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C.160 Princess XuanAug 11, 2023

Chapter 160 Princess Xuan

King Qing grabbed the wine glass and threw it at it, but He Qingxiao didn't hide.

The wine glass hit his forehead, and blood dripped down instantly.

"Miss Kou?"

"Oh, Mr. He eats vegetables." Xin You casually put the shredded red tripe in He Qingxiao's bowl, and then realized that this gesture was a bit too intimate.

Fortunately, she only moved the chopsticks.

"Thank you." He Qingxiao expressed his thanks calmly, but his heart moved slightly.

Xin You drank tea and carefully recalled the scene just now.

It seems to be at a banquet, and the scale is not small, because the time is too short, and there will be no more clues.

Xin You looked at the person opposite.

Maybe because he is not in a hurry, he does not eat fast, so he looks elegant and comfortable.

Oh, I don't seem to be comfortable...

He Qingxiao was indeed a little uncomfortable.

Anyone who is stared at by the person he cares about while eating can hardly feel at ease.

"Miss Kou, do you have anything else to say?" He simply put down his chopsticks and looked at her with warm and clear eyes.

Xin You hesitated for a moment, but couldn't help but said, "Master He may be in a bloodbath recently."

Although I saw the scene of him having a **** disaster before, he avoided it in the end, so her reminder may not be necessary.

But what if?

Xin You didn't want to deceive herself, she didn't want to see him get hurt, especially the conflict with the prince.

"The disaster of blood and light—" He Qingxiao seriously asked for advice, "Then is there anything I need to pay attention to?"

His attitude is so correct, but it makes Xin You feel weird.

"If there is a banquet in the near future, Mr. He had better avoid it."

Xin You just reminded her that when she returned to the bookstore, she would receive an invitation card.

A simple and exquisite post, from the Princess Palace.

Princess Zhaoyang is about to hold a 40th birthday banquet, and Ms. Kou is specially invited to the banquet.

Placing one hand on the invitation card, Xin You thought of He Qingxiao.

Princess Zhaoyang's birthday party, will he post a post?

If so, then the scene in the picture should have happened at this banquet, right?

He Qingxiao and Xin You went back to the yamen after parting, and when the yamen returned to Changle Hou Mansion, they did receive an invitation from the Chang Princess Mansion.

Xin You's words were naturally remembered again.

Miss Kou is really clever.

At this moment, He Qingxiao was suddenly curious about how she grew up.

And... who she really is...

He Qingxiao stared at the post for a while, and ordered the servant to prepare clothes for him to go to the banquet.

Some banquets cannot be avoided.

On this day, there were still many people from the palace who received the post from the eldest princess' mansion. All the mansions attached great importance to it and prepared for the banquet early.

Xin You didn't go out much for the next few days, and hid in the warm pavilion to silently write the story behind "Journey to the West".

Soon it will be the day to go to the banquet.

It was very cold, and the knife-like wind was mixed with snow particles, which made it uncomfortable to blow on people's faces.

Xiao Lian picked out an extra thick snow fox fur cloak to cover Xin You tightly, and put a warm hand stove in her hand.

"You should also wear more." Xin You urged.

"The servant girl is not cold." Xiao Lian stomped her feet to step on a thin layer of snow and frost on the ground, her whole body exuded vitality.

In her opinion, the girl helped her family get back most of the family's wealth, and also asked the old man to divorce the old wife, which can be regarded as avenging the girl who died in vain, so she felt relieved all of a sudden.

The two of them got into the carriage and headed for the princess mansion.

People from the Princess's Mansion were waiting at the door early to welcome the guests.

Xin You got out of the carriage, and the aunt in charge who had been to the Shaoqing Mansion came over immediately.

"Miss Kou is here."

Xin You slightly bent her knees: "Aunt Liu."

"Miss Kou, please come in, Your Royal Highness has always been thinking about you."

Aunt Liu's words fell into the ears of the guests present, and some of them looked at Xin You more eagerly.

Born in a family of officials, although both parents died, he was favored by the eldest princess and had a huge fortune. This condition is very exciting.

The guests invited by the Eldest Princess were mostly female relatives, and many of them immediately decided to find a chance to chat with Miss Kou.

Xin You followed Aunt Liu to meet Princess Zhaoyang.

"I have met Her Royal Highness the Eldest Princess."

Before Princess Zhaoyang could speak, the girl next to her ran over and grabbed Xin You's hand affectionately: "Sister Kou, I haven't seen you for a long time."

The little girl who was so frightened before seemed to have completely recovered her lively nature.

"How is Miss Kong?" Xin You asked with a smile.

She didn't deliberately soften her voice, and her attitude towards Kong Fu was similar to that of her peers, which made Kong Fu feel fresh and comfortable, and felt that her sister in front of her was getting closer.

"Mother, can I take Sister Kou to see the little boar?"

Princess Zhaoyang looked helpless: "You can take Miss Kou to the Plum Garden."

There is still some time before the luncheon, the guests who came earlier will either get together to drink tea to connect with each other, or take a walk in the place specially opened for guests in the Princess Palace.

"But Plum Garden is not as interesting as watching the little pig." Kong Fu looked up and asked Xin You, "Sister Kou, where do you want to go?"

Xin You smiled: "I also want to see the little boar."

It seems that Miss Kong has completely got rid of the shadow of the wild boar, which makes her happy.

Princess Zhaoyang sees that Xinyou is willing, so naturally she won't stop her.

Kong Fu took Xin You's hand all the way and went straight to the West Garden.

There are four little piglets in total. They are said to be small boars, and their size has nothing to do with cuteness.

Kong Fu didn't approach either, and introduced the names of the four boars to Xin You through the fence: "That one is called Bai Da, and that one is called Bai Er..."

"Because it came from Bailu Mountain?"

Kong Fu smiled and rolled her eyes: "Sister Kou is really smart!"

After looking at the wild boar for a while, Kong Fu took Xinyou to play in the plum garden.

The plum grove in the Princess's mansion occupies a large area. It is not yet the plum blossom period, but many wintersweet trees are in bloom, golden yellow, like butterflies spreading their wings.

Xin You and Kong Fu came from the West Garden. Unlike the guests who came directly to Meilin, they entered from the other end.

Not long after the two had left, they saw a pair of young men and women walking towards this side.

Among them, the man is the eldest prince Xiu Wang, and the girl walking beside him is as beautiful as a willow.

Xiu Wang also saw the two of Xin You, walked over quickly, and greeted Kong Fu first: "Why is Fu'er here?"

Then his eyes fell on Xin You's face, and he nodded with a smile.

Xin You bent her knees: "His Royal Highness Xiu Wang."

"Miss Kou, you don't need to be too polite."

"Big cousin, cousin Xuan, did you come together?"

Xin You looked at the girl whom Kong Fu called "Cousin Xuan".

Looking at it this way, this girl who is about her age should be the eldest princess.

Before when He Qingxiao reminded her not to offend Prince Qing, he had mentioned the prince in the palace in detail, but he did not mention it to the princess.

"We also met." Xiu Wang first introduced Xinyou to the girl, "This is Miss Kou. I don't know if my sister has heard of it. Fu'er was rescued by Miss Kou when she was in danger. The best-selling Beijing dialect book "Painted Skin" It's also sold by Ms. Kou's bookstore..."

The girl looked at Xinyou with some curiosity.

(end of this chapter)