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"There is information that the top leaders of the Titans plan to gather somewhere in the White Shark Country. They should want to hold a meeting to discuss the response to this war." Qiao Shan said: "Although they knew they would lose, they definitely hoped to be safe. Own."

To say it was luck is not accurate.

Because there are some things that not everyone can see or want, and only people with experience like Lu Feng will be keenly aware of this opportunity.

"Is it all the high-level people, or only the people from Asa God's Domain?" Lu Feng immediately asked.

"Except for those who have to stay on the battlefield, it is estimated that all Gold Rank will participate. According to the information of the informant, the current Titan is controlled by Asa God's Domain, and the new leader should be Emperor Snow Wolf, but he can't do anything about it. Complete control." Qiao Shan said.

After the last battle at Yuetailan Manor, Qiao Shan turned against several Titans, including a member of the sixth team of Asa God's Domain.

Therefore, now they have a lot of undercover agents in the White Shark camp, and two of them have high positions and can reach the top level, and even this level of intelligence can be obtained.

"I have a way to end the war early, and let the Qinglong Empire get the most benefit after the war." Lu Feng pondered.

"What way?" Qiao Shan asked.

"We raided the top of the Titans. Once these people are all taken care of, then the entire White Shark camp will be completely over, and they have to surrender immediately and unconditionally." Lu Feng said.

"What do you mean, use this time to hold a secret meeting with the top Titans to carry out the beheading operation?"

Qiao Shan was a little afraid to confirm, because it was too risky, and if it didn't work out, he would lose money. No country would do this.

At most, there will be a long-distance carpet bombing, but for the epic level, this can only be regarded as a warning at most, and it cannot be called a beheading operation at all, not to mention that the participants are all gold-level.

That way, it's likely to expose their undercover.

If they want to beheaded, they can only send a large number of Gold Rank to enter.

"Yes, decapitation." Lu Feng's tone was clear, then he walked to the map hanging on the wall, pointed to it, and continued: "We need the cooperation of the ground legion."

"First and foremost, the Black Dragon Empire's border front, the Anping Kingdom front, the Tianwu Empire front, and the island front in the southern seas all launched large-scale battles at the same time."

"In this way, we can use the other countries of the Five Empire Alliance to keep a large number of Gold-level Titans on the front line."

"Of course, in order to cooperate on the surface, the northern front of our Qinglong Empire, as well as the southern front, can also launch a large-scale detailed attack campaign."

Lu Feng said.

"The giants of Terra are currently controlled by Asa God's Domain, so they will give priority to letting non-Asa God's Domain people stay on the front line to cope with the coming huge battle, so that the participants will be mainly from Asa God's Domain."

Qiao Shan understood Lu Feng's intentions a little, and said in a deep voice, "But they may also cancel the meeting directly and deal with the front-line war first."

"That's another situation." Lu Feng said.

If that happened, Lu Feng could only admit it, the controller trial mission would probably fail due to timeout.

Qiao Shan didn't speak anymore, he was thinking about the cost and gain, as well as the feasibility of this plan.

"Then, we gathered at least fifty gold-level members to conduct the beheading operation." Lu Feng said, "When we raided the meeting site, a large army was prepared, cooperated with the air force and the navy, and directly used the navy to attack the White Shark Nation. Landing near the capital city and entering the White Shark country, the goal is the White Shark capital city and the meeting site, to support those who carried out the beheading operation."

"Because the Titans need to deal with the border battlefield, the domestic defense is bound to be empty, and the White Shark country is too small, they have no strategic depth, we use the blitzkrieg, if it goes well, the entire meeting site will be surrounded on the periphery within half a day at most."

Lu Feng said: "This is just an insurance measure. I think there is a high probability that within a few hours of the start of the naval landing operation, the White Shark will collapse and surrender directly and unconditionally, and we will occupy the entire White Shark country."

"Without the high-level leaders of Asa God's Domain, the White Shark Country has also surrendered, and other countries will have to surrender immediately."

Qiao Shan said: "Although we were disturbed by Yue Tenghai, we are now the least gold-ranked among the five empires, but we have controlled the White Shark Kingdom, and we have also secured all the people in Asa God's Domain."

"The detailed attack on the northern front can be turned into a strategic attack immediately, and it will be like a broken bamboo. The Emperor Xuelang is too far away, and we may not be able to take it first, but the imperial capital of the Jokhang Empire will definitely be occupied by us."

"In addition, you are a god-level leader. After the war, we will be the leaders of the Five Empire Alliance."

