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C.890 tasteless celebrity battleMar 06, 2023

Chapter 890 Tasteless Celebrity Battle

After finishing the call with his cousin, Li Xiangping went back to the computer and wanted to ask what happened to the "Lucid" company of the US Emperor.

The current Duniang has not been established for a few years. The provisions on the Internet are quite simple. There is only a little information about this "Lucid" of the US Emperor:

The predecessor of   Lucid is Atieva, which was established in 2007. The founders are two Chinese, one is Wen Shiming, a former executive of Oracle, and the other is Xie Jiapeng, a former vice president and director of Tesla.

When I saw the names of these two Chinese people, especially the former Tesla executive behind him, this made Li Xiangping a little impressed, and it also evoked more memories of his previous life.

Well, Tesla is not actually the original company of Musk, the future richest man in the world. He acquired this company through capital operation.

In 2007, Musk just joined Tesla at that time. At this time, Tesla did not have the surname Ma, and the management team was not very "obedient". Saying that is clearly unacceptable.

So after Musk became chairman, Tesla ushered in a wave of "big cleaning". At that time, not only the vice president Xie Jiapeng, but even Martin Eberhard, the original founder and CEO of Tesla, was swept out of the house.

The unwilling Xie Jiapeng chose to start a business with Wen Shiming, and then in turn invited that Martin Eberhard to serve as a technical consultant for the new company.

Immediately afterwards, the new company began to poach the original Tesla, and the other executives of the original Tesla who had disagreements with Musk also “relocated to the new jubilee” and chose to join Lucid to discuss the righteousness of “revenge”.

Former Tesla VP of Manufacturing; former Tesla VP of Hardware Engineering; former Tesla Supply Chain Management President; former Tesla Sales Director; and then a large number of grassroots engineers….

It is precisely for this reason that the Wall Street media in the United States dubbed this Lucid company as Tesla's "Avengers".

Having obtained this information in his mind, Li Xiangping was happy at the time. He said to his heart that the traversers are really different, and they may really be the so-called "Son of Heaven" in the legend.

Take myself as an example, because of the existence of Lao Shi after crossing the road, I also want to play chess, and then I will fight with the dog, but I never thought of becoming the richest man in the world.

However, because of this American emperor's Lucid company, this really has something to do with the future richest man in the world, and it may be possible to have a fight in the future.

Li Xiangping, who is a traveler, of course knows that the Lucid company in real history has not become popular. Even in 2018 before Li Xiangping traveled through, the peak market value will only be 30 billion US dollars, which is not as good as Tesla's old age. A fraction of a horse.

However, around 2010, in the field of new energy vehicles, Lucid is a mature team with relatively advanced technology.

The technology is leading and quite mature, but why did this Lucid company fail in the end?

The reason is very simple, because this team is a bunch of poor ghosts.

Well, compared to Tesla's old horse, it's a bunch of poor ghosts.

From Lao Wen to Lao Xie, and then to that Martin Eberhard, they have nothing to say technically, that is quite professional.

However, these people are not as wealthy as the old horses, especially the ability of capital operation is too poor, far less than the long-sleeved good dance of Tesla's old horses, and it has only been tepid for more than ten years, resulting in later generations being not famous in China at all. .

And among them, it is also inseparable from the domestic accountant Jia.

The subprime mortgage crisis in 2008, this newly established company was naturally also greatly impacted, and they entrusted Wall Street investment banks to conduct IPO operations.

However, investment banks cannot guarantee themselves. In the end, due to various coincidences, around 2010, Jia Accounting has become the largest shareholder of this Lucid company with a shareholding ratio of nearly 40%.

However, Lao Jia, who was busy "suffocating his dreams", did not cherish Lucid.

Li Xiangping guessed privately that Jia Jia has a car-building plot, but this person seems to have a European and American car plot, so he doesn't like Lucid, and always thinks about starting a new business himself, such as the name he gave to his car, what is it called "Faraday" future".

In real history, Boss Jia, who had his own son, did not hesitate when he was in deep financial crisis. He sold all of Lucid's shares at a low price when he changed hands, leaving Lucid to look forward to Qian Xingtan.

The gold lord was a mud bodhisattva, and it was difficult for him to cross the river, which made Lucid at that time sad.

Li Xiangping vaguely remembers that at that time Lucid planned to raise US$700 million to build a factory in Arizona and compete with Tesla, but it was because of Lao Jia’s change that the plan could not be realized, which can be said to be at stake.

Now in 2009, Lucid's technology is not bad at all. They once launched a concept car, but it directly benchmarked Tesla's most advanced flagship model.

Well, to use the slogan of Lucid at the time, it was unceremonious to evaluate Tesla as "innovative but not luxury" (innovative but not luxurious), while he was a "post-luxurybrand" (post-luxury brand).

Inside and out, it is simply to dislike Tesla's rough room and poor quality.

And it’s not just bragging, the concept car launched by Lucid that year is also remarkable in terms of technical indicators.

The characteristics of that concept car are also the choice of long battery life and high power, which is simply to hit the two points that Tesla is best at!

