"Team melee formation." The captain of the Snow Wolf team roared.

They also made a lot of plans and arranged different tactics. Now they gave up the three scattered formations at the beginning and adopted concentrated group battles on the streets.

Although two people were lost, Bao Nanjie's side still had eight people and had an absolute advantage, so the leader of the Snow Wolf team planned to use the plan of first annihilating Lu Feng and then escaping from Academy City.

Bao Nanjie was getting what he wanted, and the others didn't have any opinion, so he immediately dispersed and took his own attacking position.

The three Bao Nanjie were in the forward position and rushed towards Lu Feng.

The captain of the Red Dragon team released a range skill that ignored the acceleration of enemies and friends, and a circle of light flashed over them, and the speed of their group of eight increased by 20%.

When the three of them were fighting against Lu Feng just now, the captain of the Red Dragon team was entangled by Accelerator and didn't have time to release this trick, so he was still a little annoyed.

With this their strength will increase a lot.

However, Artoria suddenly flew into the air and released a crack, which was a unique trick of the Holy Inquisition, which could break the enemy's defensive force field.

Different from the defense-breaking skills that can only be attached to physical attacks, such as secret penetration, this is a magic-like method, with a wide range. Once the defense is cracked, no one's attack can be blocked.

Because it is directly stripping the enemy's defense, not attack penetration.

The light enveloped Bao Nanjie's group, and the opponent's speed bonuses were all broken, and many people's defensive force fields were also broken.

There is no secret penetration force, but it has a large range, so it has a wide range of influences, and it is actually very efficient.

Bao Nanjie and the others gathered together and adopted teamfight tactics. Instead, Arturia found an opportunity to crack the opponent's defense at the same time.

"It's her, the guy who has been hiding in the air, be careful, she's very strong."

The captain of the Red Dragon team was in a hurry, his acceleration skills were broken so easily, and their team's archers were quickly killed, so he guessed that Artoria's various attributes were very high, higher than their team's too much.

"One person dragged Bai Mao and drained the battery on his neck collar, and he was finished. One person would deal with Misaka Mikoto, and the others would concentrate on killing Lu Feng and the two of them."

Bao Nanjie's defensive force field was also broken. He had realized that Lu Fengcai's two-man team dared to take the initiative to trouble the ten of them. Those who had no clue in their hearts were not so bold.

Therefore, Bao Nanjie decided to kill Lu Feng and Lu Feng first.

Therefore, the eight of them all used three people to fight against Rikkaze or Arturia, and only one person each held Accelerator and Misaka Mikoto.

However, Lu Feng would not let Bao Nanjie's plan succeed so easily.

He and Artoria did not separate, nor did Misaka Mikoto and Accelerator separate, but gathered together with Misaka Mikoto in the back, Lu Feng and Accelerator in front, Artoria in the air, and Artoria Summoned a light spirit, also can fly, stay in the air.

The ghost bat dragon flew high into the sky, swooped down from time to time, and released a ground thorn to create ground obstacles for Bao Nanjie's group.

So they form a three-dimensional formation.

After a few rounds, Bao Nanjie found that they couldn't separate Lu Feng and the others, but Lu Feng's speed was fast and his attacks were precise, and he could cut through their tactical flaws every time.

Most importantly, they couldn't break Lu Feng's defense.

Although the stabbing damage of Ghost Bat Dragon is very low, people without armor and defensive force field have to avoid it. Minor injuries, no one wants to.

In this way, there are more flaws in the actions of these people.

And the ghost bat dragon flew too high, and sometimes burrowed into Lu Feng's pet space.

Therefore, several people on their own side were injured, and the formation was disrupted for a time.

"Tonight is really lively, you bastards, kill them all for me." At this time, above the building, Kihara Duomo appeared by the window with a large group of hound troops, half of them holding rocket launchers, half holding rockets Armed with an assault rifle, he began to attack below.

Many of the injuries on Kihara's arms were not treated, but it did not prevent him from attacking with a rocket launcher. Although this man was full of evil, he was not a cowardly person.

"Haha, Accelerator, the last work is on it, and some virus has been implanted. Do you still have time to stay here?" Bao Nanjie suddenly thought of a method.

At this moment, Bao Nanjie is also a little fortunate that he did not kill many Muyuan.

According to the initial task information analysis, they all believed that there was only one virus storage chip, and only one team in the intrusion group could complete the task.

