MTL - Garbage Skills Become the Strongest In the Ninja World - C.445 Kozuki Riwa and Kozuki YamatoMar 06, 2023

MTL - Garbage Skills Become the Strongest In the Ninja World

C.445 Kozuki Riwa and Kozuki YamatoMar 06, 2023

Doflamingo followed Uchiha Mai's gaze and looked at Xiao Zi and Yamato on the ground.

had a suspicious look on his face.

Before, Uchiha Mai introduced the identities of two people, the daughter of Kozuki Oden and Kaido's daughter.

Uchiha Mai had a wicked smile on his face, looked up and said to Doflamingo: "I believe you don't care about the throne, I will modify the memories of the two of them, the two of them will get married and become the Don Quixote family. One of the members, Yamato became the general of Wano and entered the Kozuki family."

Uchiha Mai did not continue, but Doflamingo understood.

Uchiha Mai's ability to modify memory is much scarier than sugar.

The ability to use sugar before was because it couldn't solve some troubles, so those people turned into toys and disappeared, but if you can modify the other party's memory, wouldn't it be more useful than the ability of sugar, and you can even let the enemy die for yourself.

Doflamingo looked at Mai Uchiha with vigilance in his eyes.

"Don't think too much, Doflamingo."

Uchiha Mai explained with a light smile: "It is very difficult to modify human memory, it is very difficult for a bully with firm goals like you to be modified, and the organization will not allow me to treat you. Get your hands on it."

Uchiha Mai still has nothing to say, the two people lying on the ground are also very firm.

And he wasn't going to be as serious as Monet.

The human brain and memory are very magical things. Even now, it is very difficult to modify them.

And maybe when it will be restored.

But so what?

The big deal is that there are two more traitors in the Don Quixote family.

Yamato worships Kozuki Oden so much that he thinks he is Oden, and even calls Momanosuke his son in the original work. Now that you are married, she should be very satisfied with marrying Kozuki Oden's daughter.

Anyway, he was raised as a son since he was a child.

Looking at it this way, whether it is from Kaido's point of view to make Yamato the general of the Wano country, or from the perspective of the nationals of the Wano country, let the Kozuki family return as king again, or from the Yamato's point of view, become a member of the Kozuki family. , they were all satisfied, and Uchiha Mai felt that she was really a good person.

By the way, I also met Xiao Zi and Doflamingo.

Doflamingo got the most important mining area in the pirate world, and has the qualification to challenge the Tianlong people and the world government without relying on that secret.

And Xiao Zi, also known as Koyuki Riwa, her wish to let the people of Wano country live a good life can also be realized.

In fact Doflamingo was a good ruler.

Relying on SMILE's profits, when King Dressrosa was on the throne, he became richer several times, and his standard of living also skyrocketed.

When Doflamingo arrives in Wano, relying on minerals and artificial devil fruits, Wano will only become richer.

Even if there is no Beast Pirates, the artificial devil fruit will have new big customers.

With Mai Uchiha's eyebrows, Xiao Zi and Yamato have woken up.

The two were tired and crooked together, and when they saw the person beside them, they stood up and saluted Doflamingo and shouted, "Dover."

"咈咈咈咈... It's really funny."

Doflamingo laughed.

He has always coveted Wano Country, but he gave up because he couldn't beat Kaido. After getting the Holy Clothes, Doflamingo was already looking for an opportunity to kill Kaido, but he didn't expect that someone would send a pillow when he wanted to sleep.

It's easier to fight without the Don Quixote family.

Even if they are miscellaneous soldiers, they are also loyal miscellaneous soldiers.

Even if you don’t care, it’s not easy to cultivate.

"Let them go down first, Doflamingo."

"You go to rest first."

Seeing that Uchiha Mai did not leave any secret door to control the two, Doflamingo was more satisfied, and eliminated his last concern.

Brother Doflamingo was even a little embarrassed, Uchiha Mai did so well that he almost sent Wano Country into his mouth.

Doflamingo looked at Uchiha Mai and asked, "Don't you need a maid, do you want BABY-5 to follow you?"

Uchiha Mai:…

Doflamingo this bitch.

As soon as he gave him a favor, he wanted to retaliate.

BABY-5 is the maid and killer of the Don Quixote family.

Because this woman has been traumatized by being abandoned by her family since she was a child, she has since become a person who is eager to be useful and needed by others.

Even if she became a group of Don Quixote, her psychological trauma was not healed, but it became more and more serious. For this reason, she would not refuse whether it was someone else's proposal or borrowing money.


Over the years, BABY-5 has often been deceived and owed tens of millions of Bailey's debts, and she has also been proposed by many scumbags, adding several fiancés. Of course, these fiancés were killed by Doflamingo for her. .

to be frank…

The work BABY-5 has done over the years is not worth the trouble Doflamingo has helped her deal with. Doflamingo can only treat himself as a tired brother and treat BABY-5 as an idiot sister keep.

But BABY-5 has followed the Don Quixote family since childhood, and is also a core member of the Don Quixote family, and is also regarded by Doflamingo as his own relatives.

The most important thing is that BABY-5 has value as a killer.

Don Quixote Doflamingo's relatives need to be of sufficient value.

Now BABY-5 is giving him a headache.

Now there is a chance, and it would be good to send BABY-5 to Mai Uchiha.

BABY-5 is a troublesome family whose value and side effects are more prominent.

Uchiha Mai can guess what the other party is thinking.

But he doesn't care.

I didn't take the initiative to ask for BABY-5 before because that woman was a trouble, but since Doflamingo said it, let her come along.

If only BABY-5 could marry Kakashi.

Uchiha Mai hehe smiled.

Doflamingo shuddered, feeling that Uchiha Mai was holding back.

urged Cuenka Pika to call BABY-5 and Sugar to complete the transaction as soon as possible, and he also hurried to receive Wano Country.

"By the way, Doflamingo, when you arrive in Wano, you need to help Yamato and Xiao Zi hold a wedding."


Doflamingo looked at Mai Uchiha suspiciously.

"What shall I say?"

Uchiha Mai does not explain the cerebral palsy setting of Oda Thief.

"The Guangyue family has unparalleled prestige and affinity in that country. As long as they belong to the Guangyue family, those famous people and people are willing to support them and give everything for them. Tell them that Xiaozi is Guangyue Rihe, and the Guangyue family is the last They will definitely believe in the blood of Wano, and the people of the Kozuki family are the power that the people of Wano country believe in."

Doflamingo stared at Mai Uchiha in a stunned manner.

Suddenly he found a blind spot and asked: "That Yamato, Kaido's daughter, right, how can she be in the marriage?"

"It doesn't matter, the people of Wano country are very easy to deceive, you just need to tell them that Yamato looks like a girl, and they will believe it."


always felt that Uchiha Mai was lying to him.

But even if he is unsuccessful, he will choose to rule Wano by force.