MTL - Go Legend - C.912 Legendary vulgar and powerfulMar 06, 2023

MTL - Go Legend

C.912 Legendary vulgar and powerfulMar 06, 2023

Chapter 912 The vulgar and powerful in the legend

Halfway through the game, Li Xiangping's record was almost beyond everyone's expectations, so before the 7th game, a media reporter quickly interviewed Gu Dali, the next player to play.

Reporter: "Hello Dali, first of all, congratulations to you for defeating your old enemy Li Shishi at the end of last year and winning the Evergrande Cup last year, but then you have to face Li Xiangping. Excuse me, have you thought about the current situation? score?"

Gu Dali: "Hehe, I really didn't think about it. Although Xiangping is very strong, but if we let the two sons, I always felt that before the game, we people would have a slight advantage. It should be similar to the situation in previous years, but Li Xiangping is Li Xiangping. He really didn't talk big before the game. I paid attention to the first 6 games of chess. The superb skills displayed by Li Xiangping are shocking. I really feel that he has really improved chess again. ."

Reporter: "According to statistics, in Li Xiangping's 13-year career, you are the player who has played against him the most times in official games, and the player who has won the most times, and there are only two players in Fanqi. Those who have defeated him, then in your mind, how do you view this old opponent."

Listening to the reporter's question, Gu Dali showed a hint of embarrassment:

"Hehe opponent? Then you are really flattering me. When he first debuted, I would still regard him as an opponent, but soon, Li Xiangping has grown to the point where people need to look up, so don't use it. The word opponent, I feel that I don't deserve it at all, in fact, it's not just me, I think in the entire chess world, no one is qualified to be his opponent, and Li Xiangping's opponent is only himself."

Reporter: "Oh? It seems that you have a high opinion of Li Xiangping."

Gu Dali: "This is not an overestimate, I'm just expounding a basic fact. How should I put it? In fact, in the minds of our generation of chess players, Li Xiangping has a very special position. Xiang Ping is younger than me, but our generation of chess players basically grew up with his chess records."

Reporter: "Ah?! Haha, this, this..."

Speaking of this topic, Brother Dali seemed more serious:

"There is nothing to be embarrassed about. I remember that many years ago, Mr. Takeshi Masaki from Japan said that he said that more than half of the chess they played back then was thanks to Mr. Wu Qingyuan. So to him, not to all the professional chess players of that era, Mr. Wu is like the sky above. In fact, what Mr. Wu Gong said is also suitable for Li Xiangping. For our generation of professional chess players , huh, I won't say that the sky is talking about this kind of nonsense, but the chess we play now and the concept of Go we use are also thanks to Li Xiangping for more than half."

Reporter: "Ah! Really?"

Gu Dali: "Of course it is true, at least in the national Go team, this is the consensus."

Reporter: "In this case, for the next game..."

Gu Dali smiled: "You want to ask me if I have confidence in the next game, right? How should I put it? After all, 2-piece chess is different from split-first chess. Although Li Xiangping is strong, if I have 2 pieces, I still have it. Confidence, of course, there is a saying in the Go world that there is a winner within 3 pieces, which is similar to the meaning of "football is round" in the football world, meaning that anything can happen on the chessboard, and Li Xiangping's current Chess is getting more and more uncertain, so I can only tell you now that although I have confidence, I am not sure of winning."

Reporter: "Good Dali, thank you for the interview, and wish you a good chess game in tomorrow's game."

Gu vigorously nodded:

"Thank you, this is actually what I want, especially against Li Xiangping, it really shouldn't be too concerned about the outcome, only by putting aside everything to play to the fullest and really playing good chess on the chessboard, this may have a good result. ,Ha ha."

Can Nagu Dali play well in the game?

On the eleventh day of the first lunar month, the seventh game of this special Juban officially started.

In fact, before entering the game room, Li Xiangping had seen the interview report of Brother Dali, so he also wanted to see if his opponent could play good chess today.

However, during the morning game time, Li Xiangping was a little disappointed. The start of the two sides was mediocre. Even though there were continuous dog moves on the chessboard, they were all "old dog moves" that had been launched for more than seven or eight years.

Judging from the opponent's moves, Li Xiangping feels that today's Gu Dali has played an unusual role. All the chess are upright and upright, and he will never go beyond the thunderous pool. This method to get the victory of the game.

"...Is this your strategy for today's game? What about playing good chess as promised? Dali brother, Dali brother, this is not the attitude of winning or losing. The trick you used may have been fine a few years ago. , but over the years, too many chess players have used this move against me on this stage, and I have enough experience to deal with this move, so just wait to get shriveled..."