But after getting the virus storage chip, Bao Nanjie suddenly felt that maybe this task item could be replicated.

Then, in case the virus storage chip in his hand is destroyed, he can seize the number of Kihara and find a way to make another copy.

As for his own copying is impossible, the interface of this chip is very special and requires special writing equipment.

After all, it is still very easy to destroy the virus storage chip. It can be crushed directly, or it can be done with a strong frontal electric shock. As a special task item, this thing cannot be put into the inventory.

Although it can really be copied, or if there is time to copy, Bao Nanjie does not know.

But just in case, they still left Kihara with one more life.

As for the last work, they have no plans to move, because if the last work dies, then the artificial angel will disappear, and what will happen to Aleister, they can't predict.

For any player, doing as little as possible outside of the mission is the most sensible thing.

After all, they don't know much about the background of the dungeon world.

Of course, the restriction that the virus storage chip cannot be destroyed and taken away in the sniper team mission means that when the virus storage chip is not controlled by the intrusion team, it does not matter if the virus storage chip is destroyed after being obtained by the intrusion team.

That is to say, even if the invasion team knew that the sniper team had this restriction, they could not take this threat.

"It turns out that Accelerator, you scum is also there."

The number of Kihara finally found Accelerator. His position was still very high, the rain was too heavy, the sky was dark, and the line of sight was not very good.

Therefore, Kihara Shudu turned the muzzle and attacked Accelerator.

"There are many Kiharas." Accelerator rushed into the air, and the shotgun aimed at the Kiharas was a blow.

But he was dodged, but Accelerator also rushed into the building.

"Most of the Kihara numbers are handed over to Accelerator. We can deal with the people here at ease." Lu Feng didn't care at all.

After the battle just now, he already knew that Bao Nanjie and the others did not have the means to break the defense on a large scale, only the ability to break the defense against a single unit.

Because of Lu Feng and Artoria's co-defense, they couldn't break Accelerator's defense.

But Accelerator's battery will definitely run out. Accelerator just found out that the weapon is ineffective against Bao Nanjie and the others. In fact, he is also worried. Once the Misaka network is gone, how can he fight.

This is why, as soon as Bao Nanjie said, Accelerator went straight up without confirmation, at least against the large number of Kihara, and using shotguns, Accelerator is still confident.

"They have one less person, get them as soon as possible, we can leave."

The captain of the Snow Wolf team was a little worried. Among their tasks, they had to escape the restrictions of Academy City before the wind ahead failed.

Compared with the mission restrictions, they were also worried about the awakening of the entire Academy City's combat power after the Heavenly Punishment Technique was lifted, and he was also afraid that it would be detrimental to them.


Bao Nanjie and the others speeded up their attacks, but they were surprised to find that they were still unable to break the formation of the three of Lu Feng, while Lu Feng continued to be able to dash into their formation, injuring one of them again.

If it wasn't for Lu Feng's fear that his magic power would be consumed too fast, Bao Nanjie and the others would have been injured more seriously.

After all, Bao Nanjie has a large number of people, and it is easier for them to use props to recover after being injured. If they couldn't reduce their numbers, just injuring the other party wouldn't mean much to Lu Feng.

Because Lu Feng and the others were too few, they would be dragged to death.

However, Lu Feng was not worried because he knew that Accelerator tonight would not die and would return to the team soon.

"These two are really troublesome, or we will retreat while fighting."

The Snow Wolf team made this suggestion in a very depressing way through the team channel. They were eight out of three, and they couldn't even take advantage of it at all, and they even seemed to be at a disadvantage.

So, he was already a little shaken and just wanted to leave as soon as possible.

"How can it be so easy." The Snow Wolf team captain was also surprised. He didn't expect Lu Feng's two to be so powerful, and they seemed to have reached the middle and late stages of bronze.

But now they are also difficult to ride a tiger, because it is not so easy to evacuate, there will always be someone who breaks, and those who break are too easy to be killed.

No one wants to break up, not to mention that they have the upper hand, so they can only wait for Lu Feng's side to collapse.

That's when they have to go, or pursue them.

But obviously, their chance will soon be gone, but in the air, the sound of the glass curtain wall breaking suddenly appeared again, and the two figures were knocked out.

There were many Kiharas, and there was also a member of the Hound Unit.

They flew a long distance before they hit the ground and turned into a pile of flesh. A black shadow rushed out from the window of the building. It was Accelerator, with a pair of strange black wings behind it.