Qiao Shan said: "If all goes well, it is true that we will get the biggest part of the spoils, but if we fail, our losses may also be huge and become the bottom of the Five Empire Alliance."

"It's not at the bottom."

Lu Feng said: "God rank is not as easy to obtain as imagined. As long as the other four empires do not have **** rank within ten years after the war, our Azure Dragon Empire is at least the top three. If our gold rank recovers faster, then it is still Can become the head of the Five Empire Alliance."

"If it succeeds, then we will ascend to the sky in one step and become the absolute dominant country." Lu Feng said in a serious tone.

"We can give it a try and notify others first." Qiao Shan was also moved, "I asked the informant to speed up the collection of information about this meeting."

Several core gold-level senior leaders of the Qinglong Empire immediately held a separate secret meeting to discuss this beheading operation.

Some opportunities are fleeting, and they all know that if they want to do it, they must make a decision as soon as possible.

There is no surprise to pass this plan, but there is a premise, that is, to obtain the specific location and time of the Titan high-level meeting.

Lu Feng had no way of grasping these two elements, which depended on the actions of the Titans and the efforts of the Qinglong Empire's intelligence department.

However, after two days, they got basic information.

The Titan meeting will be held in three possible locations. The first location is a secret stronghold on the outskirts of White Shark Capital, the second location is in a small village near Anping Kingdom, and the third location is near Qinglong. A secret stronghold in the mountains near the border of the Empire.

The specific location has not been obtained yet, because Emperor Xuelang is very cautious, or it may be determined by the final security situation of these three locations.

But the time was fixed, at ten o'clock in the evening three days later.

Lu Feng's side immediately took action, and urgently held a meeting of the Five Empires Alliance, asking all countries to launch a large-scale military operation for a week starting tomorrow.

There have been various military operations going on recently, so this is nothing surprising and no hindrance.

It's just that some countries didn't plan to launch a large-scale battle because the time was too late, but it didn't matter to Lu Feng and the others, all they wanted was to contain the attack and attract the Titans to leave more Gold Rank on the front line.

Even if it was a small-scale operation, the White Shark camp had to mobilize people to stay on the front line, because no one knew whether this operation was a prelude to a follow-up large-scale operation.

The current intelligence system of the White Shark camp is no longer so efficient.

Because almost all the people planted in the Five Empire Alliance have been removed, and because the early infiltration of the Titans was very efficient, they relied too much on the intelligence provided by these people, causing them to hardly develop other informants.

Therefore, after the last Yuetailan Manor operation ended, the White Shark camp basically interrupted the intelligence acquisition of the top level of the Five Empire Alliance, and even the general level.

The Qinglong Empire has prepared three sets of plans to deal with the three venues of the Titan giant's high-level meeting.

And Qiao Shan's intelligence department is also running wildly.

Many people at the top of the Titans were forced to give up attending the meeting and stay on the front line to fight.

The final time also came soon. The night before the meeting, Lu Feng and the others learned that the meeting place where the Titans were going to be held was at a secret base outside the White Shark Capital City.

The reason is that the front line is in a hurry. People in Asa God's Domain believe that it is easier to control the command system by holding a meeting in the White Shark Capital City.

Because it was originally one of their rear headquarters.

In the evening, in an island naval base controlled by the Qinglong Empire, located at the junction of the narrow sea and the vast sea, three large aircraft carrier battle groups quietly began to set sail, rushing directly to the southern subcontinent.

At 9:30 in the evening, five high-altitude transport planes on an aircraft carrier took off under the **** of fighter jets.

After ten o'clock in the evening, more than fifty gold-level masters entered the place where the Titan giant meeting was held by skydiving.

Another ten flight-type gold-level fighters left the transport plane early and entered the combat position. They were also the main air **** force.

At the same time, a fixed-point bombing was carried out on the White Shark Capital City, and a large number of conventional Marine Corps troops and special operations units landed near the White Shark Capital City from two directions.

At this time, the Titan participants learned that the White Shark Capital City had been attacked. Before they could decide whether to end the meeting and command the battle, or continue the meeting, Lu Feng and the others had already surrounded the meeting site and started the beheading operation.

There were only thirty-two people in the Titans attending the meeting. Seventy percent of them were members of the Asa Divine Realm, and two of them were undercover agents from the Azure Dragon Empire.

Although many people, including the Great Emperor Xuelang, are very strong, and they are no problem in one battle or two, but they are already shocked, and the Qinglong Empire dispatched this time are all good players.

