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C.13v10 Complete main mission 1Mar 06, 2023

"Go to hell." Bao Yuanli didn't have any props and equipment, so he wouldn't last long, but he wouldn't sit still, raising his hand and banging.

A lot of goblin warriors appeared around him and surrounded him densely. They all held long swords, shields, or bows and began to attack Lu Feng with a mad roar.

Bao Yuanli is a summoner, his ability is to ensure that he will not be attacked for a period of time, summon creatures to assist in the battle and knock down the enemy.

That avatar body is to assist him, and will not be hit by any attack when he is summoned.

"Blade Barrier." Lu Feng's body spun, and countless sword blades flew. Those goblins were only eighth-order strength, and they were not enough to kill him. They were cleared after only a moment.

"Such an efficient method of killing." Bao Yuanli continued to summon, this time he no longer cared about the number.

With a bang, a Behemoth beast with a height of more than 30 meters appeared in front of Lu Feng. Its sharp claws slammed down on Lu Feng, and Lu Feng jumped to avoid it. The rocks on the ground shattered and flew into the air.

"Epic summons, it's a pity that these creatures are not beaten."

Lu Feng appeared on the head of the Behemoth Behemoth, and the Behemoth Behemoth responded very quickly, hitting Lu Feng with both claws on its head, but Lu Feng didn't care about the beast's attack at all, and Cheng Ying stabbed the beast violently. on the head of the beast.

Ow. A huge hole was stabbed in the head of the Behemoth Behemoth, and the red and white gushed out. With a scream, it staggered and fell to the ground.

And Lu Feng was also smashed and smashed to the ground, but he was completely fine with absolute defense. He jumped up and charged towards Bao Yuanli again.


Bao Yuanli's summoning did not stop. With just a little effort, he had once again summoned a phoenix with flames all over his body, a giant red dragon and a super python, forming multiple blows in the air and on the ground.

Then he summoned a Behemoth beast again, and a big cat like a white tiger.

Five powerful summoned giant beasts attacked Lu Feng. It was difficult for Lu Feng to easily kill any of the giant beasts this time, but Bao Yuanli's attack seemed to be the only way, because his bloodline was also the bloodline of the summoning class.

This allows him to control five epic-level behemoths at the same time. Originally, these five behemoths were more than enough to deal with Bronze-level beasts. If they were besieged, they would basically die, and it would be difficult to even escape.

But to Bao Yuanli's surprise, Lu Feng seemed to have nothing to do with the five beasts.

"Hmph, as long as you can't escape, you will be exhausted to death."

Bao Yuanli was not too worried. Although Lu Feng had a flying creature, the Phoenix and the Red Dragon were in the sky. He also believed that Lu Feng was unable to escape from the air.

There is a limit to a person's physical strength and magic power. In reality, there is no magic value to show, but the consumption of magic power exists, and people here are used to it.

After fighting for a long time in a row, Lu Feng seized the opportunity and cut off the python's head with one sword, leaving a python missing.

Lu Feng's pressure suddenly decreased, and he retreated to the side.

"Kill it for me." Bao Yuanli shouted, and once again summoned a super giant python, and once again five giant beasts besieged Lu Feng.

However, after Lu Feng resisted the air attack, he took the opportunity to take out a powerful magic recovery potion and drink it.

"No, there is actually a blue bottle." Bao Yuanli was extremely shocked. There are also magic value recovery items that can bring out the infinite world, but they are very rare, much less than spider web scrolls.

He really didn't expect Lu Feng to have such a tool.

"Brother still has more." Wouldn't it be a dream to drag Lu Feng down? Although the props are still limited, now Lu Feng has an inventory.

As long as Bao Yuanli doesn't have the ability to kill Lu Feng in seconds, then he will lose, and there is basically no suspense.

In fact, Bao Yuanli's persistence was much shorter than Lu Feng thought.

With a bang, the roof of the villa over there was completely blown off, and then Artoria passed by in the air. Before anyone arrived, she had already released a big move.

After all, the intelligence of the giant beast was lower. The red dragon did not expect the attack from behind at all. The side of the wing attached to the body was completely cut off, and it fell to the ground from the air. Although it did not die, there was only a struggle left. .

Bao Gang's side has already been dealt with, both of which are bronze-level, and Bao Gang, who is not equipped, is not a match for Arturia at all.