In fact, those are not wings. It should be said that they are similar to jets. Those wings are darker than ink, and they seem to engulf all the light.

Black Wing One Pass.

"Start the general attack." Lu Feng informed Artoria that he was also waiting for this opportunity.

As a result, they also began to attack regardless of consumption.

After the addition, Accelerator's strength has soared. When there were only a few minutes to use the ability, Bao Nanjie and his group were very passive.

At that time, Lu Feng was still worried that if he was dragged too much and hadn't dealt with the enemy, they would be very dangerous, so he and Artoria both played conservatively and tried to use Misaka Mikoto's attack as much as possible. , After all, Miss Tokiwadai's characteristic is that the consumption is relatively small.

And now, Lu Feng and the others suddenly intensified their attacks, and their combat power suddenly increased by one level.

This time, the formation of Bao Nanjie and the others immediately became chaotic, but after all, they were numerous and spread out to form a wider attack radius. They planned to pull Lu Feng and the others apart, and then took the opportunity to kill Misaka Mikoto and One way.

Although the attack power is very strong, they are only the six-circle attributes of ordinary people after all, and at most some attributes are slightly strengthened.

However, Lu Feng would not let Bao Nanjie and his group do what they wished, and soon forced his way into the innermost formation of Bao Nanjie and his group, resisted the opponent's joint attack, and killed the two of the Snow Wolf team first.

There were only six people left in Bao Nanjie's group, and the other two of the Snow Wolf team also started to panic. They retreated first, and the captain of the Red Dragon team followed closely.

So, seeing that the situation was wrong, the three of Bao Nanjie had to evacuate, and the group suddenly turned into a big retreat.

But unfortunately, it is not so easy for them to escape.

Lu Feng chased and fought hard, and quickly killed the three of Bao Nanjie, then pursued them all the way, and once again killed the two Snowwolves and the captain of the Red Dragons who had escaped a long distance.

"Confirm that the "virus storage chip" has not been robbed, confirm that at least one player team that invaded Academy City has been successfully expelled, and confirm that there are no invading player teams within the academy city, and the world reward for this dungeon will be automatically settled. "

When killing the captain of the Red Dragon, the prompt of the infinite world appears.

Lu Feng and Artoria, as well as the ghost bat dragon, even the summoned light spirits, were all trapped by a protective cover.

[Squad No. 69690001 begins to teleport, the destination is the exclusive space of the game hall in District 12…]

When it got dark, Lu Feng and the others disappeared on the streets of Academy City and returned to his exclusive space. The ghost bat dragon has automatically entered the pet space.

Even outside, pets will enter the pet space every time they return.

And the light spirit summoned by Arturia did not appear in the exclusive space, it should be sent back to the plane of the light spirit itself, and it needs to be re-summoned next time.

"Player No. 1 Injured Status detected."

"Treatment work in progress..."

"The vital signs are restored to 100%, and the treatment is completed."

"Minor injuries detected for player number one's pet."

"Treatment work in progress..."

"The vital signs are restored to 100%, and the treatment is completed."

【Complete the main quest】

[Difficulty: Bronze]

[Evaluation: Excellent+]

[Squad No. 69690001 has contract servants, the contract master will receive 150% reward weighting, the potential points will be distributed proportionally, and other contract masters will receive]

【Get 90000 points】

[Contract master gets 17 potential points (6 skills only), contract followers get 16 potential points (5 skills only)]

[Contract master gets 60 permanent magic points, and contract followers get 60 permanent magic points]

[Get two bottles of powerful magic recovery potion]

[Squad No. 69690001 has completed the main task has reached the clearance conditions]

[Squad No. 69690001 has contract servants, the contract master will receive 150% reward weighting, the potential points will be distributed proportionally, and other contract masters will receive]

[Get a copy of the customs clearance reward: 168000 points]

[Obtain dungeon clearance rewards: Contract Master 21 Potential Points (for 9 Skills), Contract Servant 19 Potential Points (for 8 Skills)]

[Obtain dungeon clearance rewards: Contract Master's permanent mana value is 120 points, and Contract Servant's permanent mana value is 120 points]

[Obtain dungeon clearance rewards: two bottles of powerful magic recovery potions, five bottles of full-nutrition mineral water, two bottles of powerful antidote, and a dozen military full-nutrition compressed biscuits]

[Items have been stored in the inventory, pay attention to check]

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