while it’s still early.”

Si Yechen took Ouyan's hand and said, "Didn't you tell me this afternoon that my eldest brother planted Gesang flowers on your balcony and you can see them in the garden? Take me to see them."


Li Yusha felt jealous when she saw the two of them leaving. After a while, she made her parents happy and wanted them to take her to Mr. Chu's birthday party.

“Mr. Chu’s previous birthdays were very low-key. This time he invited a large number of guests because he happened to be sixty years old. He will definitely not have such an opportunity in the future.”

“Shasha knows that she doesn’t have the qualifications to be Mr. Chu’s disciple. I just want to experience it. Mom, just take me there..."

“I heard that Master Wuxian will also go there... You also know that I like to play the violin. If I have the opportunity to learn from Master Wuxian...”

“I heard that the guests who are going this time are all very important. If I can become a disciple of any master, Shasha will be able to bring honor to the family just like her elder sister.”

Song Qiaoying patted her back lovingly, "It's not that mom won't take you, those two invitations are for your grandparents."

Neither she nor Li Yuanfu received it.

“Then can I ask my grandparents to take me there?” Li Yusha asked in anticipation.

“But your grandparents recently went on a trip and caught a cold, so they refused.”

Song Qiaoying explained gently, "Mr. Chu didn't have a big event for his birthday before, just because he didn't want too many people waiting to show up. This time he didn't invite many guests, they were all old acquaintances. In other words, he I don’t want to accept a disciple, and I don’t want anyone to accept a disciple at his birthday party… If you want to see something, there will be plenty of opportunities in the future, so don’t rush this time.”

Song Qiaoying was a little surprised when she said this, "In the past eighteen years, I have never heard of anyone's birthday party you want to attend...or an old gentleman..."

“That’s because I saw that my sister has a lot of great abilities, and I want to study hard like her and become excellent... It would be great if my grandparents didn’t refuse..."

Thinking of this, Li Yusha couldn't help complaining in her heart about the two old men. Who was Mr. Chu? They actually refused such an important invitation...

I didn’t even ask other people in the family if they were going, it was such a waste...

This road is not feasible now, and Li Yusha is distressed, not knowing what to do...

After thinking about it, she thought of someone, Ji Tiancheng!

I don’t know if Mr. Chu invited him. If he did, she could act like a baby and let Ji Tiancheng take her there...

Thinking of this, she immediately left her parents behind, "Mom and dad, I'm going to take a shower first!"

As long as she can attend Mr. Chu's birthday party, she won't have to worry about not having a good master to recruit her. Then she will have the ability to crush Ouyan... Just thinking about it makes her feel proud.

Thinking of this, Li Yusha felt superior to others, because even if Ouyan was the daughter of the Li family, she was not qualified to go!

(End of this chapter)