There was another Lu Feng who was god-level, almost as if he was in a realm of no one. Under the suppression of the absolute number of people, in less than an hour, before the ground army of the Qinglong Empire encircled this area, the Titan giant collapsed directly.

The battle ended two hours later. Nearly one-third of the Titans died, and Emperor Xuelang was also killed by Lu Feng. Only a few people fled, and all the others surrendered or were captured.

On the Qinglong Empire side, only one person died.

Of course, according to the wartime national hero pension regulations, as long as they die on the battlefield, their family can still retain their parliamentary seats even if they do not have the gold level.

This battle was much easier than Lu Feng thought.

The main reason is that the Titans have no fighting spirit anymore, and if the Snow Wolf Emperor dies again, he will dissipate in an instant, and there is basically no way to fight again.

At about 11:30 in the evening, the ground troops of the Qinglong Empire invaded the White Shark Capital City.

At two in the morning, the White Shark Kingdom surrendered unconditionally to the Qinglong Empire.

The Qinglong Empire's large troops on the southern border received the surrendered White Shark Country troops, and at the same time let the mechanized army pass through the borders of the White Shark Country and Anping Country. In the early morning, they appeared on the southern border of the Snow Wolf Empire and launched an attack on the Snow Wolf Empire. attack.

Only then did the other four major empires in the Five Empire Alliance react. They immediately mobilized heavy troops and launched a general attack on their own front.

On the third day, on the northern front of the Qinglong Empire, the Qinglong Empire army successfully occupied the imperial capital of the Jokhang Empire, and the Jokhang Empire surrendered unconditionally to the Qinglong Empire.

At this time, the Falcon and the Red Dragon Empire had just landed from the eastern beach of the Jokhang Empire, and the war here was over.

Finally, on the fifth day, the combined forces of the Black Dragon and the Tianwu Empire, one step ahead of the Qinglong Empire, entered the imperial capital of the Snow Wolf Empire.

Mainly, the core strength of the Qinglong Empire is still placed on the northern front.

Five hours later, the Qinglong Empire, the Red Dragon Empire and the Falcon Empire also successively invaded the imperial capital of the Snow Wolf Empire.

The Snow Wolf Empire resisted all night and announced its unconditional surrender at noon the next day.

Immediately afterwards, within half a day, the other two remaining great powers in the White Shark camp also announced their unconditional surrender.

The entire White Shark camp surrendered across the board.

This world war is finally over.

All the victorious nations fell into a carnival, and there was joy and encouragement everywhere.

And Lu Feng finally breathed a sigh of relief. There was less than a day before the controller's trial time limit, and the sound of the infinite world finally sounded.

"Confirm that the war caused by the other top players has ended. The confirmation time is within one month, number 1086-69690001, and successfully passed the trial of the controller."

"Number 1086-69690001 began to transmit, destination: Infinite World, Central World Control Area..."

"Hey, it's not an exclusive space."

Lu Feng was surprised for a while, his eyes were already dark, the figure disappeared there, and the teleportation time was actually very long.

When he could see it clearly again, a huge space appeared, similar to an epic space. There were all kinds of facilities and buildings in it, but there was no one person. Only Lu Feng was alone on the central street.

No, Lu Feng was not the only one, but the Dragon of Ghost Bats was also there. In the air in front of Lu Feng, he was looking around curiously, and he seemed quite satisfied with the size of this place.

There was no protective cover either. Lu Feng could move freely, but prompts continued to appear in his mind.

"Number 1086-69690001 to obtain the position of Controller."

"Congratulations, the controller successfully took office."

Lu Feng didn't need to look, he suddenly realized that the brand of ouroboros on the back of his hand had disappeared. Apart from that, he didn't have any hints, but he knew a lot of information inexplicably.

All about the infinite world, his current location, etc.

At this moment, in many worlds, the number one player who has entered the trial of the controller has received several messages.

[The controller of the infinite world has been inaugurated, the title selection of the number one player is frozen, the special skills of all other current players of the infinite player are invalid, and the trial of the controller of all other players of the current number one has ended]



ends the infinite world journey and issues the final reward for the number one player]

[All attributes +4]

【Lucky +1】

【The body never gets old】


The last item is to get a purple gold item, the kind that can bring out the infinite world, which is different for almost everyone.

The Ouroboros brand has not changed, it is still purple-gold, embossed.

Because as long as it is the number one player who has surpassed the gold level, there is no need for god-level player trials, and there is no god-level player title.

