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As for the remaining two choices, whether it is in the New Roman Empire or in the hands of Hezhou people, it is irrelevant.

Because Zhao Yesui can be sure that it should be in the imperial city.

Since the game of destiny has players gather in the imperial city, the main scope of the mission is of course in the imperial city, and Zhao Ye will not let them go across the whole world to hunt for treasures.

In this case, the scope of the task is greatly reduced.

"Then many thanks to Governor Pei."

Zhao Yesui said to Pei Changkong seriously: "If there is no information provided by Governor Pei, then I don't know how much time it will take to know such a secret thing."

Without Pei Changkong's extra information line, Zhao Yesui could only try to dig out the puppet master, or go to the palace to open Wushuang, kill him in front of the emperor and ask him kindly.

Both are quite difficult, and the latter is estimated to be something that can only be done by the current four players acting together.

Although there are no swordsmen of the country, they are not so desolate that they can enter and exit like a public toilet. Before there is no other choice, Zhao Yesui will not do such thankless things.

What if the emperor didn't know?

"Heh, you'd better not play some crooked minds."

Facing Zhao Yesang's thanks, Pei Changkong just snorted and said, "The Sword of Darkness... It should be related to the New Roman Empire. If you are not sure of defeating 'Zhao Zhao Destiny' head-on, you should Don't beat it up."

"Hezhou...I'm afraid it's just their testing ground."

When he said this, Pei Changkong's words carried a somewhat inexplicable meaning: "After all, this is the meaning of the existence of colonies, as the flood discharge area, testing ground, raw material and labor supply area of ​​the suzerain country..."

"Okay, let's not talk, I will contact you again if necessary."

After that, Pei Changkong hung up the phone without hesitation.

Zhao Yesui put down the phone, not surprised, because Pei Changkong has such a resolute temperament.

Just as he put away his phone and was about to start meditating cross-legged, he heard footsteps coming from outside the door.

stopped in front of the door.

Is it the maid?

No, at this time, there should be no one to disturb you except the bed warmer girl...

Zhao Ye raised his eyebrows. Isn't this an entertainment project arranged by Miss Ji Gong?

However, Zhao Yesang has never been interested in the desire to separate from his feelings.

Just as he was thinking about how to politely decline, someone knocked on the door and said, "My lord, you shouldn't have slept yet, right?"

It was Mrs. Himemiya's voice.

...................................................... ......................................

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Chapter four hundred and sixty-four rich woman happy ball give me one

Miss Jigong?

What is she doing now?

Zhao Yesui was stunned for a moment, but he didn't expect that the person outside the door was actually Ji Gongling.

He originally thought that Ji Gong Ling would work until dawn, and then work until night, as in the past few days, over and over again.

As a result, Miss Jigong unexpectedly wanted to take a break?

However, in theory, this used to be Ji Gongling's boudoir, but now it is her and Zhao Yesao's marriage room. Of course, Zhao Yesao did not mean to refuse her entry.

So, he just replied: "I haven't slept, I'm still awake."

Then he got up and opened the door.

It was indeed Ji Gongling who was standing outside the door. After Zhao Yesao opened the door, she stared at Zhao Yesang with piercing eyes and did not move. what to do.

Soon, Ji Gongling broke the silence and said with a chuckle, "Why, is your husband trying to keep your new wife out of the door? You just told me to keep the door for me, why do you regret it now?"

Zhao Yesui shrugged, he had no intention of not letting Ji Gongling in, so he turned around and walked into the room, saying, "I don't have the guts to keep you out of your house, please do it yourself. , Miss Ji Gong, but remember to close the door."

Ji Gongling also walked in after Zhao Yeshou and closed the door.

There were no lights in the room, but there was moonlight from the windows. For the two of them, this level of light was enough for them to see the entire room clearly.

Zhao Yesui sat where he sat last night, while Ji Gongling followed him and sat opposite him.


Zhao Yesui didn't understand what Ji Gongling was doing for a while, and asked suspiciously, "What's wrong? Miss Ji Gong? Are you looking for me for something?"

