MTL - Ci Jinzhi - C.174 rejectAug 11, 2023

MTL - Ci Jinzhi

C.174 rejectAug 11, 2023

Chapter 174 Denial

Xin You watched the boy for a long time, even Zhang Xu noticed it.

He looked at the boy, although he was also wearing the shirt of a student from the Imperial College, but he didn't recognize him.

"Miss Kou, is there something wrong with that person?"

Hearing Zhang Xu’s question, the others all looked at the young man, and someone recognized him: “Hey, isn’t this Gu Yu? You actually have spare money to buy a book?”

There are quite a few people who know young people, and someone laughed and said, "No way, you don't even have money to buy shoes, so why don't you come to buy a storybook?"

The boy blushed: "I'm here to buy pens and ink..."

These people didn't listen, they were joking and laughing.

The boy looked embarrassed, turned around and left.

"Wait a minute." Came the warm and refreshing voice of the girl behind her.

Xin You walked over quickly, and stopped in front of the young man: "Didn't the distinguished guest want to buy pens and ink?"

Although this young man named Gu Yu is wearing the same clothes as Zhang Xu and others, if you look closely, you can find that the sleeves and neckline have been fluffed and damaged, and the color has been washed white, which shows that his family background is very ordinary.

Guozijian mainly recruits the children of officials and eunuchs, and will also make an exception to admit a very small number of students of ordinary background but excellent grades, and give subsidies. Gu Yu is such a student, so he is known by many people.

At any time, students with outstanding grades always have a stronger sense of presence in the academy.

"I'll come back another day." Gu Yu cupped his hands at Xin You, bypassing her and quickly walked out the door.

Xin You hesitated for a moment, then raised her foot and chased after her.

Zhang Xu and the others in the study hall looked at each other, and finally they all looked at shopkeeper Hu.

Miss Kou, what's going on? Could it be that he fell in love with Gu Yu at first sight?

Although these young people did not ask, shopkeeper Hu understood the meaning from their eyes.

The host family is not attracted to young talents like Mr. He and Marquis Jing'an, but would they fall in love with an ordinary prison student at first sight?

Young people love to fantasize and have sweet dreams!

Outside the door, snow fell again at some point, falling on the roof and the residual snow on the ground, covering the dirt.

"Young Master Gu, please stay."

Gu Yu stopped when she heard the shout and turned around, looking at the chasing girl with doubts in her eyes: "Miss Kou, what's the matter?"

"Where does Young Master Gu live?"

The collapsed house is obviously not the Imperial College, and considering that the students will be on vacation in two days, the most likely place where the incident happened is Gu Yu’s house.

Of course there are other possibilities, but Xin You doesn't have time to carefully recall the details of the picture. "

Facing a beautiful, wealthy girl of similar age, Gu Yu was very sober: "Why does Miss Kou ask me where I live?"

When Xin You chased him out, he thought about starting from the embarrassment of his life as a teenager, and asked him if he needed to take up the odd job of copying, and took advantage of the opportunity to find out where he became a monk.

But Gu Yu's attitude made her change her mind.

This is a somewhat sensitive person. If she raises it rashly, it may make him feel humiliated and make it harder to contact him.

She decided to be more direct: "Actually, besides being the owner of the bookstore, I have another identity."

Gu Yu's expression became even weirder: "I know, Miss Kou is still the cousin girl of the Shaoqing Mansion."

"Well... besides these, I can also read pictures, just like those physicists."

"I do not have money."

The words that the young man blurted out caused both of them to fall into silence.

After a brief silence, Gu Yu tried to explain: "Miss Kou, don't get me wrong, I didn't doubt your intentions, but I really don't have any money."

Xin You: "..."

This feeling of being regarded as a magic stick is still a bit novel.

"I don't charge for reading."

Gu Yu looked at her puzzled.

Xin You sternly said: "I, Mr. Guan Gu, will have a **** disaster, and it will happen when I go home—"

Gu Yu interrupted her before she finished listening: "Sorry, I don't believe this."

"Young Master Gu—"

"As I said, I don't believe this, and I can't afford to be called 'Young Master'. Miss Kou likes to look at the face, so let others see it." After Gu Yu finished speaking, she left without looking back.

Xin You stood where she was, and sighed as she watched the boy's back in a hurry.

It's really fortunate that Gu Changbo's son is Dai Ze, and it will be difficult if he is replaced by Mr. Gu.