Of course, the reward obtained is better than that of a god-level player, because it is +4 to all attributes.

In many worlds, the number one player who has entered the gold level has also received several pieces of information, and no final reward has been issued, but the special skills of unlimited players have also become invalid.

They can continue to enter the infinite world, but they will not receive the controller trial in the future. Of course, it is not the title trial of the god-level player, but the final trial of the number one player.

If you can't pass the remaining time, then there is no reward for the final trial, and you will retire directly.

The number one player who has not entered the gold level will not have any prompts, but in the future, there will be no special skills for unlimited players, and there will be no trials for the controller. After surpassing the gold level, it is the final trial for the number one player.

And now this batch of top players is the last batch, because the top player selection has been frozen, and the title of top player will not appear again in the future.

That is to say, the group of people who have already won the title of top player will replace the god-level player trial with the final trial of the top player, and they will retire in the total period of six years regardless of whether they pass the trial or not. The world is such a thing.

When all the top players retire, this title will withdraw from the historical stage of the infinite world.


Around ten in the morning.

Villa 1601, Yayuan, Xincheng, Lu Feng's home.

Arturia was watching the TV news, broadcasting the situation around the world, and the pictures were mostly filled with the rave and beaming crowd.

Yue Yingshan, Bai Xue and Wu Linger were also there.

They came to look for Lu Feng. Now the countries of the White Shark camp have surrendered unconditionally. There are many things and it is also a critical moment, but Lu Feng suddenly disappeared, and even the phone cannot be contacted.

However, after meeting Artoria, Yueyingshan and the others knew the reason.

What made them depressed was why Lu Feng still hadn't come out of the exclusive space after his return, because almost two days had passed.

At this moment, Lu Feng came out of the room.

"I said, classmate Lu Feng, you finally appeared. I thought you were hiding in the exclusive space and secretly having fun, and I couldn't find you in the epic space." Yue Yingshan pouted.

"I have something to do, it's delayed." Lu Feng smiled.

"At 1:30 in the afternoon, the council will be held, you should go too." Yue Yingshan said: "Although you have not retired, you are an exception to the **** level. You can get a council seat even if you have not retired. It was decided yesterday."

In fact, there is no formal decision, which is basically the case.

During this time, Lu Feng was almost the default leader of the senior leaders of the Qinglong Empire. He participated in various meetings, but it was not a formal meeting of the parliament.

Because during the war, there was another parliamentary chaos, and it was an informal meeting before.

"I've retired."

Lu Feng said, "As long as you enter the **** level, you will definitely retire immediately. The reason why my Ouroboros brand is purple-gold is because I am the number one player."

In fact, there are three kinds of Ouroboros brand beyond the gold level. The number one player is purple-gold. Those who pass the test of a god-level player only once are golden, and those who have passed the test of a god-level player more than once are gray.

Of course, all of them are relief effects, which are different from those in the epic realm.

However, there will be very few purple gold, because there will be no number one player in the future, so the number will not grow any more, but because the number one player who passes the final trial can get immortality, so the probability of purple gold will not disappear.

"Hey, weren't you in the dungeon quest before that?" Yue Yingshan said.

Lu Feng didn't answer. As his current controller, answering this is no problem, because the controller is the controller of the infinite world, and it is impossible to punish himself.

The perpetual warning of that deadline was ineffective against him.

But this question, he still thinks it is better not to answer, because there are too many problems involved and too complicated.

Moreover, as the controller, the identity is different.

Although he doesn't need to be punished, Lu Feng himself is the rule, and he will also be affected by his views, cognition, location and other aspects.

In fact, it is the limitation of his own rules. He still can't say some things. This is the same as some things in the infinite world that cannot be mentioned to the players.

Of course, Lu Feng's Ouroboros brand was still there, and there was even an inventory and pet space.

Because now he came to Terra as a player and treated Terra as a copy, he could give himself a temporary Ouroboros brand and a system that players could get.

He can also go to all reincarnation worlds controlled by the infinite world, as well as non-reincarnation worlds, without any obstacles, come and go freely, and can come to any place in a world at any time.

Of course, the strength will be suppressed, not the real strength of the controller, but it is still beyond the god-level strength, and it is still his skill as a player.

Yue Yingshan didn't continue to ask. This is a player's habit. It involves the infinite world. If you can't get an answer easily, then don't go to the bottom of it, because everyone knows that some things are limited.

"In the afternoon, we will discuss how to split the Snow Wolf Empire and the Jokhang Empire." Yue Yingshan said, "They have no choice, but we still have to take care of some emotions."