"Yeah." Ji Gong Ling said seriously: "I just got a notification that the mission objective was completed. Although the game of destiny did not specify who it was, it should be Mr. Yama, right?"

Zhao Yechuang nodded slightly and said, "Yes."

It's really boring to pretend to be a pig to eat a tiger or something. Zhao Yeshou wouldn't lie for such ridiculous reasons.

"So, the source of information should be Governor Pei?" Ji Gongling said thoughtfully: "It seems that Governor Pei's role in this Dark Sword Puppet incident is not simple... ..."

Ji Gongling easily saw Pei Changkong's strangeness from this incident. It was a very simple logical problem, Zhao Yesui knew it right away, and of course she was no exception.

"So, what is the casting method of the Darkest Sword Puppet?" Ji Gongling then asked, "You didn't make it, did you?"

Ji Gongling knew Zhao Yesao's identity as "Zhao Tu", so she made such a joke.

Zhao Yesui replied calmly, "Yes, you guessed it right, Miss Ji Gong."

Himemiya Aya: "???"

"Really..." Ji Gongling opened her mouth and said after a while, "So, the Darkest Sword Puppet was forged by you? According to past experience, this kind of person is usually the last big one. BOSS... will not carry out the mission to the end, is it that we want to kill you?"

"How is that possible." Zhao Yesui waved his hand and said: "The game of destiny has shown that this is a PVE scene, how can there be players PKing against each other?"

Ji Gongling stared at Zhao Yeshou silently for two seconds without speaking.

it is more than words.

Zhao Yesui quickly remembered what he had just had a passionate PK with the puppet master some time ago, blinked, coughed lightly, and said, "Anyway, what I mean is, the game of destiny shouldn't take the initiative to arrange that kind of thing. Mandatory PVP, but nothing else."

The other thing, of course, is that Zhao Yesui brushed his record through the puppet master.

Afterwards, Zhao Yesui told Ji Gongling the information he got from Pei Changkong.

There is nothing to hide, this is obviously an early task, if there are clues hidden at this time, there is no benefit other than delaying the progress of the task.

Ji Gongling listened to Zhao Yesui's explanation, and after a while, she thought about it and said, "A certain alien thing... So, our next mission should be related to this alien thing. ."

Sure enough, Ji Gongling also came to the same conclusion as Zhao Yesui.

"Looking at your appearance, you probably don't know any more information about this thing." Jigong Ling thought about it and said, "However, I can try to use the Jigong family's intelligence network, although it is possible It's not very sexual, but it should be able to get a little bit of information."

"According to what you said, then the suspicion of Donghezhou should be a little bigger. I will focus on searching there."

"It would be nice to know where the Darkest Sword Puppet was forged." Zhao Yeshou shrugged and said, "In this case, at least the scope can be narrowed down."

So far, Zhao Yesui only knows that the Darkest Sword Puppet was forged by Zhao Tu, but it is still unknown where Zhao Tu forged the Darkest Sword Puppet.

There is a high probability that it was cast in Hezhou, and it should still be in Donghezhou. However, Donghezhou is half the size of Hezhou. In addition, it is the sphere of influence of the new Roman Empire, whether it is Pei Changkong or Jigong. Aya, there is no way to search without fear there.

"Let's not talk about that."

Ji Gongling hesitated for a moment, looked at Zhao Yeshou, and said seriously: "Mr. Yama, can you...can you fulfill your responsibilities as a husband?"


as a husband.


Zhao Ye raised his eyebrows: "For example?"

"For example, showing aggressive intent towards me all the time, but it's better not to actually hurt me, like you did to me in the afternoon..."

Ji Gongyao's voice was getting smaller and smaller: "Probably, it looks like this..."

The reason why Ji Gongling came to Zhao Yesui was because she suddenly remembered something.

Her exclusive title can be upgraded.

As for how to upgrade...

As it literally means, it only needs to supervise an evil **** all the time.

But it is almost impossible to find an evil **** who can trigger this title, and the point is not to really hurt Himimiya Aya.

