MTL - Card - C.574 Shadow BeeMar 06, 2023

MTL - Card

C.574 Shadow BeeMar 06, 2023

Chen Mu couldn't understand what the ghost girl said about the shadow bee, but the attacking surname of this little guy in front of him was obvious. Moreover, how can a creature that can make the devil girl so nervous? The terrifying speed just now had made his nerves highly tense.

With a flower in front of him, he lost the figure of the other party again, and he was suddenly shocked.

Almost subconsciously, his figure moved at the same time, and a cold light flashed away from the position he was standing just now.

So fast!

Chen Mu felt a chill in his heart, if it wasn't for the fact that he just broke through, and if it wasn't for the early warning effect of the zero-type state, he would be separated from the body just this moment! The place where the cold light flashed was exactly where his throat was just now. Before entering the Federation, even in the depths of the jungle, beasts that could threaten him were relatively rare.

Unexpectedly, the first living creature encountered in Baiyuan was so terrifying! He now believes that no one can walk out of Baiyuan as the devil girl said. Compared with the snow bat, which is famous for its speed, the speed of the shadow bee is several times faster.

too fast!

A cold light flashed against Chen Mu's chest, the biting chill and murderous aura made his hair stand on end, and at this time, he lost the trace of the other party again!


The devil girl finally made her move, and the black vine in her hand rolled into a ball, blocking the shadow bee.

Chen Mu was stunned. At this moment, he felt that death was so close to him that he passed by absence.

Ding Ding Ding!

The devil girl was in a state of embarrassment, and the black vine in her hand couldn't keep up with the fast and unparalleled rhythm of the shadow bee, and she was in danger.

Chen Mu's spirit was unprecedentedly concentrated, all distracting thoughts, all fears disappeared at this moment, and there was only that elusive afterimage in his eyes.

I don't know if it was because of his concentration, Chen Mu found that in the zero state, he could barely keep up with the speed of this shadow bee!

It's so fast!

Even if Chen Mu could barely keep up with its speed, he still couldn't attack him. The speed that the energy body is proud of is dwarfed by this creature that is only born for speed.

There was no hesitation, in fact, there was no room for him to hesitate. Every second, this terrifying creature can launch dozens of attacks! He had never seen such an attack frequency.

【Chessing cage thousand cuts】!

In an instant, at the same time as those black and white energy beads filled with daggers appeared, the blazing rays of light lit up, and countless thin and criss-crossed beams formed a dense light cage!

Unprecedentedly dense light cage, the number of beams hit a record high since Chen Mu used the [Bipolar Card]. A large number of beams cut the space into countless smaller spaces. Between square inches, murderous aura!

Chen Mu used all his strength without reservation! He dare not have any reservations!

The dense light cage, as if woven from countless tiny gold threads, is suspended in mid-air, as delicate as a work of art.

In the light cage, a half-fist-sized creature froze there, and it was penetrated by dozens of beams all over its body. At this time, Chen Mu could clearly see the whole picture of the shadow bee. It is much larger than ordinary bees. Different from the spikes on the tail of other bees, its tail is a thin black blade seven or eight centimeters long, which makes it look extremely ferocious and fierce.


With a light sound, the Shadow Bee was dismembered into dozens of pieces and scattered on the ground.

The two looked at each other in dismay.

"How much of this stuff is there?" Chen Mu tried his best to keep his voice calm.

The devil girl was panting. Although the battle just now was short, her physical and mental consumption was astonishing. When her breathing calmed down, she spoke slowly: "Shadow Bee, its dangerous surname ranks 17th in the biographies that Baiyuan has discovered."

"Seventeenth..." Chen Mu swallowed hard.

The devil girl looked at Chen Mu: "What's worse, they live in groups." Then she added: "No one has been to the depths of Baiyuan, and no one knows what will happen here."

Now Chen Mu didn't know what to say, his face was very ugly. Such a terrifying speed killer still lives in groups! In that illustrated book, it was only ranked seventeenth! God, doesn't that mean that there are at least sixteen more difficult guys waiting for them?

The devil girl is still repeatedly emphasizing that they are still in the depths of Baiyuan, and there are countless unknown and terrifying creatures here that have not been recorded in the illustrated book!

That is to say, they may encounter far more than sixteen more powerful creatures!

Chen Mu's extremely ugly face became even more ugly.

"This **** place!"

Chen Mu, who had always been calm and composed, couldn't bear it any longer and cursed loudly.

seven days later.

