MTL - Go Legend - C.9 Qingfeng's parallel importsMar 06, 2023

MTL - Go Legend

C.9 Qingfeng's parallel importsMar 06, 2023

Chapter 9 Qingfeng's scumbag

"It's really amazing, this thing can actually play a game, little friend Xiangping, are these two people in different places playing a game?"

Li Xiangping chuckled: "Of course."

Considering that Lao Shi was new to this game, Li Xiangping did not rush to invite him to play chess, but first clicked on "Qingfengwang", and then randomly selected a chess game of two 9D games to stop and watch.

While watching chess, Li Xiangping also introduced to Lao Shi the basic knowledge of online chess, including rank, rank, nickname, and some differences between modern chess rules and medieval chess rules and so on.

After this popular science, more than 10 minutes have passed, and within these 10 minutes, the two 9D chess players also played very fast, and there were more than 40 more moves on the chessboard in this moment.

Feeling that Lao Shi seemed to be absent-minded about his science, but focused on the chess game, Li Xiangping changed the subject and smiled:

"Brother Ding'an, how do you feel about the chess skills of these two?"

"The level is quite high, especially this white man, I think this person, this person is already close to the "four-handed" level."


For Lao Shi's answer, Li Xiangping really didn't know what to say.

There is no rank in medieval chess. Although many people think that the rank system of Japanese Go should be derived from the "Nine-Rank Go System" in China, in the era when Lao Shi lived, they were still more accustomed to "national players". "Famous", "Second-hand" and "Third-hand" are used to classify chess players.

Lao Shi is a chess master of medieval chess, so he is naturally an undisputed "national player", and he said just now that "this person is close to the "four-handed" level", which is translated into modern vernacular, that is: "His level If it is higher, then I may only let him have 4."

These words can easily lead to two questions. The first is that these two people are obviously less than "four-handed", so why does Lao Shi say that they are "very high level".

Second, with the modern network 9D, can Lao Shi really make 4 children?

The first question is not difficult to understand. After all, ancient Go was not as popular as it is in modern times. According to the "Guo Dynasty Yi Family Name List" of the Qing Dynasty, there were only 169 people who could reach the level of "four hands" or above and leave their names. That's it. Therefore, Lao Shi now sees two people who are close to the "four-handed" level playing chess, and he praises "the level is quite high". Li Xiangping thinks that this is not to say that he is hypocritical.

What really interests Li Xiangping is the second question, can Lao Shi really make the modern network 9D4?

With this question, Li Xiangping also paid attention to the chess game, and only watched it for a while. After a few rounds, Li Xiangping felt angry and funny. He said in his heart, "Qingfeng's parallel imports, Lianzhong's scumbags", no in the early years, this sentence circulating in the online chess world in this era is indeed true, and it is no wonder that in later generations, these two websites cannot compete with others.

"Lianzhong's scumbag" goes without saying, I believe that all chess players who have the habit of playing online games in the early years are deeply impressed. And "Qingfeng's parallel imports" refers to that the rank of is particularly watery. The water is in a mess, and the water is outrageous.

Take the two Qingfeng 9Ds in front of him as an example. Even at the level of Li Xiangping, who is not at the beginning of his career, he can clearly see that if he went up to play chess with these two, he would not dare to say more. It is still very easy to let them 2 children, they should have little chance to beat themselves.

And the reason why's rank is so low is not only related to some setting defects of the website, but also because of the deliberate connivance of the website.'s initial registration rank is set at 5D, which means that if a person registers on this website, even if this person does not know how to play chess at all, he can report 5D and play chess on this website as 5D.

Such a high starting registration segment will naturally cause the entire website segment to be biased. Li Xiangping even believes that this is one of the important reasons for the rapid decline of

It should be known that the chess website and other online games of fighting monsters and upgrading are almost the same in some aspects. Since the highest on the website is 9D, after hitting 9D, this is equivalent to the "clearance" of other monster fighting and upgrading games.

It is entirely possible to imagine, if a game is very simple to "clear", how attractive can such a game be? made this mistake, because the rank is too low, and it is too easy to rise to 9D, which will inevitably lead to the loss of a large number of **** chess fans, and the entire website will be filled with a group of "fake chess fans".

Therefore, in the real history, even if the so-called "Qingfeng Bazi" was in charge of this website, after some internal changes occurred in them, this website quickly disappeared.

Since this game of chess had little reference value, Li Xiangping took Lao Shi out of the room and began to walk around the hall. It's a pity that after watching it for a while, I still haven't seen any high-level matches.

"Strange, where have all the masters today gone?"

Li Xiangping looked at the time, it looked like it was more than 3pm but not 4pm. He thought that this situation is normal, and the current situation of the Go website is like this.

In the world of Go, the network rivers and lakes can basically be divided into 3 stages.