"Miss Kou, what happened to that Gu Yu?" Zhang Xu came over and asked.

Xin You looked at the supervisors who came out of the study hall, and smiled politely at Zhang Xu: "Mr. Zhang, do any of you know where Mr. Gu lives?"

Zhang Xu only knew about Gu Yu, so he didn't know where he lived, so he looked at his followers.

Other people look at me and I look at you, obviously they don't know.

One of them hesitated and said: "Wang Tianqi and Gu Yu have a good relationship, I should know, how about I go back and ask him?"

Zhang Xu looked at Xin You: "Miss Kou, what do you ask Gu Yu to do?"

You can’t just fall in love with Gu Yu at first glance, so you want to find him at home?

This thought flashed across, Zhang Xu immediately denied it in his heart.

Impossible, if Miss Kou is so easy to fall in love with, she should fall in love after seeing him, and she can't wait for that poor boy Gu Yu.

Seeing several pairs of eyes waiting eagerly, Xin You smiled and said, "I can only tell Mr. Zhang."

Zhang Xu suddenly felt that Bel had a face, and urged that companion to go back to inquire, and followed Xin You to a convenient place to talk.

"I hope Mr. Zhang can keep it secret."

Zhang Xu immediately patted his chest and promised.

"Young Master Gu had a **** disaster recently, so it should be at his home. Qingsong Bookstore is located near the Imperial College, and the business is well taken care of by the supervisors. I really can't bear to see young students lose their lives..."

Zhang Xu looked surprised: "Miss Kou, do you know how to read faces?"

"Slightly understand."

"Then show me."

Xin You took a deep look at Zhang Xu: "Young Master Zhang has been relatively smooth recently."

Zhang Xu didn't quite believe that Xin You could read faces, so he burst out laughing when he heard the words: "Give me a good word from Miss Kou."

Xin You saw that he didn't believe it and didn't care, so she also pursed her lips and smiled.

The superintendent who ran back found a classmate who had a good relationship with Gu Yu, and sure enough, he asked, and ran back without making Xin You wait too long.

Hearing his address, Xin You thanked: "When the second volume of "Journey to the West" comes out, I will give each of the young masters a copy."

A book of stories is not worth much, but it is not a matter of money if you can get it in advance. Zhang Xu never forgot Dai Ze's show off in front of him when he got the second volume of "Painted Skin" ahead of time.

At this moment, Zhang Xu doesn't think it's a shortcoming for Miss Kou to pretend to be a magic stick, this girl can handle things!

"Then we will wait."

Walking on the way back to the Imperial Academy, a few teenagers asked Zhang Xu, "Brother Zhang, what did Miss Kou say when she took you aside? Why does she care so much about Gu Yu?"

When Zhang Xu thought about Xin You's words, he was happy again: "Miss Kou said—no, I promise not to spread the word."

But Ms. Kou said that she can read faces, which is so fun!

When the others saw Zhang Xu, they laughed from time to time, and they were even more concerned.

"Brother Zhang, just talk about it, we promise not to spread it."

"Then you can't tell others."

"Absolutely not."

Zhang Xu was actually feeling uncomfortable, and he quickly said it when he got the guarantee: "Miss Kou said she can read physiognomy, and she also said that Gu Yu would have a **** disaster."

"Can read pictures? Hahahaha, I laughed so hard..."

Several teenagers walked away laughing and laughing.

Xiao Lian walked up to Xin You, and asked in a low voice, "Girl, is Mr. Gu in danger?"

Xin You looked at Xiaolian.

Xiao Lian pursed her lips and smiled: "As soon as the servant girl heard the comments of those prison students, she felt that the girl should have seen something wrong from the faces of the prison students—"

Otherwise, would it really be like what those people thought, thinking that the girl was interested in the supervisor with the surname Gu?

Phew! Her girl is a fairy daughter in the sky, no one is worthy of her!

In front of Xiao Lian, Xin You had nothing to hide: "That's true, the supervisor named Gu Yu will have his life in danger. Xiao Lian, you go and arrange a car, let's go to Gu Yu's house and have a look."

Xiao Lian quickly called the coachman, and the road to Gu Yu's house was a bit rough: "That Gu Yu doesn't know good people at all, girl, you are just too kind."

"It's not just for him." Xin You closed her eyes, a **** picture appeared in her mind, "There are many others."

(end of this chapter)