Chen Mu carefully handled the wounds on his body. There were seven or eight wounds on his chest and back. A few wounds have begun to scab, and in a few wounds, black and red residual blood can still be seen. There was no moving expression on his face. In the past few days, injuries have long been commonplace.

"Have you collected all the materials?" He asked the devil girl while applying the wound medicine. This is their temporary camp. Chen Mu puts everything he carries here, and he doesn't need to worry about losing it.

"All together." The devil girl showed a bit of joy.

Chen Mu also showed some anticipation. There are several wounds on his body from helping the Devil Girl collect materials. Now the two of them are trapped in the depths of Baiyuan, and if they don't want to die, they have no choice but to support each other. This has also led to a dramatic improvement in the relationship between the two. At least the devil girl will take the initiative to apply the wound medicine to Chen Mu, which is the best proof.

Helping her to collect materials is to be able to use the star vine that was collected at the tuyere. The black vine used by the devil girl is too weak in front of these powerful creatures, and she urgently needs more powerful weapons. Sky Star Vine can meet her needs, but to make it into a card requires a lot of materials. But fortunately, this is Baiyuan. Although there are as many beasts as the hair of a cow, there are also as many rare materials as the hair of a cow.

The devil girl uses perception when she uses the black vine, which Chen Mu knew when she saw her for the first time. He remembered the time she turned the card into a filament, and he thought it was like magic. But now I know that it is also a kind of card.

The original card technology of Baiyuanfu was passed down from the Federation, but with the passage of time, the wise ones among them developed their own unique card system. At this time, their card system was far from the most popular Vancente system in the Federation. This is directly related to the unique environment of Baiyuanfu.

Although it didn't take many days to arrive at Baiyuan, Chen Mu had already keenly felt the difference between the two.

This is especially true for materials. The materials of Baiyuanfu are uniquely endowed. Because they do not rely on light energy, but rely on geothermal energy to draw energy, their bodies are filled with countless fine-grained channels similar to venation grids. It is the existence of these channel networks that makes them very susceptible to perception.

Devil Girl's perception is not strong, if she is in the Federation, she is just a poor card repair.

However, the black vine was in her hand, like an extension of her body, and she could control it freely. Not only does she know how to control it physically, but she also knows how to use perception to aid control. To a certain extent, the black vine on her hand is like the energy glove on Chen Mu's hand. It's just that one is naturally grown and the other is made by humans.

Combine that with her terrifying skills and great speed, and her natural use of darkness, and she's terrifyingly scary. What dazzled Chen Mu the most was the incredible skills of the Devil Girl. A completely different style from Weah's cardless flow, it is more flexible, unpredictable, and not known for its strength. But one thing remains the same, these skills also require the accumulation of many generations to form such a perfect system.

The devil girl's expression was very pious, and she patiently soaked the sky star vine with various solutions. Although this method looks very primitive, in Chen Mu's opinion, there is no essential difference between his handling of materials when making cards.

This process requires a lot of patience, before and after processing, and it took a total of fifteen days. It took a full thirty-one processing methods to finally complete it.

When Chen Mu took a closer look at the freshly-baked celestial vine, he was stunned to discover that the celestial vine itself had structures like textures. In other words, it is a natural card machine! Subsequent processing only makes this advantage more prominent. This can not help but let Chen Mu sigh greatly.

In his opinion, this is indeed a unique place in Baiyuan Mansion. However, these natural card devices make Baiyuanfu's card system in a rather primitive state. They don't need to study more advanced textures at all, nature has given them the best gift, they just need to use it well.

The only thing that surprised Chen Mu was that the devil girl was able to turn it into a card.

This seemingly magical change was the only place that surprised Chen Mu. Unfortunately, this change is far beyond his current cognition. And when asked about the devil girl, she didn't know why she did only knew that it was passed down from her ancestors. This also caused Chen Mu to put away his underestimation. Those people who were full of great wisdom in ancient times always had their own uniqueness.

With the Tianxing Vine, the devil girl is even more powerful, and her strength has risen sharply.

The two began to explore the direction outside Baiyuan little by little, encountering battles along the way. But for the two, there was no retreat. Unless you are willing to be a savage here for a lifetime, you can only kill it bit by bit.

The devil girl is unwilling to be a savage, and Chen Mu is also unwilling!

In this world where there is only killing, the two keep fighting to survive and go out.

On the thirtieth day, the two moved forward a lot. Chen Mu has added many wounds to his body, but he is now used to it. Now he looks more agile and murderous, like a sharp weapon out of the sheath, making no secret of his edge.

The devil girl stood quietly beside Chen Mu, and the star vine was wrapped around her like a snake.

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