The first stage was before 2003. At this stage, most professional chess players were not used to playing online games. People at the level of Li Xiangping would be able to stir up trouble on the Internet, and it would be easy for them to become the wind and cloud. Characters, and occasionally top professional masters play chess on the Internet, which can even create a legend for a while.

In 2003, due to "SARS" and the increasing popularity of the Internet, more and more professional chess players began to train online. During this period, the Go website became the world of professional chess players. A star person must have a top professional level. Not only must the level be high, but also must play a lot of chess and be online for a long time.

As for the third stage, of course, there is nothing to say, that is after the "Alpha Dog" was born, and at that time, the Go AI is the protagonist of the website, and no one even cares about the game between people.

It’s only 2000, and it’s still the afternoon of a non-rest day, so I can’t see any masters playing chess now, so it’s naturally normal.

Seeing that there were no masters in Qingfeng, Li Xiangping led Lao Shi to Lianzhong again.

Considering the illustrious reputation of "Lianzhong Laipi", Li Xiangping dare not invite people to play chess casually, in case the first game will make Lao Shi encounter a lame, to be honest, as a modern person, Li Xiangping still I can't afford to miss that person.

The reason why Li Xiangping came here is because Lianzhong is after all the first website for chess and card games in this era, with the most popularity and the most chess players that Li Xiangping is familiar with. "Meeting by chance" won't work, but it's okay to ask for a game. Li Xiangping just wanted to see if he could meet a suitable chess player, and then ask a game of chess to measure the weight of Lao Shi.

However, what Li Xiangping did not expect was that he had just landed in Lianzhong, and before he could find someone else, someone found him first.

"Bai Yi, is that you?"

Li Xiangping's current account is called "Youth in White", and Li Xiangping is happy to see this private chat message:

"What about me, Boss Hongqiao?"

The online name of the chess player who was talking to Li Xiangping is "Red Bridge Wolong". In real life, he is a top 5 expert. Besides, he also has an identity on the Internet, that is, "Lianzhong Beggar Gang" 's helper.

Red Bridge Wolong: "Where have you been running these days? I've been looking for you for several days. I haven't forgotten the game tonight. Remember to use the dedicated server for the game at 8 pm."

The boy in white: "What, what game?"

Hongqiao Wolong: "The ultimate 10VS10 confrontation between our Beggar Gang and the Axe Gang, shit, I'm so anxious now, you really forgot, remember to put on the gang's special vest at night."

The so-called special vest is actually a prefix added to the nickname. For example, Li Xiangping is now called "the boy in white", then when the game is played, he will be "beggar gang * boy in white".

The boy in white: "Hehe, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'll be there at night, but boss, you can compare with us even with a few guns from the Axe Gang? Our Beggar Gang has a lot of soldiers and generals. I really don't know what you are in a hurry for?"

Hongqiao Wolong: "Hey, don't you know, I received inside information this time, that kid Duowen is going to go to **** this time, he has hired several gunmen, it is estimated that tonight, we will meet several nationals. Chess player of the junior team."

The boy in white: "Yeah! It's impossible, how can Duowen have such a big face."

Hongqiao Wolong: "There is no passion in Duowen. I heard that the passion of the Axe Gang is now at the Chinese Chess Academy and is participating in the trials for the National Junior Training Team, so it's not too easy to find a few gunners."

Seeing this news, Li Xiangping felt sullen for a while.

The boy in white; "Is that so, the boss of Hongqiao, who are we going to have tonight?"

Hongqiao Wolong: "Besides you now, the only ones who can definitely get on are Bagui and Straw, no, no, I still have to contact Danny and Laomei. If the two of them can get on, then we will have You must be sure, at least you won't lose too badly, that's all, I'm going to work now, you remember to arrive early in the evening."

The boy in white: "Okay, boss, walk slowly."

After    and Hongqiao ended their private chat, Li Xiangping was fascinated by the computer with a smile.

"Bagui" with the online name of Bagui Famous Sword, is the number one amateur master in the land of Bagui in this era, and once entered the top ten of the "Evening News Cup". The full name of "Straw" is Pengcheng Scarecrow, a super chess fan who has participated in the "Evening News Cup" many times. Although he has never entered the top ten of the "Evening News Cup", he may be the most famous amateur chess player in the country outside the top ten of the Evening News Cup. Especially in the online chess world, the scarecrow is even more famous and has countless fans.

And "Dai Duo" and "Lao Mei" are even more powerful. The former won the "Evening News Cup" champion twice, is one of the four great kings of the domestic amateur chess world in this era, and the predecessor of the later "King Hu Baima". "Laomei" is known as the gourmet, but he is one of the few professional chess players in the beggar gang, and now he is the main chess player of a certain Weijia team.

"Brother Ding'an,"

Li Xiangping smiled and said to Lao Shi, "You'd better recharge your batteries seriously now, I will invite you to become a hero in the world tonight."

(end of this chapter)