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MTL - Go Legend

C.933 go homeMar 06, 2023

Hearing that Goose Factory was going to buy his own accounts of "Exquisite Art" and "Exquisite Art Guidance" series, this made Li Xiangping a little bit dumbfounded.

But Li Xiangping did not agree immediately.

Although this account itself, he "plagiarized" other people's Goose Factory, but this account was registered in 2000 and has been with Li Xiangping for so many years. To be honest, I already have feelings for this account.

Not only that, Li Xiangping also knows that since this account was born in the darkest era of Chinese Go, it is of special significance.

Because many chess fans of that era have already regarded this account as a symbol, as a symbol, these people, like Li Xiangping, also have special feelings for this account.

Therefore, Li Xiangping sold this account, and he felt that he would definitely be scolded.

Li Xiangping is not short of money now. He was scolded by chess fans for a little money. Of course, he felt that such a deal was not worthwhile, so he did not agree at the beginning.

However, what Li Xiangping didn't even think about was that another thing happened next that prompted him to change his mind.

On this day, Li Xiangping played chess online to prepare for the next battle with the three-generation dog "A Fa Yuan".

And his main opponent in net training now has become the "primitive dog" developed by the Japanese.

That original dog has been very active on the Internet recently, and was inspired by Google's paper, and his strength has also been greatly improved. He also has a winning rate of more than 80% in online battles against professional nine-dan.

However, the original dog is the original dog after all, and Li Xiangping thinks that it is not a real Go AI.

The reason why this primitive dog has such a high winning rate is more dependent on the inherent characteristics of the machine:

Constant output, stable performance, never error.

The absolute level of    is not much higher than that of humans.

It is precisely because of this that in the real history, the original Japanese dog was defeated by Mr. Zhao Zhixun 2-1 in an offline game.

And in its online games, human players still have a winning rate of about 20%, which is a clear proof that it has not completely surpassed humans.

It's just that since Li Xiangping thinks of dog fighting, as a human, he must maintain his competitive state, and such an opponent with constant output is of course the best sparring partner.

Therefore, before the advent of domestic Go AI such as "Exquisite Art" and "Star Array", Li Xiangping mainly practiced with this original Japanese dog, and he was almost unstoppable two games a day.

In the face of this primitive dog, although Li Xiangping still has a certain advantage, the winning rate is not very high, about 50% close to 60%.

But Li Xiangping didn't care.

Because Li Xiangping is a human after all, then of course he will make mistakes in this fast online chess contest, and it is impossible to maintain a constant output like a machine.

In addition, Li Xiangping studied the chess records of the 400 dog fights before, and there are still some things that are not completely understood, so such a primitive dog happens to be the best experimental object.

Therefore, in the recent period, Li Xiangping and this primitive dog have been fighting very happily, and he used this method to prepare for the final battle.

On this day, it may be that Li Xiangping was in a state of bursting. He simply dropped 20% in a row, feeling very easy to win, but it made Li Xiangping a little less interested:

"Hey, Ding'an brother, forget it, that's it for today, anyway, with this primitive dog, it's impossible to learn something, and it's just to maintain a state at most, you say yes."

"Hehe, little friend Xiangping, let me ask you, has the final match against those three generations of dogs, Ah Fayuan, been finalized?"

"Huh? You know this, the initial plan is during the Spring Festival next year, but the specific competition date will depend on Google's research and development progress. If they upgrade a little slower, the competition date may be delayed. Didn't you listen carefully when I communicated with them last time?"

"Listen, it's just...this is this..."

"What's this, I said, Brother Ding'an, when did you become so awkward and say something straight."

"Little friend Xiangping, I just wanted to say, can you communicate with them again, let them... let them speed up, and the game can be arranged as soon as possible."

"Ah? Hahaha, brother Ding'an is so impatient..."

However, Li Xiangping's laughter came to an abrupt end. At this time, he suddenly thought that Lao Shi had been out of breath recently and looked very weak. Seeing him again today suddenly hoped that the game would be ahead of schedule, which made Li Xiangping There was a very bad connection.

After    had a very bad association, Li Xiangping's voice became trembling:

"Ding, Brother Ding'an, is there something wrong with you? You, tell me quickly, are you going to... leave me?"

"Hehe, little friend Xiangping really has a unique wit, but he guessed it by just guessing. Yes, I feel that I am getting tired now. I may, I may not be able to accompany you for too long."

Hearing what Lao Shi said, Li Xiangping was stunned and his mind went blank.

When Lao Shi first came to him, he was always thinking about uninstalling this plug-in.

But over the years, Lao Shi has not only become his mentor and friend, but also an indispensable part of his life.