Facing the four giant beasts, Lu Feng chopped off the big cat's claws with one sword, and the big cat fell to the ground.

At this time, Bao Yuanli's virtual state has come to the time.

Lu Feng passed through the gap between the three giant beasts and directly gave Bao Yuanli a sword. One of Bao Yuanli's arms flew up and fell to the ground with a snap.

In an emergency, Bao Yuanli planned to summon a giant beast again, but Lu Feng's next sword made him lie down completely.

"Come and protect me."

Bao Yuanli was seriously injured and could no longer summon the giant beast. At this time, he could only order the giant beast to protect him.

But unfortunately, under the combined attack of Lu Feng and the two of them, those giant beasts could not protect themselves, and they were killed in three or two strokes.

"Is Bao Gang dead?" Lu Feng asked.

"Not yet." Arturia replied.

If it wasn't for the purpose of catching alive, it wouldn't take so long. Although Bao Gang is experienced and extremely good at fighting, he can't be Artoria's opponent.

"Then Bao Yuanli will not stay." Although Bao Yuanli is stronger than Bao Gang, in terms of status, Bao Gang is definitely higher, because not only is the bronze level, Bao Gang was once the county governor and the younger brother of the patriarch Bao Yu.

Therefore, with Bao Gang around, Bao Yuanli has little effect, and Lu Feng does not plan to keep it to avoid accidents.

"Wait, don't kill me." Bao Yuanli pleaded loudly.

Lu Feng killed Bao Yuanli with one sword.

This guy is a summoner, and the ghost knows if he will accidentally summon a flying creature and take him away.

Lu Feng rushed into the villa, and Bowker had already been taken care of by Bai Xue.

Originally only had the seventh-order strength, and was injured again, Bao Ke basically had no fighting power. He saw that the situation was wrong and wanted to flee immediately, but Bai Xue had already been eyeing him.

Artoria also flew to the roof, grabbed the dying Bao Gang, and threw it into the villa hall.

Lu Feng began to interrogate.

Bao Ke really didn't know much. Although Bao Gang wanted to be tough, but as a county governor, he was pampered and could not bear it at all. He told some secrets of the three of Rambo in a moment.

"Because of the outstanding performance of the three Rambos, they also seemed to have discovered the relationship between our Bao family and the Titans, so through our help, they were introduced to the Titans, and they soon became the silver-level ranks of the Titans. backbone."

Bao Gang said.

Several members of the Bao family have joined the Titans. Basically, they are all from the older generation. Only Bao Nanjie is the younger generation. For the Bao family, this is their core secret.

Titan has been hiding in the dark, there is no danger, and they are not completely clear about the specific target, because the status is not enough.

But they know very well that the Titans will definitely become a tyrant of Terra in the future, and their Bao family can rise through this, so they also know very well that their identity is very dangerous, and it is very likely that their family will perish, so they have been Keep it a secret.

Shortly after the three of Rambo joined the Titan, they left the Bao Group and went to the Snow Wolf Empire. The Bao family did not know what to do, but the three of Rambo kept their promise and gave their family a lot of help.

Therefore, at first they thought that the three of Rambo were helping the Bao family and themselves for their own development needs.

However, when the Bao family proposed to help the other party set up a joint venture company, the three of Rambo did not pay much attention to making money.

Money and power are actually the same thing. Without money, the Bao family didn't think that the three of Rambo would do anything great.

So they are confused.

It was not until the White Shark Country attacked Anping Country, and the White Shark Country suddenly appeared in a large number of Gold Levels, Bao Yu didn't know that it was probably from the activities of the Titans behind it.

Because he couldn't think of any other forces other than the seven empires that had the ability to produce so many gold levels at once.

With his preliminary understanding of Titan, he also knew that only Titan has the ability.

Then, the Snow Wolf Empire and the Jokhang Empire immediately joined the White Shark Kingdom's camp, and Bao Yu immediately had a phone call with Rambo.

Bao Yu didn't get Rambo's specific acknowledgement, but from Rambo's words, he still strengthened his judgment again, this war may be caused by the Titans, and the three of Rambo are doing things for the Titans.

They have no time to run the company at all, and it is estimated that there is no shortage of activity funds, so they rejected the Bao family's proposal for a joint venture.

Because of this, the Bao family felt more like walking on thin ice, at least before the Qinglong Empire expressed its support for which side, they had to act more carefully.