Around 11:30 in the morning, Li Xiangping went to the bathroom. When he thought of this in the bathroom, he couldn't help being a little disappointed with Gu Dali's performance today.

When Li Xiangping returned to the game room, he saw Gu Dali's latest move, which was the 41st move in the overall situation.

And seeing this move, Li Xiangping's brows rose at that time.

It's not that he saw any good chess, on the contrary, what Gu Dali just played was the legendary "vulgar move".

His move is highly likely to be the absolute power of Black, and it is unlikely that Li Xiangping will play chess in that place until the stage of a small official.

But now is the prelude stage. Gu Dali sold his absolute power in the preface stage, which is of course the standard "vulgar hand".

Even if there are no other losses, Black loses at least one robbery.

Li Xiangping couldn't figure out what his opponent wanted to do, so he simply didn't want to, and just waited for his opponent to make a move.

Anyway, it is similar to such a vulgar player, so it is similar to "playing generals". Li Xiangping will play a general when his opponent is idle and bored.

After Li Xiangping's White 42 responded, Gu Dali's Black 43 came soon.

When Li Xiangping saw the move clearly, he couldn't help but look up at the opponent.

Because this is another vulgar move, a vulgar move similar in nature to the previous one.

Li Xiang pinged his heart and said, Brother Dali, why are you so boring today, this is neither fast chess nor time panic, you are still addicted to playing chess, right?

Is this the trick you prepared for me today?

Li Xiangping continued to be unmoved. After thinking for less than 2 minutes, he quickly responded with his opponent. He wanted to see what medicine was sold in the opponent's gourd.

Li Xiangping didn't wait long, and Gu Dali's black 45 shot quickly.

After seeing this move, Li Xiangping had a complete insight into the opponent's intentions, and understood what the big brother wanted to do today.

Well, in a sense, Gu Dali's Black 45 is still a common move. This move is not only ugly, but also a bit stiff.

But the nature of this "vulgar hand" is different from the previous one. This is the kind of method commonly known as "vulgar and powerful".

Especially with the cooperation of the first two "vulgar hands", this hand of black 45 is even more powerful.

Gu Dali directly exposed his combat intentions with a "three-hit combo".

Li Xiangping began to think about what to do, but the more he thought about it, the more difficult it became. Let's go back and talk about Gu Dali's Black 45. This move is located at the top right of the chessboard, and in this area, there are more white stones around, so it is not only White's sphere of influence, but also White's base and base. null.

Before Black 45, there were originally two sunspots floating here.

Originally, in Li Xiangping's plan, these two sunspots would sooner or later be included in his target range, but it was not yet time.

Because the overall game has just passed 40 moves, not only are there a lot of big chess pieces on the chessboard, but the two pieces are still relatively light, so now is not the time to start, at least until the 60th or even 70th move in the overall game is appropriate.

It's a pity that Li Xiangping thought so, but Dali didn't think so.

He uses the first 2 moves to make preparations, then Black 45 moves directly to move the two pieces that are counted in White's sphere of influence.

Although the    technique is vulgar, it has the feeling of washing away the lead and returning to the original, which is truly "vulgar and powerful".

Because there is no other way, that place is White's base camp and basically empty, Li Xiangping can't watch Black go away so easily.

However, if he started to attack now, Li Xiangping found it a little tricky. The chessboard was still so empty at present. He calculated several routes, but could not find a change map that satisfied him.

Next, Li Xiangping will fight with his opponent at an unsuitable battlefield at an unusual time.

Enough, in fact, just using the above sentence, we can illustrate the wonderful taste of Brother Dali's "three combos".

Li Xiangping put away the lightheartedness before, and began to seriously think about what to do. Because he knew that this was the real Gu Dali, the peak Gu Dali was the Gu Dali who could seal himself in the first chess match.

In real history, Gu Dali often used this vulgar and powerful method to win one championship after another.

And Black 45 also became the last move in the morning game. After seeing this move, Li Xiangping knew that the first key point of the game had come, so it was impossible not to think about everything.

I ate at the cafeteria of "Big Pants" at noon. Although CCTV's food was actually good, Li Xiangping didn't like the taste of tea and rice.

Because he continued to think during the noon, but after thinking hard for a long time, he still could not find a good solution.

"Hey, Ding'an brother, no, it seems a bit tricky, this kind of forced choice is the most annoying battlefield."

"Hehe, I thought of a route, but I haven't figured it out yet..."

"Oh, then come and listen."

(end of this chapter)