MTL - Garbage Skills Become the Strongest In the Ninja World

C.447 Yellow Ape of the Chambord IslandsMar 06, 2023

Uchiha Mai asks Hatake Sakumo to enter the new world.

Hatake Sakumo wanted to come, but was delayed.

The navy has recently been protecting the Draco on the island, and there is also an admiral who wants to leave the Chambord Islands not easy.

After talking to Uchiha Mai, Uchiha Mai didn't think there was any problem.

Because he was going to personally go to the Chambord Islands.

I arrived at the world of pirates, but I haven't been to the Chambord Islands yet.

There is not only the dividing line between the first half and the second half of the Great Route, but also an important material distribution center.

The nearby red earth continent also has the Holy Land Mary Joa, plus the Navy Headquarters.

All aspects are added together, the area of ​​Chambord Archipelago can be said to be the most important.

Just go and have a look, and you can also take part in the auction of the Chambord Islands.

It is said that there are also Devil Fruits for auction there.

Uchiha Mai is still very interested.

The combination of   ninja and devil fruit is really promising.

Even if you don’t need it now, you can take it back to train the next generation, not as good as 12 Xiaoqiang or something.

The disadvantage of returning water is that the problem is still quite big.

Although you won't fall when you tread water, it is also a problem when you encounter water.

Then let them choose.

Devil fruit has obvious advantages and disadvantages for ninjas, especially if any cat or dog in the ninja world can escape with water twice.

Of course there are many benefits.

The combat power of the Devil Fruit is too strong. There are almost no waste fruits. As long as the development is reasonable, regular exercise, and then awakening, it can basically reach the strength of the shadow level.

This is more tempting for some ninjas with limited potential.

After thinking about the next itinerary, Uchiha dance started immediately.

"Monet, call on Aini Road and Xiaonan, we will sneak away over the island in the sky."

"Okay, young master!"

Seeing Uchiha Mai preparing to take him, Monet's eyes narrowed and he smiled happily.

As for why not bring other people.

Mitekay will not talk about it, he needs to stay in Dressrosa to be the Emperor of Kai, there are endless government affairs to deal with every day, if he catches the opportunity to pick people, it will not be easy to fool him again.

Sand sugar, not to mention, that little girl needs someone to protect, and now Senju Tobirama is following her, and Senju Tobirama recognizes the importance of sugar very much.

Second generation Hokage likes sugar's ability very much.

can actually turn people into toys, and then make everyone forget the people who were turned into toys.

If he had this ability back then, he would have unified the ninja world long ago.

Staying beside Uchiha Mai for a while, Senju Tobirama appreciates Uchiha Mai more and more.

At a young age, he is not only thoughtful, but also ruthless.

Thousands Tobirama himself is like this, so he has a very good impression of Uchiha Mai. Although he says something evil Uchiha, he still recognizes Uchiha Mai very much.

Compared to the idealist of his elder brother Senju Hashima, Senju Tobirama recognizes Uchiha Mai's character that those who obey me prosper and those who oppose me die.

Fist says everything is right.

His eldest brother has unparalleled military power, and it is even more powerful when he catches nine tailed beasts, and then stupid, hehe, what is the balance of tailed beasts distributed to each Ninja village, isn't this stupid?

Who has nuclear weapons to distribute to their opponents, so that everyone can supervise each other to form a balance?

The second person couldn't come up with such a silly plan.

And the next few ninja wars also proved this, the kindness of Qianshouzhuma was not appreciated, and the tailed beasts he separated out as a mutual deterrent also became a war tool for villages such as Yunyin Village.

Uchiha Mai does this, but it will make the ninja world peaceful for a longer time.

Whoever refuses to accept will do it.

Reasoning with fists is more useful than persuading them.

As for mute and BABY-5.

Mute needs to be responsible for related government affairs together, Uchiha Mai is not afraid of being monitored by her.

She used to follow Tsunade, and she would help the unreliable woman in Tsunade handle many things.

Not to mention   BABY-5, Uchiha Mai has already realized why Doflamingo got rid of this burden during this time.

It seems that Mai Uchiha doesn't need to make her a killer at all, and the only advantage is useless.

The following are all negative effects.

Mute spends half of the day wiping BABY-5's ass. That woman really agrees to anyone who needs it. Mute has never seen such a weird character in a ninja.

Anilu came quickly.

Elementalized in front of Uchiha Mai before revealing the main body.

Kill Matt's shape is still the same, but he has already put on a red cloud robe with a black background.

During this time, the "God" of Sky Island was beaten by Uchiha Mai, and he has already accepted his fate.

In the past, he could use force to do whatever he wanted on the empty island, but now Uchiha Mai is bigger than his fist, and Uchiha Mai himself can do whatever he wants to him.

Anilu didn't feel ashamed to follow such a powerful boss.

"Lord God, look for me."

Anilu's attitude was extremely respectful.

He also changed from calling himself a **** to calling himself an angel.

"We're going out soon, so we need you at the helm."

Uchiha Mai said with a smile.

Anilu nodded without comment.

He was used to this kind of life, and he was very good in Dressrosa, but he still felt a little uneasy when he didn’t work.

Next, Xiaonan also came.

Even if she could use origami, her speed was slower than Enel's.

When she fell, the    wings turned into sheets of origami and scattered.

Monet, who came back with her, was also elementalized.

All three have the ability to fly.

Let's go, then let's go to the Chambord Islands.

With Mai Uchiha's order, the group returned to the empty island floating above Dressrosa.

At present, Hatake Sakumo is hiding on Island 19 of the Chambord Islands, which is an illegal zone.

Mainly because Kakashi, the filial son, chased too tightly all the way and acted too much. When there was a problem on the island, Kakashi patted his **** and went to the Navy headquarters to report his duties, but Kakashi's father couldn't run away.

There are generals and a large number of navies on the special island, and the coating cannot be coated at all.

The navy is not stupid. They know that to go to the new world, they have to go to Fishman Island. First, coat the shampoo area. You don’t have to search the whole island. Even if your ship is not damaged, just guard the shipyard and look for a few craftsmen who can coat the film. can.

And now the general on the Chambord Islands is Kizaru, it is too difficult to run at his speed.

Hatake Sakumo can only hide in the illegal zone, and practice while eating black and waiting for the navy to leave.

Uchiha Mai never thought of picking up someone directly, so that the relationship between the two sides would be exposed.

There are many ways to cover Sakumo Hatake.

For example, when there was a riot in the Chambord Islands, the attention of the navy was on him, and Hatake Sakumo naturally had the opportunity to enter the Fishman Island and then go to the new world.

Remembering that he had not yet killed Tianlong people when he arrived in Pirate World, Uchiha Mai felt that this trip should be a dizzy one.