In April 1129 of the Galaxy Calendar, the six hundred and seventy-eighth star, who had experienced the baptism of war, was cloudy and rainy for a week. The consequences of the large-scale use of anti-war artillery and large-caliber laser cannons caused air convection and abnormal weather, which forced the Shangdu people to use particle cannon bombardment to temporarily disperse the persistent black clouds while rebuilding their destroyed homes.

"Damn the weather"

Jon controls the excavator, trying to sort the collapsed building materials into the truck. The clone settlement has been bombarded by artillery fire from the Shangdu army and laser cannons from the imperial warship. It has been reduced to ruins. There is life. This, combined with prolonged rain, made cleanup and rebuilding even more difficult. Once you get rid of the risk of war, the nature of businessmen begins to prevail. Instead of spending time to clean up a lot, it is better to destroy this place more thoroughly, bury all the abandoned buildings, and then lay the foundation, which will save more time and money!

"Jon, don't complain." Carter, the truck driver, stuck his head out of the car window and said loudly, "It's better to work hard when you have time to complain! The guys in the **** team have long been complaining. No more wasting particle cannons blasting away rain clouds!"


The roar of the machine sounded again. Just as Jon shoveled up a collapsed wall, more than a dozen unrecognizable clone corpses were revealed. He stood up to the staff to deal with it, while cursing these brought big trouble to Shangdu. spy, while loading the body into a recycling bag and sending it to a waiting transporter. The rain and fog made them ignore a chip buried under the dust. As the excavator started working again, the chip was buried again by the dumped soil.

Goodwill hasn't slept well for days, or should I say, he rarely gets more than four hours of sleep, relying only on copious amounts of coffee and nutrients for energy. The bloodshot eyes and dark circles in his eyes are already very obvious. If it weren't for his superior physical fitness, I am afraid that the Governor of Shangdu would have already been lying in the hospital, which made the government officials at all levels who were nervous about the post-war reconstruction work a little disgusted. . But everyone was so overwhelmed that even if he wanted to remind the Governor to take a rest, he couldn't supervise whether he really lay on the bed.

dong dong!

"Come in!"

Goodwill frowned, looked at the document in his hand, read it at the fastest speed, signed his name, and put it aside. The processed documents have been piled up into a hill, and there are more waiting to be processed. Goodwill felt a little overwhelmed for the first time.

"Father, it's time for you to rest."

Shang Ping opened the door and walked in, with a piece of egg, bacon and sambal and a glass of milk on the tray in his hand. Goodwill has been banned from taking nutrients, which can only maintain energy and provide the minimum nutrients the body needs every day. Shang Ping didn't want his handsome, cheap dad to be thin into a bamboo pole.

"Baby, come, let Daddy hug you."

Goodwill opened his arms with anticipation on his face, Shang Ping tried his best to restrain the urge to smash the tray in his hand on his head, walked to the desk, picked up the milk, entered in front of Goodwill, and said, "Father, you What I need now is not my hug, but supplementary nutrition!"

"Baby, you hate me... Also, I hate milk!"

"...Well, you've eaten all of this," Shang Ping pointed to the sandwich and milk, and then twitched the corners of his mouth, "I'll let you hug."

God knows, he is raising a father, not a son!

"Baby, you have a terrible smile."

"Are you going to eat?!"


Shang Ping stood up to pick up the cup and picked up the Sanming Ying. Shang Ping squinted at the pile of documents on the table, picked up the top document at random and looked at it, the military building reconstruction plan application for Hui Xiang explanation? Isn't the building opposite the Governor's Palace still standing? Rebuild the ghost! Although this dad picked it up by himself, do these guys want to exhaust him? ! Goodwill didn't stop Shang Ping. He still ate his sandwiches attentively. After drinking the last mouthful of milk, his face was no longer as pale as before. Seeing that Shang Ping seemed to be tearing up the documents in his hand at any time, he laughed out loud.


"Baby, don't be angry."

Goodwill patted his leg, Shang Ping helplessly raised his head forty-five degrees to the sky, sighed, and sat up in compromise. Goodwill hugged Shang Ping contentedly, rested his chin on Shang Ping's shoulder, pouted at the document, and said, "It's not worth getting angry for this."


