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"Civilians, no military exploits, born in a galaxy not ruled by the empire, not even an adult!" Empress Dowager Yilan solemnly stated everything she knew, "Such a person cannot become the imperial concubine of the empire. He has not even received orthodox education. Imperial Education!"

Soran Eddrich was unheard of, as if the government documents had all his attention.

"Your Majesty, are you listening?"

The small folding fan in Empress Dowager Yilan's hand was once again in jeopardy.

"Listening, Queen Mother." Soran Edrich finally looked away from the document, his blue eyes looked at the Queen Mother with no emotion, as if he was very puzzled by her anger, "So what? "

"How?! Your Majesty! You are the emperor of the empire, you shouldn't be so willful."

"I am the Emperor of the Empire." Soran Edrich looked at Empress Dowager Yilan with a half-smile, put down the document, and clasped his chin with his fingers, "I'm very glad you didn't forget this."


The small folding fan in Empress Dowager Yilan's hand finally came to an end, and the pearls and gems facing the fan rolled onto the floor. This is the sixth hand that has been broken since she arrived at Ivan's Summer Palace.

"Your Majesty, as the empress dowager of the empire, your mother, it is my responsibility to advise you!"


"If you don't like nobles, but at least you are an imperial citizen! You can't marry someone from an alien galaxy! It would be a disaster to let someone from a non-imperial star become the imperial concubine of the empire!"

Nobles, feudal people, empire leaders.

Soran Edrich chuckled softly, leaned back against the wide chair, and tapped on the table leisurely. His mother always liked duplicity. However, he couldn't make her happy. The empire he rules does not need a powerful relative and a concubine who is powerful enough to sway the emperor. In the era of Heine III, the Empress Dowager Yilan was strong enough for Soran Edrich to see this clearly. Even his mother could not shake his decision.

His concubine is up to him. He will put the crown on the head of the princess with his own hands, and others have no right to beak.

"Your Majesty, there is nothing funny about this."

Empress Dowager Yilan found herself getting less and less aware of Soran Edrich, and even with her son in front of her, she could not guess exactly what he was thinking. She didn't even know why Soran Edrich was obsessed with the dark-haired boy.

She had already met the boy, albeit briefly. Just a beautiful child, far from the national beauty. Politeness is also very good, and the teaching of the court etiquette officer is indispensable. However, compared with the nobles who received the orthodox education of the empire, there is still a lack. even ordinary. So, why did the emperor have to choose him?

Empress Dowager Yilan once thought that Soran Edrich was too close to the generals of the direct line. If a general of the imperial fleet suddenly became the emperor's concubine candidate, although she would also object, her attitude would definitely not be so fierce. In any case, the emperor's choice this time is really absurd.

"Your Majesty, if you really like him, then the rank of colonel, a small galaxy, is already a great favor. You can't ignore the face of the royal family and nobles."

"Mother, you are worrying too much." Soran Edrich no longer called Empress Dowager Yilan Empress but mother, and the atmosphere between mother and son finally eased, although Empress Dowager Yilan was chattering from the beginning.

"Then, Your Majesty, can you reconsider?"

"Do not."

"His Majesty?!"

"Mother, why did your father choose you back then, and why did you choose your father? Political marriage is one aspect, but you don't have no other choices, and so does your father, right?"

The Empress Dowager Yilan was stunned, obviously unable to adapt to Soran Edrich's sudden change of topic.

"Your Majesty, this is talking about you."

"Did you like your father back then? And your father likes you too. Of course, your father needs a strong wife, and you have enough ambition to have this marriage, don't you?"


"Why did you end up on the throne of the imperial concubine and become the queen of the empire, do you remember?"

Soran Edrich's blue eyes were filled with a smile, "Because you shot down one of your father's airships, because he went to meet another noble lady at the dinner time agreed with you. Father's clothes were burned by laser cannons. Broken dress to propose to you."

