MTL - Ci Jinzhi - C.154 good first encounterAug 11, 2023

MTL - Ci Jinzhi

C.154 good first encounterAug 11, 2023

Xin You's eyelashes trembled slightly, and she nodded: "Yes, Aunt Xin gave birth to a son, and we grew up together."

Seeing the surprise in He Qingxiao's eyes, she twitched the corners of her mouth: "Your Excellency, you don't think I'm called Aunt Xin, Empress Dowager? Although my mother is Aunt Xin's maid, Aunt Xin has never been condescending. Know Aunt Xin's true identity."

"The prince—"

Xin You interrupted He Qingxiao's words: "It's fine for Master He to call him Mr. Xin. Aunt Xin has long since abandoned her identity as empress, and Mr. Xin doesn't care to be a prince after knowing his background."

He Qingxiao followed the good advice and changed his address: "When the accident happened, was Mr. Xin in the valley?"

"Not here, Mr. Xin happened to go out."

"and you-"

He Qingxiao would like to ask, Mr. Xin escaped a catastrophe because he went out, how did you survive. But looking at the girl's cold and clear eyes, he swallowed the words that came to his lips.

Originally, what he wanted to know was the identity of the valley victim and the situation of the prince. As for the rest, it is just a curiosity that everyone has.

Don't even need to think about it, it must be her deepest pain, why should he expose the scars.

"After the accident, have you seen Mr. Xin?"

"I haven't seen you again, and I don't want to see you again. I just hope that Mr. Xin will be fine and nothing will happen."

Speaking of this, Xin You looked deeply at the man in front of him: "Master He, are you looking for Mr. Xin?"

He Qingxiao didn't hide anything: "I ordered to find survivors."

Through the behavior of those people in Guchangbo Mansion, he speculated that the boy might have survived, but it was not confirmed until now.

"Find Mr. Xin, what will Mr. He plan to do?"

He Qingxiao unconsciously frowned: "Mr. Xin is the empress's son, so he should be the only direct prince of Daxia—"

"So Master He will report to the emperor?"

"In his position, seek his own government."

"Then why hasn't Mr. He reported what he found to the emperor?"

"There is no evidence to confirm the identity of the victim in the valley, and there is no evidence to point out that the Guchangbo Mansion is the perpetrator. It is not appropriate to report rashly regarding the Queen, Concubine Shu, and King Qing." He Qingxiao said frankly.

Among other things, if he sent someone to stare at Prince Qing's ancestral home without any evidence, he might be hit back severely by Concubine Shu.

Although he is the Jin Linwei who is the emperor's eyes and ears, King Qing is the emperor's preferred heir. Coupled with his embarrassing background, one carelessness will set him on fire.

"Also, I want to talk to Miss Kou first to hear what you think."

The last sentence eased Xinyou's tense expression.

"Just now Master He mentioned that there is no evidence that the Guchangbo Mansion is the perpetrator. Does this mean that Master He actually suspects them?" Xin You asked tentatively.

She didn't know how much Master He would confess to her.

"People from Guchangbo Mansion went to Wanyang, and they have been operating within the valley as the center."

"Are they looking for Mr. Xin?" Xin You blurted out.

The people who traveled south with Chang Liang have not returned for a long time, and they are indeed looking for her.

Fortunately, she always wears men's clothing when she walks outside. People outside the mountain who know that Mother and the others exist will only think that she is Mother's son.

The people sent by Gu Changbo probably didn't know of her existence until some time after the attack, so they stayed to find someone and sent Chang Liang back to Beijing to report.

The reason why Xin You judged this way was because no one was ambushing her when she returned to the valley, so she successfully buried her mother and the others.

If those people knew that there was another Mr. Xin before they acted, it would be impossible to make such a mistake.

"Master He talked with me, what do you plan to do in the future?"

"Miss Kou, what are your plans?"

With his frank confession first, Xin You is also ready to show some sincerity.

It should be said that at this point, she needs his cooperation.

"Master He also said that it is not appropriate to report rashly. After all, those people hold a special weight in the emperor's heart. What if it is the other way around?"

"in turn?"

Xin You quietly rubbed her cold fingers, suppressed the pain in her stomach, and said calmly: "If the emperor wants to investigate Wanyang on his own initiative, and then orders Master He to investigate, wouldn't that be logical?"

There was surprise in He Qingxiao's eyes.

Miss Kou means, is there a way for the emperor to take the initiative to notice?

"If this is the case, it will naturally be logical."

Even if there is still no conclusive evidence at that time, what he found now can be used as information from a new investigation and reported to the emperor.

Sometimes, evidence is not the most important. What the emperor will do depends on how important the queen and King Qing are in his heart.

"I have a way, but it will take some time."

Despite this guess, He Qingxiao still raised his eyebrows when Xin You said it with certainty.

Xin You looked at him, with pleading eyes in her clear eyes: "Master He, can you wait for a while?"

"How long to wait?"

"Years ago."

He Qingxiao couldn't help but bend the corners of her lips.

She seems to like to put things forward.

And now, it's November, of course he can wait.


Hearing his promise, Xin You relaxed a lot: "Is there anything else you want to ask, Mr. He?"

He Qingxiao hesitated for a moment, then nodded slightly: "There are more."

Xin You waited for him to continue, and already had guesses in his mind.

What Mr. He wants to ask is the real girl Kou, right?

Sure enough, he heard him ask: "How did you become Kou Qingqing? The real Kou girl...where is she buried?"

Xin You had anticipated the first question, but was surprised by the second.

It is not surprising that Mr. He speculates that Kou Qingqing is no longer alive, but why does he think she knows where Kou Qingqing is buried?

Suppressing doubts, Xin You answered the first question: "It's not that I want to be Kou Qingqing, but people from the Shaoqing Mansion approached me and regarded me as Kou Qingqing."

His eyes fell gently on her face.

Xin You brushed her cheek with her hand, and smiled: "Is it an unbelievable coincidence, this is indeed my face, not deliberately disguised as Kou Qingqing."

She and Kou Qingqing are at least eight points alike.

Now that I think about it, how much people in the Shaoqing Mansion should have ignored Kou Qingqing, this eight-point portrait can be very useful.

He Qingxiao nodded unconsciously.

It was indeed a coincidence.

He thought she was disguised as Kou Qingqing, so that she could gain a foothold in this capacity.

Xin You also thought of this, and asked: "Master He asked me where Kou Qingqing was buried, because he thought I saw the dead Kou Qingqing, and then disguised herself as her?"

"There is such a guess."

Xin You pursed her lips and asked, "Master He will not suspect that I killed Kou Qingqing in order to replace him?"

He Qingxiao quickly realized: she was angry.

He paused, and said frankly: "I didn't doubt it that much. When I first saw Miss Kou, I smelled the smell of corpses when I approached. This means that the deceased that Miss Kou approached has been dead for some time."

Xin You: "..." What a wonderful first meeting.