As I said before, people who travel through are definitely lonely. There are many secrets of Li Xiangping that he cannot share with his family, Yaya, and Zhao Daokai and Li Weiping, but he can. Share with Shi Daqisheng.

So it is no exaggeration to say that since he was accustomed to having an extra soul in his body, Lao Shi was his closest person.

But now this soul told him personally that he had run out of time and might be leaving him soon, which of course made Li Xiangping a little unacceptable.

It's okay, now Li Xiangping is almost 30 years old, and he is mature in two lifetimes, so even though he was uncomfortable and unacceptable, he didn't lose his temper immediately.

Li Xiang asked in a trembling voice:

"Ding, Ding'an brother, how could it be? You told me at the beginning, where you come from, you will go from there, you came to me in August 2018, you said it yourself, if you want to have a relationship with That girl embroidering the qin of yours will only meet at that time, but now it's only 16 years, and it's still nearly 2 years, how can you say it doesn't count."

"Sorry, little friend Xiangping, I thought I could last two years with my ability, but now it seems... Now it seems... ah~~ I still overestimated myself, I will tell you the truth now Well, with my current amount of real energy, it can only last for four months again, and it may be as long as five months if I try to support it, and if I force it to support it for six months, it may be that my soul will be dissipated."

Li Xiangping was stunned: "How could this be?"

"This...Maybe it's because my soul has been out of the body a little too many times, and your body is in good condition. The time spent out of the body each time is very long, which hurt my true essence."


Li Xiangping was speechless at that time, and Dareqing Lao Shi wanted to leave early, which had a lot to do with this.


After communicating with Lao Shi, he stopped talking nonsense, and quickly contacted Google to try to arrange the game within four months, because Lao Shi said that after six months, he would be lost. Li Xiangping didn't believe in these god-like things, but now that Lao Shi said it himself, he couldn't help but believe it.

It’s just that the result of contacting the Google team disappointed Li Xiangping.

"Brother Ding'an, the dog team has already said that it is impossible to break it within four months, because the upgrade cannot be completed at that time, and it will take up to five months for the third generation of dogs to come out, and it will take half a year to fully mature. after."

Li Xiang paused for a while, and then continued to say:

"Brother Ding'an, I will now give you two options to choose from, one is for your absolute safety, we can only arrange dog fighting in four months, but at that time it is still only a second-generation dog. The second is to take a certain risk, the competition will be arranged during the Spring Festival next year, when the three generations of dogs should come out, and it is about five months from then to now, you can choose between the two options."

"Hehe, if that's the case, then let's go to the Spring Festival, come to this world, you will always have to see three generations of dogs before you can be reconciled, little friend Xiangping, thank you."

Li Xiangping listened silently. In fact, before letting Lao Shi make a choice, Li Xiangping knew very well. With Lao Shi's temper, he would definitely choose the second plan. In this case, he didn't even think about going. Advice for cheating or something, everything is according to Lao Shi's meaning.

It is precisely for this reason that Li Xiangping decided to transfer "Exquisite Art" to Goose Factory.

It's not because of anything else, because on this day, when Li Xiangping logged in to Wild Fox with the account of "Exquisite Art Instructor", Lao Shi was using the vest of "Exquisite Art Instructor 1" to compete with "Twilight of the Gods".

Li Xiangping stared at the vest "Fantastic Art Instructor 1" in a trance.

There are two vests of his "Art Instructor". At the beginning, there was no distinction between you and me, but in the past 5 years, the two have gradually separated. "It's basically the exclusive property of Lao Shi.

"...Brother Ding'an, when you leave in the future, I can go online and find a chess guide to play chess. Well, the strength of this domestic AI is actually quite strong. If you are not by your side, I will most likely not be this dog. The dog's opponent, when the time comes to play chess, you have to be merciful to me..."

Li Xiangping thought about it, he couldn't help being a little crazy.

In fact, after the breakthrough in basic theory by the Google team, the research and development of Go AI is not difficult. Since the first half of this year, many countries have begun to do related research and development, and all kinds of foreign dogs and local dogs have emerged in an endless stream.

A month later, Li Xiangping, the current president of the Chinese Chess Academy Liu, and the national team head coach Yu Bin went to Pengcheng.

There are two things in Pengcheng, one is to visit Huawei, because up to now, Huawei has become the main sponsor of the title of China Weijia.

The second is to visit the Goose Factory, where Li Xiangping transferred the "Exquisite Art" to the Go AI developed by the Goose Factory at a nominal price of one yuan.

At the same time, the new "Exquisite Art" will also be stationed in the Chinese Chess Academy and become the training assistant of the national Go team.

After finishing these things, Li Xiangping was no longer distracted, and he concentrated on waiting for the arrival of the second man-machine war.