"I will attend the meeting, let's go there together." Lu Feng said.

Yueyingshan has not retired from Infinite World and cannot participate in parliamentary activities, but now the Yue family is completely under her control, so she sometimes goes to the scene.

Due to special circumstances, the representatives of the Yue family had to consult her for her decision.

As the targets of defeat, the Snow Wolf Empire and the Jokhang Empire must also be split. This is the basic way to kick out the empire.

Otherwise, such two large countries with large populations will inevitably reach the level of national strength of an empire in the future, which is unacceptable to the Five Empire Alliance.

This is defeat and the price of unconditional surrender. They can only be ordinary powers in the future, and it is impossible for them to become empires.

Among the five empires alliance, although the Qinglong Empire has the least gold level, it is already the largest country, because the results of the Jokhao Empire and the White Shark Kingdom are completely determined by them, and only the results of the Snow Wolf Empire need to be negotiated with the other four empires.

Without the status of the boss, even if they accepted the surrender of the two countries alone, there was no way to make the other four empires obey.

Since the other four empires have no objection, that is, they have recognized the status of the Qinglong Empire.

Just like Lu Feng's original estimate, it was their risky decapitation that would definitely benefit them.

The parliamentary meeting is divided into two sessions, which will not end until eight o'clock in the evening.

When Lu Feng came back, Arturia was still in the living room, she was waiting for Lu Feng to come back.

"Have you really retired?" Arturia asked, "I really can't enter your exclusive space anymore."

Because she couldn't enter Lu Feng's exclusive space, in fact, she couldn't go to the epic space anymore.

Because Artoria was a contract Servant, she didn't have her own exclusive space. Not only could she not be able to enter the dungeon world alone, but as long as she didn't have Lu Feng's exclusive space, she couldn't even go to the game lobby.

Before Yueyingshan came, Artoria had been very confused, but she did not mention the exclusive space to Yueyingshan.

Because she is Lu Feng's contract servant, this is a secret. In the eyes of outsiders, she has her own exclusive space.

"Yes." Lu Feng replied.

The controller is not the player. The moment he became the controller, Lu Feng's exclusive space disappeared, and all the equipment and items were moved to the central world control area.

If Artoria is in the exclusive space, she will also be directly teleported back to the real world.

However, she was not there at the time.

And Lu Feng is coming right now, and he is coming directly from the central world control area, because that is where the controller is staying.

And as the controller, Lu Feng is naturally immortal.

And once his player status dies, he will not really die, but will be reborn in the central world control area.

The infinite world is essentially a very advanced device. From Terra's point of view, it is probably a device created by a higher civilization than Terra, and that higher civilization is the earth.

It should be said that it is the Earth after the highly developed technology in the future, not the era that Lu Feng came across.

However, for some unknown reason, the Infinite World was not recorded, so Lu Feng didn't know that the Infinite World was separated from the earth and entered into this vast universe when it was just created.

Its sub-devices, that is, the infinite worlds capture a large number of civilized worlds, and after they are linked, they become a network.

Any infinite world has a controller. Of course, on the other side of the earth, it should be the earth people. The place where he usually stays is the central world control area, which is the area where Lu Feng is currently located.

But this infinite world is rather special. After it was created, it was out of the control of the earth before there was a controller.

That is, it lacks a controller.

The selection of the number one player is essentially the selection of the controller. This is the rule of the infinite world, so once the controller takes office, the selection of the number one player will be suspended.

"So, have you learned anything about Camelot?"

Arturia said: "You retired, I can't enter the dungeon world again, and it seems that I can't be promoted to the **** level again. In fact, I can't be completely sure about what the **** level is."

This is indeed true. At present, everyone is only listening to Yue Tenghai, and Lu Feng said that they are god-level, but no one really knows what god-level is.

In short, what outsiders can see is only the brand of the Ouroboros, and strength.

Arturia once failed when she opened the God-level player trial mode, because she did not have an independent number, but she was just wondering, it might be related to the god-level, and she could not be 100% sure.

As for the consultation, it was an independent channel, that is, when Lu Feng consulted with Infinite World, outsiders couldn't hear it.

Artoria's authority is not enough for her to consult about god-level players.

The reason why Lu Feng could easily obtain that information was because he was the number one player at the time and had higher authority in the infinite world.

Lu Feng also told Artoria about some god-level things, but probably only mentioned strength and the like, and he didn't talk about it in such a comprehensive and detailed manner.