"How much status does the silver rank have in the Titans?" Lu Feng asked.

"My eldest brother is very strong, but he can't enter the core circle, so the specifics are not clear. The silver level can't understand the overall plan, but most of them are the executors of some peripheral plans."

Bao Gang said: "The plan carried out by the three of Rambo should be to take over the Snow Wolf Empire and let them join the Titan side after the war begins."

"Understood." Lu Feng said, "Since you've said so much, I'll give you a treat."

Lu Feng killed Bao Gang and Bao Ke with one sword. Of course, it was impossible to save the lives of these two people. No one could find out what happened tonight, or else the Bao family would bite back.

"The quick reaction force has entered the Panshan Highway." Yue Yingshan reminded.

Lu Feng and the others didn't know there were rangers here, and they didn't even know where the rangers were. There was a lot of fighting here, so they had already been discovered.

"It's done, let's evacuate." Lu Feng and the others destroyed the villa and car and left directly from the mountain.

Relying on that team of quick-response troops, they couldn't be caught.

Soon they returned to the city and joined Yueyingshan and Wu Linger, and they got together to discuss the next move.

"So, this war was caused by the Titans, and the White Shark Country's attack on Anping should be the Titans behind the scenes."

Lu Feng also recorded what Bao Gang said, and after listening to it, Yue Yingshan pondered.

"It's definitely them, but the battle has been going on for such a long time, but the Titans still haven't come to the stage. They can hide so deeply." Wu Linger said.

"The main mission has not been completed yet."

Bai Xue said: "Bao Gang's words can only be used as a reference, we also need to capture the parties, preferably one of the three Rambo, because they are not only the executors who executed the Snow Wolf Empire, but also introduced the White Shark King. For those at the top of the Titans."

"I agree, they must know more details, as long as they catch one of them." Arturia said: "There is another way to go to the White Shark Country and get the White Shark King."

"If the silver level can only perform peripheral tasks and cannot understand the overall plan, then the three of Rambo should not be able to have such three heads and six arms. They can not only handle the Snow Wolf Empire, but also introduce the ordinary silver level like the White Shark King."

Yue Yingshan analyzed: "I think what Bao Gang said is too absolute. The three of Rambo should have a higher status as silver-level, higher than other silver-level status, so it makes sense."

"No, you are all wrong."

Lu Feng thought about it for a while, and said, "I think the three of Rambo are the initiators."

"The initiator?" Yue Yingshan wondered: "What do you mean, those three people are not just doing more things, but are the direct planners of the whole incident?"

"Maybe Bao Gang deceived us, the Bao family's status in the Titans may be higher." Bai Xue said.

"I don't think Bao Gang has deceived us. The silver level has such a position in the Titans. Whether it is the Bao family or the Rambo three, they are only part of the peripheral mission performers at most, and it is impossible to understand too many plans."

Lu Feng said, "The Titans were just being coerced and used as spears. It should be said that the three of Rambo added fire, got a divine assist, and then persuaded the Titans to enter the game."

"Or to say, it provides the Titans with a chance to rise, or an opportunity to enter the world stage ahead of schedule."

Lu Feng said with certainty: "The whole incident was planned by the three of Rambo. Joining the Titan just gave them a channel to communicate with the Titan."

"Isn't it? With three silver levels, it will cause a world war that has caused the five empires to enter the game?" Yue Yingshan said.

"Enough." Lu Feng said.

Ever since Boss Jin, Lu Feng had been suspecting that the three of Rambo were the key which is why he kept chasing them.

Through Bao Gang's words, it can be confirmed that the silver level cannot enter the core circle, so there is no way to introduce the white shark king to the gold level in the Titan.

At most, the White Shark King is only recommended to join the Titan. With the potential and strength of the White Shark King, this is also very reluctant.

Therefore, Lu Feng was even more convinced.

If the Titans have so many gold levels, then they must be ambitious enough to seek more power.

The ready-made fuses are already there, so give them a fire and that's it.

Not difficult.

"Are you serious?" Bai Xue and Wu Linger almost said in unison.

However, they no longer need to have any doubts, because the prompt sound of the infinite world appeared.

"Confirm that the top player team has successfully found the mastermind behind the White Shark Country's invasion of Anping Country through investigation, and the reward for this main quest will be automatically settled."