Empress Dowager Yilan looked at Soran Edrich in disbelief. This matter was very long ago, as long as the emotions she buried in the years. She was a wife who loved her husband until she found out what a foolish thing to have. Now, it has been brought up again, except the vague memory has become clear, there is no feeling, it is completely like listening to another person's story.

"So what? Does it have anything to do with your choice?"

"Mother, do you think anyone in the empire would dare to treat me like your father?"

"How is that possible?!" Unless it's enough to live.

Soran Edrich was completely different from Hainy III. He was a born dictator and ruler, and the qualities of mercy and tolerance rarely appeared in him, and it could even be said that he did not.

"The Chamber of Commerce." The smile on Soran Edrich's face became deeper and deeper, "He is not a nobleman, he has not received an orthodox imperial education, and his home planet does not belong to the empire, but this does not prevent me from choosing him. I just want a wife, I don't need a strong wife and relatives, I can get what I want by myself. Do you understand?"

"So, does he love you? Does he respect you?"

Empress Dowager Yilan looked at Soran Edrich with a complicated look, but she didn't get the answer to this question. Soran Edrich's smile didn't make her question further.

"Mother, you can see it for yourself. While staying at Ivan Summer Palace, I sincerely ask you to teach my future wife."

"Oh?" Empress Dowager Yilan raised one eyebrow and opened the folding fan habitually, only to find that the fan was broken, "Aren't you worried?"

"What are you worried about?" Soran Edrich said with a smile: "He fought with me three times, and once held my flagship hostage with one-man fighter jets, forcing the fleet to cease fire. What do I need to worry about, you say? "

Dare to act!

Empress Dowager Yilan suddenly tensed her nerves, she really should be taught well!

So, an hour after the aggressive Her Majesty the Empress Dowager rushed into the emperor's office, she rushed out again aggressively, her head raised and her hands holding the skirt, all showing the Empress Dowager's strength. The wide skirt inlaid with gemstones swept across the bright marble floor, stopped suddenly, and said to the maid behind him: "I want to summon the court etiquette officer, the royal court attendant, immediately!"

Shang Ping is suffering from the seemingly endless saliva bombardment of the court etiquette officer. Although he will not really spit at him, the etiquette officer's always straight back and unwavering tone from beginning to end make Shang Ping want to Laziness is considered a sin.

"...So, do you remember?"

If possible, Shang Ping would like to show the essence of mosquito coil eyes to the stubborn etiquette officer, but this is an extravagant hope.

"Yes, I remember."

"You should answer 'yes, sir.' Don't say vulgar words like 'I remembered'!"

Vulgar you &%%$…


Shang Ping finally made a foul language, and as a result, he was violently suppressed by the court etiquette officer. This court etiquette officer once threw a small airship with his bare hands. At that time, Shang Ping was standing at the floor-to-ceiling window, and his chin did not close for a long time.

Is he really human?

Is it a clone? right?

The knock on the door interrupted Shang Ping's lecture time, and Empress Dowager Yilan's maid conveyed the Empress Dowager's summons to the court etiquette officer. Although Empress Dowager Yilan's summoning was immediate, those familiar with Ivan Summer Palace knew that this order could only be postponed when the court etiquette officer was teaching. As for the reason for the summoning, it was very natural to think of Shang Ping, who was silently reciting the court etiquette.

"Please tell Her Majesty the Queen Mother, this is my honor."

The maid twitched the corner of her mouth without a trace, honored, well, she just conveyed it anyway.

Shang Ping's misery came after the court etiquette officer had a friendly meeting with the empress dowager.

The suddenly aggravated course made Shang Ping almost breathless, and the contact time with Deke Lingxing kept shrinking. During the daily teaching hours, Shang Ping could almost see the raging flames burning in the eyes of the court etiquette officer. He wanted to say that you are old, **** or something, it is really not suitable for you...