Lu Feng twisted his hair, he didn't know how to answer, even though he was ready to come here this time, he wanted to tell Artoria something.

About the nature of Arturia, or who is she?

It was impossible to reveal this because of the position of the controller, but he once promised that he would help Artoria to advance to the **** level and help her understand the information of the world she was in. This is Artoria assisting him and being with him. Conditions for entering the infinite world.

The controller's promises, or trading conditions, override the rules.

So, as a fulfillment of his promise, he can still say things that he couldn't have said to the player otherwise.

It was only when he faced Arturia that he suddenly did not know how to speak.

"I have no problem, any result can be accepted, even if you don't know, it doesn't matter, I know you have done your best." Arturia said.

"No, I know everything."

Lu Feng thought about it and decided to say it directly, there is no need to hide it with other words, because he thinks Arturia is a strong person.

No matter who she is, her inner strength is no less than that of any king in the age of mythology.

"Actually, you are not King Arthur, nor the knight king of Camelot Kingdom." Lu Feng said slowly: "You are actually an NPC created by the infinite world, your memory and past are all false, They don't exist, they're just created to match the identity you need to be."

"And what about Camelot?"

Arturia was still sitting upright, with a little surprise on her face, but not as shocked as Lu Feng thought.

"It doesn't exist, it's just a fictitious term in the copy world, or a country called Camelot." Lu Feng replied.

"I understand, I am not a real existence, so I cannot enter the infinite world alone, which is why I am the essence of a contract servant. From beginning to end, my appearance is just to assist you." Arturia said.

"No, it's true that you appeared to help me, because I summoned you, so the infinite world created you." Lu Feng said.

In fact, Shenlong Wish Summoning is a bug.

Of course, for the infinite world, when there is no controller, the bug itself is also a part of it, or it cannot be avoided, which is one of the reasons why the infinite world must have a controller.

The controller is there, and the bug can be dealt with.

If Lu Feng didn't get the title of number one player, then this bug that had formed would be dealt with by a team of top players, just like when Lu Feng entered Mercury and dealt with the Great Wizard's Sorcerer's Lamp.

If the Grand Wizard was the number one player, he wouldn't be in that kind of trouble.

Therefore, Lu Feng summoning Arturia was actually a very dangerous thing, not only for Arturia, but also for him.

Fortunately, he became the number one player.

It should be said that the dragon's wish in the Dragon Ball dungeon was a very dangerous thing in itself. No matter what wish he made, if he did not become the number one player, sooner or later, the top player team would find him.


Lu Feng continued: "You are real. In fact, all the NPCs in the Infinite World game hall are real. It's just because your appearance comes from the summoning technique, so you are bound by the constraints of a contract servant. ."

"But it doesn't make sense anymore," Arturia said.

"No, it makes sense." Lu Feng said, "In return for your assistance, I can remove your contracted Servant status and give you an official player number."

"Thank you." Artoria also realized the difference in Lu Feng, it may be the reason beyond the **** level, or it may be other, she knew there would be no answer, so she didn't ask, but said: "But I have another Request, I don't know if you can meet it?"

"any request?"

"Since I'm an NPC and don't belong to a certain world, can I choose to go to another world instead of Terra?"

"Of course you can, but it's better not to reincarnate in the world. You know that kind of world will be infinitely reincarnated. As a real person, it is not wise to go to that kind of world. And if you go to that kind of world, you will no longer be able to get the player number, because Player numbers are limited to people from non-reincarnation worlds."

"Of course it's the world of reincarnation." Artoria suddenly smiled, "I'm not so obsessed with the FATE world, I'm afraid King Arthur will be surprised when he meets me."

"What world is it?" Lu Feng asked.

"Mercury," said Arturia, "because there is a territory we got together."

"Okay, I'll send you to the vicinity of Norwood City, and now it's a bit dangerous to enter the city directly~ We seem to have offended a lot of people at the beginning, you still have to be careful when you go there. ."

"Will you go later?" At last, Arturia asked.

"Of course I will, but I have a lot of things to do, and my parents are here, so maybe I can't stay there for long."

Lu Feng revoked Artoria's contracted Servant status, gave her a new player number, and Mercury Son's infinite world number, established an exclusive space for her, and purchased a warehouse to store many of the items they had obtained and Points are put in.

For the current Lu Feng, doing these things is just a matter of a moment.

In the end, Lu Feng sent Artoria to a safe place near Norwood City on Mercury's Wave Island.

"I'll be waiting for you at Norwood City," Artoria said before leaving.


(End of the book)

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