"This plan is just a name, and the funding will not be used for this."

"I still don't understand."

"Son, don't use what you learned at the Zedoff Military Academy on this. It's totally inappropriate. And this document was not sent directly to me, it was approved and waiting for me to sign."

"Just to give money?"

"Yes." Goodwill leaned back in the chair, and even took Shang Ping into his arms. Although it was a little awkward, it was more comfortable than when Uncle Edgar hugged him, and his slender fingers pointed at Shang Ping's. On the forehead, Shangyu continued: "This war, the loss of the army is too great. Shangdu is different from Mars. This is not a country, but an alliance of various forces. To put it more aptly, it is more like Miao The Free City Federation of the Galaxy, but the Free City Federation is a group of idiots with old-fashioned ideas, while the Shangdu is a consortium of caravans with great ambitions, which is even more nondescript."

"Is this compensation?"

"Smart! When fighting, they were soldiers. They stepped off the battleship. They were merchants. Even my direct line troops were the same. This time, the capital of Shangdu was kept, but the fleet was completely lost. Perhaps the battleship could be rebuilt, but they would not. I care about the money, but people can't make up for it. These," Goodwill knocked on the documents on the table and said, "It's an attitude, and the refugees who stay in the hometown of Huoxing will also choose Sexually join the various caravans, and other personnel, they are asked to do their own skills."

Goodwill talked eloquently, Shang Ping frowned more and more tightly, and finally couldn't help asking: "Father, have all the direct-line fleets you mentioned really been wiped out?"

"Why do you ask that?"

"Because I don't think you seem to feel bad at all."

"How could that be?!" Goodwill looked hurt and pinched Shang Ping's face, "Son, how do you know I don't feel bad? It's all money!"

"Father, you are a soldier, not a businessman." So, don't use this lame excuse to change the subject "...Okay." Goodwill let go of Shang Ping, "I'll tell you, but not now."


Shang Ping stopped asking questions. He knew that Goodwill would not perfunctory him and would give him an answer when necessary. Tong Ting's body has been temporarily placed in a suburban cemetery. Since it is an enemy army, it is impossible to receive better treatment, but it is also impossible to allow the people here to be destroyed as clones. Shang Ping intends to have the opportunity to send him back to Mars in the future.

When the work at hand comes to an end, Goodwill intends to teach Shang Ping personally that his children are excellent, but they should not be limited to the military. However, before that, you need to bring Shang Ping to see someone.

Thinking of that arrogant, scumbag guy, Goodwill narrowed his eyes dangerously.

Shang Ping, who was walking down the stairs, suddenly felt a cold air rise behind his back, and inexplicably turned his head to look at Goodwill's office. Did he think too much? Or is some guy going to be unlucky?

Just when the six hundred and seventy-eighth Huoxing was engaged in the intense reconstruction work, the frontier planet of the Golden Empire fell into turmoil. Not long after Emperor Soran Edrich led the space fleet back to the capital, the rebellion initiated by a small number of frontier planetary governors had not yet begun to take action, but under the resolute decree of Soran Edrich, there was nothing to hide.

The Prime Minister of the Empire, Count Reichart, stood firmly behind the Emperor. Even if the governors who participated in the conspiracy included members of the Reichart family, they still did not prevent the Prime Minister from signing execution orders one after another, and then entered in front of the Emperor. For a time, no one paid any attention to the defeat of the 678th Huxing again, and everyone's attention was focused on this conspiracy and rebellion against the great empire and the young emperor. It is reported that these daring conspirators even tried to assassinate the emperor! Even some of the servants in Ivan's summer palace have been bought. God knows, they have served the Edrich family since their ancestors. Once they are involved in the conspiracy, the entire family will be punished!

"My God, it's horrible!"

The nobles were no longer keen on wine and banquets, and began to wander around the palaces of powerful figures and military generals in the empire all day long, trying to find out the emperor's true intentions. Some people did not believe that this was just a simple rebellion. The Emperor's Majesty is a brilliant excuse for dealing with opponents.

"I don't think excuses are necessary. Once I want something, or want someone's life, I just need to exercise the power of the emperor freely."

When Count Reichardt and His Majesty the Emperor mentioned the private whispers of the nobles, the young Emperor His Majesty gave the above answer.