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In fact, even if she didn't need to swear, with Zhao Yesui's understanding of Ji Gongling, she would not default on her debt.

If you can run, the monk can't run away from the temple. There is such a big Zhaoqi Taishe there, and there is no way to run.

So, am I betraying my body, or am I betraying my body, or am I betraying my body...

Zhao Yesui thought for a while, and finally said calmly: "Let's add a few more projects, or I won't be able to hold the money safely."

"Do you have any interest in the rich woman's happy ball or something?"

Rich woman happy ball?

Himemiya Aya's mood was incredulous at first, and then became suspicious.

"what is that?"

Himemiya Aya asked curiously.

"It is said that it is a unique artifact in the hands of rich women. It can make men happy by mutilating their bodies..." Zhao Ye said solemnly: "However, if the target is me, then I think this happiness ball It has to be specially made, otherwise it won’t work.”

"But, I asked Mr. Yama to deal with me?" Ji Gongling thought for a while and then suddenly realized: "Oh, Mr. Yama means, do you want to use special items to deal with me? If If it's not too much, it can actually be..."

Ji Gongling was very pleasantly surprised that Zhao Yesui could agree to his proposal, and how could there be something unearned in the world?

Ji Gongling put a question mark on the "evil" of Zhao Yesui, the "evil god", but since it is an evil god, it must have a different personality and ideas than ordinary people.

In this case, in order to complete the upgrade of the title, Ji Gong Ling is still willing to devote himself to art.

Zhao Yesui looked at Ji Gongling, who had a determined face, and wondered if the identities of the two sides were slightly misplaced.


Don't you spend money?

Seeing Miss Jigong like this, is it because I paid me to whip her?

After thinking for a while, Zhao Yesui came to a conclusion.

"So it turns out, this is the so-called contrast, the shaking S with a strong desire for control on the surface is actually shaking the M..."

Zhao Yesui felt that he had realized it.

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Chapter 465 The family just wants to win together!

Although Miss Ji Gong might be shaking M, Zhao Yesui felt that he still couldn't justify her training because of this.

The reason is very simple. Zhao Yesang felt that this kind of thing was still risky. If Ji Gongling was really injured, it would not only be involved in future tasks, but also other teammates might look at him in the wrong way.

Scarred and sluggish, Ji Gongling, who seems to be drained, and Zhao Yesui, who is refreshed and reborn (referring to a large amount of supplies)...

How to think how strange.

After thinking about it, Zhao Yesui said, "You don't have to do it to this extent. Miss Ji Gong just said, let me do something aggressive to you, right? In this case, it may not be necessary to do anything substantial. damage, all it takes is such an 'intent'."

"Also, 100,000 game coins is a bit too much..."

Zhao Ye said in all fairness, and felt that it was a bit too much to charge 100,000 game coins in one night - not even one night.

He also vaguely guessed that Ji Gongling might need to use him to accomplish something special, but 100,000 game coins is indeed a bit scary.

Zhao Yesui now owes Lu Shixi the sum of money, which may be settled by spending only three nights with Ji Gongling.

It's that level of terror.

Zhao Yesui didn't think that Ji Gongling would be someone who couldn't handle it clearly and spent money lavishly.

So, she must have her reasons for doing so.

So, Zhao Yesui said: "How about 10,000 game coins in one night? I feel like this is almost the case."

The reason for taking the initiative to reduce the price is because of deeper considerations.

If Ji Gongling hired him for some reason that Zhao Yesui didn't know, then Zhao Yesui didn't have the idea of ​​taking the responsibility when he didn't know what it was.

Take the money, of course you have to be responsible.

Therefore, Zhao Yejia only took the money that he thought he deserved, and shook out this hidden debt of favor. The subconscious meaning is that I will use this money to do these things, and if it doesn't achieve the desired effect, don't call me. .

Ji Gongling was a little surprised, but it was a very pleasant surprise that Zhao Yesui could agree to her, so she just nodded and said, "Well, then do what you want, Mr. Yama."

"So, what should we do next?"

Zhao Yesui stood up and said uncertainly: "Showing the intention of aggression... Do you want to make specific actions like the afternoon?"

