MTL - Go Legend - C.952 The genius idea of ​​the ultimate contestMar 06, 2023

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C.952 The genius idea of ​​the ultimate contestMar 06, 2023

After hesitating and deliberating for about 5 minutes, Li Xiangping finally made up his mind and took the move that the dog completely denied on the chessboard.

He communicated with himself while filming:

"Hey, Brother Ding'an, if you say I play this chess move, is this a slap in the face?"

"Hehe, if you lose this game in the end, it's really a slap in the face. If you can beat the machine in one fell swoop with this move, then it's a brilliant move that surpasses the dog move."

"Haha said that too..."

And after Li Xiangping's white 42 was passed to the viewing room, it really attracted many professional chess players to discuss it.

After all, the "Mysterious Preface" co-authored by Li Xiangping and old Nie Maxiao is a must for professional chess players, because after entering the dog era, everyone found:

The dog has played a lot of "dog moves" now, which actually "coincides" with many of the moves in this book, and the explanation of the chess theory is also very clear.

The move that Li Xiangping used today is not unusual, and it was even a very common move in the human Go game in the past.

It’s just that the dog thinks this is a bad move. Then after Li Xiangping passed through, he and Lao Shi dismantled it carefully, and they also thought that this move was not good, so he made a detailed analysis of this move in the "Mysterious Preface", and clearly pointed out that this move Why is it bad to recruit.

Well now, when Li Xiangping himself was dealing with dogs, he even used a trick that was completely denied by himself, which of course caused a heated discussion among everyone.

Well, this trick is actually a one-step "two low clips", which is the "two low clips" of the constellation.

Today, Li Xiangping started with "Er Lian Xing". When the dog's Black 41 took a step "Three, Six Hanging Angles", Li Xiangping came to a "Second Room Low Clip" today.

Why is such a "low clip between two stars" not good? Li Xiangping explained it very clearly in his "Mysterious Preface", mainly because the pressure of this attack is insufficient.

Because after choosing such a flanking method, Black will definitely "tap three three" happily in part, and directly take out the empty space in the corner.

And after taking out a lot of empty space, the **** of Black's "Three, Six Hanging Corners" is still very dynamic, and White has no way to take it. If White adds another move to completely control that piece—

This corner was originally White's first astrological position, but now it's alright, not to mention that the real space on the corner is completely lost, you still have a back move, of course, the efficiency of this kind of chess is too low, so it is absolutely impossible to add another move. Pick.

However, if it is not willing to make up, because the "two low clips" are relatively loose, black can choose to directly move the "three, six hanging corners" piece, and black can also appear to advance or retreat when it is dispatched. From the heart—

In his previous life, Li Xiangping had seen several basic ways for dogs to deal with this "two low clips".

Dog's direct dispatch is not simply to play a single piece of chess, but to regard this kind of dispatch as a kind of "cheap first move", the purpose is to limit your development potential of this piece of chess and compress you to a low position.

Since it is such a goal, then of course it seems to be able to advance and retreat freely. After reaching the goal, black can take the lead at any time. Anyway, as long as you can't hold me with one move, you will always face the ineffectiveness. question-…

As I said before, it would be inefficient for White to make up for himself directly. Now it’s alright, if someone goes out and runs a few steps, and you can’t hold him with one move after they’re released, the result may not be as good as making up for himself. .

In the "Mysterious Preface", Li Xiangping once made a reference map of all the dogs' responses and listed them one by one. And among those reference pictures, none of them can be regarded as the "ideal picture" of White, so Li Xiangping came to the conclusion that this kind of "low clip between two star positions" is really bad.

And not only that, in fact, in the dog's Go game, it seems that "pinch attack" is really unpleasant.

In the face of "Hang Xiaomu", the dog believes that there are only two basic responses, one "Xiaojian" and one "Xiaofei", and any other "pinch attack" can only be regarded as "interesting".

Well, in the "Xiaomu", it is still interesting, but when it comes to the star position, the dog even thinks that only "a low clip" is preferable. As for other pinch methods, many of them are not even "interesting". Well, that's basically a completely wrong move. As for the basic response to "hanging the star position", the dog believes that the first choice is only "Xiaofei" response, and the second choice is "single level response".

As for the third response that the dog thinks, Li Xiangping thinks it should be the "spire"--

And such a "spire" was regarded as a typical "vulgar hand" in the past of human Go, and was criticized by humans for hundreds of years.

However, in the eyes of dogs, such a "vulgar top" step is actually stronger than most of the flanking attacks.

Of course, Li Xiangping understands the above principles.

And after so many years of promotion, the vast majority of professional chess players basically agree with Li Xiangping's concept, but just today, what does he mean when he plays such a chess move that he completely rejects?

