Capital of the Golden Empire, Ivan Palace

In front of Shang Ping stood the imperial physicians who had served the imperial family of the Golden Empire for many years. He is in a very bad mood right now. Although he upheld the necessary etiquette, reluctantly responded to their greetings and asked them to sit down, he was still unable to show a good face to these imperial physicians.

This is unreasonable anger, and Shang Ping knows it well. It is stupid to overturn a boat with one pole, but Shang Ping doesn't plan to make himself smarter now. He wanted to let these self-regarding imperial physicians know that he was angry and the consequences were serious.

The sympathetic palace doctors did not know it. When they saw that Her Majesty the Queen was in a bad mood and was in a bad mood, they remembered that Her Excellency Lobsang, who was highly respected in the Royal Hospital, had consulted the Queen not long ago, but the next day, they were called again.

Could it be that Her Majesty the Queen is really unwell?

The imperial physicians have been immersed in the palace for many years, and they are well aware of the consequences of this situation. Everyone's foreheads began to sweat.

Seeing that the palace doctors were still not moving, the Queen's Attendant gave a light cough and said, "Your Excellency, please see a doctor for Her Majesty." But if that's the case, why did His Majesty the Emperor call them all into the Ivan Summer Palace? The imperial physicians looked at each other and couldn't help but doubt their own medical skills.

"Your Majesty, can you please show your ministers the medical certificate of Your Majesty Luo Sang?" The court doctor, who mustered up his courage, waited for a long time, but he didn't see Shang Ping's answer. Face.

"His Majesty?"

"It was torn by me."


Before the imperial physicians had recovered, the Queen's attendant quickly said, "Your Majesty's meaning is that, based on your medical skills, do you still need to confirm the diagnosis based on the previous medical certificate?"

"No, this..."

"I just want to know the results of your diagnosis, it shouldn't be difficult."

Shang Ping rarely speaks in such a cold tone, but he must know the conclusion.

In the end, the imperial physicians gave the answer Shang Ping wanted. The queen's attendant sent the frightened imperial doctors out, while Shang Ping took out the torn diagnosis certificate from the drawer, stared at it for a while, then snorted and swiped, tearing the diagnosis certificate into pieces. in two halves.

"Are you kidding me?!"

At the same time, the intern doctor who was sorting out the copy of the medical certificate, picked up a medical certificate marked with the royal emblem, froze, and after a moment, he immediately looked through the medical certificate that had not been filed until the end. One of the medical certificates did not find the one that should have existed, and his face suddenly turned pale.

Recalling that Lord Lobsang complained angrily about His Majesty's distrust of his medical skills and claimed to resign from his post in the Imperial Hospital, the trainee's shirt began to get wet with sweat.

How to do?

He will definitely be revoked his doctor's license and sent to prison!

No, maybe it's not that serious?

But His Majesty announced today that he has summoned several imperial physicians to the palace...

Sure enough, should he choose to flee? But in the vast universe, where should he flee to...

The Oolong incident of the diagnosis certificate was eventually dismissed for a subtle reason. The imperial physician Luo Sang was still working in the imperial hospital safely, and the intern who caused the oolong was not forced to flee, but he was invited out of the Ivan Summer Palace the next day, and he was given a goodwill by the attendant. "Advice", determined to change careers. As for the imperial physicians who had been tormented by this incident, they kept their mouths shut after the incident. It was only because of their too serious and cautious working attitude that after returning to the imperial hospital, they went to the archives to inquire about the Queen's medical certificate, and got a few words from the intern who had been frightened. Linking back and forth, everyone knew that this incident was an oolong, no wonder His Majesty the emperor and the queen were in such a bad mood.

In fact, Shang Ping did not dwell on this matter for too long. Speaking of it, this was just an accident caused by carelessness. Due to various reasons, it was not clarified immediately. After thinking about it, it did not cause him any loss. Therefore, there is absolutely no need to pursue accountability with much fanfare. It's just that the intern who got the wrong medical certificate must get rid of his negligent habit if he wants to continue his profession. Otherwise, it is irresponsible to the patient. If he really can't correct it, then it's best to suggest that he change careers. The profession of a doctor is different from other professions. It is not a mistake, and an apology can be redeemed afterwards.

Hearing Shang Ping's words, Solan Edrich fell silent.

"Your Majesty, do you disagree with me?"

"No." Soran Edrich shook his head, "I'm just a little surprised."

Shang Ping looked at Solan Edrich seriously, a smile suddenly appeared on his face, he sat up, put one hand on the emperor's shoulder, the emperor's face clearly reflected in his brown eyes, "Your Majesty, are you Don't you really want a child?"

"Why do you think so?"