"Well, or, it's okay to make some kind of imminent action."

Ji Gong Ling replied: "But, that's too troublesome, because this upcoming action can only be sustained for a while, that is to say, Mr. Yama, you have to keep exercising with me all night."

"Aggressive..." Zhao Yesui recalled the scene of pulling Ji Gongling up in the afternoon, and said, "Then, if I keep holding you, Miss Ji Gong, is it an aggressive move?"

Ji Gongling blinked, obviously not expecting Zhao Yesui's thoughts to be so vivid, after hesitating for a while, she said in a low voice, "Yes, it should be, but I have to keep watching you all the time, too. That said, we may need a face-to-face hug..."

"That's a waste of time."

Zhao Yesui just thought for a moment, and decisively rejected this very charming idea.

"Holding Miss Ji Gong for a whole night is too inefficient." Zhao Yesui suddenly had another idea: "Aggressive intentions... Then, if I discuss with you, Miss Ji Gong, , should it be considered an aggressive intention?"

Zhao Yesui rejected the previous suggestion without hesitation, and turned to the latter one, making Ji Gongling slightly relieved.

She really wasn't ready to have such a close contact with Zhao Yesui. A lap pillow was one thing, but hugging face to face and keeping an eye on her at all times was another.

However, Zhao Yesui's time-wasting statement really made Ji Gongling a little confused.

What's the waste of time?

What she didn't know was that Zhao Yesui was currently in a hazy state.

The memories of the Taixu Sword Canon in the past are now turning into countless fragments, becoming the resources for the new Wuxiang Sword Canon.

Zhao Yesui now needs to find a suitable opponent and fight her for 300 rounds.

And although there are indeed many swordsmen in this world who have superb swordsmanship and benefit Zhao Yesao a lot, there are very few who can really bring pressure to Zhao Yesang.

The Darkest Swordsman may be able to do so, but if he faces the Darkest Swordsman, Zhao Yeshou will put away this arrogant idea of ​​honing his swordsmanship and turn to face the enemy with all his strength.

The lion fights the rabbit with all his strength, not to mention that the strength comparison between the Dark Swordsman and Zhao Yeshou may not be so outrageous.

Therefore, Zhao Yesang needs an opponent who can quickly convert his experience. This opponent needs to have a strong strength, and at the same time, it cannot be a deadly enemy. Otherwise, Zhao Yesang will only devote himself to the killing. Distracted from compiling the Sword Code.

If the compilation of a sword canon is divided into stages, Zhao Yesui is currently in the second stage, that is, the stage of gradually perfecting his sword canon.

In the previous stage, accumulating experience and establishing the prototype of the sword canon has been skipped by cheating with the Taixu sword canon, but at this stage, it cannot be skipped.

If this suitable opponent is chosen from the remaining three teammates, then only Ji Gongling can meet Zhao Yesui's requirements.

Asakami Yu first ruled it out. He couldn't bring Zhao Yeshou equal pressure, and Ivanov should also rule it out, because he couldn't fight Zhao Yesao without using Beilian Truth. There is no need to think about the sword script, and it has completely entered the state of hand-to-hand combat.

After much deliberation, only Himemiya Aya is the most suitable.

But Ji Gongling always looked very busy, Zhao Yesui didn't want to trouble Ji Gongling for her own private affairs, and asked her not to do her own thing, it seemed too selfish.

But now, Ji Gongling offered to ask Zhao Yesui to do "aggressive actions" to her.

"Since you took the initiative to send Miss Ji Gong to the door, then don't blame me for training you hard..."

Zhao Yesui thought about it seriously, and felt that this was not only in line with Ji Gongling's requirements, but also in accordance with Ji Gongling's character, and at the same time, he met his requirements by the way.

Three wins, the whole family wants to win together!

Ji Gongling noticed that Zhao Yesui's eyes suddenly became kinder when he looked at her, but this kindness made her feel a little shudder.

"No, I'm obviously asking Mr. Yama to help, why should I retreat first...!"

Ji Gongling gritted her teeth and replied seriously: "If Mr. Yama wants to discuss with me, then of course there is no problem."

"Although it's a little different from what I expected, it's good, it can help us understand each other better."

