MTL - Global Reincarnation: My Own Story Library - C.3 You have to incarnate Tom, plus the protagonist's haloMar 06, 2023

MTL - Global Reincarnation: My Own Story Library

C.3 You have to incarnate Tom, plus the protagonist's haloMar 06, 2023

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"Is this really Academy City?!" Lu Feng felt that this was the real world, whether it was the touch of the building walls or what he saw in his eyes.

At this time, the system information appeared.

[No. 69690001 obtained the official language of Academy City]

[No. 69690001 obtained disguised identity implantation: senior three students of Beichuan High School]

[Introduction about disguised identity: Beichuan High School is located in the seventh school district. As a level 0 incompetent, you usually give up on yourself. Not only do you have no friends, but you spend significantly more time hanging out outside the school than in the classroom. Your academic level does not allow you to go to university, but you want to stay in school to reduce the cost of renting and living outside, so you submit a repeat application. Surprisingly, it was easily approved by the school. 】


Lu Feng was an outsider. In modern society, it was impossible to move without an identity, not to mention a closed and strictly managed place like Academy City.

Every time you enter a dungeon world, as long as it is necessary, you will get an official language or an implanted identity, which is similar to what was mentioned in the guide.

"But the question is, why do you get a repeater, and usually give up on yourself, so low, so miserable!"

The Infinite World can ignore Lu Feng's complaints. Next, show the mission.

[Main quest 1: Obtain weapons and arm yourself by means of not being caught by guards and discipline committee members, so as to have sufficient self-defense and the ability to kill enemies in the event of a crisis]

[Difficulty: Level 1]

[Main Quest 2: Obtain [Wreck]]

[Difficulty: Level 3]

[Hint: [Wreck] refers to the core of Academy City's treemap designers, that is, the calculation center, a large-scale computing unit formed in parallel by many super CPUs]

[Main Quest 3: Do not leave Academy City, survive until 9:00 am on September 15th, and be free]

[Difficulty: Level 1]

"Hey, did you make a mistake, it's impossible to get the wreckage."

Lu Feng was a little speechless. He had no opinion on the first and third tasks, because they were very simple and did not disgrace the reputation of the lowest difficulty level.

If you put aside the other two tasks, just looking at the third task, it is obviously considered to be a reward.

The novice custom dungeon is not only a novice benefit, and it does not only look like it is used to screen players, but also has the purpose of allowing newcomers to adapt to the dungeon world.

Like this kind of task that is purely for sending points, probably only the novice custom copy will appear.

And the first task, although he feels that he has no weapons, he can defend himself and has the ability to kill most of the incompetent, and even some of the capable.

But obviously with weapons the survival rate will be higher.

After all, although Academy City is an orderly world, the danger is not high, but hidden under the peaceful daily life, it is also darkness that cannot see the light, this place is not at all what it looks like.

The problem is with the second task.

With his knowledge of the plot, he certainly knew the events surrounding the wreckage.

The general event process is:

The Vega I satellite, which carried the tree designer, was destroyed by a spell activated by Index in the automatic writing mode.

Then, the core of the tree map designer was recovered from space by the twenty-three school district, packed into a trolley suitcase, disguised as an ordinary item, and sent to a research institution in the school garden.

But on the way, he was snatched away by Kie Biao Danxi, who colluded with external hostile forces, the Science Association, who wanted to re-establish the designer of the tree map.

And Misaka Mikoto wants to destroy the wreckage and prevent the tree designer from being repaired, in order to prevent the experiment of the evolution plan of the absolute ability person from starting again.

The process of the robbery by Biao Danxi's subordinates was photographed, and the discipline committee knew about it, and Shirai Kuroko, who was the discipline committee member, also began to dispatch.

Although Yubiao Danxi escaped from the pursuit of Misaka Mikoto and Shirai Kuroko at a great price, the secret base of the Science Association was taken over by the guards. , When there was no way out, I met Accelerator who came over.