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So at this time, everyone looked at Ma Xiaofei's 9 dan, who came to watch the battle today, for no other reason, because the set of "mysterious preface" was co-authored by Li Xiangping and old Nie Ma, and the "pinch attack" , which is precisely written by Ma Xiao.

Well, Ma Xiao is now an idle cloud and a wild crane. He is like a "loose fairy" in the Go world. Seeing everyone looking over, Ma Jiuduan laughed:

"Hehe, don't look at me, Go now is completely different from that of my time, so I don't understand it, but Xiang Ping is playing like this today. First of all, he can't be on a whim, right? It's even more impossible to be motivated, so his The intention is mostly related to this robbery."

At this time, Old Nie, who was the chief referee today, also walked out of the game room, so Ma Xiao immediately moved his target:

"Old Nie, are you like this? Let me know what you think." Old Nie just saw Li Xiangping play the chess move when he was in the game room, so he nodded and said:

"It must be related to the robbery, and there is no other explanation."

Old Nie paused for a while and continued: "This robbery is still quite difficult to fight, I remember that the day before yesterday, this A Fa Yuan did not start the robbery until he had more than 90 hands, and even if it took so long to prepare, the robbery process was not easy. I didn't take advantage of it, if it wasn't for the mistakes behind Li Xiangping... Hehe, he didn't need to rely on the one who won't mention the 3rd goal at all. Today is good, the two sides exchanged hands, now it's Yu Xiangping's turn to provoke Jie Zheng, so his unreasonable move must be related to future robbery. As for what Li Xiangping thinks, I think everyone should wait, how can it be so easy to guess the concept of the human chess **** It comes out, in fact, to be honest, rather than guessing Li Xiangping's intentions now, I am actually more concerned about when he will open the robbery, because once the robbery is opened, we can see his intentions very clearly."

When everyone heard this, it seemed to be the truth, so they stopped guessing, and were quietly waiting for Li Xiangping to reveal the answer.

The only person who is unconvinced seems to be Ke Shaoxia. After entering this year, Ke Shaoxia's rating has risen steadily. If Li Xiangping is excluded, he is already the first person in the country.

It may be that Old Nie's sentence "How can Li Xiangping's intentions be so easy to guess?" stimulated him. When everyone else was waiting for Li Xiangping to make his move, he was pondering on the chessboard alone.

And today's Li Xiangping didn't let everyone down for too long. After Bai 42's hesitation and entanglement before, he seemed to have a clear idea of ​​his battle strategy, and both sides played fast in the next dozen or so rounds.

In the face of Li Xiangping's "problematic" "two low clips", the dog almost didn't think about "point three or three", which is indeed the best local response.

Then the next step is a general star position angle change.

Waiting for the basic type of this change to be completed, the dog did not hesitate for a moment, it immediately dispatched the "three or six hanging corners" piece—

Well, since the dispatch here is regarded as "the first move is cheap", then with the dog's domineering style of chess, it is a **** if it is cheap, so this kind of dispatch is also expected by everyone.

The two sides exchanged 4 rounds in this part. The dog should have judged that the advantage has been taken, so it took the first shot and ran to seize another big field on the board.

Down to this time, the game has passed 60 hands. At this time, I don’t know who came to say:

"Why don't we walk the dog now."

This opinion was unanimously agreed by everyone, so everyone in the watching room immediately went to walk the dogs, and the two dogs were both foreign and native dogs.

After seeing the instant win rates displayed by the two dogs, everyone could not help but start to worry about Li Xiangping—

The local dog "Exquisite Art" showed that after Li Xiangping played the "Star Position Erjian Low Clip", his win rate began to drop below 50%, and then waited for "Afa Yuan" to be all cheap, and the excellent art showed that Li Xiang The win rate of screen white is only 44%.

As for "A Fayuan" himself, it should not be called "Ben Dog" here, but he believes that his advantage is even greater, and it immediately shows that White's winning rate is only about 38%.

Around 12 noon, when the game had passed 70 hands, everyone saw that Li Xiangping finally started to rob.

And at about the same time, Ke Shaoxia seemed to finally figure out the problem:

"Oh, I see, no wonder Mr. Li chose a seemingly loss-making idea, it should be for this move, tsk tsk, the most genius idea, hehe, I really want to see it, wait for the dog to see this. After the first hand, what kind of winning rate will be shown.”

Hearing Ke Shaoxia's self-talk, everyone around looked at him with a very strange expression.

Because at this time, the latest chess manual has not been released, so Ke Shaoxia said this, but he was a little suspected of boasting.

However, 3 minutes later, when everyone saw the latest chess score, everyone looked at Ke Shaoxia differently.

Exactly the same!

Li Xiangping's actual strategy is exactly the same as Ke Shaoxia just came up with.

Lao Nie laughed when he saw this:

"Haha, little spy, you can. You can even guess Li Xiangping's play. Well, since you've guessed it, it's up to you to tell everyone what kind of genius this move is."