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"You made such a big noise, I don't have time to listen to your nonsense, where is the witch of Tianqi?" Lu Feng said, standing in the middle of the room, holding the Dragon Tooth Sword.

"Don't think that if you can escape from here, you will definitely be able to escape from this country." The female general was unable to stand still and could only lean on the table, but she still gritted her teeth.

"Really? It seems that I don't need to look for it." Lu Feng said.

At this moment, a light swept over from the outside and rushed in from the cracked wall. The two were thrown to the ground. It was the Apocalypse witch and the female bodyguard of the bird blood.


The female bodyguard who used the gloves had already struggled to stand up, leaned against the wall, and said in surprise when she saw the Apocalypse Witch being thrown in.

"Damn." The female general frowned, not expecting that Lu Feng would still be ambushing someone outside.

Artoria then flew in from the gap in the wall and stood beside the two witches of Apocalypse. At this moment, she admired Lu Feng so much that she guessed so accurately.

"Okay, now it's time to ask questions."

Lu Feng pointed to the female general and the two female bodyguards, and said to the witch Tianqi, "If you don't want them to die, you should cooperate honestly."

"Who are you?" The Apocalypse Witch jumped up and asked.

"First of all, it's true that we are from the Qinglong Empire." Lu Feng said, "As for our true identities, it doesn't really matter whether you know or not, because this matter involves the current war in the world. I'll give you the details. Can't say too clearly."

Whether Lu Feng said it or not, after he put forward the purpose of this, what they came for, the female generals and the witches of Apocalypse present can guess from various information.

The chaos in the Qinglong Empire's current parliament has been informed by many high-level outside countries.

But Lu Feng wouldn't say it clearly.

"Secondly, we are only here to ask you to fulfill a commission we once accepted. A few years ago, the Yue Family of the Qinglong Empire gave you the cause of death of Yueyingwu and Tan Xiaohua." Lu Feng handed the prepared letter to the Apocalypse Witch. .

Yueyingwu is Yueyingshan's brother, and Tan Xiaohua is Yueyingshan's mother.

Inside the envelope is the one that Yueying Shanna had given before, the entrustment invitation for the duplication business of the two.

"Yue Family." The Apocalypse Witch didn't pick up the envelope, "I know, don't look at it, I can't take this entrustment."

With a wave of Lu Feng's hand, the female bodyguard of bird blood screamed, blood dripping from her arm, and a sword wound was clearly visible.

"This is a warning, next time it will be a corpse, three people, you can say no three times." Lu Feng's tone was cold.

The Apocalypse Witch bit her red lips and didn't speak for most of the day.

But Lu Feng didn't have time to wait. He was about to start when the witch Apocalypse couldn't bear it anymore, and hurriedly said, "Wait, wait."

Lu Feng looked at the Apocalypse Witch.

"I have used skills before, and I already know the entire commissioning process. Their commission is relatively difficult, so I have not forgotten it." Apocalypse Witch tried hard to consider her words, "You know that the photos from the scene copy business have an expiration date. , expires will blur and then weather..."

"I don't know." Lu Feng interrupted, "Don't try to play tricks."

"Okay, okay, let me tell the truth, what I said just now is the truth, and because I can't use it again, I can't continue to make a photo..."

Apocalypse Witch said this, she suddenly found that Lu Feng was staring at her sharply, and she shivered, but she really didn't lie, she had to bite the bullet and continued: "A player number can only use the scene copy skill once, so , You know, there are many regulations, in fact, there is no way, it's not that we don't want to make money, it's not arrogant, it's just that we can't provide a second photo."

Therefore, there is an overbearing rule that the same place only accepts commissions once a year, and has the right to terminate the agreement at any time without even giving any explanation.

"Yeah." Lu Feng decided to believe it for a while, "Go ahead and talk about the main point."

"But I really remembered those two scenes. First, Yueyingwu was killed by a seven-person masked team. After Yueyingwu and another companion fell, his remaining two companions should be afraid. Just turned around and fled, the masked team stood there for a while, not chasing."

"Obviously, it was murdered, and I know that the Yueyingwu team is very strong."

