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Chapter 775 Birthday Party

But she had just been proud for less than two seconds when she suddenly remembered that last time at school, Mr. Chu said in front of everyone that Ou Yan’s chess skills were taught by him, and asked Ou Yan to consider inheriting his mantle...

If Ou Yan is his apprentice, given their master-disciple relationship, Mr. Chu might also invite Ou Yan to his birthday party...

Thinking of this, Li Yusha was not happy. She felt that Ouyan was really lucky to meet Mr. Chu and get advice from Mr. Chu.

If it weren’t for luck, Ouyan might not even know what Go is now...

Thinking of this, Li Yusha sent Ji Tiancheng a WeChat message.

"Tiancheng, do you have an invitation letter for Mr. Chu's birthday party? I heard that he used to be very low-key. Every birthday was done quietly in private. He has never made it as grand as this time."

“I like the violin very much. I heard that this birthday will be attended by many respected seniors. I wonder if there is a chance to meet Wu Xian and get his guidance.”

"You also know that I am not the real daughter of the Li family. If I had a skill that I could show off, I would be worthy of you, Ji Tiancheng... and the Qi family would also accept me."

“I don’t want the Li family to come forward to help me. I want to rely on my violin skills to win the favor of Wu Xian, so that Wu Xian can voluntarily accept me as his disciple..."

“Tiancheng, can you help me?”

After sending the WeChat message, Li Yusha even got goosebumps.

In the last joint competition between ten universities, Li Qianqian's violin level was better than hers. Many judges praised Li Qianqian for her talent. Maybe that **** thought she was so powerful that she even called Ou Yan to the stage. I want to compete with the top scorer.

As a result, Ou Yan’s violin overwhelmed the audience and received high praise.

Li Yusha thought that if she could meet Wu Xian this time and receive Wu Xian's guidance, her violin skills would surpass Ou Yan and Li Qianqian and become a rising star in the violin world...

By then, not only the Li family, but everyone will look at her with admiration, including her aunt...

 Even if she does not have the blessing of being the "daughter of the Li family" in the future, as long as she is a violin master, she can easily enter a wealthy family...

As for Ji Tiancheng…

At that time, I don’t even know if he is worthy of being her boyfriend!

Thinking about this, she felt a little proud.

 Chu Chaozong’s birthday party was held in a private manor under his name. The environment was comparable to a 5A scenic spot, and it was very grand and beautiful.

The invitation time was written at seven o'clock in the evening. Before seven o'clock, there were already many luxury cars on the road leading to the manor. These luxury cars often cost tens of millions. The people in the cars were either rich or noble, and they had a lot of backgrounds at first glance. .

The grand doors had already been opened on both sides, and the butler and eight servants stood at the door to greet him.

Chu Chaozong couldn't sit still in the main building, so he came to the door to wait for the guests.

He kept looking at the time. It was almost seven o'clock. Those old guys hadn't shown up yet, and even the little girl hadn't sent him a message. He didn't know if they were here...

Thinking this way, he kept looking outside the door.

The first people to enter the house were Mr. Chen and his granddaughter. Faced with the respectful greetings of the housekeeper and eight servants, Mr. Yang and his granddaughter responded politely.

After all, he is a servant of Chu Chaozong and cannot be careless.

After greeting the servants, he looked up and saw the neatly dressed Chu Chaozong standing in front of them, rarely coming out to greet guests.

Yang Laoxiao laughed and stepped forward, "Chaozong, after so many years, you finally held a birthday party. As your old friend, I finally have the opportunity to wish you a happy birthday in person. Today is such a rare day. Let's just wait for the two of us. Be sure to have a few drinks!”

“Replace the wine with water. Now that the wine is gone, the young man won’t let me.” Chu Chaozong responded with a smile.

Mr. Yang thought that the young man he was talking about was one of his relatives, and said with a smile, "I am lucky now that I have a young man in charge. I also have a young man in my family who likes to take care of things. This is him. Let me introduce him. Granddaughter Yang Weiwei, Weiwei, please hurry up and say hello to your Grandpa Chu."

“Grandpa Chu, today is your birthday. I wish you blessings like the East Sea and longevity as long as the Southern Mountains.” Yang Weiwei presented a gift with both hands.

"Hey, have you prepared a gift?" Chu Chaozong reached out and took it, "Thank you, thank you..."

“Weiwei has been fond of Go since she was a child and has been learning it for more than ten years. Over the past ten years, the person that the little girl admires the most is you. I said that we are good friends, but she still doesn’t believe it!”

When Mr. Yang said this, he did not forget to tell his granddaughter, "Weiwei, did you see that grandpa didn't lie to you? Grandpa Chu and I are really old acquaintances."

Yang Weiwei smiled mischievously, "Grandpa finally stopped bragging about something."

"Hey kid, what are you talking about..." Mr. Yang smiled, "Chaozong, then we will go in and wait for you."


As soon as Mr. Yang left, another guest came up to greet Chu Chaozong.

Mr. Yang took advantage of this opportunity and whispered, "Weiwei, you can find the right moment later to see if you can attract the attention of your Grandpa Chu and find a way to make him accept you as his disciple. This is his character. Even if Recommendations from old friends for many years don’t count. This apprentice must be respected by himself. Do you understand what grandpa means?”

"Don't worry, grandpa, I will definitely do my best." Yang Weiwei is sure of winning. After all, she has won many chess awards since she was a child. I heard that the guests attending the birthday party this time are all from the older generation, and there are very few young people. …

She will definitely shine in the crowd!

"Mr. Chu... I haven't seen you for a long time. You are getting younger and younger!" The visitor was a beautiful lady with a decent smile. She held Chu Chaozong's hand and said with a smile, " May you be as blessed as the East and the Sea, and may your life be as long as the Nanshan, and may you be better and better every year.”

"Xiaozhen, thank you..." Chu Chaozong saw that she had brought a daughter, but her father did not come. He remembered that her father's name was written on the birthday invitation, and no one else was invited.

The noble lady seemed to have guessed what he was thinking, and explained with a smile, "Originally, my father wanted to come in person, but he accidentally fell his leg some time ago and could only rest in bed. He didn't say anything because he was afraid that you would be worried. Please let me bring my children to your birthday party. Oh, by the way, this is the gift he carefully prepared for you, you must accept it."

"Thank you, I'm very considerate." Chu Chaozong accepted the gift with a smile on the surface, but in his heart he knew very well what she would say next.

“Oh, by the way, this is my daughter and my father’s favorite granddaughter. Sissi, please say hello to Grandpa Chu.”

Sure enough, as Chu Chaozong expected, these people came to recommend his disciples...

“Have you grown so big?” Chu Chaozong looked calm and smiled kindly.

"Grandpa Chu, my name is Murong Qian, you can call me Qian Qian. Today is your birthday. I wish you immortality and good luck." Murong Qian said calmly and generously.


(End of this chapter)