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C.446 The new four emperors, the veritable emperor KaiMar 06, 2023

After half a month.

Uchiha Mai and Doflamingo's deal has been completed.

Uchiha Mai doesn't care about Doflamingo's three melons and two dates in Dressrosa, but Doflamingo still left a lot of treasures when he left, but only took the SMILE factory and his coolies. Take away.

After arriving at Wano Country, Doflamingo found a place of chicken feathers waiting for him to clean up.

Kaido's remnants occupied nine miles, waiting to counterattack at any time to regain the entire Wano country.

Although they negotiated twice, Kaido's remnants couldn't look down on Doflamingo at all, let alone become Doflamingo's subordinates. Now that group of people, led by Fire Calamity, is still fighting Kaido. 's flag.

found that, Doflamingo stopped talking nonsense with them, and was going to find time to clean up them.

Minato has assassinated several small cadres of the Beast Pirates, and is constantly weakening their strength.

Before contacting the Xiao organization, Doflamingo might be afraid of these people. After all, there are Fire Bane and Drought Jack, but after getting the Holy Cloth, his strength has improved by leaps and bounds, and he has such a good helper as Watergate. Ambition has inflated to a certain point.

Wano Country is very important to Doflamingo's next strategy. After Uchiha Mai arrived, Wano Country has been regarded as his own territory by him.

Now he is preparing for the most important thing.

And this incident has been rumored.

Brother Doflamingo never thought that Uchiha Mai didn't lie to him.

The common people of Wano country are simply outrageous, they said Xiao Zi's life experience, and the next step is completely natural, they can believe that a bear as big as Yamato is a man.

Doflamingo always felt that Kaido should have stayed in this country for a long time and was infected before he was easily defeated by Uchiha Mai.

After arriving in Wano country, he found that the common people here are just like having brain fragments. He is already preparing for the wedding of Yamato and Moonlight Rihe. This is the first big wedding of a member of the Don Quixote family. It must be a lively and lively event. .

Wano Country General House.

The two maids were helping Koyukihika try on a white wedding dress, while Komatsuri and himself stood in front of the floor-to-ceiling mirror, smiling.

"Your Highness Princess, you can finally marry someone you like"

Since Xiao Zi is Kozuki Ri and this incident came to light, the people of Wano country have suffered a lot for this princess who has been caring about the country.

accepted Yamato with ease, as long as it is someone the princess likes, they will naturally accept it.

"Seeing that the princess can be happy, we are also very happy."

Another maid also felt the same way.

Wano country is such a country, as long as the Kozuki family is doing well, the people are very happy.

There is probably no better docile people in the world. Warlords will be silent when they see it, and capitalists will cry when they see it.

After she and Kozuki Yamato separated and changed their clothes, the two slowly walked up to the high point of the General Mansion.

The people who came to watch the ceremony below cheered.

Don Quixote Doflamingo laughed and laughed.

Thinking that there were always people resisting in Dressrosa, and looking at these leeks in Wano, Doflamingo felt that it was unwise to fly to a country previously ruled by the Don Quixote family.

Isn't it bad to find a country with such a brain-dead member?

To rule Dressrosa, he also lost a lot of energy, and designed to frame the Liku royal family, and finally succeeded.

Like now, with Yamato and Riho in hand, directly holding the Son of Heaven to order the princes.

The officials of the Don Quixote family were all happy.

Whether they have moved to a larger Wano country, or a new family member gets married, it is a good thing for them.

Even if they are a group of lunatics, they also have their own joys and sorrows.

After the wedding ceremony, the couple from the Guangyue family got on the carriage and began to parade in the flower capital, allowing more people to see the appearance of the general and his wife, and to promote the reputation of the Yueguang family.

In the remnants of Kaido in Jiuli, the days are not very good.

It is well known that the daimyo and the people of Wano Kingdom shed their blood for the sake of the Kozuki family. Since they knew that the Kozuki family had returned, they were not very honest and always wanted to resist the rule of the Beast Pirates.

What makes Kaido's remnants more tangled is that Yamato, the unfilial daughter, is really serious about being a thief and a father, and actually joins the Koyuki family.

Drought Jack wanted to pull his head off to see what she was thinking. Did he really think he was a man when he was raised as a son by Big Brother Kai?

Now there is a big disagreement among them on how to deal with Yamato.

The woman    Black Maria disagreed with Yamato.

Jack's boss Jhin also means this.

Yamato is Kaido's bloodline no matter what, even if there is a problem with her brain, her identity is also very important.

is the last thought for them.

Yamato cannot be killed unless it is absolutely necessary.



is still a swimming pool.

It's just that the master lying by the pool is no longer Doflamingo, but Uchiha Mai.

"BABY-5, pour me another cup of coffee."

Uchiha dances lazy sheep said.

BABY-5 was not impatient at all, and quickly brought Uchiha Mai coffee.

Since she came, Monet and Mute have been robbed of their jobs, making Monet very jealous.

The only consolation is to get back my sister, Sugar.

Uchiha Mai did not modify the memories of Sugar and BABY-5, but the two of them are still very adaptable to the new bad environment. Compared with the Don Quixote family, there is no need for them to show their worth around Mai Uchiha.

Now, except for BABY-5, these big and young ladies are playing happily in the pool.

Mai Uchiha didn't undo the changes to those toys either.

He's not the savior, it's nice to have some free labor.

"Dance, your coffee and today's newspaper."

BABY-5 brought a plate.

After taking a sip of coffee, Uchiha Mai saw today's news.

"Don Quixote Doflamingo, the pirates who occupy Wano are already worthy of the name of the New Four Emperors"

Uchiha Mai almost died laughing.

When reading the original work, Uchiha Mai found that the Four Emperors are two extremes.

On the one hand, it is Kaido and Auntie, who rule completely by terrifying power.

On the other hand, he has red hair and white beard, and he has a strong personality.

Although Doflamingo is also the one of Kaido and the others, but both in terms of size and strength are a little worse.

That’s it.

Good people do it to the end.

Since Doflamingo has been chosen to be the next leader of the Akatsuki organization, he has to be promoted to the top even if he fails.

Uchiha Mai activates the magic of the phantom body.

explained to Hatake Sakumo: "When you arrive in the new world, join Doflamingo's gang, and then go undercover next to Red Hair."

Hatake Sakumo nodded, but complained in his heart that this was making him a three-faced spy.

But compared to Akai, Hatake Sakumo's situation is much better.

Uchiha Mai, who no longer wanted to deal with government affairs since he got the country Dressrosa, turned Kai Emperor into a veritable Kai Emperor.

That struggling force has to deal with countless government affairs every day.