"Otherwise, seven people won't go out. This is already beyond the size of a five-person team. It should use a more advanced team scroll, which is likely to be an S-level team. Most people don't waste such a waste, and they are all masked."

The Apocalypse Witch analyzed.

In addition to the S-level team props, there is also an A-level team, which can break through the five-person team limit.

Although if they are from the same organization, A-level is not very dangerous, but in terms of safety, there are only S-level teams.

Although only a photo was provided to the client, the witch of Apocalypse actually saw the whole process. She just had the ability to find a moment in the process to get a photo, and then the photo was sold for money.

Because the second time can't watch the process, there is no second photo to provide, which is the essence of what she said about the skill limitation.

Hearing this information, Lu Feng was not surprised, it just proved that Yue Yingwu was really murdered, not an accident, but it was a bit difficult to rely on this to find the murderer.

Because the murderer was very professional and even considered the problem of being discovered, very few people in the dungeon world would consider these.

Maybe they are just to guard against the ability of witches like Apocalypse, then this is too thoughtful.

As for the subsequent deaths of Yue Yingwu's two teammates, it's hard to say. It's possible that the murderer didn't worry about doing so, but Lu Feng felt that it was more likely to be an accident.

"Where's Tan Xiaohua?" Lu Feng asked again.

"The scene is very vague." The Apocalypse Witch said: "There is only one murderer, who is very fast and kills with one hit. I didn't see who it was."

Lu Feng frowned. According to Yue Yingshan, her mother was killed when the car crashed into a cliff and died along with the driver. When it fell, after several consecutive hits, the car's fuel tank exploded in the air.

It looks a little different from what the Apocalypse Witch said.

"Tell me about the process? How did you achieve a one-hit kill?" Lu Feng asked calmly.

"If a palm hits the car, all the people in the car are likely to be stunned, and the car will fall directly over the cliff," said the witch of the Apocalypse.

"The murderer must confirm the scene," Lu Feng said.

The Witch Apocalypse was silent for a moment before she said, "I can't say, because it's god-level, you can't afford it, neither can our Greyhound Kingdom, and I don't know each other either."

"God level!" Lu Feng and Arturia blurted out almost simultaneously.

"There really is a **** level?" Lu Feng said.

At present, this has always been just a rumor. In fact, no one really thinks that someone has surpassed the gold level, and not many people really think that the difficulty level after surpassing is called the **** level.

"His Ouroboros brand is different from what is known so far. It is a grey relief."

The Apocalypse Witch said, "I don't know if the specific difficulty is called God-level, but I think that brand, and that slap in the palm of your hand, are definitely beyond the gold level."

"He killed and showed his Ouroboros brand?" Lu Feng said.

The Apocalypse Witch fell silent. Obviously, Lu Feng was more difficult than she thought. He seemed to be able to discern any loopholes in his words very clearly. This person definitely received professional training.

In fact, the witch of the apocalypse was originally going to continue to entrust it, because she did not know the murderer, and the murderer naturally did not show the Ouroboros brand.

She didn't even know that the other party might be beyond the gold level.

But she suddenly received a gold-level warning from a high-level domestic leader. The person seemed to know that she had accepted the Yue family's entrustment. What the person said was very vague, but the Apocalypse Witch could hear that it meant that the opponent's strength had exceeded the gold level. Get her to give up on the commission and don't put herself in danger.

So, she used another skill to investigate her strength again. After seeing the brand of the Ouroboros and contacting back and forth, she felt that the murderer might really be beyond the gold level.

Then she immediately rejected the Yue family's entrustment.

Lu Feng is obviously not easy to fool, the Tianqi witch has no other way but to tell this matter.

However, the person who warned the witch of Apocalypse had left the Greyhound Kingdom a year ago, and his whereabouts are currently unknown.

The goal of this trip has basically been achieved, and it is difficult to know the god-level murderer. If it is really possible, only the witch of the apocalypse can identify it.

But this is obviously impossible at present, and the witch of the apocalypse will be killed in advance.