Zhao Yeshou smiled and said, "Then let's go, Miss Ji Gong."

...................................................... ......................................................

the next morning.

Asakami Yu and Ivanov once again came to Jigong's house at the invitation of Zhao Yesui.

This is a matter of course. After a day's time, they have collected almost the information they should collect, and Zhao Yesui has also made a breakthrough in a new mission. Of course, there is a meeting.

However, when Yu Asakami and Ivanov stepped into Himemiya Aya's office and saw Himemiya Aya behind the desk, they were slightly surprised.

The previous Himemiya Aya, although she was working overtime, but due to the physique of an extraordinary person, she did not show any signs of fatigue, but appeared to be very capable.

As for the current Ji Gongling, her expression was gloomy, her eyes were a little sluggish, and she seemed to be very inattentive. Although there was no external manifestation of dark circles, no matter who saw the current Ji Gongling, she would feel that she was being "Dry".

On the other hand, Zhao Yeshou, who was sitting in front of her, was full of energy, with words in his mouth, and vitality was surging in his body.

This is... what happened?

Asaka Yu glanced at the two of them in surprise, doubting his own eyes.

Although Zhao Yesui and Ji Gongling were indeed married, Yu Asakami still didn't connect the two together for a short time, and it was only now that he suddenly realized it. together...

So, is it time to do something that couples should do?

However, this seems to be different from what I know...

Yu Asaka, who has emotional experience but no actual combat experience, is puzzled. Shouldn't it be that Mr. Ye Rin was very tired at this time, and then Miss Jigong was full of energy?

Why... the other way around?

Am I remembering wrong?

Is it...

Asakami Yu's heart froze slightly.

He thought of a possibility.

Asakami Yu had teamed up with Zhao Yesui once in the earthly ranch scene, and that time, the eye he had captured was just shocked by the black sun, alleviating his urgent need.

Therefore, Asakami Yu knew about the black sun on Zhao Yeshou's body.

So now, could it be that Mr. Ye Rin forcibly picked up Miss Jigong?

Asuka Yu thought of this, his expression froze slightly.

He felt like he was dying.

Because he knew more and more secrets about Zhao Yesui.

First, the sword puppet demon, then the real player nickname of Mr. Ye Rin, and then the abnormal relationship between Mr. Ye Rin and Miss Ji Gong...

At this time, it was even discovered that Mr. Ye Rin used Hime Miyaji as a cauldron...

That is Ji Gongling, no matter how down Yingzhou is, there is still a power in the position of the person in the position, and as the only apostle of the person in the position, the person in charge of Yingzhou in the world, actually fell into Mr. Ye Lin like this. In the claws of the devil, let him pick up...

Mr. Ye Rin, who is he?

Asakami Yu calmly glanced at the location of the door, but quickly dismissed the idea.

He can run for a while, but he can't run for a lifetime. He knows too many secrets of Zhao Yesui. If he shows two hearts at this time, he will definitely be hunted down.

Even Himemiya Aya couldn't escape, could he be able to escape?

Therefore, Asaka Yu was even more firm about his previous idea.

He hugged Mr. Ye Rin's thigh and completely became "my own person".

If this is the case, no matter how many secrets you know, you won't be silenced... right?

Just as Asakami Yuxin was running the train, Ivanov didn't think much, just said hello to Zhao Yesui and Ji Gongling, and then sat on the side in silence.

This is the consistent performance of this Beilian person, and everyone is not surprised.

After saying hello to Yu Asakami and Ivanov, Zhao Yesui turned his attention to Ji Gongling and said, "Miss Ji Gong, are you okay? It seems that your spirit is not very good. , are you so tired doing that kind of thing with me?"

"You still said that!" Ji Gongling rolled her eyes in a rare way, and said, "So violently attacking, using the kind of swordsmanship that I have never seen before, I told you to stop first, you just didn't stop. , on the contrary, the attack became more intense..."

"One blow, then another decline, and three to exhaustion." Zhao Yeshou shrugged and said, "How can this kind of thing stop in the middle, once the inspiration is cut off, it can't be continued, even if it is continued. I don't have that feeling anymore."

Ji Gongling snorted softly and ignored Zhao Yeshou.