MTL - Ci Jinzhi

C.175 natural disasterAug 11, 2023

Chapter 175 Natural Disasters

Xin You said the last sentence very softly, Xiao Lian didn't hear clearly, and she closed her eyes and calmed down.

Gu Yu's home is a little far away from the Imperial College. Xin You closed her eyes not to refresh her mind, but to take advantage of this time to recall the tragic scene repeatedly in order to grasp more clues.

"Girl, I can't get in." The coachman stopped the carriage.

Xiao Lian helped Xin You out of the carriage, and let out a low exclamation.

What came into view was a large area of ​​dilapidated houses, low and compact, with sewage flowing through the snow on the ground, winding out traces.

The Kou family is wealthy, and when they enter Beijing and live in the Shaoqing Mansion, their life is not bad. Xiao Lian has never been to such a place.

Xiao Lian raised her foot, then retracted it, silently lifting the hem of the cloak for Xin You.

Because it was snowing, there was no such scene of neighbors gathering outside to chat. Occasionally, someone hurried past and cast curious glances at Xin You.

"Girl, do you want to ask someone?"

Although there is a specific address, it is not easy to find Gu Yu's house in the face of these chaotic alleys and similar houses with minor differences.

Xin You shook her head: "No, let's walk around casually."

It is really easy to find someone to inquire about, but at her age, it is inevitable that people will guess her relationship with Gu Yu.

Different from the bookstore, this is Gu Yu's home, the place where he lived since he was a child, rumors and gossip will affect him.

Xin You didn't explain this to Xiao Lian, and walked forward holding the hem of her skirt.

Her memory and sense of direction are good, so she should be able to find the place where Gu Yu had an accident based on the picture.

"Girl, watch your step."

Xin You put all her attention on the comparison between the picture and the foreground in front of her eyes. Even if Xiao Lian reminded her, she still stepped on the sewage.

"It's really hard to walk here." Xiaolian felt sorry for Xinyou, and complained a little.

Xin You stared intently at the wall in front of her and the discolored wooden door.

It should be this one.

The height of this section of the wall and the red brick mixed in with the adobe bricks are all the same as in the picture.

At this moment, the wooden door opened, and a woman came out.

The woman looks beautiful, and the years have left traces of hard work on her.

Xin You blinked slightly.

A new picture appeared, similar to when Gu Yu had an accident, except that Gu Yu was standing under the wall outside the courtyard, and the woman was trapped inside.

Seeing Xin You, the woman was a little curious: "Is there something wrong, girl?"

Obviously, in the eyes of women, Xinyou is out of place here.

"My cat jumped out of the car suddenly and ran in here, but it couldn't be found. Did you see it?" Xin You looked anxious.

"No." The woman put down the bucket she was carrying and walked to the opposite door, "Don't worry, girl, I'll ask your neighbors."

The woman patted on the neighbor's door, and a young woman with a baby came out from the opposite side: "Auntie, what's the matter?"

Xin You turned pale when she saw the young woman appear.

It is still a picture of a collapsed house. The young woman is slightly arched and pressed underneath. The child she is holding tightly in her arms is the child she is holding in her arms at the moment.

The young woman looked like she was dying, and the toddler was crying.

Xin You could only see the picture but not hear the sound, but the way the child was crying in the picture let her know that the crying must be heartbreaking.

The woman pointed to Xinyou and explained: "This girl lost her cat, and she said she ran into our place by watching it. I think she is very anxious, so I asked for help."

"No." The young woman looked back at her yard subconsciously, and hugged the child up, "Didn't Zhang Bo's family raise a cat, would they run into his house and play together?"

"I'll ask."

Xin You watched the woman call out another old man.

The old man glanced at Xinyou and shook his head: "I didn't see it. Our cat catches mice, and we can't play with cats from rich families."

It seemed that he was worried about being suspected and getting into trouble, the old man took another look at Xin You, and quickly closed the door.

Xin You lowered her eyes to cover her surging emotions.

The place where Uncle Zhang had an accident was in the courtyard. I don’t know if the house was stronger than others or because of luck, the main house didn’t collapse, only the kitchen built in the courtyard collapsed. He was frightened and fell and was injured, so there was no fear of his life.

Seeing the woman and asking other people for help, Xiao Lian was a little embarrassed, so she couldn't help but look at Xin You.

Xin You didn't intend to stop her.

She needs to see more people to infer more information.

There are no secrets in such a place, and soon everyone in the neighborhood knows that a lady's cat has been lost. Some people joined the cat-hunting team out of enthusiasm, and more people thought that there would be rewards for finding cats.

Xin You had watched too much, and she had seen enough, her face was so ugly that Xiao Lian was worried.

"Girl, are you okay?"

"It's okay. You go and talk to the aunt and the others, and we will look elsewhere."

Xiao Lian said it in the past, the woman came over and tried to persuade: "Girl, you should go home earlier, it has been snowing, you are not familiar with this place..."

This is a tactful reminder to Xin You that it is not safe for the two little girls to be outside all the time.

Xin You raised her head slightly, looking at the gray sky.

The heavy snow was pouring down, and there was no intention of stopping at all.

Yeah, it's been snowing...

After thanking the people who were looking for the cat, Xin You stepped on the snow and got into the carriage.

"Girl—" Xiao Lian hesitated to speak, feeling uneasy.

Having been with Xin You for a long time, she knew something big was about to happen.

Xin You leaned against the wall of the car with a solemn expression: "Most of the people I met just now are in danger of their lives."

Xiao Lian turned pale: "So many? Girl, what should I do?"

"let me see."

From those pictures, it can be speculated that a small earthquake should have occurred at that time, and the cause of the collapse—

Xin You raised the curtains of the car and looked at the snow flying all over the sky.

Slight ground shaking can cause some objects to fall at most, and the heavy snow that doesn't stop at all is probably the main reason.

How to save these people?

Xin You held the hand stove that was only warm in both hands and thought about it.

Reporting to officials will definitely not work. Officials will not use her words to mobilize people, but will only mislead people with her words.

Master He should believe her, but he is Jin Linwei, the most suitable excuse to evacuate those people is to use the name of hunting fugitives, which will bring him big trouble.

Xin You thought about it, but it's safest to rely on herself.

Guozijian will have a holiday on the tenth day of the junior high school. It can be seen from the screen that the incident occurred in the early morning, which is a day on the tenth or eleventh day of the junior high school.

And today is the seventh day of the lunar new year, and tomorrow is Laba.

Xin You got an idea in her heart, and went back to the bookstore to explain.

It was snowing all the time, and there were not many customers in the bookstore in the afternoon. Liu Zhou was free to run errands. Captain Yang brought a lot of guards to buy according to Xin You's orders. Xiao Lian was not idle, and went straight to a rice shop belonging to Miss Kou. and go.

(end of this chapter)