Let's wait until he comes back.

"Okay, it's okay, it's time for you to set off."

Itachi nodded: "Sasuke, thank you for your trouble."

Over there, Shisui also said a few words to Sasuke.

"Shisui, it's time to go."

Shisui came over.

"Senior, let's go."

Natsuki nodded.

The other clan members also said hello, and a group of people left Uchiha in a mighty manner.

The Uchiha clan members were all very skilled, and their figures quickly disappeared into the dense forest.

Chapter 217 It’s so rude

Itachi, Shisui and his group had already left;

But Sasuke was still looking at the direction Itachi was leaving, and didn't look back for a long time.

Xia Mu secretly smiled in his heart, your dear Nissan will no longer belong to you alone.

"Come back to your senses Sasuke." Natsuki grabbed Sasuke's hair and rubbed it.

"Teacher... let go..."

Sasuke twisted around, but finally failed to escape Natsuki's hand.

Sasuke puffed up his face angrily, and Natsuki laughed, which diluted Sasuke's reluctance to Itachi a lot.

Natsuki patted Sasuke on the shoulder: "Come on, Sasuke, I just asked for leave for you. You have to go back to school today."

Sasuke was a little unhappy: "Teacher, I know everything about school, why do I still have to go to school?"

Natsuki patted Sasuke on the shoulder: "You learn everything quickly. Every time you learn something, you can't wait to show it off."

"If you were a ninja with your personality, you would have died a hundred and eighty times."

"Ninjas should never show their emotions or thoughts at any time."

"If you can't stay in school, then you will die early in the future."

Sasuke seemed to understand, but he didn't seem to understand.

However, both Mr. Natsuki and his brother said that he had a bad personality.

He decided to listen to Natsuki and go to school, just so he could go eat with Naruto today!

"Then I'm going back to school, teacher."

Sasuke was about to go to school, but Natsuki stopped him.

"Go to school with the Kusanagi sword?"

Sasuke protected the Kusanagi sword: "Teacher, I have been taking it to school for a long time, and now the school is using real weapons."

"Okay, be careful not to hurt anyone."

"Yeah." He said, turned around and left quickly.

Natsuki looked at Sasuke's back and felt a little emotional. The ninja school was already teaching with real weapons. A few years ago, they were still using wooden kunai shurikens.

If you use real weapons now, it means you are about to graduate from school.

The reason why Naruto is not allowed to graduate early is to take care of the sensitive nerves of the third generation.

After all, Naruto is in school every day and is always under Konoha's surveillance.

When Naruto went to Uchiha, he only had a meal, and then he would return to his home full of informants in the evening.

This was because Tsunade herself was in Uchiha, so the third generation relaxed Naruto's control a little.

At least Tsunade wouldn't let Naruto harm the village.

After all, Konoha Village is the work of Senju Hashirama, and it is a place that Tsunade's lover Kato Dan and his brother Naoki have guarded throughout their lives.

So the Third Hokage was very reassured about Tsunade.

Whether they are still there or not, this deep love for Konoha will always affect Tsunade.

If Naruto didn't graduate, then Sasuke would have to be next to Naruto.

Now Sasuke is improving very quickly, that's because he loses to Naruto every time.

If Naruto was easily knocked down by him now, Sasuke would have no motivation to become stronger.

But now it is difficult for Sasuke to surpass Naruto.

Naruto is now able to consciously control the tailed beast's chakra coat.

Although there are only two tails at most.

But considering Naruto's age, his explosive power period has been advanced much earlier.

From Xia Mu's point of view, Jiu Lama is still more generous, or he is still afraid that he will be arrested in a few years.

Sasuke wanted to be on par with the current Naruto, so he should have used the Heaven's Curse Seal.

Now that Natsuki has interfered with it like this, the Heavenly Curse Seal that reads one-tenth of the survival rate and writes one hundred percent is gone.

Natsuki is now thinking about how to strengthen Sasuke in the next stage.

The best way is to continue strengthening Sasuke's eyes.

But Sasuke is too young now, and I'm worried that Sasuke's body won't be able to bear it.

Now I can only teach Sasuke more in other aspects.

If you can't compare to Naruto now, then you can't compare to him.

When Sasuke opens the kaleidoscope...

It seems to be too much.

In Natsuki's previous life, a boss had counted the time that Sasuke had been blind.

It took Sasuke fifteen days from opening his eyes to becoming blind.

