MTL - Global Reincarnation: My Own Story Library

MTL - Global Reincarnation: My Own Story Library


[Infinite Anime Stream] Fifty years ago, the game "Infinite World" came to the planet Terra, and all humans became players. Through the experience of the copy world, it is expected to become a powerhouse that surpasses mortals.Terra has also changed as a result, "Infinite World" has become the most direct, fair and cruel way to ascend the class, and elite players have also become the existence standing at the top of this world.Lu Feng came from the earth."This Infinite World game is actually the reincarnation space in the infinite stream novel, and this place actually treats the reincarnation space as a daily routine!""Ha, it turns out that the copy worlds are all two-dimensional animations and novels on Earth."As the only player with his own dungeon world story library, Lu Feng said that this time-travel benefit is absolutely full. - Description from novelbuddy

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