In the end, the wreckage was destroyed by Accelerator along with the suitcase, and when Biao was dying, Kamijou Touma was rescued and saved his life.

This is the end of the incident.

In the whole event, the core four people are all level 4 or above, including Shirai Kuroko, Misaka Mikoto, Yubiao Danxi and Accelerator, of which Misaka Mikoto and Accelerator are level 5 ability.

Kamijou Touma is a soy sauce, a cameo.

In Academy City, there are currently no Level 6, and Level 5 is the highest. There are only seven people in the entire Academy City. This is the top existence in Academy City.

And the two level 4 ability people are space ability people, the kind that is very troublesome.

Misaka Mikoto and Shirai Kuroko are relatively safe. They are kind-hearted little girls who don't kill people at will. It's different from Yubiao Danxi and Accelerator, but Shirai almost died in Yubiao's hands. After a long time Wheelchair only.

Judging from the performance after joining the Anbu group, that woman is definitely not a good stubble.

Accelerator is even more so, in order to destroy the wreckage, he definitely doesn't mind killing people. That guy's ability is too perverted. Even if he doesn't take the initiative to kill, he will kill someone if he is not careful. He is simply a demon king with blood on his hands. People like Lu Feng who kill people like numb are not as good as themselves.

Except at the beginning, the wreckage was controlled by a few men in suits who robbed. When Kuroko Shirai tracked him down and killed the men in suits, Yubiao Danxi would appear, and then the wreckage was kept under the control of Yubiao Danxi until it was destroyed by Accelerator.

Therefore, the only place to start is before Shirai Kuroko finds the man in the suit, and he also has to avoid Yubiao Danxi, which is not too difficult. Lu Feng knows the approximate escape route for the man in the suit.

The problem is that.

Once the wreckage is obtained, it will become the center of the vortex, but because of the existence of the third mission, Lu Feng needs to bring the wreckage to the next morning.

This time is too long.

Even if he can dodge Yubiao Danxi, he can't dodge the disciplinary committee and the guards. Can't even avoid Misaka Mikoto's sniping, Chao Cano is a powerful female hacker.

Moreover, it is unknown whether Anbu will intervene. He did not appear in the original book, but there is no such person as Lu Feng in the original book.

Then, he will lose his personal freedom even if he doesn't die, and mission two and three are doomed to fail.

This is obviously an impossible task. UU reading estimates that it is possible to incarnate Tom, plus a protagonist's halo.

The infinite world has no answer.

Obviously, the task cannot be refuted and questioned, and it is also obvious that the life and death of the player, the infinite world does not care too much.

System messages continue to appear.

【Player system panel unlock】

[Unlock the inventory]

【Unlock some data functions】

Lu Feng could call up the system panel, and five menu options appeared: Character, Skill, Task, Inventory, and Function.

In addition to the fact that the inventory is a 20-grid storage space, that is, 20 items can be placed, and the storage quantity will be increased in the future. This is the initial capacity.

The other four are panels.

The character panel is personal information. I saw it before, the skill panel is empty, and the task panel is just a few main quests.

There are two functions in the function panel: points exchange for props, and props for points.

The items that can be exchanged for points are the current world currency, non-default language, and point card. The point card is bound to exist, that is, to store the points in the card, you need to pay a handling fee.

The other two look at the situation of the dungeons, which means that in the forbidden world, you can spend points to learn more languages, and you can also spend points to exchange for the currency of Academy City.

At this time, Lu Feng realized that he had no money on him. In other words, he still needs to figure out how to get the money, otherwise he will have no money to eat at noon.

Generally, it is necessary to complete the main quest process, no matter whether it succeeds or fails, the dungeon world will end.

Therefore, according to the reminder of task 3, you should stay here for half a month, and the living expenses plus the activity expenses for completing the task are not a small amount.

What about the novice gift package? It seems that the benefits are full, this is really self-made.

Egg pain.