Under EPA conditions, the maximum cruising range of LucidAir can reach 836km, which is more than 100 kilometers longer than Tesla Model S.

As for performance, all LucidAir series use permanent magnet motors, and the power of a single motor can reach 499kW.

And this power, let alone Tesla, even in 2018 when Li Xiangping passed through, it was the motor with the highest peak power among the world's mass-produced pure electric vehicles at that time.

As for the architecture power of the dual-motor four-wheel drive, it is as high as 828kW and the horsepower exceeds 1100 horsepower. The zero-hundred acceleration is only 2.5 seconds, and the zero-four is only 10 seconds! And such technical indicators are already comparable to super-running results.

It's a pity that the concept car is just a concept car. In the real history, because of Lao Jia's drag, when Lao Jia went to the United States to build his "Faraday Future", the concept car called "Lucid Air" failed to achieve volume. Produce.

After that, Tesla's super factory in Shanghai has been put into operation, and the old horses are already in full swing. The new models they launched backhand have been able to blast "LucidAir" to the point of **** in terms of technical parameters.

Later, Lucid seems to have found a new funder, a Middle Eastern tyrant, Saudi Arabia's Public Investment Fund (PIF), who came out to play the role of savior.

The "Oil Dad" invested $1 billion in Lucid and successfully obtained a majority stake. Lucid has a stable source of funds.

But this is another story. At that time, Li Xiangping was approached by Shi Daqisheng, and then the two returned to 2000 10 years ago.

After sorting out this information in his mind, Li Xiangping began to YY in his heart at that time. He started to YY himself punching the domestic second horse and kicking the old horse of the US emperor, and began to dream of being the richest man in the world.

Of course, for this kind of thing, Li Xiangping only YY in his heart, he can't go and do it himself, everything can only be done by his cousin Li Weiping.

It doesn't matter if you can become the richest man in the world. The most important task at the moment is dogfighting. Only after the dogfight is over will you have time to think about other things.

In this case, after a few chats, Li Xiangping also sent Zhao Daokai away. As for the old accountant Jia Jia, Li Xiangping must have no interest in seeing him.

By the time Zhao Daokai left, today's two games of chess were over. As a result, Chen Xiaoqiang lost to Brother Calm, Zhang Xu defeated Kong Erjie, and Zhang Xu and Xie He took the lead.

However, after a day's rest, when Li Weiping came to the capital to negotiate the acquisition of Lucid shares in Jia Accounting's hands, the trend of the "Evergrande Cup" also reversed.

In the second game of the semi-final, Kong Erjie defeated Zhang Xu at a glance, and Chen Xiaoqiang defeated Sheikh in the middle set, putting both semi-finals into the decisive game.

After another day, Kong Erjie and Chen Xiaoqiang won again, and the two Beijing chess players both killed the first "Evergrande Cup" final.

This game is over, and the time is about to enter the last month of 2009. By this time, Kong Erjie has become the most beautiful and busiest chess player in the entire professional chess world.

Judging from this time, it is really possible for him to reach this year's "Golden Slam".

It’s just that Gu Dali didn’t agree.

In the "Samsung Cup" semi-finals that followed, Kong Erjie was eliminated by Gu Dali, who joined with Lee Sedol in this year's "Samsung Cup" final.

When the time comes to December, Li Xiangping also has his own competition, which is the annual "Chinese Celebrity Battle" challenge.

To be honest, for the current Li Xiangping, this "Celebrity Challenge" is completely tasteless.

This has already reduced other professional chess players to handicap 2, and it is really not good for Li Xiangping to play this kind of split first chess, and there is not much training value.

Therefore, Li Xiangping also communicated with the Chinese Chess Academy and proposed that he wanted to give up the title of "celebrity".

Unfortunately, the management of the Chess Academy did not agree.

The main thing is that the sponsors refused to agree.

The sponsors proposed to the chess institute that if Li Xiangping voluntarily gave up defending the title and quit the game, then they would no longer sponsor the game.

Since this is the case, Li Xiangping certainly did not want to embarrass the chess institute and promised to participate in this "celebrity" defending the title for the last time.

is indeed the last time, because the sponsorship contracts for Chinese chess games are basically 3-year short-term signings, and this year’s contract is already the last year.

Li Xiangping has already communicated with the chess academy, but he is really not ready to participate in the next year. Regarding this, he must communicate with the sponsors when negotiating the new sponsorship contract.

For Li Xiangping's request, the Chess Academy reluctantly agreed.

After the news was disclosed by the media, it made the popularity of this year's "celebrity battle" rise sharply.

Finally, after some fighting, it was Chen Xiaoqiang who won the challenge right of this year's "Celebrity Battle".

One "Evergrande Cup" final five games, one "Celebrity Challenge" five games, so in the last month of 2009, Chen Xiaoqiang's schedule also became very busy.

The time soon came to the beginning of December, and Li Xiangping, who had been idle for a month and a half, was ready to leave again.

He is going to play chess with Chen Xiaoqiang.

This was probably the last chess match he played before the dogfight.

(end of this chapter)