MTL - Go Legend

MTL - Go Legend


In 2015, the Go AI AlphaGo was born, crushing humans and shocking the world. Since then, people have divided Go into two types, one is human Go and the other is machine Go.In the face of Go AI, humans seem to have no power to fight back. However, when the vast majority of humans have given up their resistance in front of the machine, there are only a small group of stupid people who are still fighting and trying to challenge the machine.These people have only one reason: because Go AI will still lose.Since it will still lose chess, it means that it is not a chess god, and since it is not a chess god, it means that humans still have a chance.As a teenager who once failed in dan dan, Li Xiangping was not such a stupid person, but when an accident sent him back to 18 years ago, especially when he crossed, he also shared the soul of a generation of chess master Shi Xiangxia. Accidentally metSo Li Xiangping changed, and he slowly became a stupid person. Become a generation of Go legend. - Description from novelbuddy

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