Lu Feng and the two decided to leave. They took the Apocalypse witch as a hostage and left directly across the border of the Greyhound Kingdom, followed by a large number of epics from the Greyhound Kingdom, but they didn't dare to act rashly.

"You'd better pay attention to your own safety. The movement is too big. If the god-level knows about it, maybe you will be the target of murder." Before leaving, Lu Feng warned the witch Tianqi.

"Hmph." The Apocalypse Witch was so angry that she felt like a disaster was coming.

The border was not a big country in the past, but a medium-sized country. It has now joined the war and is on the side of the Five Empire Alliance.

The Special Operations Bureau of the Greyhound Kingdom is also very clear that some things should not be too loud, so they did not notify the opposite country, and of course they did not dare to cross the border easily. They could only watch Lu Feng and the two leave and disappear into the forest.

"Notify the intelligence department and investigate the identities of these two people, and this should be done by the heir of the Yue family. They have just lost their power, and they still have the courage to be so lawless. These people must not be easily let go. ."

The king of the Greyhound Kingdom was very angry that he ran rampant in their country, and the royal family lost all face.

The Witch Apocalypse was even more angry. She had never been so cowardly since she was a child. As soon as she went back, she entered her studio, a huge and spacious room with a starry sky painted on the roof.

The interior of this room is very simple and round, with only a bracket in the middle and a crystal ball on the bracket.

The core ability of the Apocalypse Witch is the crystal ball prediction, which must be used as a prop. As for the atmosphere and environment during the prediction process, there is no need at all.

She set up such a studio, just as a small number of prophecy players in the infinite world, the witch of the apocalypse is too deep into the play, or a little superstitious, she feels that in this kind of place, the use of skills will be more accurate and easier.

"It's the two of them."

The Witch Apocalypse held two photos in her hands, which were screenshots taken from the surveillance camera, the big head photos of Lu Feng and Artoria.

"This woman is still so like the female King Arthur of that copy world. She will transform. She should be a sneak-type guy. It is difficult for such a person to get her true identity."

"Oh, unfortunately, I don't know how perverted my aunt's abilities are. Even if you never reveal your true identity in front of outsiders after you get the skills, it's useless. My mother will find you out anyway."

Regarding the skills of the Apocalypse Witch, no one can really understand the outside world, and those intelligence services are only a packaged part.

Apocalypse witches can only use some abilities in private, and it is impossible for outsiders to know.

In fact, she really wanted to investigate a person's identity, without a player number, without a real-world ID card number, or even without a real name, a fake name, and a photo.

All she needs is one-to-one, one or more combinations of materials that identify someone without ambiguity.

Therefore, the most common way is to find a photo of the head, because the appearance of a person is 100% one-to-one, and a person can be identified.

First, Lu Feng, the witch Apocalypse pressed the photo on the crystal ball with one hand, and the other hand on it. She released her skills, and the photo turned into golden light, flew out from her fingers, and dissipated in the air. .

Then the witch of the apocalypse used a very strange language, silently reciting the project she wanted to predict, like a string of spells.

At the same time, her hands completely touched the crystal ball, and the surface of the crystal ball that was originally covered by her hands leaked The surface of the crystal ball, which was originally dark as the night sky, flashed a golden light, as if the opening of a movie .

Under normal circumstances, the content of the prophecy will be displayed in the crystal ball, text or images are possible.


The curtain opened, but the content was like chaos, nothing.

"Why? His true identity cannot be detected?" This is the first time that this situation has been encountered. The content of most predictions in the past is ambiguous, and it is difficult to determine the result.

Like this, it was beyond her cognition.

The Apocalypse Witch's eyes flickered, she picked up Artoria's headshot again, and placed it on the crystal ball again.

However, this time, she also reported the fake passport number that Artoria used this time. With two materials, it can be determined that it is the big loli who came with Lu Feng, not the king of knights in the copy world.

But in fact, the witch of the apocalypse doesn't know that a photo is enough, because Artoria has no transformation ability at all. Both hands touched the crystal ball again.

"how can that be possible?"

The Apocalypse Witch screamed in panic, because she couldn't predict Artoria's true identity.

Neither of them could be detected, and the impact on the Apocalypse Witch was huge.

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