She can become the guardian of Tianxie Naqi, more relying on the particularity of Tianxie Naqi, if she really wants to keep in contact with Tianxie Naqi, then even if there is Tianxie Naqi's body protection, Tianxie Naqi's reason is also It will corrupt her as well.

This is a purely personal disparity, not something that can be resolved with a "fixture".

And now, Himimiya Aya feels like she has found an opportunity.

Although she still doesn't know much about Zhao Yesang's true face, there is no doubt that Zhao Yesang is the one who can trigger her title.

In other words, as long as Ji Gongling achieves a certain sense of supervision over Zhao Yesui, she can successfully increase the level of her title.

Although I don't know what kind of progress can be achieved by supervising the evil **** of Zhao Yesui's level, Ji Gongling thought that no matter how small the mosquito's legs are, it is good to be able to find a chance to upgrade the title, there is nothing to dislike.

Therefore, she will rarely let go of the task today and come to the "round house".

While making this request, Ji Gongling looked at Zhao Yeshou nervously, for fear that Zhao Yesang would refuse, and even saw the intention behind her request.

If Mr. Yama finds out that I know he is an evil god, what will he do to me...

Himemiya Aya had to admit that she did have an element of gambling.

Zhao Yesui looked at Ji Gongling and said nothing for a long time.

The lack of information made Zhao Yesui think that even if he opened his mind, Ji Gongling wanted to use him to improve his title.

He could only think that Ji Gong Ling might have cultivated some kind of special skill and needed to be in a state of being shrouded in killing intent all the time.

As for why he was chosen, it can also be explained.

If you want to be able to feel the crisis, then of course you must be at least an enemy of the same level.

Looking at the entire Jigong family, it is estimated that the extraordinary person who can compete with Jigongling, the goddess of the goddess, can't find a second person. Not much at all.

At the same time, Zhao Yesui is still her teammate. In this case, it is normal to ask Zhao Yesao for help.

Although there are still some problems in the logic chain, such as why Ji Gongling didn't find someone to help her when she was in this world, but Zhao Yeshi thought about it and felt that helping Ji Gongling with such a small favor would not hurt.

Just when he was about to agree to Ji Gongling, Ji Gongling looked at him and said seriously: "I know Mr. Yama may feel inappropriate, otherwise, how about treating this as a transaction?"

"In one night, I can pay Mr. Yama you 100,000 game coins or the equivalent amount of extraordinary materials, no matter the length of time, as long as I find Mr. Yama and you do such a thing, it will be counted as one time."

"I swear as a goddess and witch of Yingzhou Zhaoqi Taisha, I will fulfill my promise, and at the same time, I swear that what I want you to do will not hurt you in any sense."


Zhao Yesui still stared at Ji Gongling, and did not speak for a long time.

Ji Gong Ling sighed in her heart, feeling that with Mr. Yama's cautious thinking, such absurd request would not be accepted by him.

Pure resources, for an evil god, must be just a dispensable thing...

Just when she was about to apologize to Zhao Yesao, Zhao Yesang stretched out her hand and said solemnly, "Please wait a moment."

"Well?" Although Ji Gongling was a little puzzled, seeing Zhao Yesao doing this, she thought he was thinking about his own proposal, so hope rekindled in her heart, and looked at Zhao Yesang with hope.

However, although Zhao Yesui was indeed thinking about it, what he was thinking about was obviously not the same thing as what Ji Gongling imagined.

—He felt that Hime Miyaya gave too much.

When Ji Gongling first started, Zhao Yesao was already shocked by the number she said.

One hundred thousand game coins?


No, are we really playing a game of destiny? Why do I think you all open Fenglingyueying, crazy ding ding ding ah! ! !

I still have to run around for the game currency, and you rich women are talking about the game currency in W...

How unfair is the game of destiny, why do they get so many resources without any effort at all?

Zhao Yesui felt that there must be a bug in this game, how could such an unearned thing be allowed to happen?

They should be named! Badly titled!

And then Ji Gongling's solemn oath made Zhao Yesui believe her statement a little bit.