However, Shang Ping immediately realized that he was wrong. This person was not his own blood, but poured all his blood on himself. The resistance was fruitless, and Shang Ping could only look at the sky at a forty-five-degree angle, with tears flowing in the wind, this day was simply impossible...

Soran Edrich knew, he just patted Shang Ping, kissed his forehead, and asked Shang Ping if he wanted to sleep in his room, he would comfort him.

Shang Ping immediately turned back and ran for a walk. He should continue to cry against the wind.

Muse Galaxy, Republic of Seth

"Your Excellency, according to relevant sources, the current chairman of the Free City Federation, Aijia Derich, is indeed in contact with the Golden Empire, and is trading ore with the other party. The ore traded is a kind of energy stone. Neither of the cosmos fleets of Sri Lanka are used, but it may be suitable for the imperial fleet..."

The confidential secretary, Kent, was still talking nonstop. Liu Xi browsed the information on the screen silently. After a while, he said, "Is there any concrete evidence? I mean, evidence other than spies."

"Relevant evidence has been prepared with documents and images, including the planets where the ore was mined, the transport ships used for trading, and the relevant personnel. It has been recorded. As long as you order, it can be announced to the entire galaxy at any time."

"Does Mars know about this?"

Kent replied immediately: "About 80% don't know, because Ai Jia? Derich is the spy arranged by Mars in the Free City Federation."


Liu Xi took off his glasses and lightly rubbed his eyebrows. The Muse galaxy was united not long ago, but there was no news of the expedition fleet. If at this time, it was reported that the Free City Federation was in contact with the Golden Empire and traded ores. news, it's hard to predict what will happen. This matter cannot be made public for the time being. Once it is made public, the results may go to two extremes.

But what puzzled Liu Xi was, Aijia? Derich obviously served Mars. As a descendant of Liu Rui, Liu Xi knew exactly what the surname Derich meant. Will Derich, who has worked hard for Mars for generations, actually commit betrayal?

However, considering that the descendants of Greta South, the founder of the Free Cities Federation, are now at the top of Mars, things are not so bizarre.

So, how should he choose?

Liu Xi put on his glasses to cover the flash of light in his eyes.

"Your Excellency?"

"How is the spy lurking in Liberty City in the Federation now?"

"Wanting to ask for your opinion on this matter. It's likely that they've been under surveillance after passing the news."

Liu Xi thought for a while, and said, "They are no longer valuable. Aijia? Derich is not Zena Joe. She can't let anything that threatens her exist."

Kent pursed his lips, and finally said firmly: "Yes!"

The author has something to say: small theater, Shang Ping who loves to do housework

When Shang Ping was living with Colonel Edgar, he had a headache over Edgar's messy house.

Shang Ping five years old

Edgar: Baby, don't be too busy, it's okay to be a mess in the house.

Shang Ping remained silent and continued to clean the table. He refuses to live in a "pig pen".

Shang Ping six years old

Edgar: Baby, do you really need me to buy a home robot?

Shang Ping was silent, clicked on Edgar's salary column on the virtual screen, looked at the numbers, and then looked at Edgar, forget it, let him continue.

Shang Ping ten years old

Edgar finally got promoted

Shang Ping: Uncle Edgar, aren't you going to buy a home robot?

Edgar: Ah, don't buy it, how can I deprive you of the fun when baby is willing to do the housework. I want to eat pan-fried lamb chops tonight.

Shang Ping was stunned, when did he like to do housework? !

Edgar: Don't look at me like that, don't worry, baby, you're still very good, although very few boys like to do this!

Shang Ping was angry. That night, and for the next month, the only dinner for Colonel Edgar was the same thing, pan-fried lamb chops. So for a long time, Edgar could not help but burst into tears when he saw the pan-fried lamb chops.

Hansen: Edgar, do you like pan-fried lamb chops so much? Well, I'll give you this too.

Looking at the dinner plate that Hansen pushed in front of him, Edgar was speechless again.