If we calculate the actual usage time, Sasuke stopped using it in less than half an hour.

If it hadn't been for Itachi's eyes as a backup, nothing would have happened to Sasuke later.

Of course, it is not ruled out that the Immortal of Six Paths will directly give him a gift package of krypton gold.

After all, Indra jumped directly to the eye of samsara back then.

Forget it, they have made rapid progress now, they will figure out a way later.

Xia Mu looked up into the distance and left.

There were several ANBU on the trees in the distance. After the ANBU collected the information, one of them immediately went to the Hokage's office to report.

Natsuki returns to her family.

Received the message from Orochimaru.

After the third generation confiscated the root's experimental equipment, they dragged it all to Orochimaru's laboratory.

He was determined to keep Orochimaru in the village.

But Orochimaru is more aloof now.

Just doing experiments and not paying too much attention to the third generation.

Now the third generation must have doubts. If Orochimaru is too enthusiastic, it will not fit the character.

And only after "stabbing Uchiha in the face" can the third generation completely let go of Orochimaru.

In addition, Minato needed to create a batch of special kunai, so Natsuki ordered thousands of them directly from the Cat Land with a wave of his hand.

Natsuki had thought before that Minato was really good at kunai. If you throw more kunai on the ground, who knows where you will fly.

Besides, Minato's Sword of Ninja Love will have other uses in the future.

Natsuki thought about Izumi and went to Fugaku's house.

Although Fugaku has recovered from his injuries now, he can no longer see.

Considering that the effect of warming his own eyes was the best, Fugaku insisted on not changing to another pair of eyes.

However, Itachi's physical development is in good condition. It is estimated that when he comes back this time, he can consider the fusion of his eyes and promotion to the Eternal Mangekyō.

When Natsuki entered the room, Fugaku was drinking tea and Mikoto was talking to him next to him.

"Great Elder, you are living a leisurely life." Xia Mu walked in with a playful smile.

Fugaku came to his senses and made a rare joke: "Master Patriarch, your life is not bad."

Mikoto patted Fugaku's hand and snorted: "What are you doing?"

Natsuki and Fugaku both laughed.

After Fugaku stepped down as the clan leader, the stone in his heart immediately fell to the ground. As for Natsuki, the first thing he did after taking office was to transfer all his authority.

Even Elder Yangping, who is in his sixties, is assigned a lot of things to do every day.

Not to mention the younger generation, several people were promoted by Xiamu.

Although Natsuki can still sign some things, it is much easier than when Fugaku was the clan leader.

When Mikoto saw Natsuki coming, she stood up and prepared to make tea for Natsuki.

Natsuki stopped Mikoto: "Sister Mikoto, I won't make the tea anymore. I came here to tell you about Itachi's marriage."

Upon hearing this, Mikoto immediately put down what she was holding.

He asked happily: "Itachi's marriage? Is it too early?"

"Fugaku, didn't you tell Mikoto-san about Izumi?"

Fugaku shook his head: "It was too early at that time, and I don't know how it will develop later."

Mikoto looked curious: "What are you talking about? What happened to that child Izumi?"

"The situation in the clan was not good at that time, so Itachi cooperated in a drama of running away, but Quan didn't know the inside story, but she still..."

Next, Natsuki told Mikoto about Izumi running away with Itachi without any hesitation.

Mikoto said slightly angrily: "Oh, that kid Itachi is so rude."

I have kidnapped someone else’s daughter for several years, and I don’t know what to do when I come back.

Then he hit Fugaku: "You should have told me about this kind of thing earlier."

Fugaku patted Mikoto's hand: "At that time, I didn't know what Itachi's situation was outside. The situation in the clan was also dangerous, so I didn't tell you."

Seeing the two of them interacting with each other like this, Xia Mu felt really sweet.

He quickly said: "You guys should discuss it. I think we can settle this matter when Itachi comes back. I'll leave beforehand..."

He said and left in a hurry. Mikoto called him from behind, but he pretended not to hear.


Chapter 218 Dispatching spies

Tang Country

The place where Natsuki beat Hidan to a pulp.

Xiaonan flapped her wings and floated in mid-air.

Jiaodu looked around around below, and judging from the depth of the grass, there had been no human habitation here for at least a year.

"Are you sure you're here? I'm afraid everything is ruined, right?"

Xiaonan shook his head and said, "He won't die that easily. The entrance to the cave is here and may have moved."