MTL - Ci Jinzhi - C.153 who I amAug 11, 2023

MTL - Ci Jinzhi

C.153 who I amAug 11, 2023

Chapter 153 Who Am I

His voice was very soft, but without any hesitation.

Xin You's eyes turned cold, and she met his eyes.

His gaze is calm and calm, making it unpredictable.

Xin You struggled for a moment, then calmed down: "Why did Mr. He say that? I'm not Kou Qingqing, who is it?"

He Qingxiao looked at the girl who was calm on the surface but had resistance written all over her hair, her eyes softened, but the words she said made Xinyou feel as if she had fallen into an ice cave.

"What is your relationship with Empress Xin?"

The candlelight flickered, coating the girl's pale face with a layer of yellow.

Xin You's fingertips trembled, trying to hold it hard, but it was numb due to the cold.

She wasn't sure how much the other party knew, and she was weighing between denying it to the death and provoking it.

But she had to admit that when she had an intersection with Jinlinwei and came into the sight of the governor of Jinlinwei, he was destined to become a big stone on the road of revenge.

The first encounter is the beginning of trouble.

He Qingxiao knew that she would face her cold resistance if she spoke out tonight, but she was still stabbed by her eyes at this moment.

When he was doing this job, he met countless disgusting and hateful eyes, and he could turn a blind eye to it, but it turned out that she was different.

But he had to go on.

" the hermitage of Empress Xin?"

Xin You was shocked and looked at him expressionlessly.

He Qingxiao went on self-consciously: "Originally, because Ms. Kou paid special attention to Wanyang, I guessed that Ms. Kou's father's death might not be an accident, so I sent someone to investigate in the south. Later, I found out that the Zhou Tong family that Ms. Kou came into contact with came from Wanyang. Yang moved to the capital..."

Xin You listened to He Qingxiao silently, feeling something was wrong.

At this time, whoever speaks first, who speaks more, is equivalent to turning over the cards to the opponent first.

It is impossible for He Qingxiao not to know this truth.

Why did he do this?

She raised her eyes and stared at his face.

He Qingxiao's eyes moved slightly, and he continued: "Miss Kou pays special attention to Guchangbo Mansion, and Zhou Tong has also been to Guchangbo Mansion. Zhou Tong has been in Wanyang for many years, and his position is humble, so he would not have anything to do with Guchangbo Mansion. Miss Kou, an orphan who lives in her ancestral home, has no reason to be involved with Guchangbo's mansion."

"Is there any more?" Xin You asked.

At this point, she no longer guessed randomly, and simply waited for the other party to clarify.

"Also—" He Qingxiao looked at her, "Someone from Guchangbo Mansion went to Wanyang in early summer."

After hearing this, Xin You didn't change a bit, and just waited quietly for him to continue.

"It's unlikely that these things are a coincidence. What's there in Wanyang?" He Qingxiao paused, then continued, "I sent people to the south to investigate for so long, but they didn't find anything about Miss Kou's father. A tragedy was discovered by accident."

Xin You's eyes tightened, and she squeezed her fingertips together.

"According to the people in the nearby villages, there are some people who live in the mountains and occasionally walk outside. Most of these people are women, who know medical skills and have helped many people. When someone takes the initiative to seek medical treatment in the mountains, they cannot be found. Traces..." He Qingxiao said what he had found, "Judging from the time when these people appeared and their various behaviors, they looked like Empress Xin who had been missing for many years."

Xin You lowered his eyes slightly.

It turns out that there are still people who remember my mother's good deeds.

He Qingxiao was silent for a moment, and finally it was time to tell the truth: "Miss Kou came to Beijing at the age of 12, and she seldom stepped out of Shaoqing's mansion. When she lived in other places, she was just a well-behaved lady. But the girl Kou in front of me is outstanding in martial arts, good at Disguising, even knowing physiognomy. Everything is unreasonable, no matter how bizarre the answer is, I can only accept it. The girl Kou in front of me is not Kou Qingqing, but probably a survivor of the tragedy in the valley."

Xin You half-cast her eyes and understood.

He Qingxiao has no evidence that the person buried in the valley is his mother at this time, and he is also guessing about her identity as a survivor of the tragedy.

She buried her mother and the others with her own hands, and it was difficult to have evidence to prove her mother's identity.

And when the results of the investigation point to a conclusion, even if there is no evidence, it will not change his mind.

What Xin You didn't understand was the reason why he said these things when there was no conclusive evidence, which would undoubtedly make him fall into a passive position.

Xin You looked at the person in front of her.

His eyes were gentle and clean.

Xin You's heart skipped a beat.

Maybe—she doesn't have to hide it to the end?

He Qingxiao is the governor of Jinlinwei Town, and will report to the emperor if he finds out these things. He took the initiative to say this to her, which in itself represented an attitude.

A somewhat inclined attitude toward her.

Xin You quickly made a decision.

She's taking a gamble.

There is never a perfect solution in this world, and some choices are made by judging the situation.

"It seems that nothing can be hidden from Mr. He. I am indeed a survivor of the tragedy in the valley."

Xin You's acknowledgment caused He Qingxiao's eyes to become turbulent, and there were countless questions he wanted to ask her.

Xin You is very straightforward: "If you want to ask Mr. He, just ask."

"What's the name of the girl?"

This question made Xinyou take a deep look at him: "My baby name is Ayou."

Ayou—He Qingxiao looked a little uncomfortable.

This title is too intimate...

The girl opposite obviously did not reveal her full name.

He Qingxiao has never felt so sad before. After considering it over and over again, he tentatively asked: "Then I will call you Miss Youyou from now on?"

Pomelo girl?

The corners of Xinyou's mouth moved.

Fortunately, my mother didn't give her a weirder name.

"Master He, please call me Miss Kou, at least for now I need this identity."

He Qingxiao breathed a sigh of relief, and then asked: "Is it Empress Xin who had the accident in the valley?"

Xin You nodded slightly.

The speculation was confirmed, He Qingxiao was not happy.

Both of his parents died since he was a child. Although there are many servants in the Hou Mansion, they are separated from everyone's hearts. The only one who has family affection is Aunt Gui.

Aunt Gui was specially sent by Empress Xin to take care of him because of his loneliness.

He heard a lot about Empress Xin from Aunt Gui, and deep down in his heart, he respected Empress Xin as his father.

Therefore, when he investigated the tragedy in the valley and found out that it was probably the reclusive Queen Xin, his first thought was not to report to the emperor, but to talk to Miss Kou.

Even if there is no coincidence tonight, he is going to find her tomorrow.

He Qingxiao's reaction stunned Xin You.

Is Mr. He sad for your mother's death?

This discovery warmed her cold heart.

She seems to bet right.

"Then what is your relationship with Empress Xin?"

Xin You was silent for a while, and said softly: "My mother is Empress Xin's maid. Empress Xin has always treated me like a daughter. I escaped by luck, and I came to Beijing to find the murderer who killed Empress Xin and my mother. "

He Qingxiao looked into her eyes and asked a crucial question: "Empress Xin was pregnant when she left the palace, did she give birth to a prince?"

The people sent by Guchangbo Mansion have not returned to the capital so far, and they seem to be looking for someone.

And his people accidentally learned that among those people living in the mountains there was a young man, who was considered the right age.

(end of this chapter)