Solan Aidrich clenched Shang Ping's waist with both hands, rubbing his slender fingers on Shang Ping's waist.

"Aren't you willing to answer me?" Shang Ping lowered his head. Although he was smiling, the smile did not reach his eyes at all. He just wanted an answer, although he had imagined it before marrying Soran Edrich. This kind of situation, but when faced with the truth, there was an unspeakable sourness in my heart. "Or should I say, do you want an heir?"

Shang Ping's words fell, and the room suddenly fell into a strange silence.

Solan Aidrich looked at Shang Ping deeply, with blue eyes and long silver hair, he lay quietly among the snow-white silk, like a delicate crystal statue, even the most beautiful stars could not. comparable to his brilliance.

But this perfect statue made Shang Ping aware of the danger.

"Is that what you think, my queen?" Soran Edrich rested on the bed with one hand and sat up slowly, while the other hand was firmly on Shang Ping's shoulder, controlling him and not letting him Shang Ping escaped from his presence. His voice was not severe, even gentle, but Shang Ping heard the question from this gentle voice, "As my wife?"

"His Majesty…"

"Answer me, you still don't trust me?"

"No, I trust you!"

Shang Ping's voice was a little hurried, but his expression was not flustered. He and the emperor looked at each other and didn't look away, just like the first time he faced the emperor standing at the top of the universe. No, at that time, Soran Edrich was not the emperor. He drove a one-man fighter jet to take the emperor's flagship hostage, forcing the emperor to order the abandonment of the tactical plan at that time.

"Then, how should I understand your anxiety, my queen?" Solan Aidrich put his hand on the top of Shang Ping's hair, pressing slightly, pressing his forehead against Shang Ping's, with a sigh in his tone, "Aidrei I hope the royal family really needs an heir, but it doesn't have to be my child. No blood can last forever. Fresh blood needs to flow on the throne of the emperor. Autocracy and dictatorship, which are always in the same blood, are not suitable for this empire."

"Your Majesty," Shang Ping put his arms around Solan Edrich's neck and kissed the corner of the emperor's lips, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry."

"I told you," Solan Edrich did not let him go because of the softness in Shang Ping's tone, he could not tolerate his wife doubting him, "you are my wife, my queen, you are completely Be mine. I will love you and protect you, and you must trust me."

"Your Majesty, I was wrong."

Shang Ping knows when to put down his body and never be stubborn and unrepentant in front of this powerful man. What's more, he got the answer he wanted, didn't he?

Shang Ping lowered his head, his black hair concealed the light in his brown eyes, the corners of his mouth raised a seductive arc, and he took the initiative to kiss the emperor's lips.

Night is still long.

Tracy Galaxy

After Jero Kame returned to the main star, he kept himself locked in the official mansion and stayed out of the house.

Leading Star's government affairs and foreign transactions are handed over to government officials. He began to pay attention to Kisanna's situation all the time.

"This is a sad farce, but that crazy woman will set up a blood-stained background for this farce."

When the Semtor galaxy fleet was damaged due to rashness and greed, Gerokame didn't have much surprise. Although the Qisanna rebels have come up with tricks one after another, the Nored galaxy fleet led by Greg Harminia and the Namu galaxy fleet led by Giovanni Nadere will definitely not back down under such circumstances.

Sure enough, no later, the news of the Imperial Rebel Fleet's siege of the main star of the Qisanna Galaxy and its satellite satellites was sent to Jero Kame.

Jero Kame looked at every word on the communicator carefully, and even hoped that the news that the Kisanna rebels had been wiped out in the next second. But Diana's call shattered his illusions.

"Dear Lord, it's time for you to make the final deal."

The Imperial Counter-Insurgent Fleet, led by Greg Harminia, came to a halt as soon as it entered the orbit of Kisanna Prime. In view of the previous experience of fighting with the Chisanna rebel fleet many times, Greg Harminia sent a large number of cruisers and navigation ships to survey the magnetic field around the main star and its satellite satellites. Turning his head, he reported unpleasant news to him.

"Your Excellency Commander, the Semto galaxy fleet broke out of formation without authorization and attacked the sixth satellite attached to the main star of Qisanna."


Greg Harminia was a little regretful, and should not have a single thought towards O'Neill, and should have driven this young but self-righteous idiot out of the battlefield as soon as possible!

Sure enough, just after Ernie Gere led the Semtor galaxy fleet to occupy the satellite, a violent man-made magnetic storm swept the entire satellite. Under the stunned gaze of Onigre, all the fleets and officers and soldiers who approached and landed on the satellite were dead.

Kisanna's main star residence

Diana looked at the scene in the virtual light screen and smiled with satisfaction. The blond boy standing behind her was always expressionless, like a puppet that had lost her feelings.